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GT11 Pokemon Challenge Page 7

Started by Necrum July 5th, 2014 6:05 PM
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Update #2

I haven't been put on the Challengers' List, so hopefully my sign-up was alright as I finished the challenge.

After the previous update, I trained the entire team up to Level 55 (except Moltres, which had ended up at Level 81 after using it with the EXP Share to train the newly bred team). By that time, I was a little tired of training of training, so I took on the League underleveled. Here's how it went:
  • Wikstrom was easy, thanks to how OP Moltres was. He took out Klefki, Scizor, and Aegislash. Lucario handled Probopass.
  • Malva was tougher, because my main weapon, Kabutops was underleveled and had an unimpressive moveset. He took out Pyroar, Mightyena somehow took out Torkoal, Mega Gardevoir OHKO'd her Talonflame, and Moltres finished off her Chandelure after Mightyena started it.
  • Siebold gave Meganium trouble. Meganium took out Clawitzer, but Barbaracle (which was suprisingly fast) took it out with X-Scissor. Lucario avenged its teammate and Mega Gardevoir handled Gyarados and Starmie.
  • Drasna was almost as easy as Wikstrom. Mega Gardevoir soloed her whole roster.

Afterwards, I battled Diantha, who wasn't too bad. Moltres handled Hawlucha and her Mega Gardevoir, Lucario beat Aurorus, and my Mega Gardevoir took out her Goodra, Tyrantum, and Gourgeist.

The Team:

Moltres Lv. 82 (Wildcard) @ Flame Plate
Air Slash
Sunny Day

Mightyena Lv. 55 (#11) @ Black Glasses
Take Down
Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball

Gardevoir Lv. 57 (Hoenn Confirmed!) @ Gardevoirite
Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam

Meganium Lv. 55 (Harsh Weather) @ Miracle Seed
Solar Beam
Energy Ball
Sunny Day

Kabutops Lv. 55 (Rivalry) @ Mystic Water
Ice Beam
Rock Slide

Lucario Lv. 55 (Unity) @ Black Belt
Flash Cannon
Aura Sphere
Rock Slide

Challenge Complete!


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First and Last Update!

After a lot of grinding in Le Wow, I felt confident enough to challenge the E4. Wikstrom, Drasna, Malva and Diantha were easy enough. Siebold, on the other hand, knocked out 5 of my Pokémon. (Water Pulse confuse hax and DD Gyarados. :( ) After using almost all my revives I managed to beat the E4 and champion!

Here's my team at the end:

Houndoom. Level 68-
-Dark Pulse
-Sludge Bomb
-Nasty Plot

Heracross. Level 66.
-Swords Dance
-Brick Break
-Close Combat

Floatzel. Level 67.
-Aqua Jet
-Power Up Punch

Mawile-Mega. Level 73.
-Swords Dance
-Play Rough
-Iron Head
-Sucker Punch

Tyranitar. Level 72-
-Rock Slide
-Stone Edge

Malamar. Level 72
-Psycho Cut
-Night Slash

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After spending 4 hours tonight training my team and taking on the Elite Four I managed to reach the last challenge: Gardevoir. After failing several times I have decided to end my challenge here (considering it is the early hours of the morning here and I have a paperound at 7AM). I managed to defeat the Elite Four but I fell at the champion.

Even though I failed I really enjoyed this challenge, some of my Pokemon somehow made some amazing plays in the Elite Four battles and considering their level deficit (my entire party was LV 50-55) I felt it was a great effort. This challenge gave me something to work towards and it was really fun as Pokemon X has no post game, thanks for organizing this challenge and I hope to take part in something similar next year :)


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It's 3 AM here, and I'm finally done with my challenge, yay! Good thing it's the weekend, hehe.

I really enjoyed the challenge, pretty much everybody on my team were Pokemon I've never used before, so it was a lot of fun playing with them. Most of the training was done at the Battle Chateau and the Winding Woods, with most of the party holding Lucky Eggs, I made sure to rotate through my Pokemon so nobody was left out, well, except Butterfree, who stayed a Caterpie until right before the E4 challenge, oops.

