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even if you don't play some anymore, which ones have you tried at least once? which do you still play?

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I still play masters and go daily and check my Pokémon in the gts on home a few times a week.

I tried fuel and rumble rush but never liked them.


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I played Magikarp Jump for a long time. I think it was on my phone for a year and half or so and I played it at least once per week. Tried Pokémon GO few times, but it gets so repetitive and boring quickly. The same happened with Masters, where once I completed everything available in the game in two weeks after the release, there was nothing aside from non-beatable slow events, so I dropped that too. I think the only thing that will make me go back to Masters is swimsuit Skyla.
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I play Masters daily, that is the only Pokemon game on my phone right now. I played GO and Rumble Blast for a short amount of time before uninstalling both (neither were that fun to me). I played Shuffle and Duel for a longer period of time, but uninstalled due to feeling the effects of power creep working against me. I have not played any of the other games.
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I've played:
  • GO
  • Magikarp Jump
  • Rumble Rush