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Shiny Pokemon found accidentally

Started by Poppliojaz 2 Days Ago 1:52 AM
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How many shiny pokemon have you encountered accidentally?

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Posted 7 Hours Ago
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Excluding Shinies found while Shiny-hunting something else and Shinies found post-Shiny Charm:

Golbat (Silver) - Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but luckily I caught it
Weedle and Pidgey (also Silver)
Koffing (Crystal)
Tentacool (Sapphire)
Minun (Emerald)
Raticate (Diamond)
Gastly and Machoke (Pearl)
Graveler (also Pearl) - The first Shiny I failed to catch (due to Explosion)
Porygon (Platinum) - I was SRing for a Modest one and got a Shiny instead
Quagsire (also Platinum) - Found in the Great Marsh. It fled...
Machoke and Marill (Platinum again)
Rattata, Hoothoot, Pidgey, and Magnemite (HeartGold)
Weedle (SoulSilver, IIRC)
Red-Stripe Basculin, Litwick, and Chimecho (Black)
Eevee (X) - This one really surprised me
Diglett (Alpha Sapphire)
Alolan Sanshrew (Moon) - Coincidentally, I had just given up on trying to hatch one
Elekid (Ultra Sun)
Wishiwashi (Sword)

Just for funsies, here's what my team might look like if I only used my accidental Shinies:

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Posted 2 Days Ago
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I found the following:
-A Wurmple in Emerald (Battery died before I could get it)
-A Machoke in Platinum (which I accidentally ran from instead of choosing my bag)
-A Zubat in Fire Red
-A Graveler in Crystal (which blew itself up...)
-A Magikarp in Sun
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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I encountered 2 actually: A Zigzagoon when I forgot to put Repel on when I was riding the bike in the grass and the other one was an Oddish in the Oddish horde back on Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
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Cubie the Cube

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Posted 44 Minutes Ago
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I mean, without counting hackroms, two. They both were Wingulls, I found both in Sapphire, both had the same gender and both were about the same level.
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Not Summer

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Posted 10 Hours Ago
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Definitely way more than five. Fun fact, I actually found two accidental shinies in my most recent playthrough of White, both in Victory Road! I got really excited when that happened haha



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Posted 13 Hours Ago
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First one I can remember is Zubat in Fire Red. Then Zweilous in Y on Victory Road, which I still have in my box in Ultra Moon. And a lot more - Cottonee in White 2, Spearow and Metapod in a matter of 10 minutes from each other in Azalea Town and Ilex Forest in Heart Gold, Poochyena in Sapphire and Minun in Alpha Sapphire are the ones I remember the most.
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Posted 9 Hours Ago
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gosh idk, 5-10? my first was whismur and i was :OOO

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Posted 23 Hours Ago
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Caught this beauty while grinding a few mons on Route 10 in Sword earlier. 😀 Can’t even remember the last time (if ever) I got a full-odds Shiny (aside from hacks).

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Posted 19 Hours Ago
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That I can recall, I've found eight!
In order, to the best of my recollection...
  1. Zigzagoon♀, in Ruby version.
  2. Taillow♂, in Ruby version.
  3. Wurmple (Dustox)♀, in Emerald version.
  4. Totodile♂, in SoulSilver version.*
  5. Geodude♂, in Pearl version.*
  6. Tympole♀, in White version.
  7. Sandile♀, in White version.
  8. Rookidee♀, in Shield version. Funnily enough, my brother found a shiny Impidimp in Sword later that very same weekend!
*I think that's the order I found those two in, but I actually can't remember perfectly.

Of these shinies, I still have all of them starting from the Totodile! The three before him, though, sadly, are long gone.

Actually, I might have found nine or ten, depending on how accurate some rather foggy old memories are. I vaguely recall finding a shiny Magnemite in Ruby version a long time back, before any of the others.

I also vaguely recall running into a shiny Nidoran (can't recall the gender) in Gold version... which I ran from, thinking I could just catch one later because I wanted to focus on winning the Bug-Catching Contest and for some reason I thought the odds of finding shinies in GSC were 1/512 back then rather than the iconic 1/8192 odds.
The kicker? The fact that I encountered a Nidoran at all necessarily would've meant that I wasn't even in the Bug-Catching Contest at the time.
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Posted 17 Hours Ago
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I found a shiny weedle back when I first played Omega Ruby, sucks that I'm not really a fan of them competitively
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