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Who will be in your team?

Started by Dragon July 25th, 2019 12:49 PM
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What will be your sort of ‘dream team’ in Pokémon Masters? How well do you feel they will synergize?

For example if I could, I’d go Erika / Flannery / Misty — a sort of ‘Fire, Water, Grass’ core; a team that can easily cover each other.


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Skyla, Elesa and whoever will fit for the next battle.

Flying and Electric aren't the best types to cover most of the types, but Skyla and Elesa are enough to justify that. And I still have 3rd slot to put someone super effective there.


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Misty, Brock, and Red. Not cause it would be perfect synergy or whatever but cause it's the closest to the original anime trio we will get in the game.
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Posted 1 Day Ago
jasmine, ilima, and the last idk actually. want to say cheren or steven because I adore them, but their types overlap with jasmine and ilima's haha. oh well! my boysss

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Flannery, Brendan, and Brock you got to love his jelly-filled donuts I mean who wouldn't want a jelly-filled donut that's actually a rice ball
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For me my ideal team would be:

Erika - Her Pokemon is Vileplume which is my favourite Gen 1 Pokemon. Will likely stay on my team throughout. I will use the Main Character until I unlock Erika.

Clair - Her Pokemon is Kingdra which is a strong water/dragon Pokemon. I will probably use Misty here until I unlock Clair.

3rd spot would ideally be Flannery or May to give me fire coverage but I might put Sabrina here too.
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