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What is your current team? Page 4

Started by Zacian November 15th, 2019 7:48 AM
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I switched up my team quite a bit.
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Just got Shield!!

Hlyyov the Sobble (M) (His name is "Sobble" in Atbash, because he's gonna be a spy. c: I guess it's pronounced...hil-ee-ov? Or more like heel-ee-ov, depending on your accent? I call him Hill for short.)
Fenris the Yamper (F)

I also caught a Zigzagoon (F), named Beth - I've heard that going into the Wild Area really screws up your levels, so I've decided to catch some Pokemon specifically for the Wild Area apart from my main team. I really like the Galarian Zigzagoon line, and a bodyguard (eventually) seems like a pretty good candidate to accompany me through the perilous wilderness, thematically speaking, so...


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My team in Sword right now is, (too lazy to list their nicknames rn)


Right now, I'm in Hammerlocke after beating the third gym, and I'm a very slow teambuilder. I'm gonna be catching a Sinistea at some point, so for now, this is my team until I find one. I'll just make whatever my sixth Pokemon.
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Posted January 7th, 2020
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Ignis (Latin for Fire) (Raboom)

Valkyrie (Corvisquire)

Rogue (Thievul)

Donna (Drednaw)

Teddy (Bewear)

Doggo (Boltund)
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I say a lot of words

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I finally have the 6 Pokemon I want to take to the championship (evolutions notwithstanding)!

Hlyyov the Inteleon (M)
Fenris the Yamper (F)
Clover the Milcery (F)
Agley the Dracozolt
Quoth the Corviknight (M)
Bonnie the Galarian Ponyta (F)


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Took until the 8th challenge to realise what Pokémon I wanted on my team.



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Currently on Route 10 searching for the elusive Stonjourner.

Here’s my current team, which I also used to beat Leon the first time, btw.

1. Desiree the Dragapult
Moves: Dragon Darts, Phantom Force, U-turn, Thunder Wave.

2. Dojo the Gyarados
Moves: Waterfall, Ice Fang, Bite, Dragon Dance.

3. MustacheGirl the Centiskorch
Moves: Fire Lash, Leech Life, Bite, Coil.

4. Baloo the Pangoro
Moves: Hammer Arm, Crunch, Rock Slide, Revenge.

5. Tetra the Tsareena
Moves: Trop Kick, Low Kick, U-turn, Rapid Spin.

6. Sucy the Hatterene
Moves: Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Aromatherapy, Magic Powder.

You could say, Dynamaxing gave Pangoro more than just the bare necessities for setting up and then obliterating Leon’s entire time like a boss. I used Dragapult and then Gyarados to handle his speeding G-Max Charizard.

I sometimes bring in Galactus the Eternatus to handle Max Raid Battles. Really wish there weren’t so many high-Star Raids, even if my team’s levels are nearly in the 80’s, as randomly generated NPCs are just bad and constantly die within one or two hits.


I say a lot of words

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I'm about to hop get on the train to Wyndon; here's my final team, with the movesets adjusted as I want them. Spoilered for length:

Hlyyov the Inteleon (M)
Name origin: "Sobble" in an Atbash cipher, because he's a spy 😤 It's more pronounceable than you'd think - "HILL-yov".
Holding Wise Glasses
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Snipe Shot
Sucker Punch

My beloved starter! I have several TRs for Scald, but am I replacing his signature move? NOPE *Finger guns*

Fenris the Yamper (F)
Name origin: giant god-killing wolf from Norse mythology, OR terrifying CGI beast based on said myth from Thor: Ragnarok - in either case, it inordinately amuses me to call a tiny corgi this.
Holding Eviolite
Volt Switch

The first Pokemon I caught - I like to pretend I had her from the beginning, like Hop did his Wooloo. Yamper is my favorite gen 8 Pokemon, and no matter how inconvenient it becomes, I'm never evolving her! Her moveset is basically "paralyze you, lower your special attack and peace out when I've had enough (with one actual attack to keep you on your toes)".

