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    Sorley + Golett
    April 27 // As Of Today

    The matrons have lectured them time and time again not to use this path.

    Traversing it involves a significant amount of climbing. It isnt safe. It isnt even really a path. But for Sorley, clambering down the cliffside has always been the fastest way to the beach. The matrons will certainly catch them this time, but it wont matter. As of today, theyre no longer under the matrons care.

    That is a thought Sorley hasnt actually yet come to terms with. Their whole life they have been looked after by the matrons, even if the last few years they have been allowed nearly full independence. As of today, there will be no more lectures, no more curfew, no more schedules. No more reading bedtime stories, no more family meals in the giant kitchen, no more beachcombing with their siblings, no more games of Cops and Rockets. The matrons assure Sorley that they are loved, and that they will always be welcome, always be able to come visit, but as of today the orphanage is no longer home.

    SORLEY! What have I told you about climbing down here?!

    Matron Samiras voice rings out from further down the beach, followed immediately by a medley of voices shrieking Sorleys name. A gaggle of children swarm around Sorley as they jump the last few feet down, questions firing off left and right. Sorley laughs. Shush, shush, one at a time! Hmmm. Addie, go!

    Is the Professor nice?

    Yes, shes super cool! Galen?

    Did you get any mustard?

    Yes, here, you can give it to Miss Bella. Yes, Nata?

    Did you meet other battlers?

    No, I didnt. The professor said a lot of them left a few days ago. Umm Beryl!

    No one speaks.

    Wheres Beryl?

    The group looks around, murmuring worriedly. Sorley stands on tip-toe, scanning the beach. The matrons are still further down, Bella prodding the grill and Samira briskly heading toward them with her Wigglytuff. Between Samira and the kids Sorleys eyes find Beryl. The little boy is turned away from them, but Sorley is immediately sprinting as fast as they can across the shifting sand.

    Golett! Out! Astonish!

    The squat golem falls heavily to the ground next to Beryl and looms over the Sandygast, making it flinch away and break its concentration on Beryl. Sorley skids over to scoop him up. Mud Sla- wait, no no, thats just going to give it more sand. Um! Pou- no, ghost type, shoot- Rollout, Golett!

    Goletts spin is slow to start and kicks up sand in all directions. Sorley pulls Beryls shirt over his face to protect him as they back away just before Golett shoots forward, momentum sending the Sandygasts form flying in all directions. Golett pops out of the spin some ways away and turns to face the reforming Sandygast, preparing to roll once more, but the castle quickly slides down toward the ocean, leaving Sorley to deal only with a crying Beryl.

    Hey hey, its okay, I got you. Sorley croons. I know its scary, but its okay now. No harm done, just a bit of a scare, yeah?

    Beryls sobs lessen as the shock wears off. Hes always been easy to comfort, Sorley thinks. Just having someone hold him is enough- and that had been nice change of pace from Addie and Kimmie. Set off by any little thing and taking nearly hours to settle down on bad days Sorley loves their little sisters and certainly could settle them if the matrons were busy, but theyd take cuddling Beryl over dealing with that any day.

    As of today, they wont need to comfort anyone anymore.

    Youre squishing, lee.

    Ah! Sorry, sorry. They loosen their hold and Beryl nods, appeased.

    That was quick thinking, Sorley.

    Matron Samira and Wigglytuff appear at their side. Samira reaches down for Beryl and settles him on her hip. What have we said about using shovels that arent ours?

    Dont do it, Beryl answers in his solemn little voice.

    What about shovels that you really want to use?

    Really dont do it.

    And why not?

    Cause thats probly a Sandygast.

    Good boy. Youll probably remember better now that youve seen one. Samira turns back to Sorley and Golett, who has finally made their way back to their trainer.

    Well! I never expected you to come back with a Golett, but now I think it rather suits you. Are you two treating each other well?

    Yes, Miss Samira! Sorley chirps. Golett nods slowly.

    Good. You must remember, the most important thing as a Battler- no, the most important thing in this world- is to

    Treat others how you want to be treated! Sorley jumps out of their skin at the chorus. Its rare that their siblings manage to sneak up on them, but here the other five of them are. Natalia, leader of the pack. Galen, still holding onto the bottle of mustard. DeAndre, keeping the twins Kimberly and Adeline from climbing all over Golett. Their family. Their weird, broken, mismatched, lovely, loving family.

    Sorley almost cries. Instead, they grin.

    Everybody, this is our new friend Golett!


