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Favourite music from Pokemon Page 2

Started by Hikanearylup December 26th, 2018 7:17 AM
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I really do miss Colosseum's soundtracks... aside from the main series games, some of the spinoffs (like Colosseum) have really great tracks. n.n
I do too. It had such good music. Just really atmospheric.


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Some of my notable mentions..

Kaze to Issho Ni - Movie 1 Ending
Gah, too touching. I love it!

XYZ Opening
Really catchy and unlike most of the other Pokémon openings.

Sun & Moon Opening 4 - Your Adventure
My favorite song in the series. <3

Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity: Ending

Pokémon Platinum vs. Frontier Brain

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Here are just some examples:


Pokémon has a lot of great music, I wish I could list all my favorites here :D
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I'm not a music person, but here are a few I found particularly catchy:

Colosseum Semifinal Battle
Together (Japanese DP anime opening)
Game Corner/Lucky Channel HGSS
Accumula Town (aka Furret Walk)

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Posted August 24th, 2019
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Lugia's Song from Pokemon 2000, Dialga's Fight to the Finish from Explorers of Sky, and that Emotion theme from Black and White are always the greatest. There is also In the Hands of Fate and Battle Against Dusknoir from Explorers of Sky and Entei's little theme from Spell of the Unown. I have also lately started to take a liking to N's Room theme, mostly Black 2 and White 2's version.
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