Third Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.
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Old May 16th, 2017 (11:56 PM).
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perhaps this is more of a trend among fangame developers / rom hackers than the players who mostly frequent this section, but I've noticed a lot of hate for the RSE graphics for some reason? I'd like to know what you guys think of them! I think they're actually really cute. they've got a charm to them.
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Old May 17th, 2017 (1:48 AM).
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    Personally, I actually like them better than the graphics from Gen IV.

    But that'd be mostly because they have much more nostalgia for me. I guess that's where the charm comes from for me.
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    Old May 17th, 2017 (2:37 AM).
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      One of my favourite gens for graphics. It looked similar to other good JRPGs. I especially liked cute little touches like the weather conditions and how you left footprints on the sand.
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      Old May 17th, 2017 (6:04 AM).
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      Graphics in RSE were amazingly polished for GBA. I adored them and still do. They did so much for the immersion, I barely noticed the topdown aspect, which for me usually makes immersion difficult.

      Seriously, the graphics were top notch considering the system it was hosted on. Hoenn's masterful mapping also contributed lots, as well as the deeply mystical and nature oriented aspects of Hoenn. You really felt like you were on an adventure, and Hoenn as a setting being as natural as it was, made it all the more pleasant.
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      Old May 17th, 2017 (6:48 AM).
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        honestly i feel like the dislike of the graphics is mostly aimed and ruby and sapphire since emerald cleaned them up, i really do like the emerald ones but feel like they're overshadowed by firered and leafgreen's great graphics

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        Old May 17th, 2017 (7:51 AM).
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          Originally Posted by PurpleOrange View Post
          honestly i feel like the dislike of the graphics is mostly aimed and ruby and sapphire since emerald cleaned them up, i really do like the emerald ones but feel like they're overshadowed by firered and leafgreen's great graphics
          I agree. I'm currently playing Sapphire for the first time after having always played Emerald and boy, Emerald did a big clean up of some of the graphics! Especially the RS font is bothering my eyes and I'm glad Emerald used FRLG's font. I do prefer FRLG's graphics because they feel more polished and it just fits my style more, but RSE's grahpics are great.

          I do still think the overworld human sprites are a bit too stretched out though. o_o
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          Old May 17th, 2017 (12:26 PM).
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          Yeah I love the graphics in RSE, they definitely had that charm to them. Considering the range of areas and 'biomes' in Hoenn, I felt Game Freak did a great job with the graphics in bringing the region to life.
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          Old May 18th, 2017 (9:41 PM).
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          I started with FRLG, so when I got around to playing Sapphire, I felt like I was playing a game from before my time, even though it only came out a few years prior. I still enjoyed the graphics, but FRLG was a lot more polished and just better in general; regarding color pallet and scaling.

          Looking back on them now I wouldn't say I like or dislike them.
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          Old May 19th, 2017 (5:26 AM).
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          I was fine with them! Sure, other gens might've looked better, but they didn't put me off investing a heck of a lotta time in playing them!
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          Old May 19th, 2017 (6:01 AM).
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          3rd Gen's graphics do look outdated compared to the generations of now, but this was the first generation where everything was in full colour, so it is definitely considered revolutionary.
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          Old May 19th, 2017 (7:04 AM).
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            Honestly, they're my favorite games out of them all.
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            Old May 20th, 2017 (9:53 AM).
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              It's probably my rose colored glasses, but I absolutely love how Ruby and Sapphire look. I'm honestly glad they went for the cute style that they used rather than something like Golden Sun, because tbh, Golden Sun doesn't look too great anymore... Ruby and Sapphire went for what seems like an enhanced version of GSC' graphical style, and I love it.
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              Old June 3rd, 2017 (4:01 PM).
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                i love rse graphics over x and y+ tbh
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                Old June 10th, 2017 (10:19 PM).
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                I remember haivng a conversation with a friend of mine who also isn't that fond of RSE's graphics. I have a feeling that the reason why is because RSE's graphics represent some awkward transition from RBY/GSC's graphics? Only explanation I can come up with anyway.

                I personally have no issue with the graphics, though. This might also be because RSE are my first games and so I was pretty used to them.

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                Old June 11th, 2017 (9:08 PM).
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                  *Nostalgic person alert*
                  I love the graphics. I'd go as far and say I like R/S/E's more than Gen 4's graphics. Gen 5 topped them for the 2D graphics imo. Second best of the 2D world though.
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                  Old June 25th, 2017 (4:53 AM).
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                    Their Old-School Graphics Always Get Me,To Be Honest.
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