    While it is still too cold for the children to swim, the beach gives them unrivaled space to run and play. Natalia organizes an obstacle course involving various toys and towers of sand which Kimberly and Adeline gleefully run through over and over, pulling Golett along with them. DeAndre drags Galen off on a secret mission after Galen gets scolded for trying to grill a live Krabby. Sorley, helping Matron Bella keep the wind off the grill, can see the two rolling large rocks around some distance away. Samira is definitely keeping an eye on them. Beryl is playing games with the waves under the careful watch of Wigglytuff, running toward the sea as it lets out and shrieking happily as it chases him back inland.



    Youre not yourself today.

    Thats Matron Bella, all right- straight to the point. No use trying to evade, either, but that never stops Sorley from trying.

    Am I not?

    Youre worried.

    Sorley waves a hand in dismissal. Nah, nah! Adventurings going to be fun! Seeing all kind of places, meeting tons of people and Pokmon-

    Youre worried about leaving us.



    I mean- yeah. Yeah. I take care of them all the time. I know! I know you and Miss Samira do too, but- Ive always been here. Theyre always with me.

    Sorley, look at them.

    As they look over to the girls, Kimberly trips herself and faceplants into the sand. Sorley knows whats coming. They start to move forward, but Bella stops them. Watch.

    Kimberly picks herself up, lip wobbling and tears forming. But before the wail that Sorley is used to pierces the air, Natalia is there. Brushing Kimberly down brusquely, checking her over, patting her back and sending her off. And Kimberlys tears never fall. Adeline takes her hand and they run off again, laughing as they had been.

    Look again.

    Sorley looks to DeAndre and Galen now, where they are setting rocks in some sort of formation. Galen is getting visibly frustrated trying to move a particularly large one and is looking more and more like he is going to kick it, as he often does when he is irritated. Instead of seeing their little brother hurt himself, though, Sorley sees DeAndre come over and help Galen lift the rock into a different place. And the two are off again, continuing their mission.

    Theyve learned from you.

    From me?

    Nata and DeAndre are nine now. Theyre big kids. They know how to handle their little siblings. They learned that from watching you.

    But whos going to protect them? Like the Sandygast-

    Did you wonder why Wigglytuff has been out, but my Machoke has not?


    Samira was going to take care of that situation. You were just faster.


    Youre valuable, Sorley, and you have done so much good here. But its time for you to start your own life. We are going to be just fine.

    Sorley sniffles and rubs their eyes. Theyre still refusing to cry. Then Bella hugs them, and they are sobbing.

    April 27 Actions

    1. Battle Sandygast // +2 levels to Golett // Golett lv 12

    i want to believe
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    Damien Lalune

    Level 18

    As Damien continued down Route 14, he looked to his left, seeing the spinning turbines as they spun with the wind. He let the view waiver in his mind before he turned his attention back to the road. When he did, he was hit square in the face with a rock. Right in the noggin. "Yee-owch!" He toppled back, and while holding a hand on the bump, he eyeballed everything around him.

    Spinarak, however, was sitting there. It wasn't really paying attention at the moment. However, as he winced in pain, he saw... what looked like a bird with a diaper on it. Made of rock. "Whaa... what is that?" He stood up, and took a better look at the small, bird-like Pokemon. It flapped it's wings as if it was challenging him, and cawed obnoxiously. It definitely looked like it was wearing a diaper, though. But it also looked like a skull, and Damien was already interested in catching this little miscreant of a Pokemon.

    Pulling out his Pokedex, he pointed the device towards it, and played the information audio:

    Vullaby, the Diapered Pokemon. It can't fly yet and must wait until its wings have developed more. Since it's still at a playful age, it hops around friskily. They tend to guard their posteriors with suitable bones they have found. They pursue weak Pokmon.

    "Well, that's kinda cute, if not weird. Alright Spinarak, care for a battle?" Spinarak, with no hesitation, hopped off his hair. It landed in front of him, opposing the miscreant. Vullaby cawed again, and flapped it's wings, creating a Gust attack. Both Damien and Spinarak were nearly blown off their positions, but Spinarak clung to the ground and his trainer shuffled back. "Urgh... alright, time for some lasting damage! Spinarak, use Infestation!"

    Spinarak's body vibrated, with small spider-like creatures appearing out from between his mandibles. The swarming attack skittered towards the Vullaby, and struck. Vullaby halted it's Gust to shake off the attack, but cawed with each painful bite and scratch form the small insects. Damien bounced back, and Spinarak readjusted itself.

    "Alright then, now I think we can use a String Shot and Constriction combination!" Spinarak immediately shot a thick String Shot, and after reaching contact, wrapped around the Diapered Pokemon, like a baby in a blanket. So not only was Vullaby taking damage from the Infestation attack, but it was dealing with Constriction from the String Shot. But, with enough struggling, and it's sharp beak, it broke free!

