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Pokémon A New Region, A New Love

Started by Dude492 November 22nd, 2013 3:14 AM
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Hey all,
I'd like you to just have a quick look at my Romance Story: A New Region, A New Love, It's an Adventure/Romance about a OC Champion and his Blaziken (Female), I've been told it's a great Story by reviewers but i know i have faults in there i'd like to iron out, So mind if you check it out? (Warning: Sex Scenes and Mild Torture) Thank you for your Time ^^

A New Region, A New Love

Dude492: "Alright, First Fanfic, Right here we go."

Nidoqueen: "You really wanna do this?"

Dude492: "Well Nidoqueen, I'm making a Story about Pokémon and I thought if I finally put a story on the internet, my Friends would stop bugging me about it."

Nidoqueen: "You have Friends?"

Dude492: "Anyway Nidoqueen i was reading a couple of them and i thought it would be good to write my own Fan Fiction."

Nidoqueen: "Whatever."

Dude492: "This Fan Fiction is a Romance/Action about Pokémon so enjoy the story, Contains Sex Scenes and i'm planning a bit of dark torture as per the plot I have brewing in my head. Enjoy and Review!

Normal Text: Human Speech

Italic Text: Pokémon Speech

Bold Text: Event

Bold-Italic: Earth Talk

# -# = Music

Bruce's Team:




Sky Uppercut


Fire Punch









Double Edge







Dragon Breath

Aerial Ace

Shock Wave

Fire Blast





Hyper Beam

Anicent Power








Fire Blast

Hyper Beam




-Empty Pokeball-

Started: 15/5/13

(Edit: 5/6/13: See Notice Chapter)

# Pokemon HG/SS Route 49 Theme #

I awoke with a ringing noise in my Ear, I pulled out my Pokenav and turned off the Alarm, hoping the team was asleep which they were, 'Good.' I thought, I looked over and saw Metagross folded up and Asleep in the corner, looking almost like a Odd Table, Salamance was hogging the floor as he was sleeping and Blaziken was asleep against the closet door with Salamance's Wing across him, 'Smart girl.' I thought. Blazie was a female and the team used to bully her about it, so she always tried to improve herself, the team really hated the fact that a starter weak to flying types kicked their asses but soon they shut up about it, She was my First Pokémon I got when I was 9, I started early due to the fact that I got flying Colors in Trainer School, It was pretty easy, i'm surprised that 20 year olds still go there.

My Name is Bruce Wilson I'm 21, Black-Haired and got a Average amount of muscle, A bit thick in skin quantity and I'm White. I nudge the team awake and get dressed in usual Black Tank Top and Jeans (Never Forgetting my Trademark Green Dragon Bandanna.

We walk downstairs from the Pokémon centre to the canteen, I brought breakfast for the team, Salamance ate a plate of Red PokeBlocks, Metagross decided on a Boulder cover in Gems and Blazie picked a Jelly made of Pecha Berries which had burnt toast on the side which Cost me heaps but then again, after all the hard work me and my team did to become Champion and the after all the fights we fought, My Pokémon were worth it and more, besides.. The amount of money trainers lose to me makes me probably the richest guy in Hoenn, i decide i'll ask the team what we should do today.

"Ok Team, what are we going to do today?" I ask.

"Contest! I wanna win another Cool Contest!" Salamance says faster than a Quick attack.

"No, not again." Groans Metagross.

"How about we tackle the Elite Four again, Bruce?" Blazie asks.

Now i bet you're wondering, 'How is this guy to talk to Pokemon? Does he have a Translator?' Well translators haven't been made yet but i heard in a few years a company called Silph Co will have finished the device but me? Well, Funny thing is, I've used Metagross's telepathic Senses to communicate with Pokémon so much that I can Understand talk to Pokémon after a Gruelling few months of Practice. My Parents are proud of me and my Abilities, after all I helped Rayquaza stop Groudon and Kyogre from tearing Hoenn apart by using Metagross and Salamance to stop trainers to try capture the Legendaries and I became the Champion of Hoenn at 10 years of age, as I start to try to sort things out for now, Rayquaza appears 4 meters above me.

"Gah! Bloody Hell!" I yell in Surprise, Rayquaza manages a Grin, My team kneels as they Notice the Legendary Rayquaza, which I have gained his Friendship with.

"Humans are easy to scare, especially this one." I grin too, he knows if don't scare easy, after all I mocked him when he tried to hit me with an Ancient Power.

"So what's up?" I ask

"What human phrase is that?"

