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Posted 4 Hours Ago
Is your first favorite Pokémon the same as now? How has/have your favorites changed over time?

Pretty sure Pikachu was my first favorite along with Vulpix, and that's changed a bit! Vulpix is still high on my list, as is Pikachu, but they're not taking that top spot. sorry cuties

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For a while my favorite shifted around between Salamence, Quilava, Umbreon, and Buizel, all of which I still adore. But since Shaymin was introduced it's held the number 1 spot. Mimikyu and Zoroark almost tipped it out but nothing was able to topple the hedgehog in my heart.


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wow, so much... if I can remember

for the first four gen, Persian was my top favorite Pokemon of all
to this day still love it, its now my 3rd favorite cat

once the 5th gen started - it changed from there
I remember first that Oshawott and Dewott where my favorite for first half of 5th gen
during the second half Patrat and Watchog became my most favorite Pokemon, Watchog a bit more
just as the 5th gen came to an end before 6th gen games started, Mienfoo and Mienshao became my top favorite Pokemon

just before the 6th gen started, foxys became my most favorite animals on earth, anything resembling them was my favorite
when Fennekin got introduced became my favorite Pokemon, along when it's evolutions where introduced
around the same time, Eevees starting to get my attention
most of the 6th gen Fennekin + evos and Sylveon where my top favorite Pokemon

more and more recently going back to my strong love of cats, still love foxys
finding out that Espeon is part both, more cat... its now my favorite of all

Kanto Persian still remains my favorite for the longest time (4 gens) still love to this day
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contrary to popular belief, my actual favorite pokemon is umbreon. it has been my favorite since i opened a back of neo discovery and got a holo umbreon. this one to be exact:


my favorite pokemon at that time was eevee, so my favorite didn't take too hard of a turn bc umbreon is an evolution of eevee but yeah. i have about...6? umbreon plushies? i try to get as many umbreon tcg cards as i can, though that's easier said than done. i'm definitely not the only person that loves the thing lol. idk it was just a love at first sight type of deal and i almost always use umbreon in every game that i'm capable of using it in. i've had countless umbreon over each generation since its introduction and it's just!!! a great pokemon. fantastic design, fun to use in battle, lovely art in tcg cards, just. chef's kiss!! perfection!!

every other favorite of mine have changed a lot though. if you asked me back when i joined pc my top three, i would have told you umbreon, smeargle, and quilava. now it's umbreon, petilil, and alolan dugtrio. but i mean i love a lot of pokemon and claim them as favorites and it's hard to rank them lol.

anyway stan alolan dugtrio
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Butterfree has been my favorite Pokemon since the early days of the anime, so even though other Pokemon have moved up and down my list, there's no way that my favorite would ever change, especially not after 20 years.

My second favorite has definitely changed a few times, though. Azumarill's probably in that spot permanently, but Rayquaza, Gardevoir, Pidgeot, Squirtle, Togepi, and Ninetales have all been in up there at one point or another.


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Not really. My favorite Pokemon was only Psyduck for a VERY brief moment in my life, as was Mew. The moment I saw Treecko, it became my favorite. That hasn't changed in about 12 years now.

Although, my second favorite Pokemon? Yeah. Definitely. Sneasel didn't become my second favorite until 2011. Before that, I'm 100% sure Marill was my second favorite. Or maybe Machop? Or Breloom, Breloom is still one of my favorites, but not my second favorite anymore... but yeah.
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My favorite for the longest time was Golem, I don't know why but when it comes to rps and the such I always liked having high defense. but as time went on and i found out about jirachi, they've basically been my favorite and that really hasn't changed yet, then again sword and shield could introduce someone new and ill like them more, ill just have to wait and see


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My #1 favourite has. Bulbasaur has been knocked back like half a spot to make room for Shaymin. So they kind of share a #1 spot, but Bulba is slightly lower. It's still important though for being the very Pokemon that got me into the Pokemon franchise the first place, though!


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I think Ho-Oh was my first confessed favorite, though I feel that Lickitung may have been my original favorite. I remember being really fond of its BK card (keeping it in the front of my binder) and writing a short story, "Lickitung Steps On It's Tongue," for class. Wartortle was also way up there, inspiring a sequel, "Wartortle's Loose Tooth."

Another one I never confessed was Froslass, though it's clear that it was my favorite during the DP era. A friend from school traded me one and she was awesome, inspiring me to start using a Mono-Ice team.

Shortly before the release of HGSS, having recently chained a Shiny Dunsparce, combined with memories of raising/studying Dunsparce in the GSC days, I decided that Dunsparce was my new favorite. When the games finally came out, I traded over that Shiny Dunsparce ASAP to use as my partner and considered it the "Pikachu to my Ash" for years.

At one point, Dunsparce and Wartortle were neck and neck with each other, but scoring a full-odds Shiny Wartortle tipped the scale, as I found myself preferring to use it over my chained Shiny Dunsparce. I finally found a full-odds Shiny Dunsparce though, returning Dunsparce to the #1 position (though Wartortle is still VERY close behind).

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My favorite Pokemon changed a lot over time.

When I was very young I only watched the anime since I didn't know the games existed so my first favorites were based on the Pokemon I liked in the anime. My favorites back then were changing very often and they were: Pikachu, Onix, Bulbasaur, Muk, Sandslash, Arcanine, Pidgeotto, Tauros, Kingler, Heracross, Dragonite, Hitmonlee, Charizard, Totodile and Lapras.

