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Other FULL Fire Emblem: The War Cry (T)

Started by Garison September 17th, 2015 11:29 PM
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The Grey Waves

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Fire Emblem

War Cry


You are a warrior (or noble if your a protagnist) who has been notiffied by the king that a mysterious guild has risen and are terroryzing the kingdom of Gohln. You are to team up with the Arjourian Marquess's son Korval to help take down the gang of mercenaries. But you will soon discover that there is more to them that meets the eye
How does this work?

Each player may have up to 3 characters. One being a Lord, your main character, and the other two being your retainers, all three having a similar character profiles (though with your retainers, you will have to explain how they ended up serving your lord.) When all the spots are taken up, I will assign NPC units to each Lord for you to command.

There will be three types of chapters. A normal chapter will focus on development of the characters and story. A war chapter will be similar to the FE games, where you would be commanding units to fight through enemy forces. The third kind is a "duel" chapter, which features a battle with a small amount of characters (usually the lords only).

The Rules

  • All general pokecommunity roleplaying rules and guidlines apply here..
  • While not nessisarily a requirment, it is reccomended that you have some basic knoweldge of the Fire Emblem series before joining (Knowing the FE reps in Smash Bros does not count as basic knowledge. :p)
  • The Rp is rated T. Some swearing is allowed, but keep to a minninun to like 1 or 2 per a paragraph. Younger readers can see this rp so "keep that in mind." Some violent acts are allowed, but please don't get carried away with the details and Characters are allowed to achieve S-supports with each other, but again do not get carried away.
  • Try to be realistic with your characters (well as realistic as a high fantasy world could get).
  • The Magic here is basically in a high level on the scale between reality and fantasy. The Magic system is based on the ones i the GBA titles ( The Binding Blade, The Burning Blade, and The Sacred Stones). See "How Magic Works" for more information.
  • You can Choose any class from the GBA title.
  • Each player has a limit of 3 RPC characters, unless they have a very good reason for excedding the limit like for story lines, which in that case, must send a note to me the GM.
  • Major additions to the story lore such as new races, magic, and completey new storylines must be disscussed with me through the PMs.
  • You are welcomed to create personal storylines for your characters, but if they are going to majorly influence the storyline, check with me through the PMs
  • Killing RPCs is not allowed without the owner's permission. You can go open season on NPCs however, but just be realistic and don't make a god out of your abilities.
  • The Weapons Triangle (not the one in Fates) will take affect, which means that sword classes will have advantage over axe classes, and they will trumph spear classes, and they'll beat sword classes, while bows and daggers will have no effect. The trinity of magic will also be used (Light> Dark> Anima> Light).

One of my favorite parts about Fire Emblem, are the Classes. We all know what these are. They tell you what the character's abillities and occupations are. Most of the Classes here are influenced by the Sacred Stones in Gohln and Dornar. Promotions can happen almost at anytime, except right in the middle of a direct fight. Just try to make the time and place you promote reasonable. You are more than welcomed to start as a pre-premote if you like If your character is a lord, but retainers cannot be pre premotes.

Most of these were copied and pasted from another rp I am apart of, not trying to advertise though so I won't mention it by name.)

The Trainees:

Trainees are the weakest classes in the entire RP. They are generally very young and start off pathetically weak. However, their power grows immensely in the long run.
Novices are melee units, capable of wielding only swords. Barely able to swing a blade, but fast enough to outrun the other Trainees.

Also being units that prefer hand-to-hand combat, Journeymen take to their strength rather than speed to simply cut things up with their axe.

The Hunter is a class that takes advantage of it's long range against others. Faster than Journeymen and Soldiers, but lacking in most other areas. They practice their skill with the bow.

Recruits live to fight in the front lines. Keeping the balance between strength and defense, they make use of their lances to pierce through the enemy's defenses.

Though not quite as strong or sturdy as Recruits, the Squires take advantage of their skills while on mounts, whether a horse, a wyvern or a pegasus. Lances give them the extra range they need to attack from their harnesses(type of mount must be picked at the start).

Apprentices of the arcane arts, Pupils make use of their magic tomes to burn, crush or purge their enemies(school of magic must be picked at the start). They aren't too fast or sturdy, so they rely on their long range, knowledge and high magic resistance to fight.

Basic Classes:

The basic starting classes for most members. Unlike Trainees, these classes have had some decent training and can hold off enemies by themselves in battle. It is still advised to move in groups, unless already well versed in combat.

