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Beat the game earlier, fun stuff overall. I like how streamlined this one was, it's a good bit easier than previous versions. Almost miss the random extra gyms and crazy over leveled pokemon lmao

My team: Shouts out to Shell Smash on my shiny Macargo :) Leveled them to the mid 60's, but also took plenty of time to EV train in their best stats as well, otherwise you'll need to grind into the 70's for sure.
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What's the most recent version of Kanlara Adventures Remastered? I tried out the Ultimate version but I think I might prefer the challenge of the remastered version, as well as other small things.
1.4. I uploaded this version of the game in the first post so you can just grab it from there.

Im playing Ultimate ver but dont see P/S slitting and Exp on capturing.
Keep in mind there are no icons but the split is implemented in both Remastered and Ultimate. EXP on capture is also present in Ultimate.
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You can find Thief at Wanjara City, there's a Rocket Grunt towards the right of the area. And of course there's the TM Roulette in the Game Corner, where you can get any TM in the game
Got it on the first try lol. Thanks a lot man!

Name: CrystalDust
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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Cause I'm that guy who plays old version I just wanna know. What does Red want to see? What move?
X-Ball, Demon Mewtwo's special move

Hey, does anyone know where I can find a dusk stone? I want a Murkrow but I'm scared of the stone not being in the game...
I think Murkrow evolves with the Evo Stone or Runic Gem if remastered.
Just figured I'd throw this out there. Thank you for such an amazing Rom to play. It was fun and glad to have finished it. I am curious though, can you catch yourself a god mewtwo or is Giovanni the only one to have it?
Only Giovanni because it would be very OP if the player could use it on their team :)

However... if you beat the game, you can access a cave in Merryfall Town. If you're lucky you'll encounter a Mewtwo there. Mewtwo in this game can evolve into God Mewtwo at Lv. 100. But because you can only catch Mewtwo after beating the game, it is just like an easter egg...
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How do change rotom's form?
Only Rotom-Fridge exists.
Not even normal Rotom exists, so there is no way... you can only use that Rotom.
After I got used to the map a bit I figured out most locations. Still thank you.

Few questions:
Is there more about the Haunted Mansion other then the story part early on?

Is there any way to reveal the Ghosts in Seasworn Tower?

Is Pokedex #385 Jirachi? And where do I find it? Found all the other legendaries already
Haunted Mansion: Yes, you can come back later for a special Pokemon. Some NPC's hint to this, but it's not super-obvious so I'll tell. If you speak to a guy in Kaji City, he will ask you if it's night or daytime. If you tell him nighttime, and then come back to Haunted Mansion, you can interact with the TV. If you do that, you'll encounter Mimikyu. This is the only way to get Mimikyu.

In Remastered, you encounter Gengar instead, and you can access the uppermost floor, which has a Legendary, and also the bottom floor, which has a Legendary too..

Ghosts in Seasworn Tower: No, there is no way other than maybe hacking in the Silph Scope item? But I have no idea if that will work. IIRC you were supposed to be able to catch the Pokemon there, that was my original intention, but I forgot that encounters in this place is programmed to turn into Ghosts so it turned out this way instead.

Jirachi: I think Jirachi doesn't exist, it might have been replaced with the sandcastle Pokemon from Gen 7 or Mimikyu. Not 100 % sure on this one though.

While I'm actually logged in, I wanna take the opportunity to say that no more work is going into Kanlara, just in case someone was waiting or something...
With that said, If anyone wants to make their own wiki or something for this hack they have my permission. I know some people have been asking for that, like locations of mons and charts of demon Pokemon... But as it is I'm doing other things, and don't have time/motivation to put more time into Kanlara whether it be outside or inside the game.


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Good job with this hack! It was very fun to go through, very minor nitpicks here and there (like Crunch not lowering Defense, for instance), but in general very polished game and very clever as well, really like how well exploited the environments of Fire Red were. Here are a few screenies of my final team!

Again, great game! Really enjoyed it!
Pokémon Trial Black will be coming soon! Explore Unova again in a challenging adventure with multitude of changes!

Hacks I support (I support most of them these are my favourite ones or ones I've put a lot of time on!):

Pokémon Victory Fire, Pokémon Snakewood, Pokémon Dark Energy, Pokémon Adventure: Red Story, Pokémon XG, Pokémon Gaia, and Pokémon Resolute Version.
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