    Damien nearly called off another String Shot, but the Vullaby jumped into action, striking the Spinarak with a Fury Attack. Over and over, Vullaby relentlessly struck Spinarak. "Alright, let's try... something else!" "Spinarak, let's turn it around with Poison Sting!" Spinarak opened wide, and fired a round of Poison Sting into the Vullaby's face. It rolled around, cawing in pain.

    Shaking off the stingers, Vullaby tried a Leer attack. Spinarak shivered, it's little legs stuttering. "Ugh, time to end this! Let's seal the deal with Double Team!" With a flash, three, then five, then seven Spinarak appeared around the Vullaby. "Vullaaaa?!" It cawed in surprise, eyes wide and unsure what to do.

    Damien grinned, and made a final order with, "Now then, Poison Sting again!" All seven opened their mandibles, and fired. With no time, it made heavy contact with the Vullaby, knocking it out cold. "Time to take you in, you little trouble maker."

    Damien unclipped an empty Pokeball, and pressed the button with shaking fingers. "Now, time to make it count." He raised his right arm, and chucked it at the Vullaby, with a declaring "Pokeball, go!"

    "Vulla-" Almost getting up, it got it's head bonked on the Pokeball with a "thunk," being absorbed into the device. Spinarak sat off to the side, panting from the look of it. Damien stood a couple of feet in front, watching the shaking Pokeball. It shook to one side, then shook to the other. "Why is it so violent?"


    At first, Damien walked over, and squatted down to examine the Pokeball. The red light faded from the center button, signifying the capture. "Hehehe. Vullaby is mine!" With a triumphant snatch of the Pokeball and raising it to the heavens, he proclaimed his first capture. Spinarak, however, sat there staring up at his trainer. "Ah, right, lemme fix you up, my partner."


    After the battle, and after patching up Spinarak, he held up Vullaby's pokeball. "Come out, Vullaby." "Vulla!" Damien was greeted with a furious Fury Attack. "OWOWOWOW, Stop!" Unfortunately, he couldn't shield his face with his arms. Soon after, it hopped away and crossed it's wings with a huff. Spinarak was staring down at the new comrade, silently judging it. Sizing it up. Vullaby just glared back, but cawed at Damien. "Augh, right, here you go," he said as he offered the Diapered pokemon the remaining Pokemon food, and offered to heal too. "Vull... Vulla...." It fidgeted with contemplation, whether it should accept or not. However....

    With a snatch, Vullaby gobbled up the Pokemon food. And after finishing that food, Vullaby reluctantly sat down in front of Damien, twinging in pain. Vullaby shot another glare at the Spinarak, still staring. "Don't move, okay?" He sprayed on the wings first, then applied it by hand across her head. "Grr... grr...." Vullaby grumbled and pouted as it was practically being babied by Damien, but complied, still feeling the pain from the battle. "Little brat you are, eh?" Damien said with a grin. Picking her up, the Vullaby shook in protest, but met her trainer's eyes and paused. The amber quivered as it met his grey eyes. "Now, who's a little imp? Is it you? Yes it is!" Damien playfully "juggled" the Diapered Pokemon. Vulll-Vullaby!"

    "Peck, peck, peck, peck, peck," the sound of Vullaby's beak beating her trainer on the forehead could be heard. He groaned in pain, and gently set her down. "Alright, that'll take some time. Come along, why don't we all go together?" No answer came from Spinarak, of course, but Vullaby hopped up, and waddled next to her new trainer.

    Soon enough, after the bumps on his forehead formed and the bleeding stopped, he and his Pokemon reached Route 13, seemingly treacherous and steep. One wrong move could cause a painful tumble. The paths were narrow, but not as dangerous as first thought. "Now, just a steady course, o-" But no, the Vullaby marched in front, and waddled her way down the path. She clucked with each step, happily marching along.

    "Snuuuuubbull" Something small and pink rolled into Vullaby, knocking her on the ground. It appeared to be a Snubbull that was very... hostile. Vullaby rolled back up, and squawked at the Snubbull, jumping to Damien's front. She looked back at him with a glare, a look of waiting for him to battle. "Well, I'm not sure why the Pokemon here are so violent, but let's go. Use Leer!" Vullaby eyed the Snubbull, and leered at him with great intensity.