Notes on the League battle in the spoiler, and then the team. As a side note, I actually have everybody in a different ball that matches each Pokemon: Butterfree is in a Premier Ball, Luxray is in a Quick Ball, Ninetales is in a Poke Ball, Camerupt is in a Repeat Ball, Gourgeist is in a Luxury Ball, and Amoonguss is in a Dusk Ball.

Wilkstrom was easy to beat; I had the sun up the entire time, and Ninetales did most of the job, with Camerupt stepping in to take care of Probopass. Siebold's Gyarados put up a great fight, I think this was the toughest Pokemon of the entire League, while Clawitzer fell to Ninetales's Solar Beam, Barbaracle to Amoonguss's Solar Beam, and Starmie to Luxray's Wild Charge.

Malva's team was taken down almost single-handedly by Camerupt, with Earth Power and EQ boosted by Growth; only Talonflame, immune to Ground, was KOed by Luxray. Drasna took the longest to beat, that Dragalge was refusing to go down. I didn't really have a plan for Drasna, so I just sent out whoever felt right at that moment. I think Butterfree was out once to use Sleep Powder, and that was the only time he did anything, haha.

Diantha was as easy as I remembered. And she kept referring to herself as the Champion? I just had to beat her again, haha. I had Ninetales set up the sun, and then beat Hawlucha. Sent Amoonguss to 1-turn Solar Beam Tyrantrum. Then it took Camerupt 2 EQs to beat Aurorus, so she managed to set up dual screens. I kept Camerupt against Goodra, and luckily he was able to take enough Muddy Waters until the screens wear off. Luxray killed Goodra and then Gourgeist, and got Mega Gardevoir down in the red. I had Gourgeist Shadow Sneak, and then it was over. Champion! Again.

Champion Miau
Party: 6/6

Allegretto ♂ Lv. 65
Compound Eyes
Timid and takes plenty of siestas
Stun Spore · Sleep Powder
Whirlwind · U-turn

Bluebell ♀ Lv. 65
Adamant and alert to sounds
Wild Charge · Bite
Thunder Wave · Roar

Belladonna ♀ Lv. 66
Timid and capable of taking hits
Solar Beam · Heat Wave
Hex · Hypnosis

Ellipsis ♂ Lv. 67
Solid Rock
Relaxed, but likes to thrash about?!
Earth Power · Earthquake
Flamethrower · Growth

Frilly ♂ Lv. 67
Adamant, also likes to thrash about
Seed Bomb · Leech Seed
Trick-or-Treat · Shadow Sneak

Zelleri ♀ Lv. 64
Effect Spore
Calm and very finicky
Solar Beam · Synthesis
Toxic · Venoshock


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I actually finished the challenge a few days ago, just been too lazy to update, haha. Anyways, my team was composed of:


#11: Valus ♂
Lv: 66
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Lonely | Takes plenty of siestas
Moves: Earthquake | Stone Edge | Stealth Rock | Double Edge

Bitter Rivalry: Celosia ♀
Lv: 67
Ability: Rivalry
Nature: Hasty | Mischievous
Moves: Wild Charge | Crunch | Fire Fang | Ice Fang

Harsh Weather: Cenobia ♀
Lv: 69
Ability: Own Tempo
Nature: Timid | Strong willed
Moves: Sunny Day | Quiver Dance | Petal Dance | Sleep Powder

Hoenn Confirmed!: Phalanx ♀
Lv: 65
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Impish | Likes to thrash about
Moves: Quiver Dance | Giga Drain | Bug Buzz | Psychic

Unity: Dirge ♂
Lv: 66
Ability: Unburden
Nature: Hardy | Somewhat of a clown
Moves: Nasty Plot | Dark Pulse | Shadow Ball | U-turn

Wild Card: Malus ♂
Lv: 66
Ability: Gooey
Nature: Modest | Takes plenty of siestas
Moves: Muddy Water | Thunderbolt | Dragon Pulse | Sludge Bomb

Lilligant here was easily the MVP of this run. Sleep Powder + Quiver Dance + Own Tempo is too strong for the E4 apparently, haha. Also, anyone gets a cookie if they realize where all of my nicknames came from.


