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Pokémon OPEN The Pokemon Trainer Academy [T] Page 4

Started by Synthet November 30th, 2017 8:01 AM
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''Sure, let's go.'' Scraggy leered at Dynamo, but the rose Pokémon didn't even bother. ''Tsk, what a high an' mighty thing you are! Just 'cause you beat me this time, don't mean you will the next.'' Scraggy was very upset about the whole thing. He kept glaring until Arwyn called. ''Scraggy, we are going to eat, come with me.'' Scraggy followed it's trainer, but didn't let Dynamo leave his eye.

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Eric was heading towards the coast, and saw something scurry by.

Intrigued by this mystery critter, he decided to sneak up on it. Litleo instinctively came out of its Pokeball for a "hunt".

The "prey" today, apparently was a Wimpod.

"Litleo. Don't do ANYTHING! Just be patient!" Eric said.

Litleo let instinct take over, ignoring Eric's orders, and used Tackle.

The Wimpod was spooked, and Eric had no choice but to throw a Pokeball and capture it in order to prevent Litleo from harming it more.

Eric threw with his left hand. One.... Two... Three... CLICK! Wimpod was caught.

Apparently it didn't want to fight, but knew Struggle Bug, Aqua Jet, and Metal Claw, and was level 8.

Eric picked up the used Pokeball, and returned Litleo into its own. Attaching both to his belt.

Suddenly, Eric got a call from his Holo Caster.

"Unknown Number..." Eric read.

"Is this Eric Damon?" A deep voice said.

Eric replied with "Yes. What is it? And who are you?"

"I'm DeShawn Owen, of the International Police." The stranger told him.

"Wait... Was Peggy your daughter?" Eric asked, puzzled. "I plan on doing whatever I can to find those responsible to justice. Yes, sir!"

"I know. She must've meant the world to you. I couldn't make it to the funeral due to a break in an unrelated case. The reason I'm calling you is that because Team Rocket revealed that you are a Person of Interest. And Unfortunately, you're on it. Just be careful and become the best Trainer you can. Your life may depend on it." DeShawn explained.

"What does Team Rocket want with me?" Eric asked, incredibly shocked.

"I don't know, Eric. All I know if that you're on the list, but the Oak Academy drove them away once. If Team Rocket returns, You're in the safest place you can possibly be. Especially with my sister Lenora in the faculty. Anyway, I gotta go. Good luck." The Holo Caster conversation ended, and Eric proceeded to go back to his dorm room, where he was safest. His heart was racing knowing that if Team Rocket came after him now, he was doomed. On the way he felt obligated to heal his Pokémon comrades at the Pokémon Center.

Eric then saw some other Trainers, and sat down immediately after getting his Pokeballs back.
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Lucas McMillan and Sydney Ramirez
Roadside Battle (Day 1)

Sydney forwarded the most promising files to herself from the library database so that she could study them in her room later and checked out one of the text books on Fairy types. She'd gathered the absolute basics well enough but she wanted to make sure she was fully prepared before she sent Cutiefly into battle and that meant more than just academic study. It meant shopping! Or at least browsing. The shops back in Oak Town were bound to have some items that could be used to either benefit or hinder a Pokemon like Cutiefly in battle and checking over them, even listening to what the clerks had to say, could give her a lot of useful information the library might not be able to provide.

She slipped the book into her bag before thanking the librarian and setting off towards the road to Oak Town once more.

After the battle, Lucas started heading towards Oak Town. He needed Poke Balls if he wanted to grow his team, and he was fresh out. As Lucas left the Academy, he pulled out Aaron's Poke Ball and brought out the little Steel type. The Aron chirped and started bouncing along next to Lucas. He smiled at the Pokemon's enthusiasm. Lucas was thinking about what else to do once he got to Oak Town. I need Poke Balls, and it would be smart to check what TM's the have there. As he was thinking, his hand touched something warm and hard. He stopped, pulling the item out of his pocket, he saw that it was the stone he got from the volcano. Now that he was taking a look at it, he recognized it as a Fire Stone, which he could use to turn his Growlithe into an Arcanine. Lucas put the stone in his bag and resumed walking.

Sydney walked along the now familiar path, going over the information she had gathered in her mind. Cutiefly was going to be a great help against Dragon types which she hadn't expected, but as well as strengths this Fairy typing brought a bunch of issues too... still, as much as she studied sooner or later she was going to have to get involved in a real battle. Wild Pokemon were all well and good but they could never offer the same challenge as another Trainer and their Pokemon.

And there was no way she could handle a battle like that with Cutiefly yet, she hadn't even had a battle with Miko yet and they'd actually trained. Just the thought of it gave her Beautiflys in her stomach... but maybe the sooner she got the first one out of the way the better. It was always going to be the hardest, right? Yeah, why not, she could totally have a battle! Now that the decision was made she started scanning the road around her for any potential opponents.

Spotting a boy, mostly by his shock of orange hair, some distance ahead of her she grinned and started jogging towards him. "Hey! Hey there, wait up a sec!" She called out.

Lucas was checking the map on his Pokenav when he heard a girl behind him. He nearly dropped his Pokenav, not expecting someone to talk to him. He pocketed the Pokenav and turned around to face the girl. He recognized her, but he couldn't remember where from. Then he realized that she was the blue and black haired girl he saw in the cafeteria. Lucas wasn't sure why he would remember seeing her, but he responded with slightly confused "Hey."

Oh it's the vomit boy. Do not say vomit. Don't say it. Don't think about it!

Putting a tight leash on her thoughts she flashed him a big grin - that always made people like her back home - and stuck out her hand. "Hey! I'm Sydney, Suicune Dorm and... uh... listen, I've been seeing everyone battling today and wanted to dive in, but I don't really know how you're supposed to start this sort of thing. I mean, they say you lock eyes but that's a really strange thing to do with someone you don't even know and... right. Anyway. I guess this is a challenge? To battle, I mean. With Pokemon."

"Uh.. Sure." Lucas said, a little surprised by the sudden challenge. He had been wanting to battle someone, so he was looking forward to this. Wow, she talks a lot, he thought. "So... what kind of battle?" Lucas asked. Normal people introduce themselves, idiot! Lucas thought angrily. "I'm Lucas by the way. I'm also in Suicune Dorm." he said showing her his Dorm jacket. Lucas returned Aaron, thinking about what Pokemon to use, depending on which battle type Sydney chose.

"Oh awesome, thank you! And I guess just a one on one battle? I'm glad my first battle will be against someone from the same dorm, that way us Suicune folk don't lose face no matter what happens! Soooo..." Sydney looked around, not having really thought this through. "I guess just, like, off the side of the road? I've seen people doing that all day."

"Seems OK," Lucas replied, stepping off the road and into the field next to it. What Pokemon should I use? Donna is already a higher level than Ace or Aaron, and she's already seen Aaron. But Ace only knows two damaging moves. But he can recover and he knows Will-O-Wisp. However, Aaron has the most type coverage. Aaron would be a smart choice, but I feel like she'd be expecting it too much. I think Ace will be able to win this for me Lucas grabbed Ace's Poke Ball as he got ready to battle another trainer.

Okay, so this was really happening! And it had been so easy, of course other people wanted to battle too! Now all that was left was to make sure she didn't make a fool out of herself or, more importantly, Miko. There was no way she was going to have her first battle using anyone else.

"Alright Miko, let's do this!" She called out, hoping she sounded like a proper Trainer, as she pulled the Poke Ball from her satchel bag and flung it into the air, releasing the Pachirisu in a swirl of energy.

...Do I pick that back up now, or after, or...? They never show that part on the tournaments on TV...

She realized that revealing her Pokemon first was a bit of a tactical disadvantage but it wasn't like she had any other choices. She hadn't even properly met Cutiefly yet - she would hold off on that until she knew enough about the Pokemon to make sure it had everything it needed - and she and Miko had been preparing for this moment for a long time.

Lucas looked as Sydney called out a Pachirisu. This made Lucas want to rethink his decision, but he decided against it and he threw his Poke Ball, and Ace jumped out. He shook his head, waking himself up from his nap. Lucas caught the ball as it bounced back to him. Ace growled at the electric squirrel in front of him.

A Growlithe... a very popular Fire type Pokemon, evolution Arcanine. It was a fairly neutral type match up for Miko on the surface of things - a bit better than Sydney had hoped for. The only problem was that Sydney couldn't tell what gender it was, meaning the Technical Machine she had blown a good chunk of her birthday money the year before might not be much use. She couldn't rely on Iron Tail to do consistent damage and Bide was always a big gamble... the more she tried to analyze the situation the worse it seemed to be. She was going to have to take the calculated risk.

"Miko, hit Growlithe with Attract!" She commanded. Just as she had done earlier in the day Miko blew out a kiss, a sly glint in her eyes as an absurdly large cartoon heart flew towards Growlithe. If it struck, and if the Growlithe was a boy, it would become completely enamored with Miko. Sydney just hoped that the Growlithe wasn't a girl or she'd have practically just handed the match over to Lucas straight away.

Lucas watched as a heart started floating from the Pachirisu's mouth and towards Ace. "Ace! Jump to the side and use Howl!" Lucas called out. The Puppy tried to jump out of the way, but he was too slow and the heart exploded into a cloud of pink dust around Ace's face. Ace started smiling and and making strange noises.

"Hey there, pretty lady," Ace said as he sauntered over to the Pachirisu.

Lucas watched as Ace seemed to strut towards the Pachirisu, making low, slow noises that almost sounded like he was flirting. The Pachirisu had used Attract!

Sydney was overjoyed, it had paid off! Now to double down and really drive their strategy home. This move didn't interact with Attract, not exactly, but it made good use of the time they'd bought for themselves.

"Great Miko, now take advantage with Charm!"

"Hey yourself handsome," Miko purred, "Why don't we spend some time together once this is over? I bet you've never gotten an electric massage before, hmm?" She fluttered her eyelashes at Ace, a faint pink mist swirling from her towards him. If it worked it would take a lot of the power from his physical attacks, making him reluctant to hurt her. Sydney and Miko were playing a long game, setting the battle up in their favour before they even tried to attack directly.

"Ace! Snap out of it!" Lucas called to his Pokemon. "She used Attract on you! It isn't real love!" Ace looked at him, obviously being torn between his owner and his "love". "Use Ember! Please!" Lucas said, pleading with his Pokemon. Ace shook his head in confusion, unsure of what to do.

Ace turned to the Pachirisu and said "I'm sorry, but I must obey my trainer." Ace charged up a fireball in his mouth, before reluctantly launching it right at the Pachirisu.

Miko gave out a squeak of panic and swung her thick tail in front of her, managing to avoid taking the Ember directly in her face.

Damn, Charm won't have slowed that down at all!

"Right, that's enough playtime. Quick Attack!"

Miko flicked her singed tail behind her and glared at Ace. "It isn't nice to hurt a lady!" She snapped before shooting forward almost too fast to see, looking to slam right into him. They'd more or less done what they could to try and swing things in their favour but it wouldn't be worth anything if they didn't actually attack!

Lucas saw the Pachirisu nearly disappear, and Ace was gonna get hit. He couldn't dodge the attack, so might just have to take it. That's when Lucas thought of something that would really put Ace on his side. "Ace! Use Rest!" Ace looked at his trainer in slight confusion before curling up and instantly falling asleep. Ace got sent flying once the Pachirisu's attack hit, instantly waking Ace up.

Ace glared at the squirrel, howled, then said "No one wakes me from my slumber!!"

Sydney chewed her bottom lip as she watched things develop. Why use Rest before the Growlithe had even taken a hit? He'd just wasted his time completely. Had he thought it would somehow undo the Attract or Charm? Both effects would persist, even if Attract was inconsistent it had the potential to take hold again at any moment - then just as quickly vanish again. Perhaps he had some broader strategy in mind she couldn't see yet.

"Another Quick Attack, hit them again!"

Miko stayed low to the ground, crouched on all fours, baring her sizable front teeth threateningly. "I'll put you back to sleep hound dog, don't you worry. We've worked too hard for this to lose our first battle," she snarled before leaping forward again, just as fast as before.

Ace didn't hesitate with running towards the Pachirisu, ready to use Crunch on the charging Pokemon. Both Pokemon collided into a ball of fur. Ace felt no love for the Pachirisu as he bit her.

"Miko, careful!" Sydney shouted helplessly as the Growlithe chomped down. She'd always known that battling would put her Pokemon in danger but actually witnessing it was more difficult than she'd expected. If that Growlithe wasn't well trained enough it could seriously hurt her little Pachirisu if it didn't let her go after using the attack, even with Charm lowering the strength of the bite. She wasn't going to wait and see.

"Iron Tail, quick!"

Pachirisu was an incredibly speedy Pokemon, and Miko certainly had tricks up her sleeve, but she was by no means a sturdy Pokemon. Another bad hit like that and she'd be down for the count. Miko squealed in pain from the bite and swung her thick tail, now coated with a metallic shell, aiming right for Ace's snout. It wouldn't be too damaging but it might shock the enemy enough to buy them a little breathing room.

Ace didn't see the tail coming until it hit him in the head. It didn't do much damage, but it made Ace stop his attack and back up a bit. "Ace! Use Will-O-Wisp!" Lucas called out as Ace steadied himself.

The small flames that Ace spat out settled against the white fur of Miko, singing her badly and leaving her with a serious burn. Sydney was worried about how this was going, she knew that not only would that make it harder for Miko to attack with real force but it would wear her down gradually, not that she had much fight left in her. The electric squirrel was panting for breath, watching Ace through squinted eyes.

"Miko, use... use..." Sydney shook her head. She couldn't push this any further. "...We forfeit. You win!"

Miko stared at her Trainer in disbelief, still willing to fight, unable to fathom what was going on after all the preparation they had done for this moment. Sydney walked forward and dropped to her knees next to her companion, trying to put on a brave smile.

"You did such, such a great job Miko. I'm so proud of you." She looked up towards Lucas. "I'm sorry... I guess I just can't bear to see her get hurt anymore."

Lucas taken aback when Sydney forfeited. He recalled Ace and walked over to her. "You battled well. You should be proud. I can get kinda aggressive when it comes to battling. And it's fine that you don't wanna see your partner get hurt. But the best thing about pain is how much you can grow from it." Lucas said, putting out his hand to help her get up and to shake hands for a good battle.

Sydney scooped up her Poke Ball and called Miko back to it with one more smile. She wondered if it was normal for the winning Trainer to try and impart some wisdom on the loser... that thought stung. She was a loser, she'd lost. Shaking that thought from her head for now she took a deep breath and got to her feet by herself but then took the offered hand for a firm shake.

"Thanks. I guess I have a lot more work to do if I want to be a real competitor... next time we battle I promise will be different," she said, giving a small smile. "You can bet on that."

Lucas pulled out his Pokenav, planning on asking for her number. "Uh..." S**t! How do you ask a girl for her number? Lucas thought as he stood there, still making a monotone "Uh" sound. He stopped, realizing he must have looked stupid and decided to offer her his number. "In case you want to battle again," Lucas said as he grabbed a slip of paper and a pencil from his backpack. He wrote down his number and handed it to Sydney.

"Oh! Uh, thanks. I definitely will," she said, taking the note and slipping it into her bag. "I'll send you a message soon. We're in the same dorm though so I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other anyway." He had gone a bit... odd... for a second there. Maybe he was still feeling under the weather from his run in with Naomi back at the cafeteria?

"Anyway, I better get Miko back to the Pokemon Center, she really needs some TLC after all of that. Thanks again!" She called, cheerier than she really felt, already turning and heading back the way she had come.

After she left, Lucas started heading toward Oak Town to do what he was originally planning on doing. He couldn't help but smile. He had won his first battle on the island.
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Sam: I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy. How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.
Frodo: What are we holding on to, Sam?
Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
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Kayrana Ral || 15

Aurai (F) || 9 || Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Shadow Ball, Psychic.

Onwards to a new adventure!


Kayrana sidled up and down the many decks nervously... then along the sides of the ship’s most upper deck, now distracting herself by looking at the ocean, in hopes of spotting some rare Pokemon (she had only spotted some Sharpedos, which she didn’t like). Along strolled Aurai, who was mostly concerned by her trainer’s weird demeanor on the ship. Every now and then Kayrana glanced at Aurai, but she seemed so distant that Aurai finally stopped in her tracks, jumped, and poked Kayrana’s waist: “Ralts!!”. Kayrana’s distant thinking was halted as she got down to see Aurai while caressing her head. “Ah, Aurai! I’m so sorry! Uneasiness took ahold of me completely.” She laughed. Aurai kept prodding her waist until she finally noticed she was pointing at her little journal. “That’s right! I’ve got to write something.” She lifted Aurai up and helped her get to her right shoulder, then she grabbed her little journal, and the rest of the trip she spent on writing and drawing scribbles: mostly her and Aurai on the boat, but also of a Popplio, it’s one of the Pokemon she hoped to encounter in the island.

Finally, the boat stopped, and she suddenly realized how many people were actually inside it that she hadn’t noticed before. She walked towards the lower deck at a slow pace because of the queue, and eventually she went down the ramp. The weather was slightly windy and the sun was shining at its peak, as she had hoped. For today, then, she was wearing a loose light-green sleeveless t-shirt, as well as loose pastel turquoise shorts which went down to below her knees. She wore, also turquoise, running shoes and socks. As always, she wore her Ralts necklace which was very important to her: it symbolized her and Aurai’s friendship. The yellow jacket that was gifted by the Academy was on her backpack, as well as her PokeGear and PokeDex.

They had arrived at Oak Town’s harbour; the first thing she wanted to do wasn’t exactly going to her room, but she understood it was the sensible thing to do. If she wasn’t mistaken, they were on the south edge of the town, and to the south of the island they’d find the Academy. She turned right and started walking towards it. “We shall make many friends, Aurai!” she smiled at Aurai, who smiled back, nodding. On the sides of the road, which transformed more and more into a simple dirt road, many trainers were already battling, while some seemed to be wandering more inwards, into the forests that laid in the distance. Kayrana kept on the direction of the Academy but walked along the plants, some distance away from the road, hoping to see some brand-new berries, plants, herbs… Aurai ambled around a bit further inwards—still in Kayrana’s sight—to examine more closely for berries and herbs; and indeed Aurai was the one with most expertise, she found a good deal of curative herbs—“Ralts!” she cried, to which Kayrana answered by hastily heading to where she was: she patted Aurai on the head and lightly placed her backpack on the floor, opened it and put all the herbs in a plastic bag; then she glanced at Aurai, who was pointing at something. It was a Ganlan Berry! “We have never seen one of these before, have we? You’re amazing!” Ralts smiled and climbed on top of Kayrana’s shoulders. Kayrana pulled a berry pot out of her backpack and set the berry on it.