    Snubbull shivered and hopped back, but retaliated with a Scary Face. The two made the same faces at each other, amusing Damien greatly. He chuckled for a few moments before he woke up, and called out, "Now, let's try a Gust attack!" Vullaby flapped it's little wings fervently, creating a mean gust of wind being blown at the Snubbull. "Snuuubb...Snuub!" It rolled back, and bonked it's head on a rock, knocking it out in the process. "Err... well, that was definitely a victory. Heheheh," he chuckled, the Vullaby clucking with him as if she laughed with him. She waddled over, and kicked dirt onto the unconscious Snubbull, only to waddle back.

    She looked up at her trainer, and clucked with a "Vulla-by! Vull-a!" "You're saying let's go, right?" Vullaby nodded, hopping and flapping. "Alright, brat, let's go."

    And so, Damien and his Pokemon Spinarak and Vullaby, continued down Route 13. He was careful of anymore territorial Pokemon, or any trainers that may come his way.

    #2 - Catch a pokmon (if there was a battle leading up to the capture, levels gained accordingly. No need to wait for approval; you may capture pokmon in any way you like) +2 Levels(?)
    #3 - Move to a new area (Route 14 > Route 13)
    #4 - Battle a Wild Pokemon (+2 levels)

    Spinarak went up by 2 levels! Spinarak is level 20!
    Spinarak can now learn Shadow Sneak! Spinarak forgot Nightshade, and learned Shadow Sneak!

    Vullaby went up by 2 levels! Vullaby is level 10!
    Vullaby learned Pluck!
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    The sand was soft between her toes, and made her skin glisten in the sunlight. The water was still too cold at this time of year to swim in, at least according to Paige. Trapinch seemed to agree, and simply buried himself in the sand pretty far away from the water's edge. He looked like a large, brown egg there in the sunshine, his eyes barely visible above the ground. Electrike was more antsy, still.

    The electric dog had been barking at the water for many minutes now, after they had finished their meal. He hadn't seemed so aggressive before, so Paige wondered what was triggering him. Suddenly, she saw something glimmering in the water near a rock. Electrike growled and his hair stood on end all of a sudden.

    She marched up to him, which seemed to cause something, or somebody, to splash around in the water ahead.

    "Who's there?" Paige called out, stopping when the sea wetted her soles.

    For a few seconds, everything was silent and calm again. But then, a human shot up from the water, jumping up to sit on the rock. He was dressed in a wetsuit, wearing diver's goggles and snorkel, as well as a smile that made Paige feel uneasy.

    "Relax," he said when he saw her reaction. "I was just swimming around and saw your little meal and thought you looked cute."

    "You..." She had to take a moment to take in his words. "You were watching me eating with my pokmon?"

    "You looked like you were having a good time! And training so hard earlier too, you really deserved it."

    "Just how long have you been watching us?" Paige roared, putting her hands on her hips.

    "What, you don't like being looked at? I think you do. Else you wouldn't walk around with that fancy hair color and necklaces, and keeping your pokmon out in the open-"

    "Electrike, Thunder Wave!"

    Electrike merely blinked and then seemed to almost shrug, before he with a bark sent out a shockwave that made the guy squeak loudly when it hit him. He tumbled off the rock, back into the water.

    For a few seconds, not a sound or movement was heard again. A few seconds more. Then it hit her.

    "Oh god, it might have paralyzed him, and he fell into the... Oh no!"

    She hurriedly tossed aside her shirt and jeans, before she ran out into the water, diving down to where the guy had fallen, a few meters out. It wasn't more than a meter deep, luckily, and she found his body immediately. It was quite the effort to pull him up onto the beach, Electrike helping minimally by biting into his wetsuit and almost piercing it with his teeth.

    It wasn't until she turned him over on his back that she realized he wasn't unconscious after all. He seemed to have been holding his breath underwater, and was just slightly pale now. He sure didn't look arrogant anymore though. Seeing that he seemed unharmed, Paige's concern disappeared as quickly as it had come.

    "I hope you learned your lesson!" she snapped as she got up and picked her jeans up, regretting terribly that they were now sandy and her skin wet. This fueled her bad mood even more.

    "I'm sorry," came, rather weakly, from the guy behind her. He was now sitting up, glancing nervously at the growling Electrike who seemed to take it upon himself to be a shield between the humans for now. "Let me lend you a dry towel? I have my bag at the other end of the beach, it's not far."

    Paige grunted, but gestured for him to take the lead. She returned Trapinch to the pokball (he had been sleeping in the sand throughout the commotion) and picked her own bag up before she and her feline partner followed the strange diver through the sand. She made it very clear that if he as much as glanced at her legs now that she was pants-less, she would put him back underwater again.

    He hadn't been lying, at least. His stuff sat neatly next to a bike, and she was given a big, almost warm towel to dry the water and sand off with. When she was finally dressed again, and the guy had also changed into a bright t-shirt, dark bomber jacket, black jeans and blue sneakers, he finally spoke up.

