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Do you prefer anime/manga or western media?

Started by gimmepie February 13th, 2020 11:35 AM
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In general, do you find you enjoy anime and manga more than western media? Whatever you answer, why is that?
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Anime/manga all the way. I do like western media too, though, just not as much? At least, not modern ones, anyway. Old school western stuff (like late 90s/ early 2000s) are more my speed. I'll still watch western stuff, of course, but I'm just much more fond of animanga these days.
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Anime is better than modern cartoons, but comics are vastly superior to manga. Generally speaking. I despair for modern day cartoons and how underwhelming they are (although truthfully anime these days is little better) but I've always found manga extremely tedious.

Between anime and classic cartoons...god, don't make me choose. I grew up with Marvel and DC cartoons, and as much as I love Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Cardcaptors and all the rest, they're both equal parts of my childhood. I gravitated more towards anime from the mid 2000s onwards, when cartoons started losing their appeal.


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Anime/manga. I've never cared for comics or anything and the only cartoon that rivals Pokémon is Scooby-doo, which was an integral part of my childhood. I haven't devoted myself to a North American series in over a year and I almost exclusively watch anime on Crunchyroll or Netflix.


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I think I prefer animanga over western media also honestly. Not that I dislike western stuff, there's some good stuff in there - especially when it comes to live action. But until recently I never touched comics, and a lot of the ones I have read have actually been Korean not western, but I have been known to sometimes read the odd manga. Meanwhile, there's some decent kids/family oriented cartoons out there these days but anime just has so much more diversity in what is available, especially if you're looking at animation geared towards an older audience. Plus, the characters, plots and settings just tend to be more compelling.

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Anime/manga. I rarely watch/read any western media, and for most of the stuff from my childhood, I look back and cringe lol

In particular, there's a distinct lack of cute slice of life shows in western media.

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depends! there are some western shows I absolutely adored and felt were better than most anime/manga (steven universe and avatar the last airbender), but overall, i'd say anime/manga too. more series have caught my attention in comparison

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I prefer anime/manga nowadays, I think the last time I was into cartoons was when I was a little kid. Though I do like comic books. :b
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