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Favourite music from Pokemon

Started by Hikanearylup December 26th, 2018 7:17 AM
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Posted September 5th, 2019
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What is your favourite piece of music from Pokemon? Either the games, anime series, or anything?
Here are some of my favourites :

DP Route 201.
Dialga/Palkia Battle
Oreburgh City music
B2BW title music
B2W2 Route 10
The music in the gates between routes in XY

Anime :
Kaze no Message
Getta Ban Ban
High Touch
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Azalea town remix from FR/LG
Celadon city
Cinnabar island (FR/LG)
Route 209 (Sinnoh)
Routes 47/48 (Johto)
Littleroot town
Goldenrod town from G/S/C/HG/SS
Lavender town from G/C


Jigglypuff song
German pokemon session 1 intro
Of meeting and parting
Johto Surf theme
My pokemon omega red trainer card

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yeah sure, I'll do that now

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I will always consider Cynthia's champion theme from the games one of my favourite tracks to listen to.

honestly the whole sinnoh elite four theme is a bop tbh


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Johto Game Corner, the Hall of Fame tune from RBY games, Lugia's Song, Tears of Life and Oracion :) oh, and also the ending theme (and main title theme) of the old Ruby/Sapphire games. Was amazing.
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Posted January 19th, 2019
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Ohhh, just so many to choose from! I grew up with Pokemon Diamond, so I'd really like to say I like every track in the gen 4 games. Other tunes I really enjoy (that aren't in gen 4):
- Zinnia's theme
- Lance/Red's theme
- Geosenge Town
- Bittercold/Dark Matter (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon)
- Mount Lanakila
- Route 10

Those are just a few that I could think off the top of my head, but I pretty much enjoy 99% of the music that Game Freak puts into their Pokemon games. The only theme that I've hated so far is probably the gym leader theme in Pokemon X and Y. I'd also hate the Elite Four theme in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but I've grown to like it since I heard the SSBU remix of it.
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Overall I'd say the PMD franchise soundtracks as a collective are my favorite. Even the "black sheep" of the quartet has some awesome tracks in it. Battle against the Bittercold? So good.

But there are some really good tracks in the main games too. All the Team Skull themes I love as well as the Aether Foundation workers. Ho-oh's battle theme in HGSS and Giratina's in Platinum are also big favorites of mine. And I love all the iterations of the Vs Maxie/Archie theme they've done.


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Primal Dialga's battle theme from PMD2 is the best piece of music, hands down! Cynthia's theme is a close second though.
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Posted January 24th, 2019
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I wouldn't call it my "favorite" song in the franchise, but the Lavander Town theme is something special to me. It's gone through so many different versions, all of which have something a little unique to each of them. From Gen 1's teeth chattering creepiness, to Gen 4's more brighter take on the song. Getting to hear so many different versions of it really makes it stick out in my mind.


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As Lycanthropy had chosen, PMD 2's Primal Dialga soundtrack would have to be my absolute favorite. <3


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The start of this one.

Also a little the Jpn song after 0:30.

This one brings some good feeling .

This one also has a good high voice. (tudududu)

Born to be a weapon la la la

ta na na na na We go to catch pokemon !

Bornto be weapon y ya ya

I go to believe i got a chance to win i can be a champion

And more ( i might edit later extra ones )

I just put a headphone on me to listen the old songs..


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1. PMD2 - Don't ever forget.
2. PMD2 - Primal dialga's theme.
3. HG/SS - Bicycle theme.
4. BW - Gym leader's last Pokemon.
5. PMD2 - Temporal tower.
6. D/P/PT - Team Galactic's theme.

In anime,
1. Gotta catch em all ( all 4 versions)
2. Pokemon Johto ( movie version)
3. XY - Stand tall
4. Born to be a winner
5. Dream
And many more.....


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Posted August 2nd, 2019
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Those are my favorite pieces of music per region in the core series games:
Kanto - Route 1 (RGBY)
Johto - Goldenrod City (HGSS)
Hoenn - Surf theme (RSE)
Sinnoh - Route 210 (For some reason, I think it would be a great ringtone)
Unova - Route 1
Kalos - Aquacorde Town, probably
Alola - Route 1


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Posted August 2nd, 2019
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Here are my faves:

Gen I Team Rocket's Hideout - really like the sound of it, brings in a sense of danger

Gen II I have two faves here, couldn't narrow it down to one since it's such a good soundtrack...

Trainer Challenge Theme 1 - love the feel of this one, action/adventure... and Rocket Tower Takeover, it feels a lot like the anime here, and it makes me grin from ear to ear

Gen III Wild Pokémon Battle ! - like this one in terms of bringing some excitement into the battles

Gen IV Television Channel - just like the pleasantness of this theme

Gen V Unwavering Emotions - first song in the series to almost bring tears to my eyes, so emotional and well composed

Gen VI Pokemon X & Y Wild Pokemon Battle Theme - one of my favorite battle themes, just really well done

Gen VII Battle! Wild Pokemon! - thought this one was pretty good

Side games (putting them here) - from Pokémon Colosseum (love the entire OST to be honest) - Normal Battle - love this theme, it's fun to listen to; from Pokémon Trading Card Game - Club Leader Duel - love the intenseness of this theme; from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Dungeon - Tiny Woods - just really like this theme, nice and light


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I really do miss Colosseum's soundtracks... aside from the main series games, some of the spinoffs (like Colosseum) have really great tracks. n.n
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