She ended up carrying the berry pot in her hands as they now trotted to the dorms, which she could already see in the near-distance. Upon arriving, they first saw a white dorm and a red dorm. The white one seemed utterly dead, it was completely closed. The Red one had an Entei statue inside; so it was not hers, but many people were about, some were even preparing to battle. They continued onwards by the left of the Red dorm, and finally found the Yellow dorm at their right. Many trainers were also walking about, but in this case there were some people reading books in the benches outside, while others browsed their devices. Kay and Aurai went to the entrance door which was automatic, and she fished out the key from her pocket after placing the berry pot on her backpack. “Three, Zero, One.” She looked to the right, then to the left, and spotted the staircase. “I’m so glad there’s so much brightness in here, Aurai! I was worried we would end up in a walled and dark building!” she told Aurai, who was on her shoulders—while they looked at the Raikou statue placed just upon entering. And indeed the building had at least three floors, and the outside was made completely of glass panes, so one could see the various floors and apartments from outside, and the sun could shine upon it radiantly. They went up the stairs and made it to their room. “It’s not that cramped after all!” “Ra Ralts Ra!” “Yes I know, I know, we’ll unpack right now.” It was single room with a bed at their right, placed near the wall. Opposite to it, there was a bookshelf and next to it a sort of wardrobe. There was a door leading to the bathroom to the other side of the shelf; and to the other side of the closet there was another door. In front of them there were a window which looked to the outside, one could see the Red Dorm from there, and the shared plaza. There was also a little balcony. In the space between the shelf and the bed they had placed Kayrana’s luggage, which wasn’t really much; mostly: more berry pots, some pokemon plushies, wardrobe, quite a lot of books, along with other various things.

“Let’s get this place into motion as it should, then, Aurai!” Yes, the adventure was just starting. “Cannot function without organization, can we?”


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- Location: Dorm -

There was a quiver followed by a faint echo. It was tough to make out, but it was enough to stir her awake from sweet slumber.

"I miss that sound," Dorothy muttered, referring to Mr. Roseland's worn-out grandfather clock ticking. Eyes are shut, mouth smacking about as it tasted the vile morning flavor. No doubt her hair was a mess as well.

Pupui was fast asleep. This would be the perfect time to have him sent back to his pokéball, but wouldn't it convey the wrong message? Pupui could view it as her betraying him, catching him at his most vulnerable.

She began to ruminate on her failure to help Pupui. Anger, disappointment, misery... she didn't know how to react. One thing is for sure, and that is the guilt. She was 100% at fault for Pupui's injuries.

Dorothy observed the ceiling above, its blue lights flickering every so often. She's lost track of time and now she needs to make up for it. "...I don't know what to do... I'm afraid. What will people think? Did anybody see me cry? Did they hear me yell? Did they... did they..." Musing was only worsening her mood.

Her image to others mattered, and she was ashamed that it did. It's been said time and time again that agonizing about what others think will only hinder and stop one from moving forward. Yet here she is. Dorothy couldn't help it.

Her clothes reeked of sweat and grass. Shower was in order.

Luckily twelve sets of the same exact clothes were still in mint condition. It is as if she never rummaged a wardrobe. How convenient, isn't it?

In and out the shower she went, towel worn like a crown as it soaked the water up from her vivid hair. The mirror fogged up, allowing her to crudely draw Pupui. With a smiley face of course.

The sketched out Pupui reminded her of Pupui's quick recovery; how rapidly he returned to daily life once he was healed. It disheartened her. If he refused to get somber from it then she needed to do the same. Perhaps a trip to one of Pupui's favorite spots will do? Back at Hoenn it was too far to commute to... But here, it's less than 30 minutes away.

To the beach.

"Oh!" Dorothy had almost forgotten the texts. In that instant her heart fluttered, high-strung as she rushed to the pile of plushes that housed her cell.

He did reply, albeit while she was in slumber.

Thoughts were voiced, but none typed. Every time she did, she would obliterate it and stare blankly at the screen, the cursor flickering with impatience.

It wasn't until now she realized her mistake; she had forgotten to introduce herself in previous texts. No matter he took so long, or so Dorothy thought, to respond. Had he been wondering who it was? Was he skeptical? Her breathing quickened, unable to fabricate a decent text to send.

It's been too long. The time stamp claims it's been longer than she would have liked it to be, making her stomach drop. Did he give up waiting? Did he think she wasn't interested in talking? Did he-

A yawn escaped Pupui's lips, eyes forcing themselves open upon Dorothy's faint rambling.

Knowing that waiting led to her demise, she swiftly typed out a response and sent it without hesitation:

Sorry for not saying who I was. I hope you weren't confused >. < And my day was good! Yours???

It took her another ten minutes to muster up the courage to send in another one:

I'm sorry again for taking so long. It's my fault for not reading the texts sooner. If I did I would have been there, sorry ): But I hope you had fun!!!

Relief washed over her, having overcome the barrier... But not until fear came crawling back. Again she fell back into a spiral of anguish, every detail and doubts consuming her.

Meanwhile Pupui rolled on her bed, mulling over the Vanillite he had the fortune of meeting.
Day 1


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Ivrant noticed he had a few messages leftover on his Pokegear. He must have missed them while he was battleing, or while getting his Pokemon healed it. It was hard to multitask when it came to messaging like this! He could pretty much feel the nervousness from the words alone. One of them was a bit recent as well so maybe it was still a proper time to send over a reply. Not like he had much other plans besides eating anyways! He quickly pulled up the window and starting writing up his reply.

"Ah its fine. I was in the middle of a battle anyways. Two victories so far! Don't have any plans at the moment though so my schedule is pretty much freed up. May drop by my dorm if I don't make any other plans besides eating. What are you up too?" Ivrant replied back to her before quickly following up with a second message.

"I'm about to go eat at the Cafeteria myself. Me and my mon are starving :p " He typed before sending it once more.

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power


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Desmond Allen and Naomi Junn

Friend? Foe? Nemesis?

After parting ways with Sydney, Naomi took her newly acquired Spearow and Franky to the Pokémon Center located on campus in order to have their wounds treated. While Franky hadn't taken too bad of a beating during his battle, the brown-haired girl knew that the Totodile probably appreciated the treatment a lot. Meanwhile getting her Spearow healed up also gave Naomi the chance to have the bird Pokémon examined to make sure it was healthy, along with other details such as what gender it was and all other sorts of tidbits. After the healing, Naomi found herself heading back towards the cafeteria. While she wasn't too hungry at the moment, she knew that the bottomless pit known as Franky's stomach was probably screaming for something to attempt to fill it. It was a choice that seemed to be correct, as Franky once again was practically leading the way.

"Ya know, they might have to take out a loan just to keep enough food in there just for ya..." Naomi mused, glancing down at Franky as they walked. "I swear, it's a wonder gramps didn't go broke just tryin' to keep enough food in the cupboards to feed you, much less the rest of us."

As she spoke, she noticed that Franky's eyes kept drifting from the path ahead to the Poké Ball now resting on her hip. As one might expect, it was the ball that contained her newly captured Spearow. Despite taking her to the Pokémon Center, Naomi had yet to even take the time to give her Spearow a proper name, much less let Franky get properly acquainted with his new teammate. Naomi came to a stop, taking the ball off of her belt and staring at it carefully. While she knew that it was probably for the best to let the two Pokémon get to know each other, as well as for her to start getting to know the bird, the teenager was also slightly reluctant to let the bird out into the open. Naomi had never really captured a Pokémon before and truth be told she was a little worried about how the Spearow would react. What if she took off the minute Naomi released her into the open? What if she tried to attack Franky for defeating her in the first place.

"I must be really pathetic if I'm gonna let somethin' like this stop me all of a sudden..." Naomi muttered. "I caught the damn thing, so that means I beat it in a battle... So, it should showme some respect, right?" She glanced down at Franky, as if she was expecting the Totodile to give her some form of answer to her question. Of course, Franky didn't. The Totodile merely tilted his head in confusion, as if he was trying to process what Naomi was thinking aloud. "Well, I guess I ain't gonna find out unless I give it a shot."

Naomi tossed the ball into the air, released her Spearow in a beam of light. The bird let out a loud screech as she landed shortly in front of Naomi and Franky, stretching her wings out and taking a look around at her surroundings. At first, the Spearow didn't seem to know just where she was or what had happened. However once she managed to catch sight of Franky, it all seemed to come rushing back to her. The Spearow narrowed her eyes as the Totodile waddled forward. A toothy grin graced his features as he waved to her, but the Spearow paid him no mind. Rather, she strutted right past the water Pokémon and came to stand in front of Naomi. The trainer watched as the bird Pokémon carefully examined her. The Spearow's eyes tracing her body from head to toe, as if she was attempting to size the teenager up. Truth be told, it made Naomi feel a little awkward to suddenly find herself being judged like this. Still, she seemed to pass whatever test the Spearow was giving her. Once enough time had passed, the bird flapped her wings and flew up towards the trainer, coming to rest atop her shoulder.

"So... uh... Does this mean ya trust me?" Naomi questioned.

The Spearow nodded.

"Right... that's good then," Naomi replied. "So, I guess the next thing ya need is a name, right? Of course, I'm right..."

Naomi paused, closing her eyes as she began to rummage around for possible names to give to her new Pokémon. She hadn't had a need to give out a name ever since she took Franky home with her. That was a decision that had managed to take several hours before she settled that matter. Naomi figured that the Spearow needed a strong name. It needed to be something fierce sounding, without sound over dramatic or corny at the same time. Eventually, Naomi's eyes lit up as she seemed to stumble upon the perfect name.

"I got it. I'll call ya... Quinn. How does that sound?" Naomi questioned. It probably wasn't the most fierce and intimidating name, but the trainer liked the ring of it. Apparently, 'Quinn' seemed to like it too. The Spearow looked up proudly at her trainer, a satisfied squawk escaping her beak. "Good. Now then, let's get some grub."

Without wasting another moment, the trio made their way into the cafeteria.

Desmond and his team were really enjoying their meals. Leo and Ares were getting along great, talking and sharing food like they'd been best friends forever. It made Desmond wonder what exactly happened during that battle for the two to grow so close so quickly especially with how they first met. To Desmond's surprise, Leo even shared some of his grilled Sitrus Berry sandwich. Last time Desmond had tried sneaking a piece, he took a Horn Attack to the gut. If there was one thing Leo actually cared about, it was those sandwiches.

Meanwhile, Hecate was...well...Hecate. She quietly licked up her soup and curled up on her chair, paying no attention to the other two. "Aw, c'mon Hecate, come join the fun, eh?" Desmond prodded. "You gotta ease up a little, we're a team and teams are supposed to like and trust each other and that means everyone." Hecate was Desmond's best friend and always would be, but he couldn't help but be frustrated by the Umbreon's lack of socialbility. Desmond looked like a Heatran compared to Hecate's icy demeanor.

Just then Ares tried to pick up some of the shared Sitrus sandwich but ended up slicing it up instead before getting it to its mouth. Leo and Desmond couldn't help but crack up at Ares' surprised look. It wasn't often Desmond let loose like that but Leo had rubbed off on him enough and Desmond was beginning to come out of his shell, as they say. Hecate meanwhile, just rolled her eyes and layed its head back down on its paws. Desmond looked over and gave her a slight pad on the head. "You'll come around eventually," he thought.

At that moment, Desmond noticed a girl walk into the cafeteria. She had a little Totodile waddling beside her and a Spearow perched on her shoulder. He couldn't explain it but she seemed very tense, like she was carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders. Her body language also gave a sense that she was very closed off, moreso than Desmond even was. He had to admit, he was intrigued. She was so much different than the rest of the students he had seen walking the island so far, with all their pep and excitement.

Naomi once again quickly made her way through the line at the cafeteria to round up some grub for herself and her team. This time, the girl had settled onto an apple and a peanut butter sandwich for herself, a bowl of Sunflora seeds for Quinn, and some basic Pokémon food for Franky. Thankfully, unlike her earlier entrance to the dining establishment, Franky seemed to be able to control himself quite a bit better. Also, there seemed to be quite a bit more space than previously. This allowed the girl and her two Pokémon to actually manage to snag a table for themselves. This was a plus for her, because... well, the last two times she had met someone new here at the academy, it did not exactly yield favorable results.

"I wonder how Izumi and the old man are doin' back home..." Naomi thought, taking a small bite out of her sandwich. "It hasn't even been that long since I left home and got here, and I'm already worried if they're doin' alright... Maybe I should give them a call or somethin'...?"

Naomi paused, dwelling on the thought for a moment or two before trying to push it to the back of her mind. She remembered that her grandfather had tried to actually talk her out of this whole idea in the first place, commenting that the academy wasn't the sort of place for her and how she probably wouldn't be able to adjust well to more or less being alone. To be frank, it sort of annoyed the teenager that the old man was trying so hard to talk her out of doing something that was more or less for him. She figured that a part of his reasoning had to do with his pride. It honestly probably made him feel weak or useless that his grandaughter who wasn't even a third of his age was now trying to take care of him. That said, Naomi honestly didn't care.

"I guess the last thing I need to do is prove that old geezer right with a call. It'll probably make him think I'm ready to come home and forget all this stuff..." Naomi mused aloud.

Desmond and his team had just finished up their first helping of lunch when the girl that had kept Desmond's eye sat down a few table away. He couldn't quite describe it but she looked angry, sad and even a hint of cheerful, all at once. Wanting to investigate further, Desmond knew the perfect way to get closer.

"Hey, who wants some seconds?" He wasn't really sure why he even asked, of course they would. On cue, his team erupted in noise that could only be interpreted as a resounding yes. "Alright, I'll be back in a few. Behave yourselves." He nodded towards Hecate who gave him a look of understanding. On his way back towards the line, he veered slightly so that he could get a better look at the girl. As he approached, what first struck him was her bright green eyes. They were like emeralds, they were so clear and bright. The second thing was what she said as he approached. It sounded like she was troubled by something. Maybe she wanted to talk? After all there was no one else around. Then again, she didn't seem like the talking type.

Unsure of what to do, Desmond flipped a mental coin and unfortunately for him, he lost. Stopping at the table, he looked down at the girl who looked like she could beat him up if she wanted. "Hey, you alright? Couldn't help but overhear what you said. Not that I care that much but seeing someone down or upset tends to bum me out and I get that enough from my partner." Desmond looked down at her with his keen, blue eyes in wait of a response.

Naomi jumped at the sudden question. The girl was clearly so lost in her thoughts that she had managed to fail to see the boy suddenly approach her. Thankfully, she managed to regain her composure quite quickly. Naomi glanced up at the boy, her eyes suddenly shifting into a rather fierce glare as she gazed up in his direction.

"If ya don't care, then get lost," Naomi stated rather bluntly. "Go eavesdrop somewhere else, ya creep..."

Yeah he was right. This girl could definitely beat the crap out of him. That stare was about as fierce of one as he had ever seen and he'd seen a Shadow Tauros. He wasn't going to just cowardly run away though.

"Well if ya don't want people eavesdropping then maybe don't speak your thoughts where anyone can hear them, alright?"

With that, Desmond turned back towards the lunch line to get his seconds but not without one more dig. "Ya know, I may have said I didn't care, yet I did still stop to make sure you were fine.If that makes me a creep, you've got a lot of things to figure out." Finished, Desmond walked off and grabbed his food before making his way back to his table, much to his team's joy.

"The hell...? Did that guy just turn this around on me...?" Naomi questioned, glaring daggers at the boy as he turned and went back to his table. The brown-haired girl was pratically fuming over this turn of events, and she could quickly feel herself starting to lose her cool rather quickly. Before she got to dwell on the thought for too much longer, she felt a gentle tug on the leg of her shorts which quickly snapped her attention down towards her Totodile. "What?!"

Franky visibly flinched at the tone from Naomi's voice. The trainer was not oblivious to this, sighing as she closed her eyes for a moment to try and cool her nerves. "Sorry... Let's just... I need some air, yeah?"

The trainer quickly rose from her chair and started to make for the exit of the cafeteria, not even bothering to clean up the spot where she and her Pokémon had been seated, much less finish the meal they had been eating. Franky followed quickly behind the girl, while Quinn was able to easily catch up and perch on the girl's shoulder once more. Once outside, the girl wasted no time in grabbing one of her cigarettes and lighting it up as soon as possible. It was at this point that she realized something most disheartening, something that could only make this day go from terrible to an outright nightmare.

"****... This is my last smoke..." Naomi cursed, tossing the now empty pack in a nearby trashbin. "Is there even a town on this damn island...?" She glanced down at Franky, who offered only a clueless look in response. Quinn offered a bit more of a concrete answer in the form of a quick and quiet squawk, but due to the fact that Naomi didn't exactly know how to speak whatever language Pokémon speak, she found that she really didn't have the slightest clue as to whether there was one or not. "Fantastic..."

Desmond couldn't help but keep an eye on the girl after he sat down. It was clear she was visibly upset and ready to punch something, even yelling at her Totodile. "Guess I got under skin more than I thought I would", Desmond smirked as she even stormed out of the cafeteria pretty much.

Feeling proud, he turned his attention back to the food, only to find that there was nothing left. "What the...!?" He looked up and glared at Ares and Leo, who were looking around nonchalantly. "Guess this is what I get for catching mini Snorlaxes..." Desmond sighed. "Well I guess we're done then. Let's go."

He piled up the plates and carried them to the drop off are before heading out the door. Now it was time to figure out where to go next. He didn't really want to go back to the dorms and battling seemed a bit tiresome at the moment. It was then he remembered there was a town towards the other side of the island. He seen glimpses of it earlier that day after catching Ares. There was probably something there for him to do. Maybe do a little shopping or sightseeing.

"Alright guys, we're heading into town. Back into your balls. I don't want you causing any problems on the walk over." With that, Leo and Ares returned to their balls in red flash. "Let's get going Hecate." Desmond walked out of the building and into the bright sunshine, the Umbreon right on his heels. Right as he got outside though, he slammed on the brakes, Hecate almost running into him as a result before regaining its composure and stance.

"Oh's you again."

Naomi glanced over her shoulder at the boy, a visible scowl forming on her face as she took a long puff on her cigarette. "What do ya want...? I really ain't in the mood for ya to go and try playin' the victim again."

Desmond glared right back at the girl, "Yeah you're really quite the damsel in distress aren't you?" he quipped. "Like I'd ever want anything from you. If you really want to know though, I'm heading into the nearby town to grab some supplies. Now if we're done here. See ya." With a swift wave Desmond and Hecate began walking off in the direction of Oak Town.

Naomi's eyes widened. "Hold up... There's a town on this island...?"

Desmond sighed and snarkily said, "Yeahhhhh....why wouldn't there be? How else would the school function?"

