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Idea Pokemon Primal Emerald (Need Artist for Forum art!)

Started by ElfinHilon10 July 19th, 2018 2:12 PM
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Seen April 25th, 2019
Posted July 21st, 2018
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This post will be polished more as time goes.

Pokemon Primal Emerald follows the story of a young boy or girl who moves to Littleroot Town to flee the control of Team Galactic. Having been unaware of the previous rampage that Groudon and Kyorge wrecked on the area, most of the Hoenn area has been completely changed due to problems from Groudon and Kyorge.

Explore an old region, this time updated with the catastrophe caused by the rampaging titans. Oceans have dried and land mass have submerged. New routes and areas to explore including an updated story to what OR/AS should have been!

Widely updated and changed map. Sootopolis City is no longer a water city.
807+ pokemon, including mega, alolan form and more!
Fairy Typing
P/S Split
Unlimited TM's
New TM's
Updated Abilities/Moves/Move sets to reflect Gen 7.
Updated Gyms with new typings inside. Each Gym leader has at least one Mega evo pokemon!
Rebalancing of many pokemon to make them competive
Many combat mechanics update to reflect Gen 7.
B/W repel system.
Nature checker with color coded system
IV/EV checker.
Wonder trade that takes money instead of pokemon.
And more!

Pictures will be forth coming once some development has been done.

Ultimately, this post is to try and find an artist so I can have some forum art. I can pay, so if you can make some awesome promo art, please contact me!
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