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Started by Sapphiox 1 Week Ago 5:24 PM
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Why gave they'd never let a girl win a league? It's no time fair becouse it's always boys that win


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Cynthia and Diantha.
They'd have to defeat a previous champion to become champion, isn't it?

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Diantha and Cynthia have technically won at least one Pokemon League each since that's required to become a regional Champion. It's just that in their case, they won their League off-screen, so hardly anyone cares. As for why we've never seen girls win Leagues on-screen before, I will go out on a limb and suggest that it's because of sexism given Japan's patriarchal tendencies. Don't @ me though.


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Cynthia and Diantha.
They'd have to defeat a previous champion to become champion, isn't it?
Literally this.

As for on-screen girls winning a Pokemon League? Who knows? I guess the Pokemon anime doesn't care.
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Because girls only do contests and Pokemon Pageant competition...............................
There were girls competing even back in the first league and a Unova COTD came back in the league too, plus Bell/Bianca...

Main girls not into Contests or Performances: Misty, Iris, Mallow, Lillie...
Main girls into Contests (which involve battling, like the Grand Festivals!!!): May, Dawn. Serena’s into Performances/Showcases.

We haven’t seen girls win on-screen, but there’s obviously women Champions easily defeating many opponents to defend their titles (for example, Cynthia, we see her battle Paul, Flint, Caitlin, etc.)...
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