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So, I stumbled on this in my email today. This new Kotobukiya Elesa figure is available to preorder from the US Pokemon Center website. It will likely ship in April 2020 barring product release delays.

Would you order this? Keep in mind if you're not in the USA, there will be other places you can order this from, and you may be able to order through those sites if you're within the USA, too.

Is this the Elesa figure you were hoping for? Would you rather have a different Gen 5 Gym Leader and Pokemon duo get a figure?


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Emolga is in my top 5 and Elesa has an amaaazing design, but I don't think I'll buy it since I've little space for another figure (and want to save a bit of money, given how much I've spent on merch in the last two years). Great quality. *_*

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This is a really nice figure, though I prefer Elesa's original design over B2W2's. I love these style of figures though (Lillie and Serena are my favorites), but they're a bit too pricey for me, especially trying to ship them outside the US. Maybe if the right trainer comes along at some point I'll get one to go along with the rest of my mini Pokemon display.


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I think there's a Skyla figure in the works too. I like it, but I much prefer her original design. I'm waiting for the Hilda figure to get a re-release because I must have her! I own a May and Selene figure and I love the quality.
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