    "I'm sorry," he said. "I was just joking around, you know? You're a pretty girl, come on. And you seemed like a battler too; how could I not want to watch you for a while?"

    There was a faint smile on his face, but not quite as arrogant as earlier. Paige decided to relax a bit. After all, she had been the one to put him in danger, while he had been pretty helpful and harmless so far. Not all human guys were douchebags. Some were completely fine... Like Damien.

    "Fine. I'm Paige. Who are you?"

    He seemed to really light up at her change in attitude. His face did look a tad bit sleezy, she thought. But judging people by the looks was bad, she had been told her whole life. His black hair wasn't very long, the fringe combed back by his hand now, in its seawatery state. The skin was darker than hers, certainly more because of genes than a tan, and his brown eyes and ultra wide smile looked pretty much like a commercial.

    Personality, not appearances, she reminded herself.

    "I'm Joshua. I'm a battler too."

    That finally caught her attention properly. "You are?"

    "Well... I'd like to be. Others don't want me to. I couldn't just head over to Fuchsia and get a pokmon from that professor, but I can battle in my free time. Well. When nobody sees, at least. So don't tell anybody in Rose Village! Alright?"

    She narrowed her eyes and glanced at Electrike, who seemed to have grown bored with being wary and started casually scratching himself behind the ear instead.

    "I'll keep your secret... If you battle us!"

    "Ouch. I'm terrified of that little creature now. You sure you want to terrorize me like that? Could you use your other pokmon instead, maybe?" he said, with a very pleading face.

    "Sorry. I think Trapinch is sleeping, and I wouldn't pull him out of that just to force him to battle." While that was true, she also would enjoy terrorizing him a bit more.

    He didn't seem pleased at all, but reluctantly agreed and put some space between them.

    "Okay buddy, let's show them what we've got. Major, go!"

    What materialized on the 'battlefield' was a Poliwag. It looked very jolly, even when the electric dog stepped up in front of its trainer to be the water type's opponent. No sign of intimidation at all. In only a few moments, Paige found herself even more intrigue by the pokmon than by its trainer.

    The battle was surprisingly long. Still not actually long, or particularly gruesome. But longer than Joshua seemed to have anticipated. He realized quickly that Electrike didn't know many electric moves, and started going out very offensively with Poliwag's Water Gun. Luckily, Electrike was rather quick at jumping aside, even after the tadpole used Water Sport to make the terrain even more bothersome for both Electrike and his trainer to run around in.

    Electrike manage to use a Thunder Wave to paralyze the Poliwag in place, but just when it seemed like they might be able to tackle their way to victory, Poliwag used Hypnosis. The already overworked dog was too easily affected by it, and fell into a deep slumber immediately. Laughing at the turn, Joshua called out for a final Water Gun to properly knock the opponent out...

    But Paige ran up and called out for it to end, before the attack could be delivered. Just like in the battle against Damien, she saw no reason to continue now. Her opponent would win without question, and she didn't want to expose her pokmon to pain unnecessarily. She picked up the sleeping puppy and gave it a hug, even if he probably didn't notice it, before she returned him to his pokball.

    "That was... different," Joshua commented, walking up to her. "You gave up."

    "It was over," Paige shrugged.

    "You don't even seem disappointed."

    "Eh, we'll get stronger. This was great practice!"

    Joshua snickered and shook his head. "That's not a great thinking for a good battler. You need to push and be daring in order to win. What if the Water Gun hadn't knocked Electrike out, but instead woken it up?"

    Paige considered it for a moment, letting her gaze wander from the trainer to the blue pokmon on the ground. It was looking up at her with an expectant smile. Smiling back, she bent down and patted its head. The skin was slimy but strangely warm against hers. The wind and involuntary dip into the ocean had cooled her down, and she realized she was actually shivering.

    "Maybe next time, we'll push harder. Maybe," she simply said, standing back up. "Your pokmon is really nice."

    "Thank you! We've been buddies for a long time now."

    "But he hasn't evolved?"

    "Well... If he did, people would notice I was battling, wouldn't they?" Joshua said, twisting his hands a bit.

    "I suppose. You don't have it easy, do you?"

    "Haha, don't worry about me! What about you? You look super cold. Maybe we should get you to Rose Village! There's a pokmon center where you can rest your Electrike up, too."

    "Sounds like a plan!" Paige said.

    She wasn't sure of this guy yet, but there wasn't really any point in holding a grudge or being suspicious for no good reason.

