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I'm curious on how to make an ability in v19, I all the tutorials I can find are outdated, and the wiki has the one for v20, which I am currently not willing to put in the effort to upgrade to lol.

I defined my ability in the pbs, abilities.txt
268,RUBYCORE,Ruby Core,"Attack and Speed are sharply raised in a pinch."
Then I went into BattleHandlers_Abilities.rb and made an attempt at making it so attack and speed are raised by 2 when at 1/3hp or lower
# Ability: Ruby Core
  proc { |ability,user,target,move,mults,baseDmg,type|
    if user.hp <= user.totalhp / 3
What else do I need to do, as it currently doesn't work, and if needed, what needs to be corrected?
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The easiest way to make new abilities (or moves and items for that matter) is to find a like-styled ability and copy it. There is two abilities that kind of do what you want. The first, and easier one to copy is Berserk.

  proc { |ability,target,user,move,switched,battle|
    next if !move.damagingMove?
    next if target.damageState.initialHP<target.totalhp/2 || target.hp>=target.totalhp/2
    next if !target.pbCanRaiseStatStage?(:SPECIAL_ATTACK,target)
All you would have to do is change the hp amount to 1/3 instead of 1/2, and change the stat gains.

  proc { |ability,target,user,move,switched,battle|
    next if !move.damagingMove?
    next if target.damageState.initialHP<target.totalhp/3 || target.hp>=target.totalhp/3
    next if !target.pbCanRaiseStatStage?(:ATTACK,target)
    next if !target.pbCanRaiseStatStage?(:SPEED,target)
That will only proc when a Pokemon takes damage from a move that drops it below 1/3. So not from Toxic, Leech Seed damage, etc.

To make it proc on passive damage, you would have to copy the way Wimp Out/Emergency Exit is made, as it is the only ability that procs on passive damage that isn't a form change. However, I couldn't get that to work, and requires alot of script edits and additions. I would recommend making it act like Beserk.