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Team Pokemon Sugilite - Looking for members!

Started by Saleh667 August 17th, 2017 7:49 AM
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Posted August 17th, 2017
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Greetings pokecommunity,
I'm Saleh667 and I have recently started working on my ROM hack, pokemon sugilite version. It shall be set in a completely new region, with a lot of handmade, interesting fakemon and all sorts of other awesome stuff.

IT SHALL BE AN EMERALD HACK (You know what that means, pokemon animations) ♥

Ever since I was a kid, I had a dream that one day I'd create the best ROM hack ever, or atleast as good as the best ROM hacks we have now (Pokemon Vega, Pokemon clover, and other masterpieces). I realised that I can't do that by myself after desperately trying over and over again.

So, I'd like to start off by saying that I'm very good with graphics, and I'll be in charge of spriting, directing the plot and storyline, cry input, and whatever else related to graphic design and pixel art.

Secondly, here's a brief plot of the story SO FAR (subject to change and this is just a brief summary):
Your name is Eric/Melica. You are in a new region called Phantos, a very dark region with not a lot of happiness and cheer. Centuries ago, a dark cult has formed, summoning forth Asguaord, the legendary pokemon of the Phantos region. The legend states that only the chosen hero has the power to overcome Asguaord's power, and will restore Phantos to the happy and bright region it once was. Your mother has volunteered to become the region's Pokemon Professor; she asks you to take on the pokedex campaign to catch and collect all the pokemon in phantos. While doing so, you'll be able to take on the gym leaders, elite four, and champion. While doing this, you also get to see the Dark Occult's evil plans to take control of Asguaord and threaten to rule Phantos. Do you have what it takes to become Phantos' pokemon master? Find out, in like, a few years when I actually get help >.>

I have already created many sprites, and I'd be happy to tell you more about my hack. However, I can't do that if you're not willing to help.

SO, I'm gonna need a bunch of extremely talented people who are LOYAL and are willing to help me make the best ROM hack in the history of ROM hacks:

-Another graphics person, spriter and artist, who can preferably make digital drawings as well as sprites which are high in quality. I can do that myself but, two brains are better than one you know. It would be appreciated if you also had experience in like, the programs for rom hacking that require art, such as title screen art, etc. Like for instance palette editor, pokemon sprites editor, icons, whatever else. Wanna make awesome fakemon and trainers with me? Be my guest dear artist, we'll be working together on the pokedex, trainers, and everything else that needs graphical hands. Including the best title screen ever (just the art part of that, though).

-A person who's very good at scripting, hex editing and all that codey mumbo-jumbo. You have to be able to script the most insane scripts anyone has ever seen. And if you ask me, this is the perfect rom hack for you if you wanna show off your advanced, next-level scripting skills. You'll be helping me by placing the events which will take place in the ROM hack, as well as inputting special, awesome features like fire or whatever. I mean not really but you get the idea (I hope).

-A person who's super creative, just like yours truly, who is able to bring up awesome and insane ideas for the plot and storyline of the hack. Feeling imaginative? Come on aboard the pokemon sugilite awesome storyline train! Choo Choo. {:3}

-A person who has the divine knowledge of ROM hacking. You must be able to help the team with the rom hacking applications, and any trouble regarding those. I'm pretty sure a helpful, kind soul exists somewhere within the community. Your brain might just make this the best ROM hack ever, thats why I need you.

-A person who is all-around. I just want someone to make an awesome intro using your mixed skills. Up for the challenge? I sure hope so.

-A person, who is very, VERY talented gba musician. Fur elise in GBA soundfont? Definitely. Think you can make some nice gothic gba pokemon music? Nice battle themes? Nice everything? Pokemon sugilite loves you already, if that's the case. I'll be discussing music tracks with you, and how they would sound like. You must also be able to use sappy or any other music app well.

So, this is the A-team. The team that's going to brighten up pokecommunity because well, with some hard work and effort, we can make the unmakable. SO, if you posses one of these talents, or all of them, please make sure you let me know by sending a private message, or contacting me through my discord:


I believe that I can make this happen. I will fulfill my duty as a pokemon fan to turn my dream into a reality. I'm going to need some assistance from the best of the best, and if you think you can do it, then I'm pretty sure you can do it.

So come on guys, let's help each other out here. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear more from you talented people very soon!
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Posted December 20th, 2017
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For an awesome Gba musician, i’d Reccomend Lukeegd if you can manage to recruit him. He pops up on the forums occasionally and has a YouTube channel.

As far as me, I have a basic all around knowledge of everything. I’m not good at making sprites myself, but I’d say I’m an expert at inserting them in the game (which isn’t all that hard.)

The only thing i have to add, is that I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ll have to settle for 2nd best Rom Hack cuz I’m taking the number one spot ;) [challenge accepted sir]

But seriously, if there’s anyway I can help you, I’d love too

Eon Lucifer

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Posted February 2nd, 2018
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Hello there. If you're still looking for those to help with story development, I'm completely able. I've written a couple stories before, if that'd make you feel more confident about my abilities.
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Posted January 15th, 2019
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Hello I would like to help you make Pokemon sugilite version. I've always wanted to make a Pokemon game and I would like to be the artist and design new Pokemon! Also I would like to add a liittle story so please reply I would love to get in contact with you and then we could possibly start the game so please reply if you can!!!
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