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Let's say due to some natural disaster, you have to evacuate... and you were only allowed to take five of your prized possessions. Now, what would you take... and why would you take them?

1. My phone - This is kind of given because I can let my friends know what's happening.
2. My iPad - I can easily replace this under insurance sure, but it means losing all my hard work and stories. ><
3. My Axel plushie - He's my best friend, why wouldn't I save him?
4. My fluffy blanket - It would comfort me in the evacuation crisis.
5. My pound puppy - This is the only thing I have left of my grandfather who passed away when I was young. ;w;

So, what about you guys?


Laverre City
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Depends on the type of natural disaster. I've been told that one of the most important things to grab are boots and some kind of rain resistant coats, if the disaster is a hurricane, severe flooding, or tornado.

But after appropriate wear, I'd collect my pets for sure without a shadow of a doubt. They're helpless and I'd rather be caught dead than abandon them. I don't see myself bringing much in the way of bulky personal possessions like computers or photoalbums (much to my chagrin), but things like my phone, satellite phones, and as many chargers I can physically get my hands on so other people can use them to contact their loved ones. I also have a 72 hour bug-out bag that I wouldn't leave behind for the world (though I guess that counts as multiple things technically???). And, lastly, my bow and arrows. Archery is a great skill to have if the world went into 100% anarchy after some catastrophic event.


Cubie the Cube

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1. My cat
2. My phone, charger and earphones
3. Food
4. My bow and arrows (although I only have like 6 of them) or a knife
5. A lighter or a flashlight
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