Clover the Alcremie (F) (Caramel Swirl, Heart Sweet)
Name origin: I was planning on evolving her with the Clover Sweet, but I never managed to get one, and I decided it was better as irony anyway. Also works as a pun on Cloverfield, because of Dynamax.
Holding Leftovers
Dazzling Gleam
Energy Ball
Tri Attack
Acid Armor

My bulky special-attacker, but more importantly, the Pokemon who I spun lovingly into her own unique form. <3 I love Alcremie so much. One of my best memories in the game was narrowly taking down Opal's Gigantamax Alcremie with her, regular Dynamaxed. Take that, unnecessarily rare mechanic!!

Agley the Dracozolt
Name origin: Scottish word meaning awry or askew (as in the quote, "the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley") - yep, that pretty much describes the Galar fossils. Also, it sounds a little like "ugly", but shhh.
Holding King's Rock
Ancient Power
Wild Charge
Dragon Claw

It took me...48,725 watts, 21 Fossilized Fish, 7 Fossilized Dinos, 19 other Fossilized Drakes and countless random treasure items including 109 unfittingly-named Rare Bones to get one Fossilized Bird from the Digging Duo to make this guy. And it was all worth it. I am weak for that big, toothy, glad-to-be-alive-again dino smile, dangit. (On a more negative note, whyyy doesn't Dracozolt learn Bolt Beak until level 63; I just wanna have some fun with its signature move during the storyline without overleveling to the point where challenge is non-existent!!!)

Bonnie the Galarian Rapidash (F)
Name origin: Scottish word meaning "beautiful"
Holding Scope Lens
Psycho Cut
High Horsepower

I like Galarian Ponyta better than Rapidash, and originally I only evolved her because I didn't want to have two unevolved Pokemon on the team, but I'm glad I decided to because Rapidash has actually grown on me a lot after using one in-game!! (I love the wavy, vaguely messy texture of its fur in the model - it looks like my hair when it was long, haha.) I'd like to have Swords Dance on her, but I don't have the TR, so whatever.

Quoth the Corviknight (M)
Name Origin: Corviknight is a, if my other Pokemon were "Fenris the Corgi", "Hlyyov the chameleon", etc., then he would be...
Holding Iapapa Berry (yes, he has the right nature)
Iron Head
Body Press
Bulk Up
Brave Bird

I caught him as a Corviknight already, after seeing him flying in the wild area a few times - he was too strong to catch the first time, but as soon as I got the necessary gym badge, I flew on out there and scooped him up. I like to imagine that he was the Corviknight who was flying me around this entire time, and just decided to join my team at that point. I'm really looking forward to using him with this moveset; it seems pretty powerful.
LaRousse City
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Haven't posted in a while but just got Sword and am loving it so far, so I figured what better time to start posting again than now. My current team, one that I don't foresee making any changes to, is:

Sobble lv.22 (with Everstone, don't plan on evolving it at all)
Dreepy lv.21
Sizzlipede lv.20
Corvisquire lv.20
Grubbin lv.19
Ferroseed lv.19

I think this team may go down as my favourite team ever when everything is all said and done, especially because I've only completed one gym badge, and had all but Ferroseed before completing the first. I love the idea of playing through the game with the same six Pokemon instead of adding some here and there and making constant changes.


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Made a new file so I could change my card/uniform number and beat the game yesterday with this team:

Centiskorch lv63
Claydol lv65
Alcremie lv61
Eldegoss lv59
Corviknight lv58
Cinderace lv58 (I wanted to replace this one with Arctozolt, but I couldn't get a Fossilized Bird)

Now that Pokémon Home is here, my team looks like this:

Sh. Wartortle lv100
Sh. Leafeon lv100
Sh. Frosmoth lv100 (from my first file)
Sh. Shedinja lv100
Sh. Froslass lv100

Now I need to Shiny-hunt a sixth member (leaning toward Meowstic-M or Sneasel).

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With Pokemon Home being here, my team has changed drastically. I current don't have a real team because I am busy organizing and stuff, which is a pain. And so many of my pokemon I transferred have a TM not in the game, so I have to change all of those. But for now...

Shiny Gardevoir
Shiny Tyranitar
Shiny Melmetal

Have a good amount of Shiny Hunting to do. But trying to finish the Pokedex as well.
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