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EDIT: I've recently got a message about co-working from somebody but IT AUTO-DELETED ITSELF!!! Man, please just respond in the comments. Very sorry! I still wanna work with you! Your message just got immediately deleted for some reason, even before I got to read it! Please, reply again but this time in the comments, you won't be disappointed :)

Well, I am making quite an unusual and unique ROM hack with pretty bizarre (sometimes even silly) designs. I can do all the stuff I need, except MUSIC. I need somebody to make it fit the themes of this hack (90s style disco bars, weird planets and people, secret alien bases, factories-that heck'd up stuff.) The thing uses Fire Red 1.0 as the base.

Long story short(still long, though):
I wanna team up with somebody who would make the climatic music. The game will probably take at least 1-4 years to make (I know that's a lot, but I'm working and learning lots of stuff on my own, that's why I'm searching for "comrades"), so you can take your time ;) Not much skill needed. You can also create fakemon concepts, sound effects and tell me any idea you get, I really want to do this hack with somebody that I can share and discuss ideas with. I know there isn't much information about my project yet, but that's because it's still just an idea, yet I'm gonna 100% make it come to life. I'm very determined. At the end of the month I will probably give away more details about the plot and locations. The most work with the hack will be done when summer vacation starts in my country (in 96 days, that is). I will try do do the map, so that when school starts I can do the fakemon (that will probably be a lot easier).

Please, consider joining me on my space crusade! We can even call ourself Stardust Crusaders if you want to ;)

Hey! Psst! You, yes you! If you have any experience/knowledge about ROM hacking etc. then please check out my Reddit profile and try to answer some of my beginneer questions! Just google "Reddit user Deadviper" and it will show up. You can also find me on the ROM-hacking page of the Pokecommunity Discord from time to time.