"You're a real charmer, ain't ya..." Naomi muttered, taking another puff of her cigarette. "Look, if ya know where the town is... then let me go with ya, alright?"

Desmond had to keep himself from laughing. "Like you're one to talk. Why would I ever let you come with me?"

"Look, I need somethin', alright?" Naomi snapped. "Besides, even if ya don't, I'll just follow ya there anyways... And it ain't like I'm just dyin' to spend more time with ya either."

Guess she had a point. Desmond rolled his eyes and begrudgingly said, "Yeah alright. Just don't go getting in my way or anything. Do that and we'll be peachy. Got it?"

"Whatever..." Naomi scoffed. She glanced down at her Totodile, motioning for the little water Pokémon to follow. "Come on, Franky. Let's go."


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- Location: The Beach -
Her hair was tied into a loose bun as she made her way out the Raikou dorm doors. Pupui merrily trotted beside her, smirking at any passerby that glances his way.

That's awesome!!! I hope you're doing okay ^-^ And have fun!!!

Even though she wanted to partake in Ivrant's lunch, she wasn't one to take initiative or ask. In fact, Dorothy fretted about being so much of a nuisance that she erased the second message; one of asking to join.

Instead the duo is traveling to the beach, much to Pupui's delight. It was a mini vacation of sorts to him, impatient to dip into the breathtaking waters of the island.

In their bag they packed towels, an extra set of identical clothes, foldable umbrella, and other necessities. A backpack, one carrying sweets and snacks, was being worn by Dorothy herself.

Poooo poi poli! Pupui made a sprint towards the ocean as soon as it came on view, prompting Dorothy to quicken her pace. "W-wait! Pupui wait!" Items were tumbling out of their places, her hands scrambling to keep them fixed. Fortunately she convinced herself into beach attire. Khaki shorts and pastel pink tanktop. However Dorothy was a self-conscious one, and thus she threw on an emerald hoodie too big for her size. It was her father's.

Dorothy easily lost her breath, stopping yards away from the waves that Pupui was now sloshing within. Ironically the young girl didn't know how to swim - she never had the need to. Now that she resides in an island surrounded by a body of water, it could turn into a vital necessity.

Some relaxed under the radiant sun whilst others found ways to entertain themselves. The pokémon appeared to demonstrate more creativity than their owners.

Meanwhile Pupui bathed in the cyan waters, but his spirit didn't remain strong for long. Upon seeing others spending time with their own companions Pupui began to feel jealous.

He swivels, surveying the beach for Dorothy. Once found he waddled over, sand sticking to his moist skin. She was setting up camp with a violet towel and rose-checkered umbrella for shade.

"Oh, hey! I'm almost done, I just need to-"

Po! he demanded her full attention. It worked, for a second, before she recalled she had brownies to snack on. Poli poli poli poli! The restless tadpole began to hop in place, eager to spend quality time with his best friend. Dorothy thought differently however. Her mind was more preoccupied by her insecurity, unable to decide whether the jacket must go.

" well, okay, but only for a l-little bit," she timidly replied, apprehensive. The jacket was sluggishly removed, goosebumps forming out of fear. It was carefully folded and placed on to the towel, eyes not wanting to break off from her only security.

Pupui began to tremble with excitement upon Dorothy leaving her comfort zone. "Pupui I'm..." His trembling and determination left her speechless. Within the next second she burst into fits of laughter.


The duo built mediocre sandcastles, buried each other underneath the lukewarm sand, and played amidst the edge of the ocean. Little by little her insecurity was being shaved off, her attention focused solely on Pupui.

But deeper into the ocean Dorothy refused to go. The thought of danger, drowning, darkness, the abyss... it made Dorothy shiver.

Little did she realize It made Pupui grow crestfallen until she took in his sombered expression. "I'm so sorry I just... I'm afraid. I'm really r-really afraid... I can't swim and... um." Her companion submerged himself into the depths, bubbles blown out of disillusionment.

She sat on the shoreline deep in thought.
Day 1


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Arwyn Wilton, Rosa Summers and Ivrant Lehort

Ivrant headed on inside of the Cafeteria. Other students of course were gathered around eatting lunch as well. Ivrant still had a whole day ahead of him and he didnt have any other plans yet! He'd just have to think about it over food. Dynamo continued to ignore Scraggy but occasionally glanced up at him just to humor him some more. Maybe leaving them out like this wasn't a good idea but Mon had to eat.

After letting her new Sneasel run some of its energy off, Rosa headed towards the cafeteria...somewhat wearily. Though the academy had been nothing but wonderful so far, a cafeteria is a cafeteria, and she could not shake the mental image of ‘Miltank Surprise’ out of her head. Maybe she should have brought some food from home…

As she walks into the cafeteria, Rosa feels the familiar presence of soft fur pressing against her legs, the multiple unfamiliar faces and voices quickly causing Autumn to take cover in her ‘I can’t see them, they can’t see me’ hiding place. Rosa scans the area with a look of uncertainty, realizing just how much she does not want to eat by herself. Her eyes brighten when she sees the familiar smug face of Dynamo, and without a second thought, crosses towards the Roselia and its trainer, Autumn attempting to stay between her shoes as s he walks. “Room for two more?”

Ivrant turned to Rosa and smiled at her. Dynamo did as well which temporarily distracted him from Arwyn's scraggy. "Course! The more the marrier." Ivrant said happily. "Gotta see what kinda food they got... same with the food for Pokemon... hmm... so uh, what do you guys got planned for the rest of the day?" Ivrant asked the two.

“Um...we’re not sure.” Rosa admits. She kind of wanted to go catch another Pokemon, though that seemed unfair to her newly caught Sneasel, since she hadn’t even bonded with him enough to pick a nice name for him. She also kind of wants to take part in a battle against another trainer, though she felt like she had already spent enough time at the Pokemon Center for one day. “What are your plans?” Maybe she can think up something based on what Ivrant’s doing…?

Arwyn hadn't said a lot until then. ''To be fair, I didn't have anything planned. I pretty much did what I wanted to do. I guess i'll just chill the rest of the day.'' Arwyn got thinking, but didn't come up with anything he wanted to do. ''Come on, let's see what kind of food there is.'' Scraggy stopped glaring at Dynamo and greeted the Espeon.

“Food sounds good.” Rosa says hopefully, casting the idea of Cafeteria style Miltank Surprise from her mind. Autumn glances between Scraggy and Dynamo before offering a polite wave to the fighting type with her tail, while remaining pressed as closely to Rosa as possible.

"Mmmhmm!" Ivrant smiled as he went up to gran some food himself. Definately plenty of choices to choose from... Dynamo also quit messing with scraggy for the time being.

Hmm... a lot of food was available. From sandwiches to fresh fruit. There was also lots in the way of Pokémon food, something for each type. For fighting types there was something that gave them lots of energy, while there was sweet pokéfood available for fairy types. Arwyn decided to get Fighting type Pokéfood for Scraggy, a sandwich for himself, and let Klink out to charge himself, since that seemed to really give him a lot of energy. He was going to find out a lot more about this little guy.

“Oh, wow, look at the selection.” Rosa was immediately impressed by all the different choices in Pokemon food, which seemed to vary by type. She quickly filled Autumn’s bowl with some of the food left in the Psychic type section, apparently it had some ingredients that helped brain functionality...and smelled like blueberries, which was a plus. Her eyes drifted between the dark type food and the ice type food, eventually causing her to tilt her head thoughtfully. “Should...I get some of each, for Sneasel?”

Ivrant picked out a bit of food for each of his Pokemon respectively. They at least seemed to have some good quality to them! In the mean time, Ivrant also picked out some food as well. He also opted to grab a sandwich. Had to leave room for dinner after all! "Alright lets get Buster out finally. Come on out!" Ivrant called out as he let his new Marill out of his ball. "Alright Buster, I got you some fo-" The first thing that Buster did was look at Dynamo. Being the first Pokemon in contact it started to charge rapidly toward him with Aqua Jet. "Nonononononono!" Ivrant quickly returned him to his ball and sent him back out. "Ok Buster we're not in a battle! No-" The Marill charged toward Dynamo again, causing Ivrant to repeat the process a few times. Eventually Dynamo was ready and trapped the Marill in its vines. Buster gave off a mischivious laugh at that. "Eheheh... your gonna be troublesome aren't you?" Ivrant smiled as he handed the water type his food.

It looks like the Marill didn't know the difference from a battle and a meal yet. I guess some pokémon just have a natural instinct. Arwyn looked back at Klink, who was strangely quiet. He kept charging, which he seemed to enjoy enough, so Arwyn just let him be. ''Should we find a place to sit, it looks like there is one table free for us all over there. Let's go.''

In the end, Rosa took a small amount of Dark type food, and some Ice type food, along with what seemed to be some generic Pokemon treats that all Pokemon could enjoy, along with a sandwich and a fruit cup for herself, before rejoining her little gang. “All set.” She smiles.

Ivrant sat on down, Dynamo meanwhile still seemed to have Buster on a leash just incase he started charging into something again.

'' are you guys finding the acadamy so far? Even though I was reluctant to go at first... i'm glad I went.'' Arwyn started to get sober, but quickly knocked it off, and looked at Ivrant and Rosa expectantly. Scraggy meanwhile, was eating his food while keeping a close eye on Dynamo.

“It’s kind of hard to say until we actually have class, but...I like it.” That was an understatement, there wasn’t a single thing about this place that Rosa didn’t love, even if sounding so incredibly excited about it would most likely paint her more extreme than she wanted to seem. Rosa sat Sneasel’s food on the table and called him out, deciding it best to keep an eye on the sneaky ice type while he ate, so he didn’t try to play ‘catch me if you can’ with another Pokemon.

Autumn, meanwhile, continued to glance between Dynamo and Scraggy. After a minute of looking back and forth, she picked up her bowl and stepped between the two, blocking off their vision of one another.

"Heh... well classes haven't started but so far liking the people that I've met. I'd say it was worth the trip myself. Its been a good experience for me and my Pokemon for sure." Ivrant said with a wide smile. Buster seemed to have calmed down after properly eatting down so Dynamo eased his grip on him for now.

''H-huh? Autumn, what are ya doin'?'' Scraggy was looking big-eyed at the psychic type Pokémon, wondering why it began sitting in between them. ''I see, so you guys are enjoying it too... but, be sure to be careful around wild Pokémon... they can be quite dangerous.'' Arwyn said with a serious look in his eyes.

“I just want to be sure you two don’t start anything, not in here.” Autumn scratches her ear with her back foot as she explains her peacekeeping desires to Scraggy.

“I hope we’ll still have time to get out and explore the island once classes start.” Rosa thinks aloud as she watches her Sneasel eat his food, taking note that he seems to prefer the food for ice types, over the dark type food.

Dynamo just ignored the conversation and continued ratting. "Mmhmm! Same here. Between homework and all. Still though, I got Dynamo and Buster. We won't let any wild pokemon sneak up on us!"

''I see, be careful though.'' Arwyn got a bit emotional, from past experiences, but he didn't want it to ruin everyone's fun. So he kept quiet about it and tried to not let people worry.

Something caused Rosa’s left temple to itch, no, not itch, more like a...tingle? Blinking at the sensation, she turned to Arwyn, her brows quickly furrowing in worry. “We’ll be careful. Autumn won’t let me get into any trouble.” Rosa encourages. Autumn, upon hearing her name, turns to Rosa and gives a reassuring nod.

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Silvana Walcha Arle
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Level 10
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Silvana sat at a little ice cream shop in Oak Town, watching with mild disdain as an Emolga nestled in betwixt her breastplate and blouse munched on the peanuts sprinkled atop a sundae in front of her. The sundae it had forced her to buy by threat of electrocution. She bet those peanuts were only a small fraction of its actual price, and goodness knew she didn't want it now--not when half of it was on the emolga's face. A little sigh escaped her. So this was her life now, being bossed around by a pokemon she should've been able to take no problem. Shame about her dreams, then. So much for her hopes.

...She wondered what Carbuncle was up to. Would he eventually show up and save her from this heck? Had he been gone before she even boarded the boat? ...Should she be upset with herself for not knowing the answer? This entire situation was incredibly discouraging.


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Shelby Hampton
"I wish I had the skill to just be fine and cool and chill"

The rumbling in Shelby's stomach reminded her that she hadn't eaten much today aside from a candy bar. She blew some hair from her face and followed the map to the cafeteria, keeping a close eye on Cream to make sure she didn't run off again. She'd had enough awkward encounters for today, thank you. She almost didn't want to meet anyone else at all for the rest of the day, but she could just hear her sister's voice nagging her, telling her to make more "acquaintances". Then again, she could always just lie and say that she met a bunch of people. She shook her head at the thought. She was a terrible liar, and Audrey was nosy enough to ask exactly how many people she had met and what their names were.

"Cream, remember what I told you. Behave, or you're going back in the ball," Shelby said as she arrived at the cafeteria. She tucked the map into her pocket and took a deep breath before walking into the cafeteria, Cream following closely behind. She kept her gaze locked straight ahead as she went to get her food, but spotted Audrey sitting at a crowded table with a bunch of her dorm mates. Seemed like she had already found some "acquaintances". Shelby huffed as she grabbed a few sandwiches for herself and some food for Cream. It wasn't like she was jealous of her sister or anything. She couldn't imagine talking to so many people at once. She just couldn't understand how Audrey had managed to find so many people so quickly. Hadn't she spent all morning organizing both their dorms? How had she found the time to meet people?

Shelby sat herself down at an empty table far off in the corner and started to pick at her food as she looked around the room. It was only the first day. How could everyone be so... social? Maybe she was overthinking it a little, but the idea of just going up to someone and talking to them made her sick to her stomach. She sighed as she rested her head on the table, earning her a confused look from Cream. Maybe after lunch she'd just go back to her dorm and relax...
now that's a party!

it's a revenge party with your two
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Kayrana Ral || 15

Aurai (F) || 9 || Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Shadow Ball, Psychic.

Dangerous encounter!
Class Post 1

After getting the dorm ready, which, truth be it, wasn’t that much of a task: Kayrana and Aurai were some kind of minimalists. They tried to have everything perfectly arranged, and not many things either, because it would be cramped. Most of what they did can be summed up by saying that they placed the Ganlan Berry—which was almost fully grown, Kayrana estimated it only needed around a day to finally produce fruit—and the empty Berry Pots in the balcony; then arranged the clothes—which were mostly colourful—on the wardrobe; then placed all the plushies as well as the books on the shelves. Finally they tried to keep the orange-ish backpack as light as possible: carrying only the Pokedex, the PokeNav, one bottle of water, some medicinal herbs, and some Pokeballs of course. Now, they asked for a map at reception, and immediately they were off to their journey.

Kayrana spread out the map in her hands. “So, we’ll just go through the plains all over to the inner forest and see what we can find.” she said cheerfuly, looking at Aurai who walked beside her. And on they went East, along the mountain’s foot path. There weren’t many Pokemon roaming around, apart from some Swinub and Stunfisk, which they just avoided and kept on. Aurai eventually clambered up to Kayrana’s shoulders. “Ralts!” and gestured for her to look up. There were quite a lot of different species flying up there; some she knew from Hoenn: Taillows , a Tropius, and a Skarmory—she wondered how those two were even able to fly; some she had never even seen before, and only knew them from books: Pikipeks, Pidgeys, and a Noctowl, they all seemed fascinating to her. They were all going to the direction of the forest, which was nearby already. “We will surely convince one of them to join us, Aurai!” she exclaimed while fixing her gaze on Aurai’s eyes and clumsily trying to get her journal out. Aurai hollered, as if on cue, and all of a sudden, Kayrana found herself on the ground—well, more like on top of something that was standing between her and the ground. Kayrana quickly stood up and ran away as much as she could… but the Gogoat was already incredibly infuriated, though awoke slowly from his disrupted sleep. She had a vague idea of what Pokemon it was, yet she thought carrying the Pokedex in her hand would have been quite helpful. Right now, though, the most important thing was keeping Aurai safe. “Get behind me!” she shouted concerned at Aurai, but she looked to her right and there Aurai was, already conjuring up a Shadow Ball, deeply concentrated. Meanwhile, the Gogoat was preparing itself to make a fierce Tackle. Aurai pressed on with her little hands on the Shadow Ball, looking for the exact moment to launch it; when the Gogoat began to run, to charge against Kayrana, the Shadow Ball was let loose. It hit the foe right on his body, which caused it to fall to the ground. A heavy thump was heard. Yet, the Gogoat simply shook its head and looked right at Kayrana again, and proceeded to raise with full might to Tackle again. “Aurai, Teleport!” was what Kayrana shouted, and they were out of the pinch just as Gogoat was midway to hit them. The Gogoat simply hit nothing but a flashing light. It looked confused by what had just happened and started to glance around.

Whoosh. The two fell on the floor abruptly. “Owh!” “That sure was a close one!” Kayrana said. She embraced Aurai with her body and the two pulled into a warm hug. “But you did great!! I can’t believe you were actually able to concentrate on Teleporting so fast after having created a Shadow Ball? Although, I must say the Shadow Ball was an incredibly reckless move… and considering...”, she grabbed the Pokedex from out of her backpack which lay around now “...the foe we were facing...” she opened up the hug, still with one arm over Aurai shoulders, showing her the Pokedex: ‘Gogoat, the Mount Pokémon and the evolved form of Skiddo. They inhabit mountainous regions. The leader of the herd is decided by a battle of clashing horns.’ Kayrana burst out laughing. “It’s even an evolved Pokemon! Let’s hope it’s not still looking for us, uh?” she grinned at Aurai who was, too, smiling. “Okay, so... where are we?” They were surrounded by trees and the ambient was far more darker than before, though the sun still shone between all the tree’s tops. The trees were very tall and they formed a seemingly never ending atmosphere of green and brown.

“We must press on!” she said and stood up, holding Aurai in her arms. Aurai moved her arms in a meandering way, as if to point at the surroundings, and opened her eyes more. “Ah, true! I’ve got to pay attention to the surroundings more. By the way, are you tired from before? I can give you some herbs...” Aurai moved her head in a declining gesture, and they resumed the wandering after gathering up the backpack. What neither Kayrana nor the attentive Aurai realized was that their cherished journal was now lying out in the fields...


