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First of all I want to say that history is subject to constant changes, although the basic concept is the same, in addition to this, it was modified to be as dark as possible.


You are a 16 year old, you are good at your studies and your parents are famous actors.

One day, while you are studying, you feel an earthquake, you decide to go out to the patio as it seemed to come from there, when you arrive at that place you find a pink cat, when you approach it you see that it is badly injured and you decide to try to help it, but when you touch it wake up and another earthquake occurs in which you fall unconscious, when you wake up you find yourself in an unknown room, shortly after the owner of this appears, it is Artlín, the girl who found you unconscious in the forest and decided to take you home, After a conversation that does not end in much, Artlín suggests that they go with Professor Nilrrem, since he may know something of the "strange things" that you say, when the professor arrives at a conclusion, a drastic change occurred recently. in spacetime, which means that you are probably from another world, at first you thought that this was simply impossible, but when you see a strange creature (a pokemon) you think it's a dream, Nilrrem t e explains in detail what are the pokemon and their skills, your fearing these beings the teacher decides to give you a pokemon and tells you that the cat you saw was probably Mew, and it is said that this appears to people who manage to capture their attention and that a few years ago he appeared to the current champion, so in theory if you performed great heroic acts and become a champion could appear before you, after a long conversation in which Nilrrem explains everything about the world in which you are, it gives you a pokemon and you start your trip, at first it's hard to get used to it, but after arriving in the first city, you enter the gym and see a group of Team Reboot members trying to recruit the gym leader, after he refuses, they say they will recruit the teacher, you decide to go to the school, the battle is over, the teacher explains that they were members of Team Reboot, an organization whose goal is to eliminate all human and poke mon that they do not consider apt to live.

This is just the beginning of your adventure, in which you will meet allies and enemies, change your way of seeing the world and many other things.


Protagonist: You are a young exemplar, you dream of some day to stop living under the shadow of your parents, throughout your adventure you will drastically change your way of being.

Artlin: A nice girl, although she lacks common sense, she admires the current champion, since she saved her and her brother's life.

Champion Alowers: Always ready to protect if region, has fought against powerful members of Team Reboot, including its leader, Zero.

Team Boss Reboot Zero: He has a dark past, despite his appearance and ideals, he's a kind enough guy with good intentions.

Lightness: Team Reboot administrator, she was raised by Zero, she sees Zero as her father, and she would give her life for him.


-New region.

-New history.

-New tiles.

-Selection of pokemon from first to fifth generation.

Sorry for my mistakes, I'm Spanish speaking and I use the google translator.

We are looking for people with any type of knowledge, the discord group speaks Spanish, but it's not hard to use the google translator.

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