Your First Shiny in BDSP?

Started by Yoshi808 November 24th, 2021 9:26 PM
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Congrats!! A shiny is a shiny. :D Are you planning on evolving and using it?

I haven't gotten any yet, but I'd really like a shiny Ponyta to use. It's so pretty and would've been awesome to have on my team.


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- My first shiny came outta no where while I was surfing. Manage to catch a shiny Seel. Now it's a good IV Dewgong. Not the best but I'll take it.
- Had to edit this. Just completed and captured another shiny. Got my shiny Giratina after 95 or 96 soft resets! I'm so happy right now.
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The only shiny I knowingly used was a shiny, lonely Starly in Gen. 4. It was going to be part of my team irregardless of being shiny or not. Don’t really care for shiny pokemon but I really like a Shiinotic shiny caught in SwSh. The only other shiny used in a game was a Groudon from Gen. 3 that I didn’t even know was a shiny until much later.


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I don't have any luck with shiny pokemon. I remain hopeful, but it doesn't ever seem to happen.

I've found a couple on emulators, but it's been so many years since I've found an actual shiny on a legitimate copy.


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no shinies yet for me :c kinda envious how so many people on social media seem to get a shiny starter?? wish i had the patience for that lmao


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My first shiny was actually a Shiny Stantler, I did it because I hope to be able to transfer it to Legends Arceus when that comes out if possible, and use a Shiny Wyrdeer on my team. I was actually really lucky and got it only on my 10th Pokeradar chain.


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I have never been a fan of the Radar for gathering shinies but I have reluctantly started learning to chain. Imagine my surprise when in a totally normal non-sparkling patch in a chain of THREE (3!!!) murkrow, I got one.

That was my first shiny in BDSP and my second full odds encounter ever :D


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I want to hunt for shiny but I don't know what is the best way to do it :P
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Likely my only shiny from this game is a Primeape I caught in the Grand Underground. By coincidence, it's the second one I have but the first I caught myself- the other is one I received in a Pokemon HOME Wonder Trade and that I was never able to figure out if it was legit or not. I may keep both, but at least I have one I know is the real deal.



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My first shiny was a Mareep! Followed by a Buneary, a few days ago. Got both of them through pokeradar chaining!


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I haven't gotten one yet :/ I tried some hunts via radar but can't keep a chain going for long lol.
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