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Would you be a trainer or Pokémon?

Started by Sheep August 30th, 2019 1:36 AM
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i keep making threads pls stop me

If you could be either a trainer that battles with Pokémon or a Pokémon of your choice that battles alongside a trainer, which would you become?

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A trainer, of course! It'll be awesome to travel the world to be the very best along with your loved ones as your company. Being a trainer, one can course across all the elements of nature, from fire to water and from the earth to the skies. For example, riding Groudon, using dive,waterfall and surf, flying across the region, digging underground for fossils,etc. Trainers can chose either to integrate the world or to disintegrate it with their ideals and dreams and how they chose to harness the power their pokemon share with them.

Heh,got a bit carried away, lol.

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Same. =) I'd love to travel with my own mons. But if it were my kid self she'd probably say Pokémon lol, I used to dream about being Pikachu back in the day when I was 9/10 lolol.

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I think a Trainer would be my choice, as a Trainer you will experience life with your Pokemon. They grow up with you, learn with you, lose and win with you and experience the most beautiful adventures with you. As a person, you develop in this way and you are able to influence entire areas or environments in awesome ways. Be it good or bad now. As a Pokemon, you develop as well on the side of your Trainer, but then I would rather be a free Pokemon if I was one, because there is nothing better than being free and having abilities like creating fire or ice out of nothing like magic. But what are the views of one person, freedom can mean something completely different for Pokemon. Well its a hard Question I think.



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Ahh, Sheep you want to stop making threads simple just give me the website and I'll ban you from it just kidding I don't want to own a website and besides you wouldn't just give your website to a random person you met online. and I would be a trainer I could catch them mons so I could be the very best just to beat Red in a battle then I will kill ash because why not and the other reason is that when my math teacher's yelling at me yelling "HEY YOU BIG PSYCHOPATH GET DOWN FROM THAT CEILING." I could just get out my EXPLOUD so it could scream even louder than the teacher of course if I want to be a pokemon trainer I have to be 10 and learn math.
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Posted September 3rd, 2019
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i think i'd like to be a pokemon, but not a trainer's pokemon. i think it'd be neat to live in a universe similar to the mystery dungeon ones, being able to use your own moves and maybe be able to fly if you're lucky enough to be a flying type ^^

as for the pokemon i'd be.... maybe a meowth or mimikyu? those two pokemon seem to resonate with me a lot, and i wouldn't mind having an endless supply of gold by using pay day lol
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I'd prefer to be a trainer simply because being a trainer implies being a human. I wouldn't really love to get captured and live inside a Pokéball and only come out to battle and stuff. Freedom is something I really care about and I think being a trainer's Pokémon would take that away. Sure, I would develop a connection to my trainer and probably be happy, but you do get what I mean right?
Also, even though I could be a wild Pokémon that never gets captured, I don't know how different Pokémon's brains are from humans and how evolved as a species they are to have their own thoughts. I don't know if they can dream, if they can think or develop ideas, if they solve problems, etc. I don't feel like they can read or create stuff, just like we humans do! Sure, I would LOVE to be able to fly or to explore the seas, but, being a human and knowing our capacities, I would not like to become a Pokémon and only live based on my survival instincts.
It's a complicated question :/
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I'd definitely prefer being a trainer. I wouldn't mind taking care or raising Pokemon, but definitely would not want to be in a ball for most of my life or fending off other Pokemon.
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Hmmmm, interesting question.

I think it really depends on a LOT of circumstances, for me.

Being a trainer would be great, being able to build my own team and have some wonderful friends to be with all the time and go on adventures and whatnot but I think the freedom of being a pokémon would be great too! Each pokémon has their own personality and some species prefer different things so there's bound to be a pokémon out there that has a personality that I would resonate with that I'd enjoy much more than being a trainer. But then if I were to become caught I'd be rolling the dice on what kind of trainer I'd end up with, they could be a great wonderful person or they could be terrible and that would cause a huge impact on my decision. I don't know for definite which I'd be though, this is a great question!
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I guess I would be a trainer since I'm already a Sylveon.


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Trainer unless somehow I can permanently be a Skymin.


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Hmm. If I were a human I may not be a trainer. More like a Pokémon caretaker, kind of like that place Bulbasaur on the anime came from. I would take care of injured and abandoned Pokémon. Maybe keeping one if one decided to stay with me. Or if I had to do something for money, then open a sort of Pokémon pet shop. I think I'd prefer that rather than being a Pokémon.

If I were to be a Pokémon, though, I would love to be something like a Growlithe or a Houndour and travel with a trainer and being loyal and helping them in whatever I can and learning together.
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Heck NO.

Aside from the fact that I don't want, or need a pokemon, just no use, and it's pointless.

I don't feel like subjecting a previously wild animal to an obvious life of slavery. You're essensually yanking the poor thing out of its environment and attempting to mold it into your liking. If that doesn't happen, well too bad most of the time they aren't released and the training continues. And just like slave masters, there are definitely many instances of abuse from trainers towards pokemon.
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Honestly, surprise surprise! I'd rather be a care-free Pokemon cause I can't train in the main line games for ****.

All seriousness aside, I want to be a Squirte swimming and playing in the river la la la idk!
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