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Moderator Applications for Video Games and Anime & Manga

Hey, everyone! Do you consider yourself as someone who plays a lot of video games? Perhaps you're a console player, or a PC player, and enjoy partaking in discussions with others who share your gaming interests? Consider applying to an open spot for PokeCommunity's moderator position for Video Games where you'll be working with IV on managing the section and coming up with new discussions and collaborating on ideas to either run events or generally making the atmosphere of the section fun to post in!

Or, perhaps, you're big into anime, manga and all the culture and merch that comes along with that. Are you the sort to always have an anime and/or manga on the go and a plan to watch/read list a mile long? If you enjoy discussing your favorite Japanese media with like-minded fans or delving into your hot takes on a popular franchise, you might want to think about applying to mod our Anime & Manga forum. There you'd be working with gimmepie to run different events and to promote conversation about all those series we all know and love (and maybe some other ones).

Here are some primary responsibilities:

  • Generally be active in dealing with section reports
  • Obviously be active in your section and interacting with users and starting new discussions if possible
  • Contributing to broader staff discussions (if possible), being proactive in regards to your section

If you are interested, here are a few questions you'd want to include and answer in your application! Before you submit your application, do note that it is mandatory to have a Discord account as staff use it quite often to collaborate when it comes to section ideas as well as PC as a whole. Keep this in mind before submitting your app.

Video Games
  1. What makes you suited to join the VG Team?
  2. What gaming consoles do you own? What makes you passionate about gaming in particular?
  3. What changes would you make to the section, if any?

Anime & Manga
  1. What makes you suited to join the A&M Team?
  2. Do you have a preference towards either manga or anime, or do you enjoy both equally?
  3. How often do you watch anime/read manga. Are you up to date with currently running series?
  4. How experienced are you with older franchises?
  5. What changes would you make to the section, if any?

If you're interested in applying for Video Games, please send a PM to colours with answers to the above questions! Likewise, if you're interested in applying for Anime & Manga, please send a PM to gimmepie with the relevant questions answered.

Please note - even if you are not currently active in VG or A&M, your application will still be considered.
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