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Just a fun little thing I thought could be a thread. Basically the idea is to take a character or creature from any series/franchise/story/whatever and come up with stats, typing, moves, etc for them. So as examples:

Origin: Fire Emblem series
Pokedex Name: The Manakete Pokemon
Type(s): Dragon
Abilities: Multiscale, Berserk (HA)

Base Stats:
-HP: 110
-Attack: 90
-Defense: 130
-Special Attack: 140
-Special Defense: 130
-Speed: 80
-BST: 680

Moves: Dragonbreath, Dragon Pulse, Recover, Dragon Dance, Flamethrower, Outrage, Dragon Tail, Hyper Beam, etc
Mega Evolution? Nah
Regional Forms?: Nah


Origin: Monster Hunter series
Pokedex Name: The Scorching Pokemon
Type(s): Fire
Abilities: Flame Body, Flash Fire

Base Stats:
-HP: 100
-Attack: 140
-Defense: 120
-Special Attack: 80
-Special Defense: 70
-Speed: 90
-BST: 600

Moves: Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Swords Dance, Roar, Bite, Iron Tail, Slash, Rage, Slam, Hone Claws, etc
New Move: Scorching Blade
-Base PP: 10
-Base Power: 110
-Accuracy: 95%
-Description: The user unleashes a fiery spinning slash with their bladed tail. Hits both opposing Pokemon in Double Battles.

-Mega Evolution?: No
-Regional Forms?: Hellblade Glavenus, Acidic Glavenus

No need to follow the format, write as much or as little as you like, just have fun with it!
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ooh, this is interesting!

character - dr habit
original series - smile for me
dex classification - the grinning pokemon
type - steel/dark
ability - either tangling hair or sap sipper (hidden ability is intimidate)

moveset would contain bite, crunch, hyper fang, ingrain, metal claw, leech seed, thief, taunt, nasty plot, sleep powder, etc
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