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Update #2

Wow am I cutting it close. I ended up taking each of my six members through the Pokemon League 4-5 times per Pokemon before I finally deemed them strong enough. As a result, my Espeon (which was part of my main team) gained like 24 or so levels, maxing out at level 100. Anyway, I wasn't sure if I only had to defeat Red or if I still had to defeat the Pokemon League, so I decided to do both! Started with Red because he was easier, then took on the Pokemon League. Even wrote a log somewhat detailing my battles (warning, it is long):

~ Red sent out Pikachu; I sent out Xiao Pai (Hippowdon)
~ Sand Stream triumphed over the hail!
~ Xiao Pai set up Stealth Rock
~ Pika stood no chance against Earthquake
~ One down, five to go!
~ Red sent out Lapras; I sent out Dylas (Magneton)
~ Dylas paralyzed Lapras!
~ Healed Dylas
~ Discharge finished it off!
~ Two down, four to go!
~ Red sent out Charizard; I sent out Vishnal (Lapras)
~ Stealth Rock + recoil damage from Flare Blitz + Waterfall took it down with ease
~ Three down, three to go!
~ Red sent out Venusaur; I kept Vishnal in
~ Took the time to heal Dylas
~ Vishnal's down, but that's fine
~ Sent out Dylas
~ Dylas managed to paralyze Venusaur
~ Healed Xiao Pai
~ Venusaur put Dylas to sleep, but that's fine
~ Revived and healed Vishnal!
~ Venusaur's Frenzy Plant allows me to safely switch over to Xiao Pai
~ Crap, I forgot Ground does neutral damage to Venusaur
~ Xiao Pai is down and Venusaur has a lot of its health back
~ Sent out Dylas
~ Fully healed Dylas
~ Revived Xiao Pai
~ Healed Dylas so it could take Frenzy Plant
~ Switched to Margaret (Pidgeot)
~ Venusaur took down Margaret; unfortunately, Red'll be healing Venusaur next turn, too
~ Sent out Dylas
~ Since Red used a Full Restore, I took the time to paralyze Venusaur once more
~ Healed Dylas
~ Revived Margaret
~ Healed Xiao Pai
~ Damn crit. from Frenzy Plant took down Dylas
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Boosted Vishnal's Attack
~ Switched to Margaret
~ Margaret's down
~ Switched to Forte
~ Revived Dylas
~ Switched to Dylas
~ ...Y'know what, at this point I'm just going to not say anymore 'til Venusaur finally faints
~ After a long fight, Margaret finally took down Venusaur with Aerial Ace!
~ Unfortunately, Dylas is down
~ Four down, two to go!
~ Red sent out Snorlax; I sent out Forte
~ Why must it know Blizzard
~ Going to keep healing Forte until Snorlax misses, runs out of Blizzards, or lands a crit.
~ Fortunately, Blizzard missed early, so took the time to revive Dylas
~ Whoo, Blizzard missed again; took the time to fully heal Dylas
~ And then Blizzard landed a crit. and took down Forte
~ Sent out Dylas
~ Dylas paralyzed Snorlax
~ Snorlax is out of Blizzards now, yippee!
~ Revived and healed the cost of Dylas's health
~ Sent out Forte
~ Boosted Forte's Special Defense with X Sp. Def three times
~ Used Curse five times
~ Healed Forte
~ Used Curse once more; Forte's maxed out on Attack, has x3.5 Defense, and x2 Special Defense
~ Two Rock Slides took down Snorlax
~ Five down, one left!
~ Red sent out Blastoise; I kept Forte in
~ Worried that Focus Blast will KO her
~ It did :<
~ Sent out Dolce (Donphan)
~ Even with Choice Scarf it isn't faster...
~ Blizzard took down Dolce
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Revived Dylas
~ Ugh I hate Focus Blast; it rarely works in my favor but always works in my opponents'
~ .....Somehow Vishnal survived
~ Healed Dylas
~ Sent out Margaret
~ Revived and healed Dolce
~ Margaret's down
~ Sent out Dylas
~ Dylas is down
~ Sent out Dolce
~ omg Thunder Fang paralyzed Blastoise; I have a chance!
~ Revived Dylas
~ Red has been defeated!


