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"Look What I Just Got!" Thread

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Old 4 Weeks Ago (1:54 PM).
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I opened a Guardians Rising booster box today.

Pulled a gold rare Fighting Energy, Toxapex GX, Metagross GX, Drampa GX, and a Sylveon GX as the ultra rares and above. Holos were Machamp, Alolan Golem, Comfey, Blissey, Dhelmise, and Goodra. Reverse holo rares were Victini, Politoed, Goodra, Comfey, Vital Dance Oricorio, Alolan Golem, Garbodor, Lilligant, Trevenant, and Chandelure. Rares were Probopass, Whiscash, Turtonator, Passionate Dance Oricorio, Sharpedo, Alolan Sandslash, Wailord, Heliolisk, 2x Feather Dance Oricorio, Victreebel, Lilligant, 2x Trevenant, Supernatural Dance Oricorio, Gothitelle, Garbodor, Lunala, 2x Rayquaza, 2x Talonflame, and Swellow. Reverse holo trainers were Aether Paradise Conservation Area, Altar of the Moone, Hala, and Field Blower. Normal Trainers pulled were 4x Choice Band, 3x Mallow, 3x Max Potion, 3x Rescue Stretcher, 3x Altar of the Moone, 3x Energy Recycler, 2x Altar of the Sunne, 2x Aether Paradise conservation Area, 2x Energy Lotto, 2x Multi Switch, 2x Field Blower, 2x Hala, 2x Enhanced Hammer, and 2x Aqua Patch.
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    I opened a Target Three Pack blister and a single, loose pack of Shining Legends.

    I think the pack of Shining Legends came in a three pack because there was an open 3 pack blister laying on the shelf and it wasn't priced either, but it was sitting in the 3.49 box. I think someone opened the blister for the holo promo and left the packs on the shelf. For the record I paid 3.49 for it.

    Anyways in the three pack blister I pulled Noivern Gx

    And in the single Shining Legends pack I pulled the test tube Mewtwo secret rare.....

    Even though it could have been weighed I like buying packs that stick out. One time I found an original pack of Plasma Storm at Walmart mixed in with a bunch of rereleased packs of Plasma Storm, it was beat up and dirty like it had dropped behind a shelf for years. I bought it and pulled the shiny Charizard.
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