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Tutorial Advanced Over World Sprite Editing: Part 2 Page 2

Started by karatekid552 March 2nd, 2013 1:19 PM
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What happens if I push it?....

Do you really want to know? Really?
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Posted December 14th, 2014
My god.. you're a hex person.
pretty much, I'll try to understand the whole thing before
I do everything.
Lol, yeah, I love raw hex editing. Almost all of Darth's tutorial section can be done with NSE Classic, except the expansion part. As I stated earlier, someday I'll make a tool (NSE Addon/plugin?????) that will do all of the expansion and limiters and stuff for you. Until then, just do your best to understand.:p

Paired with Simba


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Posted June 26th, 2015
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I'm so confused. It's gonna take me years before I fully learn Hex Editing.
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Posted November 5th, 2018
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I know that's a really old topic but I think this part should be included in the main post since it's very important to make resized overworlds work correctly.

"Now for the important bit, change the unknown pointers 1 and 2 to the ones of the sprite you looked up in overworld editor. This will determine how the sprite appears in game. If you don’t change them, then the overworld won’t look right in-game."
I found it here



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Posted September 25th, 2019
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When I edit rival's OW (I changed it to a nds style one, bigger), the rival's OW of the introduction is buggy (when we wrote rival's name). It's due to the resize of the OW and it seems to be store differently than a normal OW. Is there someone who know where it is stored?
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