~ Will sent out Bronzong; I sent out Xiao Pai
~ Set up Stealth Rock; the bugger set up Reflect :<
~ And it used Gravity; doesn't it fear Hippowdon?
~ Crunch + a couple Earthquakes took it down
~ Will sent out Jynx; I sent out Dylas
~ Hate Lovely Kiss
~ Switched to Vishnal
~ Yup I hate Lovely Kiss
~ Woke up Dylas
~ Healed Vishnal
~ Gdit Lovely Kiss miss already
~ Finally
~ Waterfall KO'ed Jynx!
~ Will sent out Grumpig; I sent out Xiao Pai
~ Healed Xiao Pai
~ Crunch took down Grumpig
~ Will sent out Slowbro; I sent out Dylas
~ After a few Discharges (Will used a Full Restore), Slowbro is down!
~ Will sent out Gardevoir; I sent out Dolce
~ Gardevoir took Dolce down with Psychic
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Finished off Gardevoir with Ice Shard
~ Will sent out Xatu; I left Vishnal in
~ Ice Shard took down Xatu
~ Will's been defeated!


~ Koga sent out Skuntank; I sent out Xiao Pai
~ Set up rocks as per usual
~ Did Skuntank seriously think Dig would do a lot to Hippowdon
~ Earthquake OHKO'd it
~ Will sent out Venomoth; I sent out Margaret
~ I hate Double Team, but fortunately for me, Margaret has Aerial Ace!
~ Koga had to use his Full Restore on Venomoth, which doesn't bother me one bit
~ After some Aerial Aces, Venomoth is down!
~ Koga sent out Swalot; I sent out Dolce
~ Swalot was taken down swiftly thanks to Earthquake
~ Koga sent out Toxicroak; I left Dolce in
~ Aaand Earthquake took down Toxicroak in one turn, too
~ Koga sent out Crobat; I sent out Forte
~ Used Curse five times; silly Crobat thought it could win with Fly
~ Crobat cannot deal with Rock Slide
~ Koga sent out Muk; I kept Forte in
~ Thank you for boosting Forte's Attack with Swagger, Muk; helped her take you down with Gyro Ball
~ Koga's been defeated!


~ Bruno sent out Hitmontop; I sent out Dolce (there's no point in setting up rocks)
~ Aaand Counter took down Dolce
~ Sent our Margaret
~ Aerial Ace KO'ed Hitmontop
~ Bruno sent out Machamp; I left Margaret in
~ Thank Arceus she's faster
~ ...Too bad that didn't help her deal with DynamicPunch
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ Healed Xiao Pai; this may take a while, especially if Xiao Pai keeps hurting herself in confusion
~ Fortunately, it didn't take as long as I thought; Earthquake ended Machamp's wrecking career
~ Bruno sent out Hitmonlee; I sent out Forte
~ Revived and healed Margaret
~ Healed Forte
~ Swagger boosted her Attack to x3, so she managed to easily take down Hitmonlee with Rock Climb
~ Bruno sent out Hitmonchan; I kept Forte in
~ Close Combat somehow didn't take down Forte; however, it will at some point
~ Yep, it did
~ Sent out Margaret
~ Took down Hitmonchan with Aerial Ace
~ Bruno sent out Lucario; I kept Margaret in
~ Healed Xiao Pai
~ After landing an Aerial Ace, Margaret was taken down
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ I love Xiao Pai's bulk; Close Combat only took out half her HP
~ Will sent out Hariyama; I sent out Dylas (why not?)
~ Dylas was taken down quickly, unfortunately
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ Healed Xiao Pai
~ Hariyama eventually went down thanks to Xiao Pai's Earthquake
~ Bruno's been defeated!


