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So, I was browsing merch channels in a few places and came across the news that some trainer plushes were being released this week:

Who's your favorite of these? Who would you get if money were no object? Whose plush is the most disappointing of these? Do you find plushes of human characters weird?

As for me, I'd like to get them all, but Cynthia, Rosa, Elesa, Skyla, and Dawn are first priorities, with everyone else after, though I should probably be grabbing Red and Green/Blue first if I do order since I have a feeling they'll be the most popular.


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Posted 3 Hours Ago
Rosa looks precious ;_; ❤️❤️

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I saw this randomly pass by on my twitter feed and when I saw Skyla I just wanted to throw my wallet at my monitor


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Thankfully I don't really go for human characters, so I'm safe this round, but if I could pick any one, I think it'd be Dawn because I have a soft spot for gen 4. I'd more be picking her because she represented me when I went through and met so many of my top faves for the first time.

If I got a second pick, maybe Rosa, because while I don't have too many fond memories of Black 2, she's an absolute delight in Masters.


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Lance and Skyla, because they have red hair. But, tbh, these plushies aren't my cup of tea, so I probably won't bother investing my money in them.
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