    #3 Battle a trainer
    Electrike +3 >>> Lv 9
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      Sorley + Golett
      April 27 // Familiar, But Not Too Familiar

      Route 15 is not an unfamiliar place. Well, the first half of it isn’t. Well… the first half of the designated road isn’t. Sorley is quickly realizing a fair few things about Route 15, and the most obvious is that the matrons had always taken them out here on nice days.

      The biting wind only gains strength as the afternoon wears on, catching Sorley’s baggy clothes and giant backpack, whipping the occasional untethered Hoppip past them. After nearly an hour of such torture, Sorley can no longer stand it and abruptly leaves the road to seek shelter in a small grove of trees.

      “I know I have pants in this backpack somewhere- ooh, and scarves, yes! And a hat- why do I have a hat? I can never fit them over my hair. Golett! Here, wear this hat. And… this scarf for you, and this one for me, and… oh right, I’m looking for pants. Ummm…”

      By the time Sorley locates a pair of pants to swap with their shorts, half the contents of their backpack are strewn over the ground. While Sorley haphazardly shovels their supplies back into the bag, Golett carefully places the beanie on their head and tries to pick up the scarf. It’s held back by some thin vines, and as Golett tries to step forward to free it, they realize that they too are held in place. Their quiet noise of surprise alerts Sorley.

      “What’s wrong- oh, you’re stuck? Wow, you really got tangled up; they’re not moving at all- oh! Oh boy now they are! How are they moving?!”

      A hiss from below draws their eyes to meet the gaze of a very small but apparently very angry Pokémon slithering its way out from the mat of vines. It is quickly joined by another, and another, and soon the entire forest floor is carpeted in Bellsprout, glaring daggers at the intruders.

      “Oh boy oh boy uhhh- use Rollout!” The spin begins slowly again, but the momentum builds enough so that the vines holding them down snap and Golett rolls out of the clearing, Sorley right behind and Bellsprout swarming after them. Rollout creates an easy path for Sorley run through, and the pair are much faster than the Bellsprout. Sorley sees them falling back to their grove in defeat. Golett pops out of the spin when they hit the main road and carefully brushes off their hat.

      “That could have gone much worse. We’d better be more careful where we step!”

      A hiss is all the warning they get before a lone Bellsprout leaps out of the grass, smacking Golett with the thin vines. Golett gives its attacker a hefty kick and it is caught by the howling wind, rather sadly flailing as it is blown back toward Fuschia.


      The thing about the setting sun is that once you notice that it’s setting, it takes no time at all for darkness to roll on in. Sorley noticed it twenty minutes ago and now it’s getting hard to see. Golett is leading, the warm glow spilling from the chinks in its rocky form lighting the road at least under their feet.

      “We’re really close to the campgrounds, I’m sure of it! Keep looking for a sign that says “Pomeg Trail”- wait, can you read? I don’t actually know if Pokémon can read. I mean, you don’t get lessons or anything, so you probably can’t. But can you learn? I think you can! We should try-- ow!”

      Golett turns to see Sorley rubbing their shoulder, having glanced off a pole stuck in the ground. Their eyes pan upward and illuminate a sign affixed near the top of said pole. Golett points, Sorley reads.

      “Hey, that’s- wow, we wouldn’t have found it if I didn’t run into it. That’s lucky!” They turn into the little path, trying with little success to avoid being smacked in the face by overhanging branches. Golett follows impassively, trudging along slowly until suddenly they run into Sorley’s back.


      Golett peers around Sorley to see a small campsite occupied by a lone person stirring something over a small fire. The person starts at Sorley’s cry, nearly knocking over their dinner.

      “Sorley? What on earth- why are you all the way out here?”

      “I’m on a journey now, I guess! It’s weird to say that. I just left earlier and I’m not even very far. Does it count as a journey if I’ve been here before?”

      Lexi laughs as Sorley and Golett join her at the campfire. “I think it’s the intention that makes it a journey, not the area. Did you get a Pokémon from Professor Oak, then?”

      “Nah, nah, from Professor Cypress. She was really nice! She picked out Golett for me after we talked for a while and she talked about working with my Pokémon to develop Aura. I don’t really get it but she just said to try my best to bond with my Pokémon and see if anything weird happens.”

      “Ooh, that’s neat. Pretty low-pressure, too. Your goal is basically just ‘make some friends’!”

      “Yeah, yeah! It’s pretty great. I haven’t thought about catching other Pokémon yet but it might get harder to make friends with all of them if there are a bunch, so maybe I should focus on Golett for now.”

      “As if you’ve ever had trouble making friends!”

      Sorley shrugs and glances away. “It feels different now that that’s my goal, though.”