Novice branch:

Probably one of the fastest melee units around, Myrmidons use their speed and skill to outrun their enemies and attack faster than others can block.

Thieves and Ninia make use of their stealth and speed to catch their enemies off guard. Theives and Ninjas can use their lockpicks to open even the most well locked doors. Dagger/Sword user. Thieves are much more adept at finding treasure then other classes are.

Provided with a small shield, Mercenaries have a good balance of offense and defense, coupled with some decent speed. Though the shield is not very good at blocking, it can be used to avoid a few arrows. Sword user.

Journeyman branch:

Strong and always ready for a fight, Fighters make use of raw strength to overcome their enemies. Axe user.

Not much of a thinker, the Brigand carries it's axe with pride, instilling fear in it's opponents. Axe user.

A man(or woman) of the sea, the Pirate would rather fight on top of a ship than on land. They are also known to be good swimmers, so they are the first to reach safety in case of a shipwreck. Axe user.

Hunter branch:

Having refined their aim over the years, Archers fare better off in the back ranks of an assault than in the front lines, providing the needed backup to decimate the enemy. Bow user.

As if aiming was hard enough, Nomads like to do it while on top of a horse. As if that weren't impressive enough, they actually have a good record of hits versus misses, so watch out for the arrows. Bow user.

Recruit branch:

Clad in armor, Knights have the endurance of a fortress and the strength of a siege weapon. A frontal attack against one is almost assuredly going to go badly. Lance user.

Unlike their armored counterparts, Soldiers prefer to give up some defense in exchange for speed. While they may not be able to take as many hits as the Knight, they sure can dish out as much damage as those do. Lance user.

Squire branch:

Cavaliers fight atop their horses, capable of wielding both swords and lances alike. Along with the extra mobility of the horse, they are truly a force to be reckoned with. Sword and Lance user.

Pegasus Knight:
Pegasi Knights are female-only warriors that ride the skies alongside their winged companions from the north. Lance user.

Wyvern Rider:
Feared by most people, Wyvern Riders have tamed the cousins of the dragons and have made them do their bidding. Able to provide support from the sky, they are welcomed allies in any battle. Lance user.

Pupil branch:

Having specialized in the elements that compose Elibe, Mages have made use of their knowledge to command the forces of nature. Anima user.

Acolytes stand strong against even the mightiest threads using their faith, which provides them with the light to cast away the darkness. Light user.

The dark arts, once prohibited by the church and even the magic schools of Etruria, are now at the disposition of those who want to learn how to command the darkness. Dark user.

Stand-alone classes:

A female-only class, Clerics use their staves to heal even the deepest of wounds, capable of turning the tide of a battle with ease. Staff user.

A male-only class, the Priest has seen the light. They seek to heal the roots of all evil. Staff user.

Riding across the world to provide support to those who need it, Troubadours have the speed needed to heal the warriors that lay even far away. Staff user.

A dragon capable of hiding his/her identity by transforming into a human, the Manakete has the strength of an army and the wisdom of Elibe. Thought to only exist in legend. Dragonstone user.

Promoted Classes:

Warriors known throughout the land due to their feats and prowess, reaching new heights. Not many even get to have a taste of such might, but those that do are even thought to have the power to slay dragons.

Available to: Knight
Weapons: Lance(main), Axe
With an armor even sturdier than that of Knights, a General has the power to turn the tide of a battle entirely on it's own. Their superheavy armor is meant to give the General the endurance it needs to make up for his lack of speed. Why dodge when most attacks can barely scrap the armor?

Great Knight
Available to: Knight, Cavalier
Weapons: Lance, Axe
Mount: Horse
While not quite as resistant as a General, the Great Knights are heavily armored units riding on top of horses, which gives this unit the advantage of speed over the General.

Available to: Cavalier
Weapons: Lance, Sword
Mount: Horse
Capable of raising an army's morale like no other, the Paladin ride their horses into battle without a single regret. Wearing medium armor, the Paladin and it's horse are rarely bested when it comes to speed, only beaten by flying units and mounted archers.

Available to: Soldier
Weapons: Lance(main), Sword
Halberdiers add the sword to their repertoire in order to better handle opponents in close quarters where lances would be at a disadvantage, though their origins as lance specialists are generally evident. Unlike Lancers, they tend to wear medium armor, possessing superior offense and defense alike with the versatility to handle any situation, at the cost of speed or especially heavy armor. May carry a small shield as well.

