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Alolan penthouse
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Posted June 11th, 2019
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So Dark Phoenix is the latest and final x-men film (at least as far as 21st century fox is concerned) to hit theatres. i went & watched it, trying really hard to not let any of the negative buzz surrounding it affect my experience, and I gotta say...I was pleasantly surprised. The writing ranged from pretty good to hilariously corny at times, but the action and special fx looked tight throughout the whole thing and that made the issues a bit more bearable. Michael Fassbender's Magneto stole the show imo. His motivation was kinda murky but besides that he had some dope action sequences & the way he dealt with things during the climax was SO awesome to watch.

All in all I'd say I didn't regret watching it. Go give it a watch so we can talk about it.

Ash Ketchup

Tohjo Falls
Seen July 29th, 2019
Posted July 29th, 2019
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We seen it last week.

It was a lot better than I expected, not earth shatteringly good but nowhere near as bad as some reviews would have you believe and definitely not the worst film in the whole series.

I wouldn't say Magneto stole the show exactly but his scenes were mostly good. A few of the other characters had good moments too and there was also a few neat comic references and a Dazzler cameo but, for me, it was a couple of Nightcrawler moments that really stood out.

Overall, I'm glad we went to the cinema for it but I won't be in a rush to see it again. Roll on the MCU reboot...
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What were you the god of again?

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Seen August 25th, 2019
Posted June 12th, 2019
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Yeah, I'm of the mind that the hate this film has been getting is wayyyy overblown imho. That said, I wouldn't say it was a great film. Hell, I wouldn't even call it a good film, but it didn't have to be. Unlike some other films I've seen this year, not once did I find that I was bored, and, sure, whilst there were several Questionable Moments at times (like the hands scene!!!! y'all know the one!!!) , I still felt entertained, and that the €15 I paid to see it wasn't at all wasted.

Which is fine by me.


Cubie the Cube

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The computer room
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It def wasn't as bad as the critic wanted to make it seem, but it was still not one of the best things I've watched. I personally think the MCU made a really high standard for comic inspired movies, which doesn't surprise me at all to be fair.
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