~ Karen sent out Weavile; I sent out Xiao Pai
~ Set up rocks; Ice Punch fortunately didn't take her down (have I mentioned I love Xiao Pai's bulk?)
~ Switched to Margaret
~ Margaret fortunately lived Ice Shard, so I sacrificed her to heal Xiao Pai
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ Switched to Vishnal
~ Vishnal somehow survived Low Kick, but then lost to sand
~ Sent out Forte
~ Healed Xiao Pai
~ Sand took down Weavile
~ Karen sent out Houndoom; I sent out Dolce
~ Houndoom was faster, but wasted a turn on Nasty Plot and thus allowed Dolce to KO it with Earthquake
~ Karen sent out Spiritomb; I left Dolce in
~ Dolce took out over half its HP with Earthquake, then Spiritomb KO'ed itself with Curse
~ Karen sent out Honchkrow; I sent out Forte
~ This thing can't do a thing to Steelix
~ ...OK, maybe it can if it lands a crit.
~ Healed Forte
~ Used Curse three times
~ Honchkrow decided it wanted to use Whirlwind, but it got taken down by Rock Slide ^_^
~ Karen sent out Absol; I left Forte in
~ Gotta love physical attackers, thinking they can easily take down a Steelix
~ Finished Absol off with Rock Climb
~ Karen sent out Umbreon; I left Forte in
~ It also has Curse; how fun
~ Rock Climb managed to confuse it, yay!
~ Frick, forgot Karen still had a Full Restore
~ Thank you Forte for landing a crit.
~ Restored the PP of Forte's moves while letting Umbreon lose to sand
~ Karen's been defeated!


~ Lance sent out Salamence; I sent out Xiao Pai
~ Set up rocks; unfortunately, that's all Xiao Pai can really do this time
~ Switched to Margaret; she can't do much so I'll let her be sacrificed
~ Healed Xiao Pai (even though she didn't lose much HP...)
~ Margaret fell
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Ice Shard finished Salamence off
~ Lance sent out Gyarados; I sent out Dylas
~ It couldn't deal well with Discharge
~ Lance sent out Garchomp; I left Dylas in
~ Dylas can't really do anymore, so I'm sacrificing him to heal Vishnal
~ Also I just realized Garchomp has Sand Veil, so I may be screwed :<
~ Sent out Dolce
~ Sheesh, Outrage is really strong; took out Dolce
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Vishnal fell to Earthquake; this isn't good
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ Revived Vishnal
~ +2 Earthquake OHKO'd Xiao Pai
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Vishnal brought forth a miracle, landing a crit. on Garchomp with Ice Shard
~ Lance sent out Charizard; I sent out Forte
~ Revived Xiao Pai
~ Forte's down
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ Healed Vishnal
~ Revived Dylas at the cost of Xiao Pai's health
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Misclicked and used Ice Shard >>
~ Lance used his Full Restore, ughhhhh
~ And Waterfall could only take out half of Charizard's health.......
~ For some reason Charizard used Air Slash instead of Flamethrower; Vishnal may live to KO it!
~ He did and took down Charizard with Waterfall; unfortunately, the sandstorm brought him down
~ Lance sent out Dragonite; I sent out Dylas
~ Revived Vishnal; Dylas fainted
~ Revived Xiao Pai; Vishnal fainted
~ Sent out Xiao Pai
~ Revived Vishnal
~ For some reason Dragonite thought it'd be a good idea to use Draco Meteor twice (once against Vishnal and once against Xiao Pai)
~ Sent out Vishnal
~ Revived Dylas
~ Healed Vishnal
~ Fire Blast barely did anything to Vishnal thanks to the Sp. Atk. drop from Draco Meteor
~ Revived Xiao Pai
~ Dragonite's really trying, but it used Draco Meteor again so now its Sp. Atk. is really low
~ Healed Dylas and Xiao Pai
~ Oh hey Lance had another Full Restore
~ Healed Vishnal
~ Went back on the offensive
~ Dragonite finally went down thanks to Ice Shard + sand
~ Lance sent out Altaria; I left Vishnal in
~ Oh well, Ice Shard did Altaria in
~ Lance has been defeated, and I am done the challenge! \o/

