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Greenlit Athlete number puns in SwSh

Started by Cherrim December 12th, 2019 3:21 PM
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Think this would be worth an article? Japan loves puns and one of the more common types of puns are number puns, because there are so many different ways numbers can be read.

So, for example, the first three gym leaders:
  • Milo - 831 = ya-sa-i (野菜) = "vegetable"
  • Nessa - 049 = o-yo-gu (泳ぐ) = "to swim"
  • Kabu - 187 = hi-ba-na (火花) = "spark"

There's a pun for every person with a number that pertains to their character in a way, and it might be neat to have a brief article showing them all? I can write it, if people think it's worth doing. :)

paired with erik destler.


This is fine.

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Yes, I think it's a good idea. It's a bonus to the name puns that the games do for Gym Leaders, and a neat bit of trivia. +1!



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I approve it. +1

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I would love to read that SwSh trivia!!
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