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I Love My Favorite Pokemon Because... Page 2

Started by Palamon June 6th, 2019 1:15 PM
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It takes place in Italy, so use the Italian word!

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Charjabug has such a lovable, perfect design. Plus, it's not as dull as all the other cocoons.

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I love Garchomp because of it's design, overall good stats and movepool. Also I love Mega Garchomp's shiny form or what I like call it the "fabulous" form.
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Ok, my favorite Pokemon has changed a LOT over the years! But since VC Crystal, and you know where i'm going with this, my favorite is Typhlosion.

I transferred most of my 'mons to Ultra Moon, but six remain in my VC Crystal. Typhlosion for some odd reason being one of them. His name is Fire Fudge, and yes, the other five Pokemon (Eevee, Pidgeotto, Beedrill, Cubone, and Kingler) have really wacky names too. With BACKSTORIES! The future VIPS of my sit-com comic. Fire Fudge though, he's a big teddy bear in my comic. He's just a lovable cool nice guy.

Once you give 'mons a personality as major as that, there's no turning back!

Oh, I talked my friend into getting a Typhlosion plushie for me from the Pokemon Center website for my birthday. It'll be cool to cuddle with a Fire Fudge plushie. Thank you friend in rl not on this site!

EDIT: The other five Pokemon in my comic all have different personalities too just saying.
Once you give a Pokemon a personality, you can't go back depending on the severity and purpose of it. It's no longer just a "pixel" in your box.
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