My final team:


Margaret / He was #011! (@ BrightPowder)
Level 56 / Female
Adamant / Tangled Feet
Return / Aerial Ace / U-turn / Whirlwind
Trainer's Note: As expected, she didn't really deal many kills, though she made for a good sacrifice! Didn't even get to use Whirlwind, either, orz

Dolce / Bitter Rivalry (@ Choice Scarf)
Level 59 / Female
Lonely / Sturdy
Slam / Fury Attack / Earthquake / Thunder Fang
Trainer's Note: Dolce was somewhat useful, what with her Thunder Fang and Earthquake. She got some kills, which is good.

Xiao Pai / Harsh Weather (@ Leftovers)
Level 60 / Female
Naughty / Sand Stream
Dig / Stealth Rock / Crunch / Earthquake
Trainer's Note: With the ability to summon infinite sand, set up rocks, and take hits while dealing a lot of damage (and taking down many Pokemon), Xiao Pai was my MVP.

Dylas / Hoenn Confirmed! (@ Expert Belt)
Level 59 / Genderless
Careful / Magnet Pull
Flash Cannon / Discharge / SonicBoom / Thunder Wave
Trainer's Note: Dylas was useful as a defensive Pokemon, and he did get in some kills. Kinda wish I could've evolved him into Magnezone, but it's not in the Hoenn Dex in RSE, so.

Vishnal / Unity (@ Muscle Band)
Level 59 / Male
Careful / Shell Armor
Waterfall / Surf / Ice Shard / Strength
Trainer's Note: I didn't need Surf for Mt. Silver after all :V Anyway, Vishnal's bulk was nice, and Ice Shard + Waterfall made him pretty handy to have around.

Forte / Wild Card (@ Shell Bell)
Level 58 / Female
Calm / Rock Head
Rock Slide / Rock Climb / Gyro Ball / Curse
Trainer's Note: Amazing physical bulk made even more amazing with Curse, Forte's my best defensive Pokemon. Her Attack was also pretty good once boosted with Curse or Swagger and helped her take down plenty of Pokemon.
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Final Update #2 on Black 2.
  • Pics of evolutions and battles are in the spoiler, including the Elite Four.
  • Here's a video and play-by-play of the Iris battle:



Elite Four:

Champion Iris:

Hall of Fame:

Team Roxy (Final):

Riveon the Calm Latios, ♂ - L74 @ Soul Dew
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Psychic, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor, Ice Beam
Final Stats: 226/134/135/232/205/209
Iris MVP

Sol the Lax Ninetales, ♂ - L74 @ Leftovers
Ability: Drought
Moves: Fire Blast, Psyshock, SolarBeam, Calm Mind
Final Stats: 238/130/145/165/149/187

Cyclone the Timid Emolga, ♂ - L74 @ Zap Plate
Ability: Static
Moves: Thunderbolt, Roost, Discharge, Signal Beam
Final Stats: 175/123/116/139/124/211

OneOneFour the Bashful Seviper, ♀ - L73 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Shed Skin
Moves: Poison Jab, Crunch, Earthquake, Coil
Final Stats: 223/191/111/161/115/134

Juichi the Sassy Mightyena, ♀ - L74 @ Dread Plate
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Crunch, Super Fang, Ice Fang, Sucker Punch
Final Stats: 219/186/131/105/135/130

Rex the Hasty Nidoking - L75 @ Expert Belt
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Earth Power, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt
Final Stats: 250/165/133/170/142/177
Elite Four MVP


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I'm entering the Elite 4 with everyone at level 63 or 64. It's also one of the rare times that, while facing the Elite Four, I have Serebii and Bulbapedia up to help with type match-ups and to know the enemy team/move rosters. I feel like I need the handicap since this team will struggle if I'm careless.