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Lucas McMillan
Oak Town (Day 1)

As Lucas was nearing Oak Town, he ran through what he was going to do. Get Poke Balls, check TMs, fight some trainers. As Lucas entered the city, he looked for a Pokemon Center. He needed to heal up before he got into any fights. He soon found one nestled between a mall and an apartment building. The Center was bigger than he was used to, but he didn't really mind. There was an upstairs right behind the counter. He could see pairs of trainers enter and leave the rooms up there. Lucas walked over to a chair after handing his Pokemon to the Nurse. Soon enough, the Nurse called him back over to get his Pokemon. Lucas thanked her and left the building. He turned to his left to see the giant mall. He entered, never have seen any other shopping center than the Department Store in his hometown. The size of the mall was breathtaking. There were three floors, multiple different shops on each floor. Lucas saw a map of the building in front of him, and he soon located the Poke Ball Emporium and Tina and Mike's TM Shop. He soon headed off toward the Poke Ball Emporium. There were vendors talking everywhere. Lucas got so distracted that he ran into one guys booth. "Hey there kid!" the man said enthusiastically. "Can I interest you in buying an incredibly rare Pokemon? They're called Magikarp. I traveled everywhere looking for one, and you can have one for only ₽500! Waddya say?" Lucas looked at the man, confused. How could anyone fall for this? Is anyone really that stupid? He thought as he walked away. "You're missing out on something spectacular!" called the man. Lucas soon came to the Poke Ball Emporium, and he bought 5 Poke Balls, using all of his money. Now that he was broke, he needed to find some trainers to battle. Lucas left the mall and started scouring the town for anyone willing to battle.
He soon found a Biker who smugly accepted his challenge. Lucas brought Aaron to fight the Biker's Sandile. Lucas first used Harden to pump up his defense, then used a swift Iron Head when the Sandile tried to use Bite. The Sandile landed after being hit, but was slightly dazed by the impact. Lucas followed with a Rock Slide, defeating the Sandile. The Biker grumbled and gave Lucas ₽80 as a reward. Lucas continued finding trainers to battle and train, getting each of his Pokemon up to level ten. After all the battles, Lucas had earned, including the Biker, a total of ₽238. Lucas smiled at his earnings and headed back to the mall.
When he go there, he quickly went to Tina and Mike's TM Shop, where he saw what they were selling. Everything was out of his price range, but he saw multiple TMs he wanted for his team. Having down what he had set out to do, he left the mall and started heading back to the Academy.
Frodo: I can't do this, Sam.
Sam: I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy. How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.
Frodo: What are we holding on to, Sam?
Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
-The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


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(Day 1 - current location: The Forests)


“Alright… first day, here we come!”

Under the bright blue sky of the island, Aldith takes her first step of the day. It’s late – but of course, because she’s spent hours trying to work up the courage to get outside after having arrived in the middle of the night and missing everyone – but better late than never, as they always say!

Not that ‘they’ appears to include Charm, who’s been incessantly pestering her to leave for the past hour or so, but that’s irrelevant because she’s had to unpack anyway. She’d travelled light , admittedly, not much more than the clothes on her back, a spare change, and a couple of items to keep Charm in shape, but it was enough for her to need to put stuff away; fill the drawers, place atop counters. And it’s not much, but the sight of her accommodation, full of stuff that she’s placed there, in a new place that she’s managed to make it to… it’s enough to make her heart race, though maybe more out of intense nerves than out of any real excitement at the moment. In a bit – maybe when she feels a bit less like a fish out of water.

But it’s so hot. That’s what you get for it being a tropical island, she thinks rather grumpily to herself. Not to say she’s not used to the heat, considering Hoenn was tropical enough for it to not be much of an issue, but she’s still sweating under its heat. Maybe a blouse and canvas pants weren’t the best choice for a runaway with little to no money to her name. There were some short sleeved shirts on sale in the foyer of the accommodation as she’d walked out, but she’s not exactly rolling in it right now.

Charm gives a little ruffle, pecking lightly at the floor, dangerously – aggravatingly – close to her feet. Clearly she’s frustrated with her speed, or lack thereof.

“Alright, alright! Let’s go… somewhere, then.” Mumbling, she begins walking towards a nearby footpath, the first location she can see that’s worth exploring. There’s greenery for shade with every winding step up the rock, keeping overall exhaustion to a minimum, but it’s still enough that she needs to take a break midway through. Coddling childhoods aren’t particularly conducive to being overly fit, she thinks sourly.

A few meandering steps upwards, Aldith spots the mountainous path stretch into a more grassy terrain, with huge trees and akin to a jungle canopy overhead. Charm’s running into it before she can even think about the direction the two of them are going – oh well. The rest can be looked at later. Maybe with a friend, if she can even begin to find one.

A couple of steps in and Charm begins chirping at a nearby rock. Aldith bends down and, picking up the thin brown book, inspects it.

“A journal?” she reads off the front. At Charm’s curious chirping, she bends down and angles it so she can see too. “Huh. Who’s it belong to? … You think I’m allowed to read it if it’s to find who it belongs to?”

Charm has already hooked her beak under the cover and haphazardly thrown the book over before she can continue. Well, that decides that. She makes sure not to look at any of the contents in the book before turning it back to the front, reading the front page. Kayrana Ral… she’s never heard of that person before.

“Still, with a name I know who to give this back to – I can probably just hand it in to accommodation; even if they’re in a different dorm, they should be able to give it back to her, right?”

Surely so! Aldith doesn’t have to worry about a thing, much as there’s something gnawing at her that she should be. After all, what kind of situation would result in someone dropping an entire journal? Is this person in danger, she wonders?

Even though she could just go hand it in as she’d imagined, Aldith shakes her head. “They might still be around here. Charm, we should go return it.” Besides, it’s better than presumably stopping in the middle of their first excursion in the middle of the afternoon and not doing anything for the rest of the day.

Charm chirps happily, already in the midst of running deeper into the forest. Mind still locked on the reason as to why such a thing could be so abandoned, Aldith follows nervously.


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day 1 ♡ 05 : 12 : 14 ♡ academy area (pokémon center)
-----That little Entei emblem gleamed like fire in the sunlight. Who knew, Kylie thought, something so mass-produced could be so mystical, and how universal this sort of symbolism really was. Back home, they put Azurill on everything. Azurilla, bottled water brand. Inner tubes. Cereal. Because it appealed to kids in Hoenn better than any other Pokemon could. Soon enough, Kylie was seeing Azurill as emblematic of the same naivety and guilelessness as the consumers it was appealing to, and for that same reason, she didn’t want any more Azurill dolls for Christmas; they became kiddie.
-----It went either way, with people influencing perspective of Pokemon, and Pokemon influencing perspective of people, but it really emphasized how embedded these creatures were into their society. Sometimes Kylie wondered how different life would be without them. Usually when she had no choice -- either engage herself in little things or pretend to care when Ember was talking at her. Talking at her. Talking at her.
-----”--just… weird. Just a weird place with weird people and weird food. And everywhere’s either claustrophobic or hella big, and everything in all the shops is overpriced, and the accents make no sense -- nobody seems to speak the same language -- and every route is literally overpopulated. Just, everything about Kalos is gross and wrong,” she was saying.
-----Not like anyone was truly engrossed in the matter at hand. Ember herself played ardently with her hair in her photo app, fluffing ginger curls, still wet, and carrying out the diatribe more with her device, as everyone else looked down at something or other themselves. Silvia had a newspaper -- yes, one of those, in 2014; must’ve been an Alola thing -- and Dixie was texting, tapping away. Slowly, methodically.
-----Ember’s voice just carried out into the sterilized abyss that was the academy ground’s single Pokemon Center, a stretch of seemingly-endless linoleum and white walls, white lighting, lots of scrolling screens angled against the ceiling. The G&T Daily Show had started, attracting some mild interest from the infrequent student, spaced across space; resting places crowded corners closest to the front door, and all in-between was unembellished.
-----Closest to the reception counter, a nurse bowed as she passed a Pokeball to its owner. With a rise of tone in the waiting area, they turn towards the disturbance, greeted by Ember’s big hair popped above the back of her chair, then Dixie, Kylie, and Silvia in that order.
-----The two smallest girls are either reclined deep into their respective armchair -- Miss Kahale, that was her, evidently suffering -- or miming interest in stocks -- Miss Silvia Akade, nearing the end of her wits.
-----Ember was still talking, by the by.
-----Kylie maybe recalled asking where her fellow students had come from in the world. That was maybe, too, why she had Hoenn on her mind lately.
-----She looked down at the gold, maned head again, burnished with the fluorescent glow of the Center lights. What was an ‘Entei’, anyway? Would she ever meet one?
-----Fortunately: “Well, that’s why my life sucks, anyway.” Ember petered out.
-----”Cool!” Silvia spoke quickly. “Let’s talk about stuff you don’t hate now, Emberlyn.”
-----Ember only shrugged at that.
-----Silvia had a noticeable sprightliness about herself today, shown through bright eyes unobscured, contrary to the campus tour, by a curtain of dark hair now twisted on top of her head. Her jacket still hung awkwardly over her hands -- balled into fists, Kylie heeded.
-----Luckily, Silvia’s more open look wasn’t contagious either, as Dixie chimed in to settle the group into a jaundiced mood again: “I saw someone threw up on the boat today.”
-----”Was he wearing a Raikou jacket?” Kylie joked.
-----”Ohhh,” Dixie responded with more unironic sincerity than Kylie had anticipated. “I have no idea. I don’t even know if he was wearing the right jacket.”
-----”Wouldn’t surprise me if Raikou’s didn’t know how to dress themselves, to be honest,” Ember added, gazing down at her phone.
-----Kylie shrugged -- “Hey, they’re ‘special’” -- and chuckled a bit.
-----Clearly not meaning much by it; Silvia missed that cue and said, scowling, “Just great. Great start to the morning, guys.”
-----Kylie felt her inner smile shrivel and vanish. “Whatever, then. What have you guys done today? That’s ‘positive,’ right?”
-----Silvia met the quip with a look that twisted her delicate features, befitting some pungent smell, before being promptly eclipsed by Ember Cabal reopening her mouth.
-----”WELL… nothing—”
-----”Quiet down!” hissed Silvia.
-----”Okay, but, like—”
-----The group waited patiently for Emberlyn to compose herself.
-----”—so there’s this ‘assignment’ going around, right?”
-----”On the first day? I thought they said we wouldn’t start classes until tomorrow,” Kylie interjected.
-----”Yeah, but, like, this isn’t for a specific class. It’s just some random-ass ‘to-do’ some kids in Suicune are getting.”
-----”Only Suicune’s?”
-----”Basically,” Silvia said.
-----Dixie nodded fervently.
-----Ember elaborated, daring to tear away from her screen in the engrossment of conversation, ”And it’s focused on certain types. Like, I got something that was like-- lemme pull up.” -----”’You have been tasked with attempting a capture at the Lugia Dorm.’ And, I am not going to the Lugia Dorm, okay? That is not what I’m trying to do! I’m sorry! I don’t care if this is for points or whatever!”
-----”That’s so weird,” Silvia said. “Why would they pressure you into catching something so soon.”
-----”Like Pokemon are just collectables or something,” Kylie added. “That’s not what I thought this school was about.”
-----”I mean, it’s not abusive or anything,” Silvia intended to argue, with Ember then cutting her off.
-----”Like, people in other dorms are already catching stuff all over the place. This stealth assignment stuff is completely unnecessary. Go bug the other kids who actually want a new partner off the bat. We literally just got here.”
-----”I couldn’t imagine splitting my attention between Nina and another Pokemon.” This was Dixie, for so long still, staring, and silent. Now she uttered in a tone choked with anxiety, one which belied the utter expressionlessness of her posture and face: “Sometimes you love someone so much, you don’t want to let them go, ever. You know about that, right, Kylie?”
-----The battle girl felt a crawling, cold sensation. “What?”
-----”Anyway, what I don’t get is this rush to get a team mapped out before classes even officially start,” Silvia said. “These are first-day students too I’m seeing with this kind of mindset. They didn’t come early yesterday for the tour like we did. I would recognize them.”
-----”They aced the test and think they can handle anything,” Kylie deduced.
-----”But Raikou’s are doing it too. I’m seeing yellow everywhere,” Silvia remarked.
-----”Raikou’s shouldn’t even be here!” Instantaneously, she realized the uptick in volume, in intensity; Kylie had leapt into a rigid, upright posture and hadn’t even recognized. Stay present, she warned herself in the comically-callow tonality she associated with Junn before delving back in:
-----”Look, I just think this kind of perspective is disrespectful, not just to Pokemon, but the whole relationship we have with them. They’re not just party members in a video game or whatever, where you can just swap them around where it’s most convenient for you. They have feelings and personal ambitions and stuff. Just picking and choosing Pokemon beforehand without considering their feelings takes away their freedom.”
-----”You don’t have to tell me that. I’m agreeing with you,” Silvia responded, voice stern and somewhat strained. “For the most part, anyway. I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as you’re making it.”
-----”All I’m saying is it promotes a bad mindset,” the Entei countered.
-----”I think people in your dorm are doing it too,” Dixie thought to mention, eyeing Kylie with a great, enraptured interest. Those eyes of hers were ever-staring, one could conclude unblinking, even, based on the obfuscating smears of her glasses lens.
-----”Well, they’re stupid, and shouldn’t be,” Kylie decided, punctuating her ultimatum with a readjustment of posture. She leaned back further in her armchair -- Ember scrolling absentmindedly at her right -- and kicked her feet onto a coffee table with faux-confidence betraying how riled she certainly was not.
-----”What do you think they should do instead, Kylie?” Silvia asked her, lusting for debate.
-----”Go with the flow. Don’t chase after certain Pokemon. Be open and try to bond with whoever approaches you.”
-----”But if you’re a battler, that wouldn’t be an effective way to team-build, would it?”
-----”If you can’t adapt to new Pokemon, sure, it sucks. But then you’d probably suck too.”
-----”So every Gym Leader and Elite Four member automatically sucks,” Silvia countered, matter-of-fact.
-----”No, because they’re already veterans. They know what they’re good at because they experienced what they weren’t so good at first. They built themselves up.”
-----”And I bet they went in without knowing precisely which Pokemon they’d use on those final, veteran teams.”
-----”I mean… those Pokemon had to like them and know them in the first place--”
-----”Yes, but your argument is that good battlers utilize variety unconditionally, when our international league system works contrary to that. And unless you can produce evidence refuting the foundation of said league system, you don’t have a case for any further debate.”
-----”Oh, screw you, Silvia!"
-----Rebuttal-less, the Entei conceded, sinking further into her chair. If there was one thing Kylie had learned about Silvia, it was how deeply displeasing losing to her felt.
-----”What point are you even trying to make?” she said, exasperation quickly building in the presence of her compatriot's Gengarish grin.
-----”Dunno. I forgot.” Her voice sickly sweet an innocuous, Silvia stated nonplussed, head cocked to the side, “Your dorm sucks, I guess!”
-----”How even.”
-----”Soo, think about it.” The Suicune started up from her chair -- Ember and Dixie dared peer up at the brief disarray. As Silvia began her diatribe -- “Raikou’s got in through nepotism and or being liked enough by the judges. Entei’s got in from acing only the battling section of the exam. Suicune’s got in from doing well on both the written portion and the battling portion” -- they ducked back into their phones.
-----”So, basically,” Silvia continued, motioning to the brilliant blue badge on her chest for emphasis, ”my theory is that the Suicune dorm is the only intended audience of the academy.”
-----”Is this a conspiracy theory?”
-----”Keep asking questions,” Silvia said, bafflingly elated for a statement Kylie what otherwise just pass off as a meme. “‘Cause we actually succeeded on the test. Technically, you failed, and the Raikou’s definitely failed. What’s more, too, Suicune’s are the one getting that ‘secret assignment’ thingie, right?”
-----”Silvia, stop it. This is stupid. People are gonna think we’re making a meta statement now.”
-----”No, this makes too much sense!” the raving girl retorted. “We’re the ones who are going to actively get an education here: the Suicune’s! Remember how long that tour was because of how massive the island is? There’s a dedicated town here with businesses and everything. You could live here, Kylie, with the illusion of ‘freeform education.’ And while you fluff around, the dominant dorm will--”
-----”’Dominant dorm.’ Holy Magikarp, you’re absolutely insane.”
-----”--be the ones actually learning and progressing. And that is how you restrict upwards mobility to an elite minority!” Silvia finished.
-----Kylie wanted to end this conversation. “You’re exhausting.”
-----”Come again,” a woman called in their direction.
-----The girls looked onto Dixie's breezy return; in a fit of metallic jingling and obstinate snarling from her beloved Nina, the Trainer and Poochyena pair readjusted themselves in the seating area. Silvia was quick to kick her bloated handbag to the side for Nina’s comfort -- also, ideally, to avoid the flow of dribble down her muzzle to land on anything Silvia owned.
-----”She’s got a cleft lip, so it’s hard for her to manage her saliva expenditure,” Dixie elucidated as she fidgeted with her Pokemon’s bright pink leash and matching harness.
-----Silvia hummed a note of understanding. She let G&T’s ceased commercial break lead her eyes wayward.
-----Kylie, in bolder spirits, dared to acquaintance herself. “She looks pretty good, considering.” Choosing to ignore the wild look in Nina’s eye, the Trainer offered her hand--
-----”She bites.”
-------towards the Poochyena’s snout, and with that, drew back immediately.
-----”Damn, Dixie, what’s up with your pooch?” Ember inquired without looking up.
-----”There’s nothing wrong with her,” said the bespectacled Suicune patiently.
-----”She meant why Nina was admitted into the center,” Kylie followed quickly.
-----”Oh. We got jumped.”
-----”Really!” Kylie and Ember’s reactions were more or less the same -- equally sardonic.
-----”Was somebody too aggressive or something?” questioned Silvia.
-----”No, no…” Through those grimy, little lenses, Dixie’s gaze had irrefutably shifted outwards into the great beyond. She recounted, almost wistfully, “A Pokemon popped out from the grass. Nina rushed to defend me from the sudden ambush, and was beaten badly. I used a trick my father taught me to escape the wicked, surly creature, and managed to succeed. That’s why I called you three here, to await Nina’s recovery.”
-----The account did little to correct Kylie’s skepticism. “I really don’t think a Pokemon would just leap out at you for no reason.”
-----”I suppose it sounds a bit impossible, doesn’t it?”
-----It suddenly occurred to Kylie that she wasn’t being spoken to.
-----”Hey, Dixie, maybe if you described the creature to us, someone could stop it from harming other Trainers’ Pokemon.”
-----Silvia’s suggestion landed on deaf ears for a moment, but the subject of such eventually awoke from her trance, musing, “Yes, I suppose that would be the polite thing to do. At the very least we could warn others of the danger. And yet, I can only tell you one thing, the only aspect of it that I haven’t barred from my memory.”
-----With both hands, after resting Nina’s leash beneath her elbow, she formed circles with her thumb and pointer finger, slowly raising the formations against her glasses. And in a sonorous voice:
-----A moment of silence, brazenly broken by Emberlyn.
-----”This is getting weird. I’m heading back to the dorms,” promptly getting up and following through. “Great talk, guys.”
-----”Bye, hoe,” Silvia muttered under her breath.
-----Kylie waved Ember off less vindictively before meeting Dixie’s expectant stare. Her eyes eventually slid past the girl’s, circling the center critically, her head propped against her fist, in an act of steady consideration, until she finally, assuredly announced, “...I bet my dorm could stick it to ‘em.”

