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Red Pokemon Brown 2009 [Final Dungeon Released] Page 67

Started by Coolboyman April 12th, 2009 4:25 AM
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Posted August 28th, 2015
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This pokemon hack is probably the best one I've played so far. Two questions about Leafeon:

Leafeon can only be obtained by trade; is it possible to get it anywhere else? Leaf Stone doesn't work ;(
Is there a way to rename the traded Leafeon (RINJI) into something else? It's my favorite pokemon from the Eeveelutions and it's a bummer that I can't give it another nickname.

Edit: Sorry for the bump, wasn't paying attention to the date. If anyone could help me anyway, that would be great.

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My question however, is there is there any other way to patch this instead of the xdelta file? Is there a UPS or IPS somewhere?
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Posted May 22nd, 2017
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Hey I just found something strange...
Sapphire Egg is the last one I need.

EDIT: I was playing an older version. I got it from a friend but now i have the latest. But I'm still looking for the Sapphire Egg.
Can anyone message me where it is? I got tired of looking everywhere...
Can you tell me where the Crystal and Silver Eggs are?

EDIT: I know where the Sapphire Egg is now and I'm willing to disclose where it is if you'd like.
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Posted May 22nd, 2017
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Sorry for double post, but I've found all of the hidden items except for the one in the final dungeon! Rather than edit my initial post a third time, I figured I'd just make a new post and bump the thread.

If anybody wants the specific images of the locations, just tell me, but the seven items are located in:

  • Gold Egg: Final Dungeon
  • Silver Egg: Route 63
  • Ruby Egg: Haunted Forest
  • Emerald Egg: Castro Forest
  • Sapphire Egg: Route 65
  • Crystal Egg: Silk Tunnel
  • Prism Key: Seashore City


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It's pretty awesome that trading is available. Will have to hook this up to my Flashcart saves of GSC and give it a whirl. Thanks CBM!
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