"I mean what is the Problem?"

"There's some mysterious Group of both Humans and Pokémon going around Scootopolis City trying to get into the Cave of Origins by Force."

#Pokemon R/S/E Abnormal Weather#

"Guns or Pokémon?"

"Mostly Pokémon."


"A few Grunts shot at me with Weapons."

I groan, I hate it when people use guns with Pokémon, I've being in a Firefight before but my team gives me Abilities like Blazie might give me the ability to heat bullets using Ember or Salamance might use Dragon Dance on me to make me faster and hit harder, I've also attempted to help Kanto with their Team Rocket Problem, but someone defeated the leader before I could find out who it was and they disbanded shortly after, nevertheless my efforts to clean up the rest of team rocket's Crew awarded me with a Worldwide Firearm user License , I know how to use it but I prefer not to, scares the trainers and makes a big fuss with the cops.

"Alright so do you want to help?"

"As I much as I would like to burn those who enter the Birthing cave, I have to urgently attend a meeting with the Hall." Rayquaza said, Knowing that it was up to me to deliver a swift Punishment, the Cave of Origin was a sacred Place.


"Goodbye Bre, Excuse me, brich- i mean Human."

"See ya."

Rayquaza flew into a Blue Portal created by what I think is Arceus, the god of all Legendaries or something Rayquaza told me and Yeah I have 5 Pokeballs, I use 3 for my Team, and 2 for Rayquaza and Groundon, you see Rayquaza and Groundon thought that if they were in my team they'd level up faster and become strong enough to Control the Earth, Water and Sky via Mental Power, Kyogre or Lady Kyogre as they call her refused to be trained by a 'Filthy Human', that didn't irritate me. Much.

"Looks like we're kicking Aqua's ass again."

"Or Magma." Blazie smiled Maliciously, she really enjoyed beating other Fire Types

"But how are we supposed to get there without Rayquaza's fly?" Asked Salamance

"Metagross, Teleport us please." I asked as he sighed.

"Must i?" He groaned.

"Come on Metagross." Blazie encouraged.

"Shut up girl." Salamance insulted as Blazie growled as her knuckles burnt with Red flames

"Sorry! Sorry!" He said as a Purple aura surrounded us and Metagross struggled for a bit but he's doing much better with practice.

# Pokemon R/S/E VS Team Magma/Aqua [Black/White Soundfont] #

In a flash of Purple light we arrived at Scootopolis city, a Man runs up to me with a Pistol drawn.

"Hey kid, get in the cage with the Other Hostages!" I hate it when people assume me with the other 10 year old trainers.

"Metagross?" I asked, Metagross pulled the Grunt's Pistol out of his hand and gave it to Officer Jenny who was in the cage. The grunt then pulled out a pistol, a Magnum, so i shot him first, in the hand, he stood there for a second while staring at the hole in his hand, he ran off holding his damaged hand yelling:

"Some kid is interfering !" in response the two Grunts near the cave sent out two Bayleef and one Camerupt while their leader stood there observing.

"Oh look, more pets" i could hear one of the Bayleef say

"Watch it, that arrogance cost you two a beating last time." Warned Camerupt

"Stand back!" Officer Jenny demanded

"Salamance and Blazie, use Flames of fury on those Bayleef!" They quickly Responded with a Combo of Flamethrower and Dragonbreath.

I made up combinations of moves with certain Pokémon, they only know a few combined with the moveset they have. A gunshot rung as the crowd surged out the cage and Officer jenny told trainers to use their Pokémon to try and use bind or wrap to trap the grunts. I noticed the Camerupt charging a Rollout on Blazie and I grin.

"Metagross! Use Psychic to throw Camerupt into the water." Metagross slammed Camerupt into the Water just as a rock came out of those volcano's on Camerupt and hit the city wall, the impact shook the city, but the exposure to water left Camerupt weakened, so Metagross put him on dry water and was losing balance of Fatigue, but within seconds the Pokémon fainted.

#Pokemon R/S/E Sootopolis City Theme#

Vines and Tentacles wrapped around Various Grunts as their Pokémon were easily defeated by Salamance and Blazie, as the leader used a Smoke Bomb to escape, I think I saw something fly up in the air, but there was nothing there. Officer Jenny walked up to me and said:

"Put the gun down!" Officer Jenny instructed as i slowly showed her my License and she reluctantly Apologizes, Yeah she's done this before, mainly when Blazie sends Trainers running saying 'There's a Tough Pokémon and a Scary Trainer beating everything in the Forest.' Yeah, very funny.