Available to: Soldier
Weapons: Lance
A lance user dedicated to the perfection of their art, Lancers eschew heavy armor and other weapons alike in the pursuit of transcendent mastery of the spear. Possessing superior speed and piercing power both in abundance, they sacrifice versatility and durability.

Holy Knight
Available to: Mercenary, Soldier
Weapons: Swords, Axes, Light
Holy knights are sacred warriors dedicated to a strong moral code. Along with swords and Lances, they can use white magic.

Divine Knight
Available to: Pegasus Knights, Cavaliers
Weapons: Swords, Lances, Light.
Mount: Lion or Eagle headed Griffon
Holy warriors mounted on a celestial Griffon (Eagle or Lion headed). They ride into battle on the blazing wings of their light breathing beast, slashing and blasting wicked warriors that stand in their way.

Available to: Brigand
Weapons: Axe, Lance
As the name suggest, Bandits are most commonly the cause of sorrow all through Elibe. While not necessarily always a bad person, the Bandit has become tired of only being able to wield an axe, so he has decided to take up lances as well.

Available to: Brigand, Pirate
Weapons: Axe
Taking the "macho" route, the Berserker travels the world without any armor, relying solely on the huge axe that come with the pack. Brute force is the way of life of the Berserker, but while their strikes may seem crude, don't underestimate their supreme skill with the axe.

Available to: Fighter, Mercenary
Weapons: Sword, Axe
Often carrying a shield as big as his body while wearing light to medium armor, the Hero shows that both strength and speed can coexist peacefully. A wielder of multiple weapons and master of both offense and defense, Heroes can adapt to any situation and shrug off blows that would fell lesser warriors.

Available to: Fighter, Pirate
Weapons: Axe(main), Bow
An unlikely combination, the Warrior decided that melee combat didn't just cut it in all situations, and has taken to practicing marksmanship in order to control the distance between him and his opponent.

Available to: Mercenary, Thief, (Assassin Only).
Weapons: Sword/Katanna, Dagger/Shuirken
The silent killer. Boasts a speed on foot that is completely unsurpassed - only mounted units can outrun him/her. Opening locks and killing is what (s)he does for a living.

Available to: Myrmidon/Samurai
Weapons: Sword
Known for his speed and skills with the blade, the Swordmaster is an opponent to be aware of, as they take the path of the blade to its extremes. Though not as fast as an Assassin or as strong as a Berserker or with as much range as a Lancer, the Swordmaster has the perfect balance of them all to get rid of his enemies.

Available to: Thief
Weapons: Sword
Rogues are odd ones. As agile as it gets, the Rogue can even open the most well sealed door with a small trick of hand, and does not even need to use lockpicks to do so. Handy. No treasure, no matter how well hidden or how well disguised, will escape the sight of a talented Rogue.

Falco Knight
Available to: Pegasus Knight(Female)
Weapons: Lance(main), Sword
Mount: Pegasus
Given the chance to pick between a sword and an axe, the Falco Knight has deemed the sword a worthy companion, and now soars the sky with lance and sword in hand.

Seraph Knight
Available to: Pegasus Knight(Female)
Weapons: Lance(main), Axe
Mount: Pegasus
Being the rebel of the family, one Pegasus Knight once decided that the sword was just not for her. Instead, she went on to pick an axe as a secondary weapon. Many were to follow her after that, the class being named after the Pegasus Knight that started the trend.

Dragon Knight
Available to: Wyvern Rider
Weapons: Lance(main), Axe
Mount: Wyvern
A fearsome warrior riding an even more fearsome beast. What more is needed to inflict terror upon your enemies? A sharp axe, of course.

Wyvern Lord
Available to: Wyvern Rider
Weapons: Lance(main), Sword
Mount: Wyvern
Much like the Dragon Knight, only that the Wyvern Lord feels more comfortable with swords than with axes. Doesn't make him any less fearsome, though.

Available to: Archer
Weapons: Bow
As precise as a Sniper Rifle, the Sniper can shoot arrows as far as a catapult can throw rocks. And amazingly, his aim lets him make contact most of the time. A great asset to any castle wall.

Nomadic Trooper
Available to: Nomad
Weapons: Bow(main), Lance
Mount: Horse
The Nomad thought that his horse and bow were all that he needed in the entire world. Until he met the lance. Now they are best friends. And for a good reason.