Pursuing a beneficiary partnership between like-minded individuals!

-----“You don't even know the people in your dorm.” Silvia was critical; most people were of simplistic ideas impeccable all the same.
-----It all came naturally to Kylie. “The point of dorm mates is that you get to know them. You went off on Entei earlier. Well, we’ll see what Entei’s can do.”
-----Lackadaisically, she rose from her spot, stretching her arms behind her head -- secretly relishing in Silvia’s bewilderment.
-----”So… you’re really going to entertain Dixie’s stupid story, and get all the Entei’s together to defeat a vague, ‘yellow-eyed’ Pokemon somewhere on campus.”
-----Kylie said, “Nope. I’m gonna get the Entei’s together to train. Because that’s what I wanna do.”
-----”Great. So why the set up with Dixie.”
-----Dixie explained that herself with a cryptic, toothy smile -- not a true explanation, then, and therefore thoroughly useless to Silvia who, with an exaggerated sigh, removed herself from interaction entirely. She flipped her newspaper up to her face and pretended to read.
-----”How will you know who you’re looking for?” Dixie then asked Kylie, her keen interest in the battle girl’s business piqued.
-----”I dunno, I’ll probably just ask around, looking for the jacket. Newbies better be wearing ‘em.” Already alert, Kylie gestured to a figure seated a distance away.
-----”He’s got it.”
-----From Dixie, quiet contemplation. Kylie stood in scrutinizing silence as her schoolmate ogled from their safe, unrecognized position. Still, Kylie feared the student turning to realize he was under ready surveillance. She waited, then, with bated breath, before Dixie announced without provocation:
-----”He’s cute.”
-----Kylie was speechless for a second. “You’re… serious.” He had an unremarkable face and equally-commonplace swath of bangs across his forehead, a worn and tired look to the wrinkles in his clothes and flagging corners of his eyes. But she did like his fashion sense, and it was good to see someone else recognizing print pants were in season.
-----This still rung as totally ridiculous to her. “Dixie, you’re serious.”
-----It had taken an eternity, but finally, Dixie Mae Joon came alight with pure, amorous enthusiasm, turning to Kylie and whispering madly: ”You should flirt! He’s in your dorm! This is perfect!”
-----”I’m not doing that.”
-----”You have to, Kylie! This is so great!
-----She stormed in her dorm mate’s direction with nary an unfeigned sliver of Dixie’s intention taken to heart or patent on her face. This was pure, raw professionalism she was primed to unleash on her fellow Entei. ’Let’s train. You have nothing better to do.’
Junn seems content, if not simply inattentive.
Maleko is quickly becoming restless.
** Partook in DAILY GOSSIP.
** Initiated SQUAD-BUILDING.
** [#261 >> Poochyena] was added to the Pokédex. It has a persistent nature. For this reason, it is difficult for some Trainers to domesticate it.

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Name: Rylie Larus || Dorm: Suicune || Team:

Far away from the Library

Rylie slumped down against one of the walls on the east side of the academy building. Checking the door to her left for anyone that may have followed her, she let out a small sigh in relief knowing that she put a nice, comfortable, few hundred feet between herself and the library. Figuring the coast was clear after a minute or so of watch she reached into her pack and fetched the book from earlier.

“Methods and History of Evolution huh? Seems like a rather dry read if you ask me.” Rylie thought to herself. The book gave a bit of a cracking sound as it was opened, implying it was either new or relatively untouched. Catching the page number in the table of contents Rylie wasted no time flipping towards the evolutionary stone section.

“Fire, Sun, Oval… Ice!” Rylie muttered to herself as she skimmed the pages. For whatever reason, she found that she was able to retain information from a book if she read it out loud. “The Ice stone, first discovered in the cold reaches of Mount Lanakila… Trial of… Bitter cold… With the Migration… Aha! Known to catalyze the evolution of certain Alolan variants of Pokémon. Geez, that should have been the first thing it said!” She complained

Flipping to the next page revealed an illustration of the ice stone with a small caption below reading “Sample found in a cave at the foot of Mount Lanakila”. Comparing her stone with the picture she indeed confirmed that they have few similarities. While they both had the same, snowflake print the one in the book looked to be more of a clear blue in color while hers was a very dull, solid gray color.

“Well, it is just one sample. Perhaps they vary in appearance…” Rylie thought to herself, sighing as she looked between the stone in her hand and the illustration in the book. “Either that or this is the most elaborate prank I’ve ever seen; on the first day of school none the less!”

She stowed the book back into her pack as she picked herself off the ground once more. “Well, even if it is a prank I could use a new partner for the team. I can’t really pass up the slim chance of having an evolved partner on day one. And when this turns out to be a prank, I find the person, And I punch them in their stupid face!”

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Eric noticed a female student blatantly checking him out....

"Um.... Can I help you?" He asked her, in a Scottish-sounding accent.

He looked up at her, puzzled, basically not knowing what this mysterious girl's intent was.

He then heard the word "Training", and nodded.

"Training? For what?" Eric then asked, still a bit confused. "Ok, fine... But what's in it for me?"

Eric was probably eye candy for this female dormmate of his. However, his heart belonged to someone else, even though that "someone else" is no longer alive, and Eric promised himself, at the very least, he'd try to move on. Eric got up out of his seat, and looked at his locket briefly before putting it back in his backpack.

"Sure." he replied. "Let's do this. The name's Damon. Eric Damon. And you are..... ?"
"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."
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Dallas Yukira and Aoife Breen: A Culinary Encounter Part 1.
Location: Road to Oak Town.

Dallas noticed the little cat pokemon standing behind its' trainer. He looked down and squated, but didn't make any sudden movements toward it. His only hope was one of his own pokemon didn't pop out of the ball by itself.

"Hello little one." He looked at the Espurr's big eyes.

"Your Espurr looks really healthy. What do you use in its food?" Dallas asked, still studying the Espurr's coat.

Mona took a few steps back, never blinking, never taking her eyes off this new figure.

"It's okay Mona," Aoife tried to reassure her partner, but Espurr just wasn't a fan of strangers, and didn't look any more relaxed.

Upon being asked about her Pokémon 's food, the redhead's features relaxed a little, and she briefly described her methods. "Espurr need a lot of protein, so I use a lot of buckwheat in her feed. However, she won't eat her food if I don't blend some dry berries into the mix. She's modest, so that flavor seems to resonate best with her palate..." she then stopped, and grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent..." she said, a bit embarrassed, but continued "Not that many people draw an immediate connection to coat quality and food..."

Dallas stood up from his squatting position to face the girl that had run into him, "Ha it is a bit odd to start of with a question like that. But I couldn't help, but notice." he said, looking back at the Espurr and continued, "I myself want to be a breeder so I will sometimes ask about a pokemon if they grab my attention."

He faced the redhead, "My name is Dallas by the way. I am from Snowbelle City, Kalos. So even though I am from Kalos, I don't get too see many Espurr." He said, offering a hand shake.

"Yeah, they don't tend to venture that far," Aoife starter, addressing Dallas's point about Espurr, which tended to hang farther southwest. "I'm Aoife by the way, from Shalour. Looks like we're both Kalosians," the girl's previous energetic burst was fading, and her voice grew quieter. However, she did take Dallas's hand and gave it a good shake.

"Oh, and thank-you for complimenting Mona. I really appreciate it."

I'm glad I am not the only Kalosian here. I'm sure there are more than I think. But you are actually the first person I have spoken to other than some of the cooks back at the cafeteria." He said, readjusting his bag and tapping his side to make sure both of his pokemon were still there.

"I was heading to the forest to see if I could find any berries. You want to come along? You seem to be the type who doesn't mind a good berry hunt." He said offering her a spot to join, getting ready to start walking again. He stretched his legs out, warming them up for the long walk ahead.

"Same for me, actually, though minus the cooks..." Aoife replied, she'd spent too much time adjusting her room to get to the kitchens in time to present herself before the breakfast rush.

She did wear a slightly surprised expression when Dallas mentioned he was going berry hunting; that was her exact goal. Although the redhead was a bit nervous, there was no denying having company was better than going alone.

"I was actually planning on doing just that. Going together sounds like a good idea," she replied, and then quickly gave Mona a glance. The cat was clearly uncomfortable with the idea, but didn't protest, instead climbing onto the girl's left shoulder.

It felt odd for Dallas to be talking to her. She seemed maybe older, but he wasn't exactly sure., but he wasn't about to ask her age. That'd be a death sentence.

"Awesome! Then let's go!" He exclaimed with a big grin. He was glad to finally be heading away from all the people. There was too many people walking everywhere for his taste. Although he was certain they would continue to meet people on the road to Oak Town and the forest. He wanted to stay on the road until he could at least see the forest.

They traveled for a bit minutes, not saying too much. As they got closer, he started to think more about what berries he wanted to try for his kalosian macaroon recipe, as well as good for his own pokemon.

"Hmm, maybe I could use Pinab and Pecha berries... but would that be too sweet? I guess I could add a small amount of tamato berry to balance the sweetness...." He muttered to himself, hand on his chin.

Aoife, who had been alternating her attention between the horizon and the ground, turned Dallas's way when she heard him muttering about berries and flavors.

"What are you trying to make?" she asked with some degree of curiosity.

Dallas stopped his muttering, "Oh sorry! I talk to myself when thinking. But I am actually trying to come up with a macaroon recipe. I also love cooking. and making since my mom runs a small home bakery and my dad travels to cook. So I guess cooking is in my blood. I could also use it as a reference for pokemon food as well." Dallas said, pulling out a notepad for him to write on.

The notepad itself already had a number of combinations he thought might be good, but almost all of them, he had scratched out.

"Your mom owns a bakery? That's pretty awesome," Aoife sounded genuinely impressed, for that was one of the goals she'd considered aiming for in the distant future. She then felt a pang of incompetence, Dallas had probably learned some advanced recipes and techniques much earlier then she had, making her behind by default. She suppressed a sigh, and made sure not to sound too down-beaten.

"Are you looking for berries to add to the macaroon recipe?"

Dallas couldn't help, but grin. He was glad someone seemed expressed, although, how could they not be? He took note of the sigh that escaped her mouth, "Yep, although it is small. Most business comes in around the holidays, as for my father, "Even though he has taught me some things, he doesn't tend to go easy on me. Which is why I want to become a better chef than him. And I will."

He stopped writing down combinations, but decides to stop. Even though he was confident in his own skill, it didn't hurt to listen to others, "Yeah. I want to make a great macaroon. My plan is to make the top and bottom of the macaroon with one berry, and make a filling of one or two more. berry flavors that work together. Maybe even turning it into a larger dish like a pudding of some sort at a later time. I have been watching the cooks at the cafeteria the last few days, and even helped them with breakfast this morning." He answered.

"Hmm, that sounds pretty neat. I guess the challenge is finding which berry combinations will work well together, without being overpowering." Aoife started, her energy slowly picking back up.

"I had a similar issue with my poffin filling. I found that using berry juice in the creamy filling made all the difference, the taste was nice and subtle, and it helped add some color without needing to resort to coloring. I found this even allowed me to use two similarly-flavored berries without the tasting too strongly"

"That's pretty cool that they let you help, I'll have to remember that."

Dallas wrote down the idea of using berry juice for the cream filling. He hadn't thought of that, but it made sense. "That is actually a good idea. I didn't think about just using the juice. I was just going to blend up the berries. It would leave out chunks of the berries that may have went unblended." He said, bringing his C-Gear up and activating the map, a dot moved on the map, showing his location. They weren't too far from the forest now.

"But yeah, I was surprised they allowed me to help cook. But they do have a Culinary Class as well. That may be why." He added, closing the map on his C-Gear.

"Exactly. Plus, it's a lot thinner then berry puree, which fits better then the consistency of the cream. Adding the puree just makes it way too thick," Aoife recalled her first attempt at a berry filling, which ended up looking more like berry explosion then anything else. It tasted good, but hardly served its original purpose.

"Good point, if you're signed up for that, they may be more inclined to let you help as well," the redhead added.

Looking up from Dallas's C-Gear, Aoife's eyes immediately found the forest's edge. The leaves were lush and vibrant, a sign of good health, and thus, good berries.

"I can't believe how quickly that walk went," she commented, noticing that they had been keeping a brisk pace. The girl's knee was still faring well, no signs of pain or stress, but she knew she'd have to be more careful going forward. The last thing she wanted to do was have it buckle on her here, though she tried to push that thought out of her head. This was supposed to be fun, and it was going to be so.

"Oh wow. You're right. There's the forest! Time for a berry hunt!" He cheered.


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- Location: The Beach -
Ivrant eventually split off from Rosa and Arwyn, seeing he had some business of his own! He had a feeling he would be hanging out with those two very often in the Academy. Having some study partners certaintly never hurt! Speaking of studying though, Ivrant definitely had to go and practice with Buster to hopefully get him... less excitable. He couldn't always count on Dynamo to keep him in check every time after all. Maybe a trip to the beach would be in order... Ivrant debated getting his swim shorts back home before heading down but it'd be such a long walk... and he really just planned on training Buster anyways. If it got hot he could just take off his jacket or take his shirt off or something and roll up his pants legs. But then again, who knew if he'd really have a chance to rest at the beach again during school time? Maybe it would be good to just suck it up and get himself ready for some time in the sun with his Pokemon.

Ivrant eventually gave in and made his way back to his Dorm after a fairly decent walk. If he was going to have free time at the beach he may as well make the most of it! By the time he got there he would want to sit down and relax either way so this worked out! He could use a small nap in the sun after his busy morning... and he could train Buster all the same! Ivrant dug around his bags for a few sets of towels to bring and started to put on his dark blue swim shorts. Underneath he put on a black T-shirt and kept his suicune jacket on hand. He seemed really proud of being in that dorm. However he still wore shoes opposed to sandals but it was enough to manage some time in the beach! Ivrant glanced over to his Pokeball toolkit sitting on the desk. That's right... nobody really took notice of the work that Ivrant put into Dynamo's Pokeball... that's a bit of a shame. Maybe it didn't stick out enough? After the beach he'd have to make sure to make some changes for Dynamo's sake at least. And perhaps something for Buster too! Just a set of seals that would make them stand out whenever entering battle. He figured this sort of thing was a great morale boost for each of his Pokemon. Ivrant checked out his phone once more and noticed another message from Dorothy. Was only natural for him to at least reply!

"Thanks! I'm actually heading down to the beach right after. Figure I should take advantage of the free time you know? :) I got a new water pokemon I wanted to practice with down there! Just getting set up right now." Ivrant sent the message and kept on preparing his stuff.

A cell vibrated deep within the contents sitting by Dorothy's towel and umbrella setup. Neither Pupui nor Dorothy were near to notice, so it sat in silence for the time being.

Pupui amused himself with the tides, easily entertained by seaweed and garbage that floated about. The salty liquid was refreshing to the water-type, lips occasionally unleashing a fountain of seawater.

Unlike Pupui however, Dorothy blankly stared off into the horizon, where sky met sea. Why is there a sudden feeling of longing? Of loneliness? Why did she imagine her family bickering in the background...oh. Oh.

Dorothy misses home. She was becoming homesick.

Ivrant didn't get a response while he was getting himself ready but that was fine. She was probably busy! By then, he was all prepared to go to the beach! He put Dynamo back into his ball for now. After all the battling, he was probably tired of all the walking. The least he could do was let him relax until he made it to the beach. "Starting to feel a bit better going through this effort. Heheh. I would have gotten bored quickly if I couldn't go swimming or dress as lighty!" Ivrant laughed to himself as he headed on out and locked his door up. Time to start the rest of the day!

Ivant thankfully didn't have to walk too far... after all they were on a island. The beach was basically right next to the dorms more or less! Finding a spot that was good to sit at that wasn't super crowded or full of battlers was another story though so Ivrant did end up doing a little bit of walking to find a spot. Ivrant however ended up noticing a Poliwag playing around in the beach and someone just sort of staring off to the horizon. He didn't recognie her at first what with the different outfit. Rather than the dress she was wearing earlier, she had khaki shorts and a pink shirt. Ivrant would no doubt stick out no matter where he was though with his hairstyle though. He figured, why not hang out with someone else? He was never one to get much done alone after all. After readjusting all the stuff he was carrying, he made his approach. "Dorothy? Didn't think I'd bump into you down here." Ivrant spoke out finally. He had his jacket hanging right over his shoulder while he carried a few towels and a small bag in his other, leaving him in just a black shirt, Blue swim shorts and his sneakers.

His voice snapped the girl out of her trance, feet and hands having burrowed into the wet sand as she blinked into reality. At first she didn't realize Ivrant was standing to her side.

She rose up and stretched until she came across the sight of Ivrant. Her head tilted upwards towards the tall figure. It didn't register at first, body frozen. And then it kicked in.

"O-oh my god... oh my god I'm so sorry!" Dorothy blurted out in shock, body instinctively closing itself up. Her arms folded and legs pressed against each other. Did... he say anything? Why didn't she notice his approach?

"I didn't m-mean to ignore you... I promise I didn't hear a-anything, um-" Dorothy grew sheepish. "...he...hello." A light nod was made in an attempt to be polite.

Ivrant rather bashfully rubbed his head noticing her sudden reaction. "Heya there. Hey don't worry about it. Ya looked like you were enjoying the beach there yourself. I'd have thought you were napping in the sand!" Ivrant said as he set all of his stuff down and started to lay out one of his beach towels. Maybe it'd be best to not mention he texted her about his visit earlier buuttt chances are she'd find out sooner or later. Ivrant quickly kicked off his shoes as well so that the water wouldn't mess them up. He wasn't wearing socks. No point to have them at the beach! Ivrant just sorta stared down as she seemed to be sorta clamped up there. "Oh uh... hope I didn't intrude or anything eheheh. Probly shouldn't be putting my stuff down so recklessly like that without even asking! Just noticed you had your stuff set up also!"

His remark about Dorothy's items had her immediately glancing at them, having left them unguarded for too long of a time. By good fortune they were still intact, albeit she should be more weary.

"N-no no, it's okay," she insists. Pupui broke the surface of the water, black beady eyes examining Ivrant from afar. He took it as a sign of more company. It delighted him at the notion.

"Um... oh." Dorothy grew dispirited, unable to think of anything else to say. Was she already becoming such a social fail? It was no surprise either. Being as skittish as she was it's no wonder her thoughts are jumbled.

She went with the first coherent sentence she could put together; "I was... just kinda sitting down. And watching Pupui." As if on cue, the tadpole made his guest appearance, sliding in between the two in joy.

