Favorite Theme/Intro Song?

Started by Unwoken Dream 1 Week Ago 7:22 AM
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I've always caught a lot of heat for this, but I actually prefer Jhoto League's theme song to the original and it's my favorite overall.
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why catch heat for johto!? i think it's objectively one of the better, not just because it's a classic.
i like the first one but i think i like it even better when they rerecorded it for XY!!

other than that I love DP...... (and some japanese bops)


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a lot of people hate on it but I actually really adore the first US Diamond and Pearl intro! It’s pretty fun
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If we're talking dub openings, Master Quest, Battle Dimension and Galactic Battles have a special place in my heart.
As for Japanese openings, Battle Frontier and LetZ Go! are my favorites.


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Probably one of the hardest questions to answer tbf, like there's so many intros I love! When it really comes down to it, I'd say the original Indigo League has to be my favourite, purely from nostalgia and that objectively it's a really good intro that fits the series perfectly. Although any of Johto Journeys, Master Quest, Advanced, Advanced Battle and Battle Frontier could easily take second place, you can see I have a lot of favourites haha.


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the first is pretty iconic!!
a runnerup for me is definitely the first Japanese XY opening, beautiful vibes
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I really liked the first dub Johto opening! Man it was sooo catchy. The original Kanto opening is iconic yeah, but that first Johto one is just super good and always made me super excited as a kid.

The Japanese openings are super imo though otherwise, and I have many favorites from those. Top being Battle Frontier from Advance Generation, Let'z Go from XY&Z, and Your Adventure from S&M!

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My favorite is the original, but surprised the Johto themes would be controversial. All of them were really good too especially Master Quest.

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Spurt! from Advanced Gen, also Watashi Makenai from the same gen.

High Touch from DDPt.

DoriDori from XYZ, also!

In english, probably Master Quest and the Pokemon Advanced theme songs, but I didn't find the dub music to be as catchy as the JP OP/EDs.

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Galactic Battles.
Johto Journeys is a second close.