Available to: Nomad
Weapons: Bow(main), Sword
Mount: Horse
A simple variation to the Nomadic Trooper, boasting a sword instead of a lance. While it doesn't have the distance of the lance, the sword more than makes up for it with it's sharpness.

Mage Knight
Available to: Mage, Priest(Male), Troubadour
Weapons: Anima, Staff
Mount: Horse
A mounted mage of doom. Literally. Able to heal his allies in combat as well as burn his enemies alive, all while on top of a horse. Does it need further explanation?

Available to: Mage, Acolyte
Weapons: Anima, Light, Staff(only two of these*)
Having mastered the forces of magic, the Sage can use his soul and faith to devastate his enemies, just as he can relieve the burden on his allies.

Available to: Cleric(Female), Acolyte, Priest(Male)
Weapons: Light, Staff
Special Skill: Slayer(deals massive damage to undead beings)
His faith keeps him going, no matter the hazard in front of him. Faith in what, you ask? That is up to the Bishop.

Available to: Shaman, Mage
Weapons: Dark, Anima
Master of both realms, Druids wield terrifying control over the worlds of the living and the doomed alike. Their connection to Elibe allows the use of elemental magic that none but a Sage can rival, while their mastery of the Nether is rivaled only by Seers.

Available to: Shaman, Troubadour(Male)
Weapons: Dark, Staff
Mount: Horse
The Seer has total control over the power of darkness and the healing arts. Not something you see everyday. When you do, though, it might be the last thing you see.

Available to: Cleric(Female), Troubadour(Female)
Weapons: Light, Staff
Mount: Horse
Not happy with just being able to heal, the Valkyrie has now command over light and has taken to the battlefield along with her comrades.


If you have an awesome story idea, and you want to implent this in the rp during castle time, then you are more than welcome to start one. To create one, you need to write dow the main idea of plot, characters you might want involved in your story, and any important objects involved. Once that's done, submit the rp idea here, or directly to me through the PMs if you want it nto be a surprise. Then I will either reject, or accept the idea, and if the latter occurs, you may start the paralouge. Remember, when running a paralouge, the story enviroment is controled by you, and you may have some of the same privilages as the GM (but you are stilk bound to the ruless though). Keep in mind that you only control your paralouges, NOT the main storyline.

The magic system is based on the GBA titles as mentioned before. Here, Light magic beats dark magic, dark beats anima (or elemental) and anima beats light. Magic in this world is a power that can only be wielded by specific beings, but they are all born with their power, and have to learn how to unleash

You are allowed to use any magic tome or staff from The GBA titles or the Tellius saga. When you first start out, you will begin with a basic tome (example a starting acolyte would get light, starting shamans get Flux. Magic Lords being an exception, as long as they don't start with a legendary tome like excalibur). However, magic does come at a price, and if used too much at one place, the user's life force would be drained and they would die (this is actually canon for those who do not know).

The way magic grows is like how a normal fighter's strength does. The more you practice with your magic, the stronger it becomes, and the more easily you can handle more powerful magic. With that said, magic isn't very hard to understand, just as long as you don't become all god-like with it.



Character Tempelate/Sign-Up Sheet
Now that you understand the story, you can create your own character. To do so, simply fill in the forms below (you can add extra if you like, but include the following).

Name: The character's name.
Gender: the gender of the character, Male or Female.
Race: You may use any canon race from Fire Emblem. Retainers can be of any of these races, but the Lord must always be human.
Age: How old your character is. Prefered age is 16-30 for the lords. (this does not apply to races with long life spans like Manakeets or Laguz).
Appearence: The way your character looks; You may use images, otherwise be as descrtptive as possible.
Class: Choose from the "class" section. If you want a class that is not listed here, simply notify me. Note some classes are just under different names from the games, like the acolyte class is the same as the monk class in the GBA titles.
Weapon: pick a basic weapon (Iron sword, Iron Axe, Iron Bow, Light, Fire, etc) when first starting. Influenced by class. Lords may choose whatever non-legendary weapon they please.
Personality: The Character's personality. How do they behave in certain situations, and how they generally act towards other individuals.
Backstory: The character's backstory. It does not need to be long, but keep it reasonable so we can learn about your character's history. If you want to reveal this during the rp, you can leave it out.
Role Is this character a Lord or Retainer?
Talents: What your character is skilled at, and their special abilities.
Skills: Your charcters skills. Will be listed later.
Fun Fact: a fun not e about your warrior. (Ex. Has the worst bed hair case in the army, the worst singing voice in the army, the best armwestler, etc. If you can't come up with one you can leave this out.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, our anything you think should be added, feel free to say so here or PM me.
You can fly if you try