      “Don’t worry about it being your goal. Just do what you usually do.” Lexi’s always been easygoing. Sorley appreciates that. “Did Cypress say anything about having to battle?”

      “I mean, she says I’m a battler now. I guess that means I have to.”

      “Aw, it’s not such a big deal! People mostly just do it to help their Pokémon hone their skills. Winning and losing doesn’t matter so much. Even when Pokémon lose, they still get exercise and experience.”

      “I guess so.”

      “We can battle tomorrow if you want. Just to practise! You trust me, right?”

      “Yeah. Wait, tomorrow?”

      “Well, it’s better to battle when we can see what we’re doing! You can stay here tonight- I’ve already got camp set up. And-” Lexi tastes her cooking. “-dinner’s ready! I’ll trade you a bowl of curry for some of your kickass trail mix.”

      “Ooh, that’s a deal!”

      April 27 Actions

      2. Move to Rt 15
      3. Battle Bellsprout // +2 levels to Golett // Golett lv 14 // Golett learns Shadow Punch

      i want to believe
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        Elise Greene

        After healing up Ray, Elise set off down the road again. She took the time to look through her Pokedex and study up on her Pokémons' moves. Considering their relative levels of experience, it didn't take long to learn them all. "I guess you guys are still new to fighting, so you haven't mastered many of your techniques yet. I can relate..." She put her Pokedex away, following the road as she lost herself in thought.

        Ray meowed in curiosity, smiling up at her. "Oh, I was just thinking. The Professor said we should study aura and the affects it has on Pokémon, but I don't know the first thing about it. I guess I should look around Lavender City when we get there, see if I can find any books on the subject. I'm sure Professor Cyprus would have read them already, but I'll have to start from scratch if I'm going to learn anything new." Ray purred, either unaware or uncaring of what Elise was talking about.

        "But until then, we need to get you into shape!" Elise scratched Ray's stomach as she teased him. "According to my Pokedex, you should have some fantastic powers at your disposal, but all you do is pounce on things!" She let Ray down so he could walk beside her. "Well, you do that thing with your eyes, and can emit light from your tail, but that's just the beginning! We've only scratched the surface of what you can do, so let's get to it!" Ray meowed, and Elise giggled as her face heated up. "I almost sounded like a real trainer there, didn't I?"

        A cool breeze gently picked up, which Elise turned to face, closing her eyes and enjoying it. "I guess I am a real trainer now. And I feel good!" She opened her eyes, just in time to see something pink hurtling toward her face. She yelped in surprise and spun around, causing whatever it was to smack off the back of her head. It didn't hurt much, and it floated to the ground at her feet. She looked down at it, wondering what it was and who had thrown it.

        It turned out to be a Hoppip, carried by the ocean breeze. It bounced when it landed, blissfully unaware that it had hit something, and trying to catch another breeze to carry it away. Ray's eyes grew wide as he watched it bounce along the road, and he looked to Elise for permission to play with it. "Oh, fine. If you can catch it, you can fight it." She took out her Pokedex as Ray chased after Hoppip. It described Hoppip's aimless bouncing as a Splash attack, a technique that served no purpose other than expending energy. It "Splash"ed off the ground again, looking for a breeze, when Ray pounced and Tackled it to the ground.

        Elise jogged over to the pair, surprised to see them both smiling like fools. "Ray, you should start with a Leer." Ray grinned as he looked into Hoppip's eyes, using his hypnotic eyes. Hoppip turned away and... uh... wagged its tail at him. The hypnotic motion put Ray off guard, while Elise consulted her Pokedex. "That was Tail Whip? But it barely has a tail! Ray, I suggest you blind it with Flash." Ray nodded, turning and shaking his tail at Hoppip, along with a dazzling beam of light. Hoppip bounced into the air, accomplishing nothing. "Okay, this fight is kind of awkward and embarrassing... Ray, use Tackle!"

        Ray pounced at Hoppip, batting at it with his paw and knocking it out of the air. It bounced off the ground and toward Ray, sailing right over his head. Fearing that it would hit her again, Elise froze up, watching it careen toward her. Ray didn't wait for a command, and rammed headfirst into Hoppip, sending it over Elise's head. He wasn't smiling anymore, concerned for his trainer. Hoppip fell to the ground and bounced, apparently forgetting about Ray and Elise.

        "Okay, we need to leave now!" Elise half-shrieked, fighting to get her breathing under control. Ray looked over at Hoppip, with its pointless bouncing and happy face, and frowned. The normally Jolly Shinx suddenly felt fiercely protective of his pet human, and resolved to drive off the smiling buffoon that had scared her. He charged in, leaping up and knocking Hoppip headfirst into the road, probably giving it a concussion. Rather than play with his toy, he smacked it away, where a stiff breeze lifted it up and carried it away. Satisfied that it was in no condition to fight, he went and sat by Elise, purring loudly.