Ironworks Chamber

I lead with Toxicroak and finish off Klefki with 2 Earthquakes. I use my other frog against Probopass, since unlike its cousin, Politoed can stomach incoming super effective moves. He managed to paralyze me, crit me, and use several Full Restores, but with my rain up, there was no stopping this train. I also sent in my Malamar to play with Aegislash. He used King's Shield, and Contrary's increased the attack sharply. Malamar sweeps the rest of Wilkstrom's team.

Blazing Chamber

Oh baby, it's getting hot in here. I'll let Politoed kick off this one. Oh oh oh Pyroar begins with Noble Roar, lowering my Special Attack, so it actually survives Surf. I predict the Full Restore and order Hydro Pump. Kitty got wet. I send out Crustle to deal with Talonflame, which tries to squeeze in a Brave Bird that takes about 25% of my health. I had equipped a Shell Bell on this beauty, so I heal up a bit after unleashing Rock Slide on the enemy. I'm not liking anticipating the Torkoal's Earthquake, so I use Banette for this match-up. I have some trouble with pulling off a 3OHKO. Hmm. I had to use a Hyper Potion. I forgo using Sucker Punch for the Shadow Claw, yet failed to outspeed Chandelure so Banette fainted. Politoed is able to clean up the damage.

Flood Chamber

Let's see what Luxray is capable of with Wild Charge. He OHKO's Clawitzer, haha. Gyarados scares me away so I switch in for Malamar. Gyarados's Intimidate sharply increases my attack. Two Night Slashes take care of that behemoth. I decide to keep my squid in against Barbaracle and unleash my Superpower.
:O! Barbaracle survived with like 15 HP! OH NO X-SCISSOR NO Malamar survived with 2 HP. Welp. I know my favorite team player now. He uses a Full Restore so my Night Slash doesn't kill. Oops, He uses a second Full Restore that I predict and go straight in for the Superpower, which ends that one. Incoming Starmie! I ask the folks if I should stick with Malamar or switch to Luxray. Decided to stay in. I have to heal my bae up, but Starmie fights on with Dazzling Gleam. Aww. No good, I'm in the yellow already. #tradecorner has failed me!
I switch in Luxray, which gets hit by a soft Dazzling Gleam. On the next turn, my Quick Claw activates and Luxray rekts Starmie.

Dragonmark Chamber

I miss my Toxicroak, so out he goes! I hear Dragalge doesn't like EQs, so there it goes! Her Pokemon is in the red, which triggers an unfortunate Full Restore loop. Stay down, you kelp dragon. Oh jeez, here comes in the Noivern. Taste the Ice Beam. Surprisingly, it survived that. Altaria also survives my Ice Beam. Hey, I know I caught a random Poliwhirl, but c'mon! I push through with more icicles to obliterate Altaria and Druddigon.
Oh, Druddy used Dragon Tail and brought out frog cousin! If you insist.. Oh bother, Toxicroak didn't finish it off and got hit with another Dragon Tail, which brought out.... frog cousin! I guess I'm just going to have to end Drasna with Politoed like I planned, huh, you crazy old lady. You don't even deserve an Ice Beam; you get a measly Echoed Voice. Shall we move on?

Radiant Chamber

I begin with Mega-Evolving Banette, but Hawlucha poisons me with Poison Jab. I either resist or am immune to its attacks, so I don't mind. Shadow Claw ends Hawlucha and Gourgeist easily. I use Politoed against Tyrantrum, but Ice Beam doesn't OHKO it. Tyrantrum faints itself from the recoil of its Head Smash, which left quite a dent.
I think Crustle needs to get in the action, and Aurorus is the perfect set-up Pokemon haha. I use Shell Smash while it uses Reflect, gosh. Aurorus avoids my Rock Slide and I avoid its Blizzard, yeah. I use Rock Slide and a flinched Aurorus can't move. OH YEAH. My Rock Slide ends Aurorus. Sammi must have blessed my Unity Pokemon. :D
I use a weakened Politoed against Goodra, but I manage to survive a Dragon Pulse. I sure do leave it up to the RNG gods to help me! I use another Hyper Potion so I'm able to unleash a chain of Ice Beam.
Malamar, Politoed, Toxicroak, and Banette can't handle Mega Gardevoir, so I'm trying Luxray. Luxray can't finish it in one hit and I keep having to heal it. Sadly, I switched in Banette to take a killing blow. Hm. I'm stumped.
I send in Politoed again and try a Surf, but Thunderbolt connects first. It doesn't matter because Politoed survives like a champ and finishes off Gardevoir with Surf. :D

