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Gold Pokémon XY: Naturia Version [11-04-14: Begin + BETA 0.1] Page 24

Started by com3tiin April 11th, 2014 3:35 PM
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Man. this hack had so much potential, it's a real shame that it is riddled with bugs. Hopefully someone will come along and try fixing it.
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Since the download of the .ips patch in the main post is gone, I made a new .ips patch for XY Naturia. It's still the v0.4.1 of the game.
Can't do anything about the documents though. If anyone still has them, it'd be cool if they reuploaded them.
Note: Apply over a clean ROM of Pokémon Gold (USA).
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So i play the game is very nice!!!

Things i like :
The frames of the text, The texture of the map, The casino. Is the best i love, you put two games and bring back the flip card game. Also tm leaner like crystal game. Men that perfect. Also i like that every Pokemon have the own image in Pokemon menu.

Bugs :
Tm learn : If you try to learn a non able attack in one Pokemon is some how glitch and if you try second time and press B the last attack change to the attack you try to learn ( i have ralts with bulldoze :P)

Image 1 - In the Pokemon menu kirlia looks like as skiploom
Image 2 - When you use heatbutt on a try in the map the original texture came out and game glitch for a bit and after that battle start ( glitch stop happens only when go for battle. if not the text came normal the texture became the original )

Egg hatch - Togepi is way fast hatch as usually i hatch it before i can get old rod :(

Ability - Some ability not working properly. Ex. Houndoor early bird not work have 8 rounds sleeping

Attack mode - X scissor attack make some pokemon freeze

Text 1 - If you talk to someone and some else is in the border of the text is appear in the text box and you cant read the text.
Text 2 - The lady in the end of the ilex forest she give you will o wisp but text say that you take sweet scent
Text 3 - In the end of ilex forest the pokemon have leavanny texture but text say butterfree
Text 4 - 1st gym leader give you bulldoze and the text say mud-slap
Text 5 - 2nd gym leader give you u-turn and the text say fury cutter
Text 6 - Some signs they dont have text

Map 1 - In the violet city the top house is empty no walk in or build in game house map ( maybe is something special you build in the next version )
Map 2 - In the 3rd gym you dont have a door so if you go in the game stop because you trap in if you win :'(

Pokemon 1 - Some pokemon they dont have ability like dratini
Pokemon 2- Pokemos after 20 level act like slaking. They not obey the trainer all the time.

I hope man continue the game is very nice!!! If i found more i send you.
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