"Ah! You mentioned him last time... I take this here is your little friend huh?" Ivrant said. He held out his hand but paused, not wanting to recklessly pet someone's Pokemon like that until he was comfortable with him. "Good morning Pupui! I'm Ivrant." He introduced himself happily. "Just kinda relaxing here huh? I had the same idea myself. Its been kind of a busy morning between two battles and catching another. I figured I should take advantage of the free time while I can you know?" Ivrant explained. "I see your pretty much ready for a day in the sun yourself huh? Good thing the weather has been kind today." Ivrant said, taking note of how different her current outfit was compared to when they last met.

Pupui's tail wagged in response, body bopping. Pooooooi! He swiveled to face Dorothy, twinkling in glee. She couldn't help but grin, relieved that Pupui arrived to bring life to an otherwise dying conversation had it been on her hands longer. "He doesn't b-bite. Pupui is very friendly... always full of energy."

All was well until the thieving Ekans that had ceased to haunt her paid a visit, the image of a violet tail slamming Pupui into the soil playing on repeat. "I'm very happy for you, it s-sounds like you had a lot of fun!" she replied with a forced smirk. Her eyes sparkled while under the sun, their tint popping out. "I d-do need a friend for Pupui too... um, soon I'll find a Poké."

Her companion skipped around Dorothy, letting out yips here and there. Waiting isn't Pupui's best skill, but a few minutes wait wouldn't hurt.

Ivrant set his bag down and started to dig for Buster's Pokeball at the mention of finding a friend for Pupui. "Heh... welll I was kinda considering the same for my new companion as well. He's a bit... excitable but maybe they'll get along?" Ivrant said as he tossed his ball up into the air. "If Pupui is full of energy then you have yet to see this little guy here." He said. As if on queue, Buster came right out of the ball and immediately charged toward the first thing it saw. Unfortunately, that happened to be his trainer. "O-oh no he's coming toward me wait wait Buster HOLD U-" The Marill ran toward Ivrant with the speed of his Aqua Jet and landed right on his stomach, causing him to fall right onto his butt and wind him a bit. "Ommph! A...hahah..." He took a moment to catch his breath. "T-this is Buster... I'm uh... sure you can see where he gets the name from" Ivrant said, sounding completely out of breath. Now that Buster got that out of his system, he turned to the unfamiliar trainer and Poliwag and gave a small wave toward them.

A gasp had escaped from Dorothy upon the impact, hands covering her gaping mouth. Despite his quick recovery she still demonstrated concern. "A-are you okay...? It looked like it really hurt, a-are you sure you're okay?" Pupui didn't hesitate to approach the newcomer, ecstatic to meet another Pokémon for the day.

Pupui greeted with a sound that can be best described as a delightful gurgle.

Ivrant sat straight up now that Buster had hoped off and ran toward the Poliwag with a wide grin as it started to run circles around it happily. "Y-yeah j-just gotta catch my breath. Never been hit in the chest by a rampaging Marill before. I gotta teach him a bit of restraint before he hurts someone I guess heheh."Ivrant said a tad bashfully now that he was all covered up in a bit of sand from the fall. That impact hurt alot more than he was letting out. Being attacked by a Pokemon could be serious stuff sometimes! He winced a bit and kept holding onto his stomach.

Dorothy mentally panicked, never put in such a situation before. What does she do? Does she bring him something? Is it serious? The questions tugged at her cowardice, fully aware she may not be capable of any of it. "C-can I do anything to help? Do I bring you a t-towel o-or get help or um... is it bad?" She knelt down beside him, one hand nervously covering her mouth.

Pupui began to ran after the marill, waddling in elation. At times he would trip and roll off to the side, but his recovery was quick.

Ivrant looked up at her a moment when she stated her concern. He was giving the poor girl a heart attack! Still he should see if there was actually some serious injury from that hit. Ivrant looked down and lifted his shirt just enough to check his stomach which naturally, was pretty darn red from the impact. "Heh... n-nah it hurts but I should recover... I think he tried to slow down on his way to me or catching him softened the blow. Any harder and I'd probably need CPR or something like that hahaha" He said in a joking tone. He was relieved the Marill didn't use Belly Drum or he'd flat out have a hole in his chest by now. "Though water sounds pretty good right about now... eheh."

Marill seemed to be picking up speed using Aqua Jet once more to start skidding along the water back and forth in rapid speeds, seeing if the Poliwag could keep up with him!

Her worry overcame her skittish nature that she didn't react to his lifting of shirt. But it was the CPR notion that had her face heating up. "O-oh haha... haha... y-yeah," Dorothy mumbled, eyes looking elsewhere.

Meanwhile Pupui gawked in awe at the trick. He let out a Poi! of delight, seeing it as an invitation for more activity. But despite Pupui's swimming expertise he could not imagine catching up.

So he chose a spot on the surface of the endless ocean to solidify with ice beam. It crackled and spread around. Hoping to somewhat skid on water (or ice more like it) he began to slide right on to its frigid surface. He danced and leaped about.

"You can do that, d-dont let me stop you." Yes she was red. No she could not swim, and thus will refuse to enter the deeper ends of the ocean. Where they stood was shallow enough. "Pupui won't mind, I p-promise!" she insists, hoping to avoid venturing further.

Ivrant chuckled and reached into his bag, and ended up pulling out a bottle of water! She may have mixed up what he meant but he was still thinking about both! He took a nice chug of water and placed it beside him. "I did not realize how thirsty I was... uh... you alright?" Ivrant asked, noticing she was a little out of it while also noticing Buster and Pupui playing in the water.

Buster noticed the icy water that was shot out and thought of using that as a form of stunt! The Marill began to rush toward the Poliwag and used Aqua Jet to leap right above the Icy bridge and hop right above him! He would curve around back and repeat the process several times!

"Well at least he's not attacking him... you wanna go in too? Don't wanna leave ya here on your own!" Ivrant said.

Oh dear. So clouded her mind was that she misunderstood his comment. "Y-yes, I'm good!" she reassured, hysteria growing upon the mess she was beginning to become. She lowered her head, finger forming lines on the sand beneath. "A-and no thank you... It's not because of you or a-anything tho!" she jolted up at the last few words, on edge. "Go have fun please, I'm not really... that fun." She ended the conversation with a small smile, unable to admit that not only was she a mess, but also feared large bodies of water.

While Dorothy pouted Pupui began to spiral and slide beneath the Marill's stunts, eyes sparkling with wonder at the skills his new friend has.

Ivrant seemed to end up rubbing his head once more. "Aw comon if ya weren't fun I wouldn't be hanging around here still! Er... okay maybe thats not a very good thing to say now that I think about it but still!" Ivrant laughed nervously. "I dunno if I'll go too far. I don't get to swim very often myself being from the center of Kalos.. A pool here and there maybe but ya know."

Buster took a sharp turn beside Pupui and started to make a dash toward his trainer once more. Once he got close enough he gave off a mischivious smirk and turned around with Aqua Jet so splash his trainer with all he had! "P-PFFTT! B-Buster!" Ivrant laughed, spitting out water that got in his mouth. The Marill giggled and rushed back toward the Poliwag with a satisfied grin and hopped onto the small bit of ice placed on the water to skate around with him. "Well guess the water came to me instead." Ivrant said as he quickly tugged off his soaked shirt, threw it by his towel and got himself all readjusted. At least it didn't get on his jacket! Ivrant suddenly felt way more relieved suddenly as he flopped back into the water. "Ahhh.... say, where did you say you were from again? I'm from Lumiouse City myself. Kalos Region!"

Dorothy was being overwhelmed by it all. She's spending time with a human being on the beach, where she feels most insecure and vulnerable. How is she managing, she's unsure. Then again half the time she was trying not make a fool out of herself.

She returned to reality, hands between her knees. "I'm from... from... um." Oh dear.

Dorothy forgot. If she keeps this up she might as well dash off. " sorry I kinda forgot um," she muttered, eyes unable to keep still. "Fallarbor Town... in Hoenn." Watching the two water-types frolick didn't help ease her nerves. Her body remained tense. "I heard some stuff from Lumiouse City. But um, don't know too much."

Her head lifted from its depressed position and turned to face her items; they were untouched.

Pupui took a break from the fun for a minute, returning to his trainer for affection and comfort. Sad to say that she wasn't herself and it was a surprise to Pupui, who poi'd at her for attention. Eventually she did give it via scratching his sweet spot. His tail slapped the ground in content. Suddenly Pupui was no longer concerned, having acquired the attention he seeked.

Ivrant also seemed to have his Pokemon return and land right smack dab onto his lap. "MMph!" Ivrant grunted as he felt the soft Pokemon land on him. Thankfully with a bit more restraint... but not enough for Ivrant not to feel a bit of pain out of it. "Heheh... Buster first chance we get we're gonna teach you how to control that power of yours... and you're aim." Ivrant said, twitching his eye a little bit in pain. Though after he turned toward Dorothy and eyed her over a bit. He usually wasn't the best at catching subtle ques but it seemed pretty plain she was out of it. "Fallarbor Town huh? Haven't been to Hoenn myself... maybe I'll take a trip after getting out of school. Still trying to get used to the whole "being on my own" stuff and all. Eheh... its taking a bit of getting used to. I'm so used to being in the big city all the time that having all this open space can be quite alot. I'm so used to always being mixed in a huge crowd all the time whenever I walk around. I guess its like a bit of a downgrade but I dunno."

"P-please be careful," Dorothy vocalized her worry, hands no longer massaging the tadpole. He puffed his cheeks in annoyance, preferring her attention to be devoted to him. "I don't t-think it's bad here. It's... beautiful. Pretty. I wish my family was here tho... I miss them already." No longer wanting to dwell on the matter, she returned the conversation over to Ivrant. "But I wish I could be in crowds like you. I'm scared of them."

Pupui sat on the lukewarm sand, observing the events occurring around him.

"Ah really? It is a bit nervewrecking I suppose if you didn't really grow up in that kind of setting... I've just sort of gotten used to talking to total strangers. Especially since most of the folks in the city tend to be tourists you know?" Ivrant grinned. "I get ya though. I kinda miss my folks too. My dad brought all sorts of Pokeball kits back and showed me how they all worked out. He gave me a couple of tools to bring along to the school and I guess playing around with that helps me remember home pretty well." Ivrant said. "Though nobodys really taken note to what I've done with Dynamos ball so I think I should put some work into it... maybe add some seals onto some other balls?"

"I-I-I took notice!" Dorothy interjects, recalling the petals whenever his Roselia was introduced. "I'm so sorry I didn't say anything... um, I should have." Pupui grumpily rolled away. Upon approaching the Marill the tadpole began to pwwwwweeeee. His voice would grow muffled when his face met the sand.

"I... don't know anything about seals," she began, at last getting more comfortable in her skin. The nerves were dying off. "I don't mind learning about them. The seals. Um. Yeah."

"Heheh, ah I had an idea for another to do for Dynamo after the last couple of battles but I'd could show ya for sure. I have my toolkit back at the dorm so whenever we drop by back there I can try to make one for ya. Maybe I can do some for a couple friends too if it picks up around the school." He winked. "I already have a good idea for a design to give your friend's ball.

Buster giggled at the fallen Poliwag and poked him a few times on the head before playfully squirting him with water gun.

"O-oh no, I don't think I should be going t-to... your dorm... or..." Dorothy paused. This was a boy's room. Her parents would have lectured her at the very thought. "Did you... mean by yourself?"

"Oh uh... I don't think the Dorms really mind folks from other dorms wandering in... I mean I guess I could let you borrow a Suicune jacket just incase but you know." Ivrant said, still sounding totally oblivious to the weight of what he was asking here. "...Oh wait... I guess alot of people would get the wrong idea now that I think about it..." Ivrant said, flopping onto his back into the water.

The splash dotted Dorothy with speckles of water. Small waves would tickle her lower body, easing her into a form of serenity. "Should I be wearing my Raikou jacket?" Dorothy inquired, never having pondered such a thing. "Is t-that why you always have yours with you?"

Pupui continued to rotate, smothering himself in sand. He would roll back to Marill for the pokes, impatiently waiting for Dorothy.

"Well... besides looking good with my outfit, I just thought it'd be nice to represent the dorm in some way you know? I don't really care if I get sterotyped by other students or anything like that. Just here to do my thing you know?" Ivrant said, leaning back up. Now his hair was all soaked... he made a mental note to shower the salt water off when he got back. "I think its only required for big events or something really... I don't think everyone has to wear it. Might clash with a couple outfits ya know? Dunno if jackets go too well with dresses but I'd say you're the expert on that front." Ivrant rubbed his head. "Oh geez... that wasn't weird of me was it? We just met and I'm inviting you to my room. Tha's weird isn't it? eheheh... sorry. Aw nuts now I'm doing it." He said, continuing to ramble on a bit. Ivrant definitely did not seem to be in on the social "norm" despite being such a social butterfly himself.

Buster kept on playing with Pupui and poked him right back, rolling on top of the Poliwag along the sand.

Dorothy grew amused as Pupui allowed himself to be toyed with as a log. "Oh that's good! I was just worried that maybe I had to be wearing the jacket at all times." For a second she was dumbfounded, believing she had to wear a jacket on the beach. How silly of her.

The ocean's scent filled the area, foam and spray from the waves hitting the small group. "Oh no no no, it's okay! I'm sorry if it came out wrong. I really am um B-but I would like the seals you talk about... is it okay if I ask why you do the seals?"

"Ah... well not a whole lot of reason. They're the easiest thing to add to a ball. Alot of folks use them in contests but I like to add a special flair to them. Dyanamo enjoys making an entrance with it all the time. Maybe I'll just invite a few friends over to customize them... it won't be weird if I invite more then one person right? Eheheh..." Ivrant smiled bashfully. "I can add effects like bubbles when a ball opens, small words, fire, party poppers, things like that. Its fun to play with. Makes me feel like I'm back in my room working on it and watching tv."

"O-oh... um... I don't want to embarrass you in front of your friends... and I'm kinda... shy," Dorothy admits whilst imagining the type of friends he may have with the type of dorm he's in. Will they think she's not of their standards? "B-but! I'm sure they're good people! I am not trying to m-make them sound bad."

She's sure they're good people, definitely, but her status in the school isn't the most... enticing. She's heard and read about the dorms during her research, and Suicune appears to be filled with those who scored fairly well on the exams. Heck, any student is superior to Dorothy. She may be booksmart, but applying it she was never good at.

Ivrant gave her a light pat on the back. "Heh, ah can't be any worse then my rambling earlier. I think anyone else would have ran for the hills by now." He joked. "For someone so shy I'd say your doing a pretty good job so far. Alot of my friends so far are from the Entei dorm too and they've been pretty nice so far. Figured I'd add some flair to their Pokemon. Maybe I'll bring my kit around during classes tommorow and I can do the same for you if thats more comfortable for ya?"

"Yes, I would love that," Dorothy replied.

"And I don't think you're shy at all. And I don't think you ramble either," she commented with a shy smile. "It isn't bad that I'm in Raikou, is it? I didn't do so good on the exam... But I know I'll try!" In reality she beat herself up over the exam results, startled that her studying didn't shine through.

"Oh nah I wouldn't think so. I've heard of a couple Raikou students that crushed all the other dorms because they had one skill that stood out. Even if its not just battling they're usually really good at something else. Don't let a little stereotype like that bother you. Honestly I dunno what I want to do. Sure I got hobbies but I dunno if I'd want to commit to them full time or not. I gotta see I suppose." Ivrant said.

Hope was restored in her eyes. "You really think so?" By now Dorothy was hugging her knees against her chest. "But um, I think-" She was interrupted by Pupui, who had ceased his rolling regardless of Marill's presence.

Poi polloi poi!!! His figure popped into Dorothy's vision, a blue blur in between the students. "Pupui, hey-haha hey silly, I'm right here," she giggled, oblivious to his jealousy. An embrace was enough to calm the beast, who hummed in delight. "Sorry about Pupui."

"Hehehe, he sure loves ya huh?" Ivrant commented hapily, only to feel something land on his lap once more. "O-ommph! B-buster!" The Marill simply giggled up at him. "W-what did I say about restraint..." Ivrant winced a bit once more... The little guy was heavier then he gave credit for. He sure loved to leave an impact. "Y-yeah though! heheh... the two seem to like eachother at least!"

She flinched upon the Marill's landing, unable to conceive the pain. "Yeah, they looked like they were having a lot of fun. Right Pupui?"

[I]Poi Poi poi poi![/] the tadpole chanted, tail wagging in circles. Again he acquired her focus, her hands massaging his back.

Little did Dorothy know that Pupui was envious of her new comrade; he gets less notice.

"Yeah! Maybe I'll set up some target dummies or something to teach Buster not to go too crazy on everything it sees... just so I don't get broken every time I call him out of the ball hahah" Ivrant laughed as he pet Buster on the head. He sort of just fell silent from there, just relaxing in the water and feeling the waves rush up his feet.

It was soothing. Calming. To have a possible friend. They were tall, sported a unique hair color, and open. It contrasted with her short stature, bright colored hair, and timid nature. Despite her personality and first impressions the stranger never took flight. They never bolted.

She didn't make a habit of keeping friends and it led to her being accustomed to being detached. Ironically, Dorothy is also known for trying her best, to what her cowardice allows, to keep comrades. Perhaps this is why they leave sooner or later.

The pondering didn't last. Pupui made a dash towards her items, startling Dorothy. He snatched her belongings and ran for it.

"P-Pupui!! Wait! Come back!" she hollered out, legs nearly buckling as she rose up. She swiveled back towards Ivrant, mortified. "I-I... I'm so sorry!" The apology came out gurgled, face pale. Her mouth opened but no words flowed.

Dorothy's body froze up, hands pressed against her chest. Words couldn't describe the embarrassment she was experiencing.

And with that she clumsily chased after Pupui.

"Oh uh... I'll chat with you later! You got my number feel free to call whenever!" Ivrant shouted out. That was odd... a bit out of nowhere for Pupui to suddenly go off and do! Still though, he enjoyed the chat nonetheless. She was a nice girl although a bit too shy for her own good he thought. A polar opposite of him. He supposed now would be as good of a time as ever to start practicing with Buster. "Alright Buster. Might need a bit of help from you here. You ready to do some practice?" Ivrant asked. The Marill hopped off of his lap and was already speeding around the water with Aqua Jet. "Alright Buster, don't lose your energy already! I got an idea how we can practice." Ivrant smirked.
Day 1


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Ivrant Lehort: Training Buster

Ivrant continued to hang around the beach for awhile, leaving Buster out of his ball. While he had to teach him some restraint, he had to see his other capabilities. More importantly, he needed to be able to listen as well if he was going to be competent in a battle. While Buster was playing in the water, Ivrant set up a couple of very shoddy looking Sand Castles. They were crafted with wet sand so taking them down would take a tiny bit of force.