Kiss of Death
Mega Banette
Lv. 67
Nature: Adamant
Type: Ghost

Make It Rain
Lv. 66
Nature: Hardy
Type: Water

Lv. 65
Nature: Impish
Type: Bug | Rock

Lv. 67
Nature: Adamant
Type: Dark | Psychic

Storm Front
Lv. 66
Nature: Adamant
Type: Electric

Lv. 66
Nature: Naive
Type: Poison | Fighting



Portland, OR
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Posted July 13th, 2017
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And so my challenge has come to a close. I trained all my team into the 60s, and then took on the Elite 4. I started with Malva because she seemed like the easiest one for my team, and I was right, she was really easy. Wikstrom wasn't too hard but not too easy either. Drasna was about the same as Wikstrom. Siebold though, Siebold was the bane of my existence. He was even harder than Diantha. His Clawitzer was surprisingly my biggest hurdle, as I really didn't have much to use against it. Diantha was great, I was able to use one of each of my Pokemon for each of her team mates, and it worked out great. Mega vs Mega, I won.

Final Team:


Harsh Weather



Wild Card

Stay tuned for a special preview of a future event coming to the Challenges Forum...


Eye of the Storm

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Wow, lots of activity right at the buzzer. Curious what this upcoming challenge will be, but I think I'm seeking out a breeding club now. I'm actually pretty good at that stuff, maybe better at it than challenges (saying that even with my quick performance here).
"Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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Building an event collection. If you want to help my sickness, ask what I have to trade!



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Wish lv. 62 @ Amulet Coin
Quiver Dance | Bug Buzz
Psybeam | Shadow Ball

Keira lv. 62 @ Eviolite
Giga Drain | Sleep Powder
Leaf Storm | Leech Seed

Aubade lv. 70 @ Everstone
Flamethrower | Sunny Day
Psychic | Hypnosis

Fallarbor lv. 71 @ Flame Plate
Rock Slide | Flamethrower
Solar Beam | Psychic

Yato lv. 69 @ Absolite
Swords Dance | Ice Beam
X-Scissor | Night Slash

Jarrett lv. 65 @ Mind Plate
Psychic | Morning Sun
Shadow Ball | Dazzling Gleam

Let's just say that training this team while dealing with the busiest week at work was not an easy task. The Elite Four wasn't too much for me. I made it difficult on myself by choosing two NFE Pokemon as well as something weaker like Butterfree, but it all worked out for the best. Except Siebold...yeah ♥♥♥♥ him. lol I actually lost to him and had to retry. My MVP was definitely Espeon, even though his level doesn't reflect it. But I was really rushing at this point. Challenge complete, birds!


Out of 33 participants, 3 were super moderators, 3 were moderators, 6 were crystal tier supporters, 3 were gold tier, and 2 were silver tier.

17 participants played in Kalos, 9 played in Unova, 3 played in Johto, 2 played in Sinnoh, 1 played in Hoenn, and 1 played a hack.

Out of the favorite Pokemon chosen, four Pokemon tied for the most picked. Umbreon, chosen by Jak and TeunCornflakes, Pikachu, chosen by CyclonGU and Griffinbane, Crustle, chosen by Sammi and Anna, and Absol, chosen by Yato and ScoSoap.

Three players found a shiny Pokemon, those being Keiran, Sammi, CycloneGU, and MIAU.

Orrefan8888 was the fastest to finish and in less than 24 hours of signing up. Jak was the slowest, signing up on day 1 and finishing at nearly the deadline.

This was Necrum's first time to run an event and he did great! Make sure you all thank him!
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