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3rd Gen Shiny Raticate! OMG!

Started by Poppliojaz February 14th, 2020 1:23 AM
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Seen February 14th, 2020
Posted February 14th, 2020
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While grinding my team to level 40, I encountered a wild shiny Raticate. I freaked out, and used my only master ball! it was purely by accident!

I named him Sparkles. I tried to move him to Ultra Sun, but I failed because I can't open the save on pokehex, since I am using Retroarch. (It saves with SRM files) So i decided (Despite Raticate's terrible stats.) I will raise it all the way to level 60 (Instead of lvl 40) for it to be a good replacement for Persian. (I will use the Vs Seeker on Retroarch super fast mode) Then I will buy another Shadow Ball tm to Raticate. (It'll cost 50 000 poke dollars) to breat up agatha and sabrina's ghost types. i am so happy to get him!

Goodbye Sophie, the persian, you were an awesome team member, I will use you in post game, I promise! (Re battling the elite 4)
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