Tutorial [FR] Expanding the Pokedex Page 8

Started by DoesntKnowHowToPlay January 31st, 2014 9:41 PM
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I think I may have found a bug with this. Trades that involve two expanded Pokémon will display the Pokémon you are receiving with the palette of the Pokémon you are sending. This doesn't occur if only one member of the trade is an expanded mon, though.

For example, if the trade is my Turtwig for their Chimecho, it works:

And, if the trade is my Chimecheo for their Turtwig, it still works:

However, if it becomes my Turtwig for their Chimchar (or any expanded mon), this happens:

You can, of course, replace Turtwig or Chimchar with any expanded mon or Chimecho with any regular mon and the same will happen. I assume this is just the case of an unedited limiter, but I've not really got any idea of how to find it.
Figured this out, it seems like I used G3HS to expand the palette tables, but it didn't assign each palette a unique palette tag. So, to make this work, you simply need to add a unique palette tag after every palette's pointer in the normal and shiny palette tables for the expanded Pokémon. These paltags can just increment from where the standard mons left off.
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I'm trying to have a Complete Pokedex on my Pokemon FireRed hack (Which is called Pokemon Piarette) so that when I get done editing sprites, cries, & icon sprites I can visually see/hear them in the game instead of hoping they would look/sound "OK" in the game. I have a total of 801 Pokemon in this ROM and a total of 650 dex entries. Is there any way for me to code in a Complete Pokedex? I have already followed a tutorial on Pokecommunity by DoesntKnowHowToPlay but, when I try to do Step 3: Dealing With Dex Entries, when I enter the values of "40 01" at 0x1025EE, my game crashes when I load the Pokedex, also I have followed the other little steps in that section (Step 3: Dealing With Dex Entries) like --->

"At x1025ec, you'll find a byte. This byte times eight is the amount of memory allocated for the pokedex.
If you have less than 510 mons, replace the byte with 1/2 your dex length.
If you have less than 1020 mons, set it to 1/4 your dex length and put 40 01 at x1025EE.
If you have more than 1020 mons, you should probably rethink what you're doing since 4-digit numbers aren't going to get along with the FR interface unless you do adjustments outside the scope of this tutorial.

At x103920, put the number of dex entries you have minus one.
If this is more than what got malloc'd, the game will crash."

I have also tried doing that, but my ROM just simply..... well CRASHES!!!!!!

Please help me or send any kind of suggestion!
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I'm having a little trouble on this part.

Repoint and expand the Player Y table.
This is at x235E6C, and is four bytes per mon.
Despite what Wichu's readme may have you believe, it's x6E0 bytes long.
There should be 8 pointers to it.
This is data for 440 Pokemon, instead of 412, so you have jirachi - deoxys - chimecho which have heights of 5 -7-7, and then what is the rest of the data for? That's what I don't understand. I'm not sure if I should put the data after chimecho after my extended mons, or if my extended mons should come after this data... Ugh I think I'm not very good at explaining this, sorry.
Quick edit: I think I figured it out. 412-440 is for Egg and Unown sprites right? If I'm wrong and someone can let me know that'd be great but I think this is how it is so putting the data after 440 should be correct.
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Tested and works on another ROM, great. Thanks for the help Doesnt, really :D
Just that cries above 512 refuse to load up. It's a limit by the pointer to the cry conversion table.
Wouldn't you just put "00" at the pointers of the CryConversion Limiter thingy? If you find out what it is please let me know! (The Limit Pointer and what to put there).