"Alright then, thanks for your help with this group."

"That's alright, who were they though? Didn't look like Team Magma or Aqua."

"I'm not sure as well, we've had little gang related activities all over Hoenn. We think it might be the same group as all the others."

"Well then, that's troubling, think I can help?"

"No, We don't need any Civilian's help getting a small Gang." I raised an Eyebrow, she knew I wasn't like other trainers, hell one time Team Magma's Leader tried beating me by holding Blazie over the edge of Volcano while having his Mightyena protect him, that's when I Ko'd the Mightyena in rage and nearly let Maxie fall into the Volcano at Mt. Chimmey. Should of let him fall...

After that well Blazie went a little odd and tried to claw my pants off, literally, I put her in her Pokeball and well... I know what the 'Heat safety Feature' of a Pokeball does, now anytime Salamance or Metagross go into heat I put them in a Daycare and I really don't want to mate with a Male, Blazie however had 'Special Privileges' after all what kind of a Pokémon trainer would I be if I left her after she calls you 'Her one and only mate' and it was true I loved Blazie, at first not Romantically but... I'll explain later.

"Are you sure?"

"Y- Hey, wait a second. We found a Stash of the Gang's Uniform smuggled into Slateport from the Sinnoh Region a couple of weeks ago, Do you think you could assist us in finding the Compound in the Sinnoh Region?" She asked with Reluctance in her eyes.

"Sure." I agreed as a weight seemed to lift off her shoulders.

"Thank you, now don't tell any of the Jennies I let you take on a Police Assignment. I only let you because of your Pokémon and that weapon." She pointed as i put it in it's Hidden holster.

"Alright, Jenny thanks." I thanked as a Civilian ran up to us.

"There's a Pokémon in the Cave and it won't come out and it burns anyone who tries to get in!" He panicked, Holding his bandaged hand.

#Pokemon R/S/E: The Drought#

"I've got this Officer." The Civilian looked at Jenny like she was Crazy

"Why are letting this kid go?!" He shouted as i took out Metagross and used him to levitate to the Cave of Origin.

"Because he's fought A legendary before and he stopped the fight between Groundon and Kyogre using Rayquaza." Jenny reminded him.

"He has Rayquaza?!" He asked in Delusion.

"Used to." She said, trailing off, I walked towards the Cave, when a Fire blast hit the cave as the Flames streamed out of the Cave entrance followed by a Familiar Growl.

"LEAVE THE CAVE ENTRANCE, NO ONE STEALS THE EGG OF ORIGIN!" I worry, he's angry, but never this angry.

"Officer Jenny! Make sure no one gets into the cave." She looks at me across the Water

"What are you going to do?" I don a Confident Smile.

"I'm going to have a little chat with our Firey Friend!" I walked in as I heard Jenny say "Get back here!" Meh, I'll pretend I didn't hear her, Groudon looked me with a Fire Blast charged in his mouth, he shut his mouth, canceling the attack.

"Why are you here? This only concerns the Pokémon of the Hall of Origin." That was some-kind of Meeting Place for all Legendary Pokémon in the World to gather and discuss issues and Situations of great Problems, that's all they'll tell me.

"Lord Groudon, I know you're defending Something, and it must be important to threaten the earth people."

"Thank you for using my true Name Brick,i mean- Brine-" He growled in Frustration

"B." (Pokémon Tongue can hardly say my name so they call me B, the starters had learnt plenty of from that Meowth from Team Rocket in Interrogation)

"Now what is making you want to harm the citizens of the city?"

"I have an Egg." I stood there silent, I didn't know how to react , I never seen an egg (Unless you count Togepei in its shell) let alone a Legendary Egg.

"And I have swore to Protect it until my mate heals up."

"Who's your mat-" Groudon cut me off

"I cannot discuss with you."

"Oh." A silence lined the cave, besides the Bubbling Lava Groundon was Bathing in to patch his Scales up with, Metagross did something similar once in a Meteor Falls.

"I had 2 Eggs, before thieves took one." He growled, throwing lava on the Walls

"That gang..."

"Yes, A small part of Humanity has gone corrupt since Team Magma and Aqua tried to Summon me and my- I mean Lady Kyogre."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Track the thieves down and give me my egg back."

"Very well."

"And tell the humans to stay out B, i do not want to have to kill another one." I looked to the right he gestured and saw a skeleton still smoking.

"He was one of the thieves." I nodded in acknowledgement

"Keep the Eggs safe and try to not to argue with Kyogre!"