"Buster!" Ivrant called out, causing the Marill to rush right to his side. "Alright we're going to do a bit of training here. Before we get to battle, I need to show you how to control yourself when we aren't battling. I don't want you ramming your head into anyone and knocking them out cold. That won't really look so great if folks know I have a Pokemon that does that... eheh..." Ivrant said with a small laugh. "Anyways, we're going to use those Sand Castles here. I want you to rush toward them the same way as you would when you come out of your Pokeball. When you get close enough, try to hold back so you don't-"

While Ivrant was rambling on, Buster had already destroyed the large castle leaving it into a pile of sand.

"...Um... well okay then. Lets do that but not leave a smoldering crater on what remains of the castle next time." Ivrant said. Thankfully he thought in advance and set up a few more beside it. "Try that again Buster but slow down before you get too close."

Buster backed up again and once more used Aqua Jet to rush toward the Castle. Even has he got closer though he didn't seem to stop. He just rushed through it and left a Marill shaped hole in it.

"No Buster, restraint! If you leave a hole like that in a person they could seriously get hurt." Ivrant said. Buster seemed to look back at Ivrant with a confused look on his face. "Alright Buster. When we're in battle, you can hit as hard as you like but when we're outside of battle you can't just rush into every single thing you see. I don't know how else to really explain it. But I guess asking a Pokemon to hold back like that is kind of complicated... you seem to do alright around others I suppose..."Ivrant thought aloud. Maybe this was just something he'd figure out as he battled. Buster always seemed to charge toward Ivrant when he was called out.

"Hrm... well so far I know you have Aqua Jet and Belly Drum... the nurse at the Pokemon Center told me the rest of your moves but I can't really think of how to use them. I guess tickle would be kinda funny to try out sometime heheh." Ivrant said. "Alright you know what Buster? How bout we just see how you do against the rest of the targets. Rush into them as hard as you can!"

As if on queue, hearing those words caused the Marill to suddenly pound on its stomach several times and release a powerful aura. "O-oh... maybe not that har-" Too late. Buster charged toward the Sand castles and left behind a cloud of dust that buried Ivrant in it. The kingdom of sand was left in ruin. None were left alive by the might of Buster.

"Ok Buster... I think I have a good gauge of your power now..." Ivrant said, completely muffled up by the sand as he tried to shack out of it. As the Marill kept charging around it ended up making a hard impact against something that was way tougher then any of the Sand Castles that Ivrant built. Ivrant caught notice as well since the Marill just stopped moving. "Buster? The heck? I figured you'd have gotten them all with that kind of power." Ivrant said as he rushed on over. There was even a shovel over there... Ivrant was pretty sure he didn't bring one of those. Eventually the sand started to move up and formed eyes and what seemed to be a move... before promptly passing out cold from the impact.

"What... is that? Is that a Pokemon?! Buster... see this is what I'm talking about with restraint. You run that hard into a human and they could get seriously hurt." Ivrant spoke out. Buster seemed to start to understand at this point, looking down at the Sand Castle Pokemon looking a tad guilty. "Well... I guess we can't leave it here huh? Never imagined there was a Sand Castle Pokemon of all things..." Ivrant said, reaching into his bag and throwing a Pokeball toward it and sucking it into the ball. It didn't take alot of resistance and was easily captured. "I uh... think we should call it a day for training."

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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Sydney Florencia Ramirez

The second trip to the Pokémon Centre had been pretty uneventful. Nurse Joy wasn’t even shocked to see her back so soon, apparently a lot of students had been back and forth even more regularly than her. It made sense that the excitement of the first day had everyone out catching whatever they could get and battling to try and make an early name for themselves. Unfortunately for Sydney her first battle at the Academy, her first battle ever hadn’t gone exactly to plan. Looking back on it she felt like she could have won if she’d stuck it out – Attract had been bound to come back into play and buy them the time they needed but seeing Miko struggling had been a critical hit on her heart. She’d always known, of course, that Miko would get hurt in battles. It was just a part of the sport, but seeing her companion in pain had been more than she’d bargained for.

Did that mean she couldn’t, shouldn’t, battle again? Did she not have the right stuff to make it in that world if she couldn’t stand to see her Pokémon struggle? That was the kind of thinking she couldn’t allow herself to have. As difficult as it was to accept that after wanting to battle for so long that her first one had been a failure she needed to take the time to think about what went wrong and resolve it. One data point wasn’t enough to draw a conclusion, that’s what her dad would tell her. Gather more information before forming a hypothesis. So far she knew that she’d bottled on her first battle but that didn’t necessarily mean she’d do it again. Right now the most sensible thing to do was continue training and try again.

At least that’s what she told herself as she sat on the grass in the campus grounds, under the shade of an oak tree. The book she’d checked out of the library was open on her lap so she could study up on Cutiefly but she wasn’t making much progress. It felt strange to be doing anything without Miko sleeping beside her or exploring the tree above. She hadn’t released her from her Poke Ball since leaving the Centre – how could she face her best friend after letting her down like that? Miko had clearly been ready to carry on and continue the battle but Sydney had taken that choice away from her… and that was a horribly unfair thing to do. Taking a deep breath she reached into her bag and pulled out the Pokeball, tapping the button on the front to release her friend.

The Pachirisu seemed happy to be let out, never having spent a lot of time in there, stretching luxuriously, back arched like a Litten. Sydney waited for this little ritual to complete itself, Miko giving her ears and tail a brief grooming before turning her attention to her Trainer. She didn’t seem upset…

“Miko… listen. I’m sorry.” That seemed like a good start but Miko just tilted her head to the side inquisitively. “I’ve been thinking about that battle and, I mean, I’m not sure I should have stopped it. I don’t… I don’t know. I know it’s my job to stop things if they get too bad, that’s my call to make, but we never talked about it happening before and you seemed like you wanted to keep going and…” She trailed off in a sigh. “I just want you to know that I’m sorry. I should have at least asked if you wanted to continue. I should have trusted you more. Does that make any sense?”

Miko tilted her head the other way, large eyes regarding her Trainer, before walking forward and climbing into her lap. She curled herself into a ball then wrapped her bushy tail around her, settling down for a nap. Sydney laughed, it seemed like all had been forgiven – if Miko had even been bothered in the first place.

“Miko, thank you. But you’re on the book, can I just… sliiiide it out from under… no? No. Okay.” She smiled, scratching her companion behind the ears, content to just be together. They’d do better next time. She was going to be the one at this school to beat, she was sure of it.


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Dorothy Roseland

Outside the Dorms

Her heart was racing, palms sweaty, breathing uneven. Pupui may not be adept on land, but Dorothy could never run for more than a minute without seeing stars. In fact, at this point she didn't care about what others thought of her, rather for how much longer can she keep up with her poliwag.

The bag slapped the ground with every waddle Pupui made, more than likely crumbling the few cookies Dorothy had left. He made a stop and scanned the horizon to look for a way back to their dorm. That is where nobody will interrupt Dorothy's attention.

His pause allowed Dorothy to catch her breath. She was worn out and panting like a dog. Why would Pupui do such a thing? Why did he simply take off with her items? Furthermore, both the umbrella and towel were still at the beach!

Pupui continued his run to Dorothy's bad fortune. It wasn't enough to allow her towards recovery, but she managed to discern a trail of sand and items leading to the tadpole. To be specific, crumbs and... his Pokéball. It must have slipped during his escapade from the beach.

But the thought of returning him to the device made her stomach drop.

With a weak step she grasped the device and made her way towards Pupui. Sealing him away would prevent him from causing any more of a scene, not to mention the items that are falling out of the bag. Dorothy knew that partaking in an expedition to find missing items would be difficult enough.

Unable to go farther, Dorothy took a break at one of the campus benches. Students were scattered around, minding their own business. Were they judging her? Analyzing her every move?

She cradled herself, arms embracing her knees close as she rested her chin on her fragile arms. Pupui discontinued the dash, now facing Dorothy from afar. His bouncing and impatient shuffles didn't convince her to budge.

POOOOOOLIIIIIII. Dorothy wanted to proceed with the chase, yet her health prompted her otherwise. In a setting like this she wasn't going to risk it. And Pupui finally managed to catch on.

The water-type sauntered his way to Dorothy while managing to maneuver through the crowd. His face was that of glee, but her's reflected exhaustion with eyes half shut. It was when she laid her head back and closed her eyes that Pupui leaped on to the bench. He believed her was in the right to tear her away from somebody who might hog all of her attention. At first it was tolerable, but seeing her devote words and smiles for as long as she did to another living being irked the poliwag.

Pupui was jealous. He feared that she could easily be taken away from him - His only friend. The only one he doesn't bother to obliterate from his memories. She's tolerated, spoiled, and listened to him. She was all he had.

Upon the rest she fell into a nap, leaving Pupui to distract himself with the world around in the meantime.
The Dorms

The nap had been a bliss. Energy was regained and her nerves were calmed. Pupui had also fallen asleep on her lap, bag sloppily thrown to the ground. She was surprised nobody had stolen from her.

With Pupui passed out she carried him with her to the dorms. The bag may have been scratched and items lost, but nothing significant.

And here they were. In the dorms. It wasn't until she arrived that the fleeting image of her umbrella and towel sitting underneath the sun struck her, making her sigh in disbelief. "Oh why did I leave them there... I'm so stupid."

It was difficult for her to grow angered at her companion. After all he did create this ensuing chaos. Perhaps it was his cute factor. Maybe because he's like a best friend to her? Because he's so small?

Or because she had failed him as a trainer? The thought of the concept made her stomach churn. Mr. Roseland would have lectured her on the cowardice whilst Mrs. Roseland somewhat attempted at defending her child. Dorothy couldn't let it occur again, but oh was she mortified about going to the open fields.

She was also mortified about not having her parents at her side to depend on. So little indepence was taught and asked of her that the first day alone was too overwhelming. What should she do? Does she need to train? Does she need to rest? Does Pupui really need to go back to his pokéball? All these inquires and more could have been answered by her parents. Instead she's too frightened to take initiative; to act as an independent woman.

Dorothy sat near the window, staring past her reflection and on to the crowds of students outside.

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Naomi Junn And Desmond Allen
Oak Town
Small Town Scuffle!

Current Party


- x3 Poké Balls - x5 Potions - x1 Antidote - x1 Oran Berry

Desmond couldn't believe his luck. It was changing more often then a Protean Greninja changed typing. Now he was stuck on a walk with someone who irked him more than anyone had ever irked him before. He couldn't believe this girl had intrigued him before. Guess it was like the old saying goes, "Dont a judge a book by its cover". At least he didn't have to talk to her. Instead he pulled out his journal and began scribbling some notes while he walked. This was somehting new for him but he figured it'd be a good way to keep track of all he'd seen, heard and experienced. He quickly found himself lost in thought as he wrote down everything that had happened so far.

Hecate on the other hand wasn't as reserved and quiet as her Trainer. Instead she chose to glare at the waddling Totodile next to her, even adding in some low growls if the water type got a little too close for her liking.

Franky curiously glanced over in the Umbreon's direction. He would occassionally attempt to strike up a conversation, but every time he got close enough to start speaking, she would growl to try and scare him off. This made the Totodile quite interested in the Umbreon however, and only made him want to speak with her more.

"Hey, are you in a bad mood or something...?" Franky finally jabbered as he waddled over a bit closer, despite the Umbreon's rather intimidating sounding growls. "You haven't said much since we started walking... Are you hungry? I get that way when I'm hungry."

"What is with this guy?" Hecate thought, "Can't he take a hint?" She had growled intimidatingly, glared at him and snapped at him once even. Yet he just kept coming back.

She sighed and responded, "I'm fine, I just don't like other people and Pokemon. Especially, happy go lucky types like you." Hecate focused her attention back on the road. "So be smart and don't annoy me."

Franky tried to process just what the Umbreon was telling him. The Totodile could definitely tell that she was a bit cranky, but that little to turn him away. Rather, he offered the Umbreon a wide, toothy smile.

"Oh, you look strong though. I bet your strong, aren't you?" Franky questioned. "I like strong Pokémon. We should fight some time, yeah?"

Hecate's demeanor softened just a bit at the Totodile's words, guess he wasn't a complete idiot. She even found herself walking more upright and proud. She turned her head and smirked at Franky,

"Not that its any of your business but yes. I'm Desmond's ace after all," She turned away again, "Which means I can't be wasting my time battling a pipsqueak like you. Challenge me when you're stronger, how bout?" Hecate returned to her cold demeanor. "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to walk in quiet."

Franky didn't seem to be any close to being scared off, though. In fact, the Totodile seemed to be only more excited by this news. If a Pokémon was willing to brag so much about their power, he knew that that meant they had to be strong! Franky quickend his pace, managing to walk side by side with the Umbreon now.

"Come on, you can't just tease like that and then not wanna show it off. Now I have to fight you! Oh, it'll be so much fun!" Franky exclaimed. His eyes were practically glowing with excitement as he spoke.

"Just give it up," came a sudden voice, this one belonging to the Spearow perched on Naomi's shoulder. The bird hopped off and began to fly, slowly falling back to the two walking Pokémon. "I haven't known this one for too long, but I can tell he's loves a good battle. He spent the entire time we were in that Pokémon Center blabbering on and on about having a rematch and how we could train to get stronger... It was annoying."

Franky let out a nervous, yet honest giggle at Quinn's remark. "Okay... she does got me there!"

The second voice slightly startled Hecate. She had forgotten about the Spearow on that girl's shoulder. She seemed less annoying at least so Hecate directed her response towards the bird.

"Hmmm...I see. Well I meant what I said. That pipsqueak can battle me when its worth my time," The Umbreon smirked and made eye contact with the Spearow, "Now you on the other hand well...I wouldn't be opposed to a battle with you. Think about it."

Though probably not as strong as Franky, considering Quinn clearly lost if she was now on that girl's team, there was something else there. Anger? Power? Hate? Fire? Gas? All of the above? Whatever it was, Quinn would make for a good battle unlike that toothy, talkative Totodile.

"H-Hey, don't just ignore me like that!" Franky pouted, glancing between his teammate and the Umbreon.

"I'll... think about it," Quinn remarked, completely ignoring Franky's protest as she glanced down at the dark type Pokémon.

"Good to hear."

"Take a hint buddy," Hecate sighed and just shook her head. That Totodile was just too much for her. Thankfully their journey was over as they reached Oak Town's entrance. It would be a nice reprieve from the new Pokemon and Trainer.

"So... this is the town, huh...?" Naomi mused as she, Desmond, and the Pokémon arrived at their destination. The tone in the girl's voice showed that she was not impressed with what she saw in the slightest bit. "It's kinda on the puny side. Here I was thinkin' that an island housin' some grand and attractive accademy would have a huge city. This place looks borin' as hell..."

Desmond rolled his eyes and looked up from his journal with a look of annoyance."Before you make an opinion, try giving the place a chance how 'bout? Big surprises come in small packages as they say." He turned his attention back to the town. "Now the Mart should be down this way..." His voice trailed off as he struck off towards his destination.

Naomi gave Desmond a rather dirty look as he began to make his way towards the store. In most situations, the brown-haired girl would have already taken it upon herself to knock someone's lights out, especially if they were this irritating. The only thing keeping Naomi from performing that act now was the fact that she was fairly certain that an act of that nature would result in a one-way ticket back towards Goldenrod City... In fact, she was positive it would on the first day. Clenching her hands into fists, Naomi took a deep breath and began to follow behind Desmond. It was extreme misfortune that the boy happened to be heading towards the same place she was. This unfortunately meant that she would have to put up with his annoying attitude for at least a little bit longer.

Desmond heard the girl begin trudging behind him. Great, he hadn't gotten rid of her yet. Well since the two were stuck with each other a little longer, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to at least introduce himself. After all they had been hanging together for almost an hour or so now. It didn't mean he had to be best friends with her but at least they could coexist he supposed. Not to mention it'd probably be wise not to make enemies with someone, especially this girl, on the first day. He had to remember he wasn't home anymore. He was in a new place, all on his own. No more saftey net with the reform school. He sighed and channeled his best Leo impression.

"Look, its obvious we don't exactly think the world of each other but since we're stuck together for a little longer might as well at least know each other's names. I'm Desmond and thats Hecate," He gestured to the Umbreon walking beside him, "Not that you probably care or anything."

"You're right, I really don't," Naomi answered bluntly, not even bothering to make eye contact with the boy. She felt a small tug on the hem of her shorts. Glancing down, the girl spotted her Totodile staring up at her. An anxious look graced his features, as if he was desperate for the boy and his Umbreon to know just who they all were. Naomi sighed, rolling her eyes at her water Pokémon's pleading look. "Fine... I'm Naomi. This little runt down here is Franky and the Spearow is Quinn."

Desmond couldn't say he was surprised by her initial response. He was, however, surprised when she changed her tone slightly and actually did introduce herself. He didn't especially care but it was nice to see she had a little bit of a heart even if it was about as small as a pea.

"Well Naomi, its..." Desmond struggled to get the word out, " meet you all." Well he made it through that part at least. "So...where are you from?" Why couldn't the Mart appear any faster? Desmond wasn't going to last much longer.

"What's it matter to y-" she paused. Another tug on her shorts. Naomi was quickly starting to get annoyed with a particular Totodile. She honestly didn't know why it mattered to Franky with how much of a conversation she struck up with Desmond... or anyone else in general. For some reason, he seemed particularly eager to try and make some sort of impression. "Celadon City... Well, sort of. I was raised both there and Goldenrod."

"Hmm...Johto. Thats cool. I'm from Orre. The Under in particular. L-" Desmond felt a bump against his leg, causing him to stumble slightly. Balancing himself, he looked down at his partner who glared back up at him. She had a point he supposed. Better not to give out so much information right after meeting. After all, it wasn't like those two were gonna be best friends or anything.

Turning a corner, Desmond recognized a particular blue roof. "Well looks like we've reached our stop."

Naomi felt a wave of relief rush over her at the sight of the mart. She really didn't like where the conversation was going, especially considering the fact that she was more or less starting to give out bits and pieces of her life story to a jerk like Desmond. She really couldn't make the boy out. First he tries to eavesdrop on her back in the cafeteria. Then he went out of his way to be an outright jerk. Now he was trying to make small talk and find out every bit of information he could about her?

"This guy has to be a schitz or somethin'..." Naomi thought as she began to follow the boy inside the Poké Mart. She paused for a moment, taking just long enough to recall Franky and Quinn to their Poké Balls, before heading inside herself. "Come to think of it, today's been pretty mukty in general with meetin' new people. I dunno how Izumi finds it all so excitin'... It's damn right annoyin', if ya ask me..."

