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Need My Water Deck Rating On Pokemon TCGO

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Old 6 Days Ago (2:46 PM).
Jonathan1990 Jonathan1990 is online now
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    Just built a water deck which has won some matches.

    Palkia EX with Aqua Turbo and Perl Hurricane
    2x Piplup with Splatter
    2x Piplup with Water Splash
    2x Prinplup with Bubble Beam and Water Splash
    2x Prinplup with Ice Beam
    2x Empoleon with Total Command and Whirlpool
    Blastoise EX with Rapid Spin and Splash Bomb
    Glalie EX with Ice Breath and Instant Freeze
    Pidgeot EX with Mirror Move and Feather Lance
    3x Alolen Vulpix with Powder Snow and Icy Snow
    Alolen Vulpix with Beacon and Icy Snow
    Alolen Ninetails GX with Ice Blade, Blizzard Edge and Ice Path GX
    Palkia GX with Spatial Control, Hydro Pressure and Zero Vanish GX
    Volcanion with Sauna Blast (Jet Geyser Ability)
    Wishiwashi GX with Water Gun, Torrential Vortex and Blue Surge GX
    2x Drampa GX with Righteous Edge, Berserk and Big Wheel GX

    2x Heavy Ball
    Energy Retrieval
    Greedy Dice
    Professor Kukui
    2x Lana
    Brock's Grit
    Wishful Baton

    3x Double Colourless Energy
    22x Water Energy
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    Old 5 Days Ago (7:10 PM).
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    I think you're trying to spread yourself too far by using too many different Pokemon. Which ones do you find yourself using the most when you play it?
    on vacation in LA and Chicago
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    I was saying Boo-urns
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      22 water energy is absolutely way too much in any deck.

      There's not really any consistency here. Focus on Empoleon, I can give you two to make it up to a set.

      Loosely you want something like

      4-3-4 Empoleon line
      2 Alolan Vulpix (Beacon)
      3 Dunsparce (Strike and Run)
      1 Shaymin (Shining Legends one)

      Empoleon is your main guy, Vulpix and Dunsparce exist to help set him up (Dunsparce grabs three basics out of the deck, Vulpix lets you grab the evolutions into hand) Shaymin is a retaliation attacker (Rally back does 120 if your opponent took a knock out against you their prior turn. It hits big threats like Zygarde GX, Lycanroc GX, Lapras GX and Greninja GX for 240, which knocks out all of them in a single move).

      You run 4x Counter Energy and 10x Water. Counter Energy acts as two of any kind if your opponent is winning (this is how you utilise Shaymin)

      Run 4x Brooklet Hill, 3x Rare Candy, 4x Ultra Ball and 4x Aqua Patch to ensure you can set up. Choice band, crasher wake, rescue stretcher, counter catcher and enhanced hammer are all essential too, although their counts can be played around with a bit.

      Cards like potion are completely irrelevant, they cannot heal enough damage to be meaningful. Greedy Dice are also dead cards as you don't have any prize manipulation. Having a slew of GX/EX cards that do not support or sync well with each other is also a bad idea, they're just easy prizes for an opponent.
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