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what are some simple things that you wish every hack had? here's my list
- running shoes at all times
- pokemon center speed up
- repel "use another" prompt in earlier gens
- settings toggle to slowdown music/sfx so you can play the game at 2x speed with sound on (i don't know of any hacks that have this)
- quick continue after resetting
- option to turn off low health beeping
- a way to pass hm barriers (cut-able trees, strength boulders, etc) by just having the hm
- key items that let you do things you'd normally have to go somewhere else for
- compatibility with universal pokemon randomizer

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- Project with a fair difficulty. There are several of them that fail horribly with that part.
- Gen VI exp share. You have no idea how much I hate grinding and leveling up my team one by one.
- It's okay to let the player realize what they need to do or where to go. But don't let me in the middle of nowhere and expect me to magically find out where to go or whom to talk. I don't expect something like a Rotom Dex to tell me every 5 seconds what to do, but at least a hint about what's next.
I'm just a normal romhacker c:
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