Desmond's mood picked up a bit after entering the Mart. Finally he could get a little space away from that awful girl. Everything would've been fine if she hadn't been so rude to him after he was just checking up on her. Sure he didn't handle it great but she started it.

Sighing, he turned down an aisle. Before him was exactly what he was looking for. Shelves upon shelevs lined with TMs. Moving down the aisle, he looked the TMs over. He didn't know exactly what he was looking for figured he'd know it when he saw it.

"Lets see here...Sandstorm...Fire Blast...Rock Tomb...Aerial Ace..." Desmond paused at TM 40, Aerial Ace. This was the one, the move he wanted. He quickly glancd down at the price tag but was met with disappointment. It was 1000 PokeDollars. He barely had 300. He was going to have to find a way to make some money. Maybe people in the town would need help with odd jobs every once in a while. Desmond was willing to do whatever it took if it meant getting that TM and bringing out his pokemon's potential. Instead, he quietly walked out of the aisle and back outside, on the lookout for his next destination. There had to be someplace in this town that would make his visit worthwhile.

Naomi muttered a quick word of thanks as she finalized her purchase before stepping outside herself. A small, albeit weak smile graced her lips as she carried a small bag out of the Poké Mart. Without so much as glancing at Desmond, the girl reached into the bag and pulled out her newly acquired pack of cigarettes. She wasted no time in quickly pulling one of them out of the pack and lighting it. Followed by taking a nice, long drag on the cigarette.

"That's better..." Naomi said to herself leaning back to enjoy the flavor in her mouth.

Her eyes lit up, as if suddenly remembering something. Taking a moment, the brown-haired girl glanced around. She suddenly seemed to be very concerned, as if she was worried about someone watching her or seeing her. With the coast seemingly clear, the girl reached into the pocket on her shorts and pulled out what seemed to be a Rage Candy Bar. As discreetly as she could, Naomi dropped the bar inside the bag as she began to walk away from the Poké Mart.

Desmond glanced around the area, trying to decide which way seemed the most promising. Behind him he heard the Mart's door opening. Probably that girl again... At least he didn't have to interact with her anymore now that she had reached her destination. Just then, Desmond caught a whiff of something awful. Turning his head, he noticed the girl smoking a cigarette. "Ugh...disgusting! That's what she was all in an uproar over?! Freaking cigarettes!"

Desmond was about as annoyed as could be until he noticed the next thing she did. It looked like she was pulling out some sort of object and dropping it into her bag. What caught his attention though was the way Naomi was carrying herself while she did it, like she didn't want anyone to see.

Desmond followed after her, "Hey! What do you think you're doing?"

Naomi glanced over her shoulder, the girl sighing as she saw Desmond approaching. "Arceus, shoot me... Are ya still hangin' around? Don't ya have somethin' else ya could be doin'?"

"I'd love to be doing anything else but duty asks that I be here," Desmond retorted back, "Now what's in the bag?"

Naomi rolled her eyes. "Not that it's any of your business... But it's my smokes and somethin' else I bought while I was in there." The girl paused, taking another puff off her cigarette. "Do ya try to get in everyone's business ya meet? Or is this just somethin' ya decided to save for me?"

"I wouldn't be all up in your business if you weren't acting so darn suspicious." Desmond shot back, "I've spent a lot of time around shady types, so you can't pull one over on me. What's in the bag?" He asked again, staring sternly at Naomi.

"Get... bent..." Naomi replied, starting to walk away in a huff. This guy was really starting to push her buttons and she was all, but ready to start beating the living snot out of him. The girl didn't manage to get too far, however. After a few short steps, she felt a hand suddenly grab on to her wrist. Naomi nearly stumbled forward, just narrowly managing to keep her balance from the sudden stop she forced to make. She quickly looked over her shoulder again to see Desmond holding firmly onto her wrist. "Are ya kiddin' me...?!"

"I'm not letting go until you show me what I want to see!" Desmond stabilized his footing, "This isn't my first time dealing with a criminal and I'd be an idiot if I let you get away." Using his other hand, Desmond grabbed Naomi's bag, pulling it off her shoulder and into his possession.

"Now lets see what we have here..." He let go of his grip on Naomi's wrist and began rummaging through her bag, "Cigarettes...candy bar...aha! This TM! I cannot believe yo-..." Desmond paused as he realized which TM it was. It had to be a joke. He could feel the anger welling up inside him, ready to burst.

"You stole this one...the one TM I actually wanted...?" He struggled to contain his emotions as he glared at the girl, a fire in his eyes.

Naom actually growled, grabbing the shopping bag back from Desmond. "For your information, I didn't steal that damn TM. I bought it with my smokes. It ain't my fault ya decided not to buy it back there, so stop playin' like your some tragic victim because ya missed out on it!" She paused, her voice lowering quite a bit before she resumed speaking. "The only thing I took was the candy bar because I ain't had one since I left Goldenrod and I didn't have the cash for it... What's it matter to ya, anyways? It ain't like they're gonna miss the damn thing."

Desmond couldn't help but chuckle, "You want me to believe that? Like you'd actually buy the one thing I wanted and steal some candy bar worth 2 PDs! Do you take me for some chump!? You are so done for!" He stepped towards Naomi and snatched the TM from the bag before running back to the store.

"Ya stupid..." Naomi muttered, quickly chasing after the boy. Without an ounce of hesitation, the girl quickly closed the gap between the two and jumped at Desmond, essentially wrapping herself around his back before digging her nails right into his shoulder blades. "Give me back my TM. Right. NOW."

"Arceus! What the heck!" Desmond yelped, "Ya it really seems like you didn't steal this! Hecate use Tackle!" The Umbreon quickly darted in, tackling Naomi from the side and getting her off Desmond. "Thanks Hecate!" He yelled back as he got inside the store.

"Sir, I believe this belongs to you!" Desmond slid the TM towards the clerk.

The clerk seemed startled as he watched Desmond run into the store with a TM. He seemed to regain his composure after a moment or two, glancing down at the TM that the boy was holding in his hands. The clerk to the TM from Desmond, before adjusting his glasses to look at the object closer.

"The TM for Aerial Ace...? I could have sworn I just sold that to a young lady about five or ten minutes ago..." the clerk mused. He glanced down at Desmond, concern evident on his face. "Oh dear... Do you think she dropped it or something...? She did seem to be in a bit of hurry when she left after making her purchase."

"W..what?" Desmond was clearly confused, "That can't be right. She had to have stolen it!"

"I'm sorry young man. I can show you the receipt." He rifles through the trash, "See, if you take a look here..." He gestures towards the receipt, "One pack of cigarettes and TM40, Aerial Ace."

Desmond gulped as he looked over the receipt, the realization dawning on him. "Well I'm screwed..."

"Alright, thank you for your time. I must have been mistaken..."

Desmond calmly turned around and walked out the door. He looked over at Naomi and without breaking stride tossed the TM back to her.

"Sorry...seems I was wrong." He muttered just loud enough for her to hear before heading off deeper into the town, Hecate right behind him.

"No muk..." Naomi grumbled.

The girl was rubbing her side in irritation, clearly still feeling a bit of pain from where the boy's Umbreon had tackled into her. Placing the TM back inside of her bag, Naomi huffed her way over towards a nearby bench. She glared at Desmond as she watched his retreating form. Something in the back of her head told Naomi that this little incident was not going to be the last... Not by a long shot.


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Ivrant Lehort and The Amazing Carbuncle

Ivrant decided to sit down and rest a moment after getting Buster a bit of training. He quickly realized that he was sitting on a completely different towel then the one he set up... that and an umbrella was all set up. Dorothy must have left it behind while chasing Pupui. He could probly bring it back when he finished up. He didn't carry a whole lot to the beach anyways. "Man... not even halfway through the day yet." Ivrant sighed as he rested on his back.

A sharp gasp followed by a rather derisive "Puff!" greeted Ivrant's ears. Nearby, a rather put off looking jigglypuff holding an ice cream cone and a refilled glass of lemonade watched Ivrant in disbelief. The small pokemon appeared unaccompanied, in spite of its apparent access to human food. "Jiggly! ji-gl-y puff!" the pokemon blurted out, watching Ivrant carefully. Oh! Were you just going to sit there and take ... whatever that was??

Ivrant jumped when he heard the puffball's noise against his ear. What on earth...? Ivrant quickly took note at how the Jigglypuff was holding both ice cream and a glass of lemonade. This couldn't be a wild Pokemon could it? No... it had to belong to a nearby trainer or something. He just rubbed his head and looked down at the puffball. "Uh... hello there." Ivrant said, just looking around awkwardly. What does he do here? It didn't seem to be hostile and if it was trained then what was it doing all the way out here?

"Jig..? Jig-ly! Ji-ig-ig-ig!" the jigglypuff replied rather unhelpfully, performing a series of bizarre hand gestures as if trying to guide a plane down a runway. Or y'know, a student off its blanket. As it recklessly waved its arms around, the scoop of ice cream it was holding fell out of its cone and landed on the pokemon's head with a sharp gasp of surprise.

This was seriously weird... it seemed to want to move Ivrant off the blanket though. Maybe he got the wrong one...? Ivrant scooted on over and took note of the mess on the Jigglypuff. "Uh... is this your trainer's blanket or something? Where are they anyways?" Ivrant asked it, not that he could understand it but he wasn't sure what else to do in this situation. "Do you uh... need me to help clean that off of you?"

The jigglypuff stood there frozen in place for a good long moment. Did--...Did Ivrant break it? And then, it slowly reached up and plucked the fallen scoop of ice cream free--before promptly swallowing it whole. It then popped the cone into its mouth as well--and then the glass of lemonade, glass and all! "Giii..." the tiny pokemon sort of whined, strutting on over and plopping itself down. It then waggled a hand in the air rather haphazardly in a carefree manner. One couldn't be sure, but it seemed like the jigglypuff didn't much care for the question. "Jiggly-puff."

Ivrant was going to question how the Jigglypuff was going to digest all of that. The little puffball was bizzare for sure bit this clearly wasnt going anywhere. "Did your trainer go missing or something...? Seems odd to be out here on your own..."

At this, the jigglypuff began to gesture to the horizon, to the sun, to the sand around it, all in a whimsically pleasant sounding tone. And then? It pulled a pair of coolshades out of it mouth and plopped them right on its face. Oh. So that's how it was.

This mon seriously had some sass. Was he just supposed to leave it here? He had no idea if it was a wild or a trained Pokemon in the first place but he couldn't imagine a wild Pokemon knowing how to do this sort of thing. "Alllright... maybe Dynamo can get a better idea from you." Ivrant said as he reached down into his bag and let the flower pokemon out. Was about time anyways that he got some time in the sun. Dynamo looked over to the Jigglypuff curious of its behavior and just stared at Ivrant with a confused expression as well. "Yeah I don't know either this Jigglypuff just sort of showed up with all of this stuff... I'm kinda concerned that its trainer is missing or something." Ivrant explained. Dynamo rubbed its head and turned over to Carbuncle to try and chat with her.

("Hello there miss... fine day is it not?") Dynamo said to her, giving off a small bow.

Carbuncle leaned over a bit, glancing at the roselia. ("--Oh? Yeah, it is! I was just enjoying the sunshine myself. You seem like you should be out here enjoying it too!") Carbuncle replied rather light-heartedly, smiling contently at no one in particular.

The Roselia smiled at the Jigglypuff. She seemed to be kind enough at the least. ("ah yes! That sounds like a fine idea. Our new companions have been out here practicingw with my trainer so it is quite nice to finally have some time out of the ball. Are you with your trainer as well miss?") Dynamo said, trying to sound proper and polite to the jigglypuff.

The ladypuff did a double take. ("Your trainer doesn't let you out whenever you want?") she asked in mild disbelief. ("Man, I'm glad mine isn't like that. Half the time I can just go off without her even noticing! She's busy studying for school or something. I'm taking a me day to relax!")

Dynamo looked back at Ivrant with a hint of concern and back to the Jigglypuff. ("I see. That makes sense! Ah I never introduced myself... I am Dynamo, soon to be the finest fencer of the school. My trainer here is named Ivrant. A pleasure to meet you my lady") Dynamo bowed once again. "May I ask your name? And perhaps your trainers. Incase we happen to bump into each other in school!")

A moment's hesitation. Carbuncle smirked in amusement. Who was this pokemon?? She wasn't used to anyone treating her like this. ("Hm hm~ I She goes by Miss Arle. She's hear to learn about 'magic'.") Carbuncle explained in a rather casual tone. ("I'm Carbuncle. Between you and I, I'm just excited to be here~")

Dynamo grinned widely at her but was quickly taken aback from hearing that familiar name. ("Miss Arle? That sounds quite familiar... I believe we met her in the library not too long ago... she made mention of researching various ingredients. The girl had a breastplate of sorts correct? She talked about going to the forest...") Dynamo explained to her.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. (" . . . She went on an adventure without me??") Carbuncle replied, once again in mild disbelief. Hopping to her feet, she brushed herself off. ("Man, the only reason I wandered off was because I got bored! Why would she go out without me to protect her anyway?? Crazy girl..!") Carbuncle blurted out, moving to look around. She was probably ready to head off to a forest right about now.

("Do you need assistance looking for her? We are still new here but we have a map...") Dynamo turned back to ivrant and started to dig through his bag, searching for the large map he got earlier.

"H-hey Dynamo! Did you figure something out?" Ivrant asked as the Rosellia pulled the large map out and placed it on the towel. Dynamo pointed to the forest area just nearby Oak Town. since that was the main one that stuck out.

carbuncle promptly ate her glasses. ...Weird. ("I don't have time--! ...Actually that sounds really nice. Maybe I do have time for that.") she began to blurt out, only to promptly second guess herself. Maps saved time. Duh!

("We bumped into her awhile back... I've been in two battles since then so maybe she would have realized you were gone by then I'd hope...") Dynamo looked up at Ivrant and pointed around the forest area with a worried look.

"What's up Dynamo? You want to go to town? Kind of a long walk there... unless..." Ivrant looked at the Jigglypuff who seemed to be in a panic and... eatting more glass. Okay then. "Is your trainer around here? Geez that can't be good... I guess we could wander on over and try to find them.! I don't have anything else to do after all!" Ivrant smiled. Dynamo turned back to Carbuncle once more.

("Seems we're all set then miss Carbuncle. I do hope your trainer is alright. Quite reckless to go into the wild without you I have to say").

With that, Carbuncle drew in a comically large breath and inflated to many times her original size. Did she just ... eat the air? Was her entire species like this, or just her? The jigglypuff shortly rose off the ground and began floating her way over to town. It wasn't entirely clear how she controlled her direction, but she was ... flying! It seemed like she for one wouldn't be walking--or anyone smart enough to hop on, that is.

Ivrant was dumbfounded at this point. He just witnessed a Pokemon inflate into a balloon and just fly off. What the heck was this Pokemon? He knew it was a jigglypuff but he was not ready for this. "Uh... I guess we follow her????" Ivrant wondered aloud. Seems he'd have to grab this stuff later if nobody else did. He had a feeling Dynamo got the message through well enough so he'd have to rely on his judgement. Today was getting weird...

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power


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Dorothy Roseland

The Dorms

Dorothy couldn't do it. The pokéball was being caressed by her soft hands, unable to be utilized.

But she had to eventually. Pupui is asleep and she needs to take advantage. Mr. Roseland would display disappointment in her failure to return Pupui to his pokéball, as he had done prior. While he's thousands of miles away, Dorothy could already imagine his frustration.

Her hands fidget with the spherical device, mind conflicted.

But after a five minute thinking session Dorothy set the device down. She refused to go through with it.

Pupui stirred in his sleep, often in deep slumber while in the strangest of positions. Currently his rear end is being lifted up in the air, tail having fallen over his face, whilst forehead is planted on to the soft bed. It was almost adorable enough for Dorothy to forget his shenanigans and beating ever happened. Yet they did. And Dorothy felt a stab of guilt upon recalling.

"Oh Pupui... I'm so sorry," she muttered, convinced that she has yet to make up for their defeat. And to think annoyance was beginning to flourish inside - Oh no no no, she could never.

Where did it go wrong? Dorothy was pensive, analyzing their prior training fiasco. Recalling Pupui's moveset was an issue, as well as her fear to act. This was an issue, for she'd gone over this with her father.

Determined to better herself Dorothy sat her behind on the desk chair and booted up her laptop. With swift hands she pulled up knowledge spanning from battling to the Poliwag species. It hurt her pride, seeing as how type advantages, disadvatages, movesets, and other basics were topics she knew at heart. And yet at the moment of truth terror would lock them from availability.

"Yes, I already know he needs to avoid grass and electric types... um... training against fire, rock, and ground types should be easiest." The pages were scrolled through, their facts and tips absorbed for future usage. Light emanating from the screen lit up a small area around Dorothy, but the bed obscured it from Pupui. "Will need to... catch... catch a Pokémon that covers your weaknesses... o-oh I don't know if I can do that." A list of Pokémon were categorized for her convenience, allowing Dorothy to determine her best course of action.

Okay. So... Pupui is a water type and might evolve into a water and fighting type Poliwrath or water type Politoad. If I focus on the water typing alone... Paper was torn off a nearby notebook. She hastily scribbled, the sloppy handwriting unable to keep up with her rapid thoughts. ...okay... um, and... "Yep! I think I got it," she happily concluded, lifting her notes in pride. All they consisted of was a plan to follow to better her training and chances of successful battles. Not that she'll partake in them anytime soon, but the planning itself was entertaining to Dorothy.

"Pupui knows an ice type move to beat the grass types so we just need a Pokémon that has an advantage over electric Pokémon... But um... I guess I need to go to the library," Dorothy ended on a somber note. Constantly referring to her cell would drain its battery. On the other hand a book can be carried anywhere and there's no risk of bad signal or false information.

She was unable to return Pupui to his respective Pokéball, unwilling to face his reaction. Holding him amidst the chaos outside would certainly wake him from his slumber. Would earmuffs work? Heck, the move from here to the library would wake him no matter the method of transportation.

The Library

The trek from the dorm to the library was terrifying. No, mortifying. Pupui had been slumbering inside a backpack sporting a blanket and earmuffs. His stirring would freeze Dorothy in motion, only for her to continue a minute after he halted.

But inside the tranquil building there should be no danger. The walls muffled the outside ruckus that nearly woke sleeping beauty.

Students were scattered throughout. Some were studying, others reading for leisure, a few choosing texts. Dorothy would be amongst those rummaging through the aisles in glee, never having been in such a large collection of texts and knowledge.

Dorothy wasted no time acquiring the books she desired. Every minute counts when there's an energetic ball of disaster sleeping inside their backpack. "I would love to check these out p-please. Thank you." Now with her books held close to her chest a random image sprouted in her head: the umbrella and towel were still unattended on the beach.

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