"What do you think I'm doing B?!"

"Joking?" I ran out and pushed Jenny out of the Way as I jumped into the water as a the blast hit the back of the of the gym.

"Well?" Jenny asked while dusting herself off

"Make sure that NO ONE gets in that Cave, Groundon is defending an Ancient Relic."


"I mean it, make Temporary Barrier to the Cave and have at least three officers here at a time. I found Fresh Remains."

"Alright I'm taking the bod-" I grab her Shoulder

"He'll burn you, Jenny, he'll burn Anyone including children if they get that cave." At first she thought that her Badge would keep her safe, then she looked into my eyes, I was Dead Serious, Her face hardened with Ferocity.

"Alright then! Everybody back to your homes!" She yelled "And Bruce! Get over to Lilycove City, I've Prepared your ticket! We'll have Scootopolis Covered in Police by the time you get there!"

#Pokemon Route 110 Theme#

"Thanks Jenny!"

"It's Officer! OFFICER!" She Erupted in a fit of rage, Smiling I walked to the Pokémon Centre and then sent out Metagross.

"Teleport me outside the city please Metagross." He Glared

"I'm not a Teleport Pad Bruce." I smirked

"I know this is the Last one for Awhile, then Rayquaza will fly us to Lilycove city and then a long relaxing Boat trip to Sinnoh." His eyes lit up, for a Tough Pokémon he sure has no problem displaying emotion.

"We're going to Sinnoh?! Wow wow Wow! How long ago did this happen?" We were covered in Purple Aura then teleported on the slope on the outside of Scootopolis city, He then pounced on me, forgetting he's a ton of Weight, almost crushing my ribs as a Result; luckily mum trained my chest with hugs strong enough to crush a Steelix.

"A couple of Minutes after you defeated that Camerupt, we have a few jobs to do but consider the trip as a Award to your Outstanding work." I answered as Metagross stamped the ground happily, my Pokeballs opened Automatically and Salamance was already firing questions.

"Wowarewereallygoingtosinnoh?Iheardtherewasnobagon ,isthattrue?Whatabouthoenn?Areweleavingit forever?Wewillhaveahouseinthemountainsinsinnoh?Willithaveasmallberrygarden?" Blazie shut Salamance's Mouth, another reason I loved her.

"I have a question too, Are your Mom and Dad aware that you're going to find a Criminal Gang and take back a Legendary Egg?" Of course she asks THAT question. I figured out that Pokémon can hear Snippets of outside talk their Pokeballs, good thing they were asleep when Blazie was in heat, otherwise they would be complaining about when Blazie got something that they'd say that they'd have to mate with me to be equal.

"Egg?" Asks Metagross, Obviously not hearing my Discussion with Groundon.

"Relax Everybody, we're going to Sinnoh to do a few jobs for a few Special People then we're taking a Vacation for awhile, Steven's going to Act as Champion while I'm gone, I've organized it via Pokenav, Officer Jenny has sent a Message to Mom saying that I basically have won a Holiday as a Reward for Saving Scootlopolis and we might make a House in Sinnoh when I'm Old and if I like the place enough." I take in a Large enough air people might have thought I was a charging a Hyper Beam.

"Wow I'm Surprised you could remember all that." Says Metagross

"Probably got Training from Blazie talking all the time." Salamance Sneers, Blazie growls in Response

"No, if that were the case Everyone would be Fainted via your uproar attack." I counter, The team stares, until Blazie giggles, Metagross Laughs and Even Salamance snickers.

"Well nice to see you lot have something to laugh about." Grumbles Rayquaza, My team Kneels in front of Rayquaza, I walk up to him and give him a Pecha Berry

"What is this Berry going to do?"

"It helps with Moods, it put Blazie- i mean Blaziken felt better after getting weak in front of an Golem Colony Attack."

"You Survived that?" He said after Flawlessly eating the berry

"Yes My lord, but only with the help of my Fellow Team and Bru- my Trainer." The Gigantic Pokémon bellowed a Laugh.

"Surely you jest? With this Trainer plus one of you, could easily take down a Colony of Hoenn's Finest Pokemon!" Rayquaza complemented as I stroked my Chin.

"Maybe, but my Pokémon all equal and I love each one as family." I turned around as Blazie Blushed Salamance smiled and Metagross Nodded in Agreement.

"This bond you share warms my Center." He said with a ounce of envy.

"I hope you mean Heart." I thought aloud as imagined Rayquaza's 'thing', I shuddered.

