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This is my first piece I am posting on the Poke Community! Yay! Anyway, this is not really a story, but I wanted it to seem like a Case File/Documentary style writing. It is about Gold (The male protagonist in Gold and Silver), and his adventures through Johto. None of the lines are actually his, but they all speak about him. I use made - up quotes from made - up sources. A lot of this piece is left to your imagination (ish). You have to infer what happened or what is going to happen, but it's pretty easy if your played the games and know the lore. Now let's get to it!

The Rise of a Champion
“I can still recall the day he left from our little town of New Bark. All of his life, he had dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Trainer, like his father before him. I knew him my entire life. Our families were well acquainted.
His Cyndaquil did not respond to any command Gold gave him. It seemed it didn’t trust anyone, although it took a liking to his neighbor’s Marill. When he left on his journey, I didn’t expect much of it. I figured after he left our hometown, he would go see Mr. Pokemon, maybe battle a couple gyms, then come home.
Then I heard about the Rockets.”
- Professor Elm, Doctorate, Graduate of “Oak Pokemon Academy,”
1998, Excerpt from “Following Gold”

“Gold called me as soon as his Quilava evolved. Man, that was a long time ago. It took days, weeks even, just to get Cyndaquil to listen to anything he said. This moment was memorable for the both of us. I rushed over to his location immediately, and there it was, shining in glory. We both saw it. It was some sort of…Dog.
I had never seen something so elegant, so beautiful. The Thing was staring right into Gold’s eyes, as if it were trying to tell him something. I can’t even begin to describe how graceful its stride was, or how blue its fur. White ribbons, flying out from…I don’t even know. They seemed to be floating. Before I could take out my pokedex, it had jumped away, hundreds of feet in one prance.
I feel like it chose him. For what? I haven’t the slightest idea.”
- Kris, 1998, Childhood Friend of Gold, Interview with Samuel “The Pokemon Professor” Oak, Ph.D.

“I had been watching this boy for weeks. I truly believed he had what it took to defeat the gym leaders, both Johto and Kanto, the Elite 4, and the Champion. There was someone in particular who Gold reminded me of. Someone I had watched grow up, someone to whom I gave a little Charmander, and most of all, someone I had seen become the Champion. It’s a shame I hadn’t seen that someone since he disappeared.
When he did disappear, it brought about panic. After all, he was not only the Champion, but the youngest, most admired, talented Champion. He conquered all 8 gyms of Kanto, completed the Pokedex and even discovered a new Pokemon, Mewtwo.
When I first formally met Gold, it was at Mr. Pokémon’s house, where I was studying Pokemon eggs. The moment he walked through the door, I saw something special in him. The look on his face, the gleam in his eyes, or was it the aura of determination he gave off? I knew, he was the one.
The one to find Red.”
- Samuel “The Pokemon Professor” Oak, Ph.D. 1998, Excerpt from “To Find Red,” Novel

“I have absolutely no idea how another little kid could take down our organization. It was ridiculous, the power that this one gave off. I could feel the determination of his soul, reaching out at me. It’s like I wanted to lose to this kid. Of course, I didn’t, but I felt he and I knew he wouldn’t lose. He completely over powered me! I was helpless! I had only become the leader of Team Rocket the previous year, when we were still plotting our comeback. I nearly forgot to ask for his name. ‘Gold,’ he said, ‘You won’t forget this. I know. These kinds of things aren’t the type you forget.’ Those were the only words I heard him speak. Not even commands to his Pokemon! I want to continue my research, when I get out of prison. Not for, evil, no. Gold taught me something. The bond between me and my Pokemon are what make us strong.
This kid is going to go very far. Maybe he’ll find Red, the kid who took us down 3 years ago. I was still a grunt. I remember what it was like, losing to him. I lost to him in the Casino, in Silph Co., and in the Pokemon Tower. Then even Giovanni lost to him, and we were disbanded. I was young and stupid. I wanted my revenge, even if it meant bringing Team Rocket back from the grave.
And wow, I regret it now.”
- Archer, Team Rocket Ex. Admin, Excerpt from “A Letter to Myself,” an Autobiography

“People wonder where I went. I know this. The truth is, I didn’t want them to know. I had defeated every trainer, and caught every Pokemon. I needed a new challenge. I left my position as Champion to travel. I was in search of a place to isolate myself from the rest of mankind. Some sort of place where no human would want to go. My eyes were set on Mt. Silver.
The whole reason I went there in the first place was to train. Yes, the people say I was the most powerful trainer of all time. I felt that wasn’t true.
I believe that no matter how good you are at something, there is someone willing to challenge you. There is someone that will beat you, and take your place.
I wanted to find who that person was. Three years, I waited on that mountain. I’m sure everyone thought I was dead, or gone forever. Although, I feel a certain Professor knows I didn’t want to be found by any normal trainer.
In order to find this trainer, I would send out my Charizard, my first Pokemon, to search around the mountain, shouting its menacing cry. Three years I did this, three years I waited.
I began to realize that nobody would come. Nobody would dare come to this mountain. The top of Mt. Silver was over 10,000 feet in the sky. One could not see the foot of the mountain from the ledge at the top where I stood. Charizard returned to me, and I figured it would be the same as it was every week. Nothing. No trainers, and no other sign of life other than Pokemon. Today was different.
While Charizard did not see or hear any people, we both felt the presence of human life on the mountain. We were not alone.
Footsteps. Footsteps. They weren’t mine. I was not moving, and neither was my friend. They were close. Was this it? Had someone finally come? I took a deep breath, and turned around.
Standing there, shocked, was a boy around my age, wearing the colors navy blue and gold. I could see the interior of his jacket. Sixteen badges, glimmering in their rightful place. I could feel it. This was the one. I stood, silently, waiting to see what he would do. He nodded at me, like he knew what was about to happen, and so I let it.”
- Unknown