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Team Pokemon Snakewood Remake! (Spriter heavily needed!)

Started by Devlerine February 7th, 2019 2:08 PM
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Seen March 21st, 2019
Posted February 16th, 2019
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Hello, Pokecommnity!
I'm remaking the infamous hack, Pokemon Snakewood!
But I need some Spriters, as I only currently have one.
You don't need to be amazing or anything, just make some good generation 3 (ruby) sprites!
I need:
- Trainer Sprites
- Pokemon Sprites
- OW Sprites
You won't need to do much in terms of original designs, just respriting Snakewood mons!


Author of Tales

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Posted July 1st, 2019
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Oh hey, it took me a minute to recognize you here haha. Good luck with your remake!
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