I stopped watching the anime when the Hoenn arc started and didn't come back to Pokemon until I finally relized the Pokemon games existed sometime in late Gen 4 and early Gen 5. But since I was older now my favorites didn't change as often as before. Arcanine was my favorite for a long time, then Excadrill took over for a short amount of time in Gen 5. After Excadrill I went back to Arcanine until I discovered/rediscovered my love for Dragonite. Arcanine stayed in my top 10 favorites to this day tho.

In early Gen 6 I rediscovered my love for Bulbasaur line, especially Venusaur thanks to it's mega so it joined Dragonite at the top of my list. Around the same time I also got into competitve battling and discovered how awesome Dusclops is and how annoying it can be for my opponents thanks to Eviolite. I also started to love its cool and creepy design as well as its lore so eventually Dusclops joined the Gen 1 duo and became one of my 3 favorite Pokemon.

So my favorite Pokemon for at least 5 years now have been Dragonite, Venusaur and Dusclops. I don't expect this to change anytime soon. ☺



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My favourite pokemon's been the same for 11 years . It's Monferno, because I felt it looked very playful and that i could relate it to my childhood personality. The second favourite title has constantly shuffled between samurott and staraptor.

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For the longest time my favourite Pokémon was definitely Lucario. I would try to use it everytime I could and I loved its new mega introduced in gen 6. I was so obsessed! And then I don't know what happened but I just got so SICK of it xD Now I don't have a favourite Pokémon, but I have a bunch on the top list like Mimikyu, (Female) Meowstic, a bunch of gen 4 Pokémon, Primarina, Crobat... the list goes on.
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Squirtle’s always been my favorite. I think what initially drew me in was that it’s blue, my favorite color, which was a very important factor as a kid. Squirtle was also my first TCG card, got a base set Squirtle from my step-aunt, and when the first movie came out the BK water squirter Squirtle was my first Pokémon toy. I still have the BK toy sitting on my window above my computer to this day.

I think all of those factors, alongside bringing that Squirtle toy almost everywhere as a kid, established an attachment to the tiny turtle that can’t be replaced by any other Pokémon.

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Posted September 5th, 2019
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Oh this is interesting to think about. I know my first ever favouirte will have been Articuno for sure but it's changed a few times before finally settling on Froslass which I doubt will change.

Articuno, Victreebel, Ho-oh, Togepi, Blaziken, Snorunt, Froslass and possibly Raikou have all occupied my top spot at some point.


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Forum veterans may well remember when Pichu was still my favourite Pokémon. It wasn't until a good six months after Diamond and Pearl came out in North America that I finally admitted that it had been replaced with Cherrim. I'd be surprised if anything ever takes Cherrim's spot, but I guess we never know! I would have said the same about Pichu back in 2006!

Before Pichu, though, I can't even remember. I don't think I really had a favourite, since it would change between Raichu and Vaporeon depending on how I felt on any given day, I think. It's weird, because although I like both of those Pokémon now, I don't think I'd even bother listing them among my faves anymore, oops! Guess I was never a genwunner even when gen one was all we had LOL.


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It most definitely has! My favorite used to be Larvitar, with Mantyke as a close second. Since then though, Fairy type Pokémon came out and I discovered the majesty of Sylveon! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


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Posted 19 Hours Ago
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Pretty much yes. At one point it was Blaziken, then it became Sceptile, then Torterra, then Aggron, then some more and now it's Tyranitar



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Hmm...nope, not really. My top 2 are Chandelure and Hydreigon, and all that really changes is what I consider my absolute favourite between the two. I'd say Chandelure remains my top pick.
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How many times did my favorite Pokemon change? Depending on....stuff, too many times to count. I totally lost count, but with the introduction of VC Crystal, my fav is currently Typhlsion.

This is subject to change of course. :P
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Posted 32 Minutes Ago
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Not since Shinx came along! It has been my #1 favourite and mascot Pokémon for... hmm, ten years now? And I doubt that will change! The closest to rival Shinx has been Helioptile because I find it so darn cute, ahaha.

Before then, I think it was Eevee or Vaporeon, with Persian close behind. That's only because I skipped through Johto and Hoenn!
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Back then I don't quite have definite favorites, even though I do have soft spot on Eevee and later on Shaymin. Years after, I begin to be curious about Victini (iirc around when Pokémon Black/White games are announced), and some certain events like how it being my first Critical Capture makes me like it even more, to the point Victini becomes my main favorite Pokémon, and it hasn't changed ever since. As for now, even though I may have more fave Pokémon on my list, Victini would still fill the spot of my flagship favorite Pokémon.


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I started watching the anime and didn't have any real favourite, then in my first game (Gold) I chose Chikorita and that evolution line has been among my favourites ever since; I still think my absolute favourite Pokémon is Meganium, even though there have been others that have been contenders and were my favourites for some time (Dewgong, Politoed, Blaziken, Kyogre, Combee, Lopunny Toxicroak, Lilligant, Litwick, Mandibuzz) and now I have an almost joint-favourite in Primarina.
Also it's not a standalone Pokémon but Mega Altaria rounds up the top 3 (and it's still among my favourites even without the Mega).
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