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Hey PC!

So following the success of the ACNH designing mini-competition we had recently for PC Discord's birthday, what better to celebrate that then... well doing it more!

That's right - we're looking to host regular design competitions for the following games (currently):

- Final Fantasy XIV (Glamour Competitions)
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Outfit/Island/House etc. Competitions)

These will be generally operating every month, with themes expected (especially during in-game events!).

Make sure to watch out for the relevant threads in the Video Games section in June! Now for those interested, I am also going to be looking for judges to help decide these winners each month! Interested? Shoot me a message either here or on Discord (Arcaneum#0823), ideally I'd like the following:

- Knowledge of either game and upcoming events
- Access to Discord, as this is where most chats etc. about organising upcoming events will take place

Otherwise if you think this could work for other games or you've any further ideas, feel free to give me a shout!
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