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Plasma Matter
15 year old Plasma Matter, had just finished competing in the in the Kanto league. He was born in the big city, Goldenrod, in Johto and when he turned 10 he entered the Johto leauge and came in second place. Second place to his frienemy Peiper Pepper. She was the best trainer to come out of the Johto region in a long time. Her and her beautiful Feraligator showed strength and beauty like never before, gracing gym floors, and winning her badges.

Plasma didnt really like her, but he never told her. She was bigger than him. He was in many ways scrawny and string-bean like. His curly bronze hair covered his hazel-ish eyes and made him looked afraid to come out of his shell. But for his Protection he had his friends traveling from place to place with him.

Blaze& Raven were his best friends. Blaze was a boy with dark red, spiky hair, that looked like fire; hence the nickname Blaze. He was strong and active. He always looked for something to keep himself busy because he was hyper. He always had Plasmas back.

Raven was a girl with a lot of attitude. She never backed down, and thats why Plasma admired her. She was a friendly, but firm girl. She had pitch black hair and pale blue/green eyes. Blazes Pokemon included a Phanpy and a Swellow. Ravens Pokemon were Misdreavous, Umbreon and Espeon. She liked mysterious types. Speaking of Pokemon, Plasma had Pokemon too.

Plasmas Pokemon were Squirtle, Pigdeot, and his best friend in the world, a Chikorita. All his other Pokemon wre at Prof. Elms lab. Plasma wanted to start kind of fresh before he went to Hoenn. Oh, thats where he and his friends...were headed. Heres the story...

Prelude to a journey!
Plasma lay in his bed tired. His Chikorita slept in the padded box Plasma made for it. He had two months before he was to go to Hoenn. He couldnt wait, so he slept.
Blaze and Raven, too, stayed with him at his house on Goldenrod City.
Wake up! Raven called to him from downstairs, Your mom made Pancakes with ice cream!!
Plasma sprung out of bed, almost tripping over Chikoritas box.
Plasma believed it was destiny that brought him and Chikarita together, because it saved his life once, when he almost drowned. It used its vine whip to catch him right before it was too late. Plasma couldnt thank it enough and said he would never let Chikorita down if it was in trouble.

He would never let Chikorita down if it was in trouble...

He walked downstairs, followed by Chikorita.
Good Morning, Plasma. I fixed your favorite. Plasmas mom, Lucinda said.

Looks good Mom.

It is good, Blaze said, Now for some milk to make my bones strong.

~After Breakfast~

Oh, Ill be so sad when you leave, Lucinda told plasma, But youre a future Pokemon master...

Said who... a voice said.

What the... Plasma said.

Oh yeah. Forgot to tell you, Peiper and her mom are staying here, while their house is remodeled. Lucinda told him.

Hello Ms. Matter! Peiper said and hugged her.

Thanks for letting us stay over Lucy, Ms. Pepper said.

No problem.

Peiper walked over to the couch and sat down beside Raven. Arent you looking...unique.

Save it Peiper. Im two years older than you, and I dont take crap from immature babies like yourself.

Arent you crabby.

Shut up!

Plasma walked past quickly and said, Ill be out for a minute!
He walked down the street, with Chikorita, leaving his Pokemon in their Pokeballs at the house to rest.

Meanwhile Team Rocket Members Tony and Vito watched him in the bushes.
That Chikoritas looking better than ever. Vito said.

How about today we dont try to steal it. It never works. Plus I have a better idea. Tony told him.

And that would be?

You know that Pokemon DayCare Center a few blocks down? Tony asked.


Lets go rob them of all their Pokemon eggs and raise them to be strong and loyal to us, so we can capture Chikorita.

Great plan...

Plasma continued walking, almost at his destination. Then he slipped and rolled down the street, but Chikorita grabbed with vine whip. When he stood up he felt something on his head. It was a coin of some sort, smack dab in the middle of his forehead.

He started to pull it off, but he thought it looked cool, and he would take it off later that day. He thought it was destiny for it to land right on his forehead.

Plasma was where he wanted to go, a fortune teller.

Plasma walked, Hello, is anyone here?

Yeah, the fortune teller! Someone said, And I am she. Madame Teresa.

Plasma made a face.

