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This is fine.

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Bring on the new kids!


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I mean, give credit where credit is due. Before he became disconnected with what the general playerbase would want, he at least did a decent job. He did kick off Gen 5 after all, which still remains popular with a lot of folks. :v

But yeah honestly? I genuinely think it's Masuda's time to go. This also suggests that whoever's developing the Gen 8 titles is someone new entirely, which makes me even more excited for them!


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Well I sure would miss Junichi Masuda. He has directed many of my favorite games. Even when he is not captain of the ship I still see him as a great stabilizing force that keeps the spirit of what I remember of Pokemon no matter how many different regions we travel to.

Originally Masuda was not going to work on Gold and Silver at all, and was on another project, but came back to help out in the middle of game development problems. If Masuda had not returned to the development team with sub-directing, music, game design etc then would he have worked on any of the next generations? Would we have any more games at all if Masuda was removed from the equation? I watched a Hoopsandhiphops video awhile back that posed these questions.

Gold and Silver were originally going to be the last pokemon games in the franchise, as we know this was fortunately not the case, and it was Junichi Masuda who ultimately went on to direct Ruby and Sapphire. As much I love Johto and Kanto I'm really glad that Masuda was there because it is possible that we may have not ventured beyond this point wthout his influence. I think it is also no secret how crazy I am about Hoenn, which is inspired by his beloved Kyushu.

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While I appreciate what Masuda did in the early years of Pokmon, I feel like he's (and probably other old folks from GF) too disconnected from what the community wants (based on interviews from the last few years) that I'm really looking forward what this new crew will come up with.
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It's good that he's leaving. He is indeed disconnected the players, streamlining most pokemon games to make them easier and quicker because he does not want to take up people's time lol (from the ORAS interview iirc) even though if I'm paying 60+ dollars for your game, I'm gonna want to enjoy it to its fullest, and not play some watered down version.


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I appreciate what Masuda did for the Pokemon games. especially now that I know he was part of the production of Gen 5 (best gen).
excited for what the new guys have in store for us!

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For some of you, this may feel like Masuda will go out with a whimper, but I don't care whether it's a whimper or a bang.

He gave us pretty much the entire third generation, helped coin the Masuda method for shiny fanatics, and went above and beyond to produce all the games from RSE onward.

After we say our goodbyes to Masuda-san, we're going to get a younger director and we're going to like it.
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