"Of Course. What did you think I meant?" Blazie didn't show it but she was Anxious, I could feel it, I wondered if the team could feel it.

"Oh nothing, Slight Human Language Error, So what happened?"

"The Hall was Furious at first that Groundon Refused to Show but Groundon Explained through A portal Created by Celebi, that he is..." He stopped for some reason.

"Guarding an Egg." I answered as Rayquaza flew up a Meter and charged a Hyper Beam while he spoke:

mon Mystery Dungeon 2: Temporal Tower#

"HOW DO YOU KNOW OF THIS?!" He roared in anger, Blazie stood up and Lighted her Knuckles with white flames which was rare she only ever did it twice: this time and defending me from Bikers who figured out they could rape Pokémon, I tried to stop them from hurting a Gardevoir but they broke my rib cage and my jaw, Blazie's fists turned white and they never found out how the three bikies disappeared, I could feel the heat from her Knuckles. It was Overpowering. She would hit a God of Sky with the Power of a God to save me, better not screw up.

"I think that's what the Thieves were after and Groundon told me after he tried to cook me." Rayquaza cancelled the attack but still had a small piece of anger in his wording.

"Hm, you seem to be fluent with your words if you are able to get Groundon to tell such secret before he tells his Elder." He mutters.

"Um, Sure, Hey Rayquaza I have one last Request before I leave."

"You're leaving?" He asked in surprise.

"Not Permanently, just long enough to assist the Human's Peace and to help Groundon." I explained in his type of speaking as he nodded.

"Anything." He agreed.

"I would appreciate a ride to Lilycove City." I requested as he thought for a while.

"Very well, you know you'll have to do the same drop technique right?" He informed me, See, Even though Rayquaza was technically my Pokemon, Many People try and steal it daily, So Rayquaza always stays at a High Attitude around Humans.

"Yeah." I acknowledge as he drops his tail beside me.

"Very well B, Climb on." Rayquaza instructed.

"Come on Guys!" I cheered as the team carefully climbed on the scales of Rayquaza, while Blazie asked me if I could put them in their Pokeballs to avoid to riding on their Sky God. Of course I agreed and put the team in my Pokéballs and climbed on to Rayquaza, and we took off, he went slowly, I didn't mind, I still had 2 Hours before the Ship took off, halfway there though Rayquaza asked me a Question I would've hated to have Blazie hear it but i don't think she did.

"I could sense your Blaziken getting ready to defend you as I Charged that Hyper Beam, Pokémon don't normally defend the Pokémon i judge to die, even less the Humans I plan to lay Punishment down on, why do you think she defended you?"

"I... I guess because we're Friends, c, c, Childhood Friends." I stuttered as a flashback came to me.


Nidoqueen: "I read the first Chapter, Seems you like that ****ty Blaziken more than Me!"

Dude492: "No, no, no! It's not related to me at all!"

Nidoqueen: "Tauros Droppings!"

Dude492: "Review so i can Continue the story i have planned!"

Nidoqueen: "Review This!"

Dude492: "Not the Fury Attack! Ugnnnnnnh!"

Nidoqueen: "Serves you right you pervert."

Dude492: "I'm a not a Pervert, you're just over-acting!"

Nidoqueen: "Niiiiiiiiiiidddddddnnnnnnnoooooooooo."

Dude492: "FML." *Wall Cracks*

Nidoqueen: "Hm, what's this paper say? How will Bruce get to Sinnoh? Who is Groundon's Mate? Can master surive another Fury Attack? Find out whenever! Really? Same as the Anime?"

Dude492: "Can't help it."

Nidoqueen: "Can't help a Fury Attack."

Dude492: "Damnit."


Now i'm afraid i can't post the whole thing on the site due to the rules however if you type my name on Fan-Fiction.Net, you'll be able to find my Story and lots more, Thank you for your time.


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Hi! So I noticed this thread got bumped. Usually I don't mind someone wanting to comment on a fic that hasn't been updated in a while, but this fic was posted in 2013 and the writer hasn't been active here since 2014. So yeah, safe to assume they're not coming back.

Besides that, there's mentions of sex scenes. I know this was written before I became mod here, but yeah the rules states if you're gonna have those they need to be approved by the moderator.

As for the fic not appearing anywhere on, could be either the case of the fic lost in a sea of thousands of other Pokemon fics, or they perhaps deleted it.

Yeah, so for now gonna close this!

Foul Play
[Chapter Nine up!]
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