Im sorry. Mother Teresa was already taken. Have a seat.

Plasma sat down nervously with Chikorita by his side.

So kid, what do you want to know? Madame asked.

What will become of me? Success or failure?

You will face hardships and struggles to get where you want to be. Where you want to be is what will become of you.

I want to be the best Pokemon Trainer in the world! And, now...I KNOW I will be! Plasma smiled, Thanks.

Your welcome.

Oh yeah, do you have a mirror?

Look into the crystal ball, kid. Be creative. she said.

Plasma pushed back his hair and looked at the coin. Oh my gosh, its turning pale purple right there. This might not be destined. Maybe its bad luck...

Looks can be decieving. Plus, its only bad luck it you believe it is.

Well I do! He snatched it off.

Prepare for the struggles, that come along with your unwise decisions.

Lady, I didnt ask for a gloomy reading. I thought you were done.

I wont say anymore then.

Plama left the fortune tellers. He left his coin of destiny. Or...of bad luck... His head was still purple and had the coin design indented on it.

The perfect contraption! Vito said.
Youve got that right. Its the deluxe super sucker 2005! Tony told him, Itll suck up the Pokemon through these vacuums that look like hand extending from the body , where we will work the corntrols.

I have the on key. Vito said.

And the off key to right...

I thought we agreed, two key were too much for me to watch!

Aww man! Where could it be.

Vito pulled out the On key to turn the vacuum on. It was a coin, just like the one that was on Plasmas forehead. At least we can turn you on. Vito said and kissed the key.

Plasma arrived at home with a voice message.

Its Professor Elm, Lucinda said.

Plasma called the Professor. When he hung up he truned right around and left again. Blaze and Raven followed him...and Peiper.
He ran about five blocks down to the daycare center, where big machine was sucking up stuff. Elm was there watching, looking scared.

Whats going on Professor? Plasma asked over all the noise.

Team Rocket is sucking up all the Pokemon eggs here, Elm said.

Ugh... Plasma groaned. He looked at Chikorita and it nodded. Use Vine Whip to constrict the vacuum!

Chika! Its vines lunged at vacuums, one vine for each one of the two vacuums.

Hey! Why arent we sucking? Vito asked.

That little weed is squeezing the vacuums. Tony told him.

What will we do?
Dont worry its under control...

A little passage opened and a Crobat fly out and grabbed Chikorita.

Reee!! Chikorita squealed.

Chikorita! Ill save you! Gooo Pidgeot...O wait. Plasma forgot he left Pidgeot at his house. Aww man....

He would never let Chikorita down if it was in trouble...

I gotta turn that thing off and get my Pokemon! Plasma saw something on the side of the big vacuum. It had the same design that was imprinted on his head. You have to put that coin in that slot...

He ran to the fortune tellers place.

Be careful Plasma! Raven said.

He ran back just before Team Rocket left with the Pokemon. He ran fast to try to stop the machine. Her couldnt make it. But then...Then! Lucinda came flying on Plasmas Pidgeot. She jumped off and it swooped down and got Plasma. Pidgeot went top speed and Plasma got close enough to slip the coin in.

The vacuum stop abruptly. Pidgeot, fly me up there and bust though that opening! It did so and Pidgeot flew right past Vito and Tony. They saw Chikorita and picked it up. Blaze climbed in and got the dirt bag with the eggs in it.

Pidgeot dropped them on the ground, Pidgeot, use double edge to blow them away! Pidgeot flew into their contraption and it exploded blowing them far, far away.

Thanks Mom, Pidgeot. Im so glad youre there for me. Plasma said. He got teary, Blaze, Raven...Chikorita...you guys I love you all. He broke out crying...

"Hello young man..." The DayCare owner said.

"Hi," Plasma said.

"I want to reward you with something that might come in handy when you start your journey." He handed him a red and yellow egg.

"I'm starting a journey to," Peiper said coming out of nowhere.

"Well i gave it to him as a reward for protecting things around here, but fine you my have this." He gave her a blue and yellow egg. He looked at blaze," Lemme guess, you're having a baby so you need one too." He joked.

"No, no sir. I'm fine."

Plasma said bye to the DayCare man and the Professor. He went home and rested, with his new egg!

To be continued.

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