As long as you have a greened haired women sticking her nose in your adventures. :p


The Grey Waves

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Here is an example of a Sign up template (And the character I'll be using)Here is an example of a Sign up template (And the character I'll be using)

Name: Korval Dawnlight
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Country: Gohln

Appearence: Korval build is very imposing. He is taller than most other humans (6' 7"), has very broad shoulders, and his muscles are large and well toned. His hands and feet are also slightly larger in porportion to the rest of his body. His eyes are golden brown, and he has somewhat thick eyebrows. His hair is dark blond and is somewhat, and also has bangs over his forehead, as well as a five-o-clock shadow.

Normally, Korval wears a white, short sleeved tunic, with golden trimmings, brown gloves and boots, silver colored pants, a slim light blue cape and a band shaped crown on his head, as well as blue armor pieces (on his shoulders, chest, legs, and wrists.)

Class: Hero
Weapon: Silver Blade

Personality: Korval has a very direct manner of speech, and will point out anything he does not like or what seems very obvious to him, obviously not caring what other people would think of it (IG: If a king is a jerk, he'll tell it to his face). He also is slightly hot headed, though he is aware of this, and tries his best to keep it under his control. Dispite his gruff appearence, he is actually very kind hearted, and is quite a gentle giant. He is also very nurturing towards his friends and siblings, and protective of them, as well as being very humble and selfless, as he puts others lives ahead of his own (usually).

However, none of this means he would hold back on the battlefield. He actually wants the exact opposite in that case. The heat of battle really fires up his blood, and he always wants his opponents to fight as hard as possible (regardless of who they are).

Skill Type: Strength.

Role: Gohln Protagnist
Fun Fact: The worst dancing partner in the army.
You can fly if you try

As long as you have a greened haired women sticking her nose in your adventures. :p


The Grey Waves

Seen January 28th, 2017
Posted May 26th, 2016
103 posts
5.9 Years

If you played Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, you know what these are. While many people can become powerful through the magic arts, some people possess poweful traits known as Skills. Each character can equip up to four skills. When you first make a profile you can pick from one of these skills that is not marked gold (gold skills are advanced and must be earned). You may achieve skills as you progress through The War Cry Saga. At certalk points, I will allow you to pick one additional skill depending on your performance in battle. Here is a list of skills (I copy and pasted this from another forum, again, I am not going to advertise.)

Adept: One channels their natural energy into their weapon arm, allowing enough speed to strike a second time in the span of one attack. An advanced user of this technique can strike a third.

Astra: Slows down the target's movement just enough for four consecutive strikes.

Celerity: One channels their natural energy into their legs for a short burst of speed and agility. An advanced user of this skill can find themselves dashing across fields in a manner of seconds.

Counter: One uses their natural energy to redirect a fraction of the kinetic energy from a sustained blow back at the attacker. While a basic user of this technique can only redirect said force back at their attacker, an advanced user can send the force out in all directions.

Daunt: One releases a pulse of natural energy that creates a fear response in opponents. An advanced user of this technique can sustain this pulse if desired, albeit with a slightly weaker effect. The Daunt of a stronger user will overwhelm that of a weaker user.

Imbue: One channels their natural energy to aid the natural healing process. A basic user can take a moment's rest to stop heavy bleeding, while advanced users can use this ability to set bones and temporarily regain use of broken limbs.

Nihil: One uses their natural energy to stifle the natural energy of opponents within a very short range, canceling all skill usage. An advanced user can increase this range to a few yards.

Pavise: One grounds themselves with natural energy in order to defend against the full brunt of physical attack, but are forced to momentarily sacrifice all mobility for a short period afterwards. Advanced users can retain some degree of movement post use, but are severely slowed. Objects with more force than the weight of the user are unaffected.

Shade: One becomes completely still, channeling their natural energy to create a shimmer that takes advantage of the darkness, becoming virtually unnoticeable unless under direct scrutiny. Advanced users can do this in the daylight as well.

Smite: One surges their natural energy into their arms, allowing for strikes that can send an enemy flying. An advanced user can even send multiple enemies flying with a single swing.

More skills will be added soon.
You can fly if you try

As long as you have a greened haired women sticking her nose in your adventures. :p
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