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Emerald Pokemon CAWPS. COMPLETED! Page 12

Started by Crizzle January 5th, 2016 12:37 AM
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Hello! Your game looks interesting and I would like to play it as a Let's Play for my channel! Would you be ok with me playing it for my channel?
Yeah, dude. Go for it.

Crizzle isn't around any longer.
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Check out the crappy hacks that I made:

Credit to Corazon(or whatever he calls himself now) for banner.
Pokemon CAWPS
Pokemon Outlaw
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Just finished playing this. It was a blast, and significantly better than Outlaw. Easier than Outlaw as well, I felt like. I was able to beat the final guy with pure luck. He kept missing, I had a Critical Hit KO, and strategy played into it as well. Zangoose with Swords Dance/Return/Shadow Ball/Rock Smash, swept him. Also had Arcanine, Alakazam, and Tentacruel. Did not feel like having a full party.
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