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Help Thread Stuck in a ROM hack? Get help here! Page 7

Started by Spherical Ice May 12th, 2014 6:53 AM
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Posted April 21st, 2019
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Hi there.
I'm stuck in Pokemon clover.
I beat Animango's and Beehive's gyms, as well as meme inc. Still,
I cannot seem to exit from the south of Parax town (still fishermen are there) nor did I find the flute to awake the cacademon.

I think it may be related to this cellar key I don't want to play slots machine for. Is this passage really mandatory ? That's bummer then. Thanks.
Also does anyone know why I cannot see anymore the pokemon clover topic. Thanks.
I am currently playing Pokemon Y.
I do not own any RoSa game.
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Posted June 4th, 2019
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Hey all! Stuck in Pokemon CloudWhite.
I *think* it's v5.23d but I'm not sure. Don't know how to tell.
I can move my saves between a v5.23d and a v5.15 game. The houses are missing in both.

There is supposed to be an encounter in the town "Tarinopolis" that will unlock a new travel card. I can't get the card.
I'm supposed to fight someone to complete the scenario. There's one house where I fight Samurai Trunks every time I walk in. I can repeat that fight ad nauseum.
I compared my game against the full map--my "Tarinopolis" town is missing three buildings on the right side. Maybe the missing fight takes place in a missing building?

In case it matters, my inventory includes:
Lift Key
Card Key
Bus Card 1
Ferry Card
Secret Key
S.S. Ticket
Rainbow Pass
Mystic Ticket
Aurora Ticket
Ferry Card BW

Any thoughts?
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Posted June 27th, 2019
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Hey there, I've been playing Pokemon (Emerald and Sapphire) and I've recently discovered Pokemon Light Platinum. It's awesome but I need help here: I have an Eevee and I want to turn it into Leafeon (Grass-type Eevee) but I can't seem to find the Moss Rock, which is -supposedly- needed for the evolution. Help?
I seen a thread for this but it was terminated...any word about the finish? or a download link for it??
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Posted July 28th, 2019
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Hey guys, need help playing Pokemon Vega. Where do I go after I got Rock Smash and explored Porcelia Forest?


Beta Tester for Pokemon Saffron Version and Pokemon Chroma Version

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Posted 2 Days Ago
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Help me I am play pokemon adventure red chapter and I'm stuck on kinnow island,I try to surf but there's invisible wall blocking
the beta is over. wait until beta 15 (which should come out soon)
Rom hacks i support: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Firered Rocket Edition, Pokemon Orange, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron Version, Pokemon Dark energy

Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

beta tester for: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i decided since my beta testing is slow to just try beta testing 3 rom hacks. as i'm currently doing 2 at the moment i figure i could pick up a 3rd one to beta test. PM me or leave a visitor message and i will more than likely help beta test your Rom hack.
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Posted August 16th, 2019
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Hi, I want to play the Crystal hack Pyrite. I can get the game running, but I can't get past route 31. There are two trees blocking my path were there shoudn't be any (south of the guy next to a berry tree). In the original, there is supposed to be a path that lets you advance to Violet City.
Is this intentional or a bug? Did I miss an event or something? Help would be very appreciated.
(if this can't be fixed, is there a cheat code for walking through walls? I tried to restart, but with the same result)
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Posted 12 Hours Ago
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hey you guys,

im new here.. i want to start playing some rom hacks, but i want to do it on my 2ds with twilight menu++ (already installed) is that possible?

thanks in advance!

What hacks specifically, and do you have CFW installed? For GB/GBC/GBA, you need New Super Ultimate Injector, that's the best option.

Twilight's primarily for DS games, it does have GBARunner2, but that is nowhere near as good as ROM injection through NSUI.
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