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LGPE ISO All Let's Go Pikachu Exclusives

Started by UmbraVGG August 11th, 2019 6:13 PM
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United States
Seen August 23rd, 2019
Posted August 22nd, 2019
241 posts
3.4 Years
In Search Of:
• 2x Sandshrews
o Or 1 sandshrew, 1 sandslash
• 2x Mankey
o Or 1 Mankey, 1 Primeape
• 2x Grimers
o Or 1 Grimer, 1 Muk
• Scyther

*** Rare finds: Meltan, Melmetal

What I Can Offer
• Vulpix
• Ninetails
• Meowth
• Ekans
• Eevee (male only)
• Nidoqueen
• Nidoking
• Clefable
• Machamp (will evolve upon arrival)
• Koffing
• Weezing
• Rhydon
• Chansey
• Kangaskhan
• Magmar
• Dratini
• Bellsprout
• Weepinbell
• Charmander
• Ditto
• Snorlax
• Kabuto
• Lickitung
• Golem (will evolve upon arrival)
• Gengar (will evolve upon arrival)
• Bulbasaur (will take a moment to obtain)
• Squirtle (will take a moment to obtain)
• Tangela (will take a moment to obtain)
• Pinsir (will take time to obtain)
• Others upon request (will take time to obtain)

I have not been active on the forums in about 2-3 years. As such, if I don't respond within 24 hours, you can discord me (or discord me directly) at UmbraVGG#7544. In the memos, just state you're contacting me to trade pokemon. I also get emails for PMs so if you don't have a discord, you can PM me too :)

*** For Meltan/Melmetal, I have a LONG list of pokemon I can offer on ORAS/XY/SM/USUM. I can provide a list via PM or you can find them in my old shop here
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