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Seen June 29th, 2008
Posted June 23rd, 2008
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Hello Guys,

I am using Visual Boy Advanced v1.8.0 Beta 3. I beat the hell out of the elite 4 and had saved my game manually using this technique until now.

See Attachment 1

But now after beating gary....It directly takes you to Credits and then end of game...After which it starts all over again....
So i cannot continue stopping team rocket..., catching new pokemon, etc.

And even if i tried saving it in the normal way...This is what happens...

See Attachment 2

Please help me pokemaniacs.....I dont want to start all over again i defeated elite four in one shot....I had such good pokemon...i dont want to loose them....

Best Regards,


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Seen June 2nd, 2010
Posted July 4th, 2008
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I think i had this problem before, but on the emulator i use now, you save like in game work

Dunno what to tell ya :p
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Make sure you download the latest version of VBA, that is an old version. You can download it on the VBA website. ;)
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Posted August 10th, 2009
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save type 128 k and automatic :)
thats all i have, i already beat fire red E4 7 times(for leveling up weak pokemon using exp share)
but who really cares for that :P!
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Posted October 22nd, 2009
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You are screwed.

If you can't save via the menu, it is because your save format is not FLASH128K.

My Advice:
Start over, but before doing so, make sure FLASH128K is selected under Emulator->Save Type

And, just to try it out, as soon as you get into your house, try and save.
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Can't give you the link but download the VBA emulator version from the 'Emulator Zone' site. And make sure your save type is 'Flash 128'. Or play it on,'NO$GBA.'

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Uh this seems to have been previously revived. Also, Konekodemon why are you telling people where to download ROM's?

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