        Ray's presence helped ease Elise out of her panic attack, for which she hugged him close. "Thank you, Ray. I really don't like battles. I'm glad I have you here to protect me." Ray meowed, as if to say 'Any time'.

        After regaining her composure, Elise led Ray off the scenic route and onto the main highway. They were less likely to encounter Pokémon up here, and would get to Rose Town faster than taking the hiking trail. Elise looked at Ray, noticing his healthy aura, and resolved to work harder to overcome her fears. The road took a left turn, and Elise found herself heading North onto Route 14.

        Actions taken:
        #3: Fought a wild Pokémon (Shinx level up +2=8->10)
        Ray learned Charge!
        #4: Moved location (Route 15 -> Route 14)
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        Route 12
        starting April 28 ic / March 23 ooc

        Reaching north of Route 13's eastern end is several kilometers of bridges lining the Kanto coast; this is Route 12, or the Kanto Waterways as it's sometimes called. There are no beaches, and the coast is very rugged and overgrown so instead, people travel on man-made bridges to get from Rose Village to Lavender Town. Since the waters are very deep even close to the coast, a lot of exotic water pokmon come in. Here and there, there are fishing huts and small holiday houses. The weather is most often rainy for some reason though, so it's not an overly popular resort spot, compared to Cinnabar or Cerulean City. It is, however, the most prominent fishing spot of the whole region!

        What to do here?

        - There are wild pokmon! Mostly in the deep water, but some come up to visit the bridges sometimes.

        - There are trainers! Fishermen, scuba divers, researchers, eccentric old people on holiday...

        - The closest pokmon centers are in Rose Village (on Route 13) or in Lavender Town. It's not impossible that you can heal up in some kind fisherperson's hut though.

        - Spend one action to learn about fishing from some NPC on the route! They will give you an Old Rod.

        - Remember you have max 7 actions for 2 ooc weeks... Choose what pokmon you want to capture, and when it's worth spending an action to battle trainers or each other instead!

        - It will likely be possible to move on to a new area on April 29 ic / April 5 ooc! Get your April 28 actions in before then - but feel free to stay for more than one IC day in any area you wish.

        Wild pokmon

        Slowpoke Lv 9-10 // Tackle - Curse - Yawn - Growl - Water Gun
        Tentacool Lv 9-10 // Poison Sting - Supersonic - Constrict - Acid
        Qwilfish Lv 9-10 // Water Gun - Spikes - Poison Sting - Tackle - Harden - Minimize
        Mantyke Lv 9-10 // Tackle - Supersonic - Bubblebeam - Bubble
        Corsola Lv 9-10 // Tackle - harden - Bubble - Recover - Bubble Beam
        Ducklett Lv 9-10 // Water Gun - Water Sport - Defog - Wing Attack

        Special pokmon

        Available only if you obtain an Old Rod!
        Goldeen Lv 9-10 // Peck - Tail Whip - Supersonic - Water Sport - Horn Attack
        Horsea Lv 9-10 // Bubble - Smokescreen - Leer
        Remoraid Lv 9-10 // Water Gun - Lock-on - Psybeam


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        Route 13
        Joshua had led Paige to Rose Village, a small settlement just north of the cliffs lining Route 13's coast. She had never been there before, despite its closeness to Fuchsia City. In the very picturesque and calm village, Paige enjoyed a break from the wilderness and welcomed a chance to sleep under a roof again, in the town's pokémon center. She tried to bide farewell to Joshua, who seemed reluctant to let her go. Thinking she had judged him too harshly before after all, she finally agreed to meet him for breakfast at a small café down the street.

        After a night where both trainer and pokémon slept soundly, tired after being new to traveling on foot, they gathered at the quaint café that was pointed out the night before. It was chilly, so Paige opted for an indoors table. She peered through the window for Joshua to come around, while her pokémon displayed various behaviors from the floor to indicate their state of hunger. She gave up when Electrike even jumped up in her lap to get her attention, and ordered some pokémon food for him and Trapinch.

        Just when she was about to cave in and buy some tea for herself, Joshua sprung into the restaurant. A wide, slightly crazy grin was on his face, and the Poliwag was clutched in his arms, looking slightly bewildered.

        "What happened?" Paige asked hesitantly when he came up to her table.

        "I did it!"

        "Did what?"

        "Told my family I was going to be a battler."

        Her eyebrows shot up, and she only then noticed the backpack he wore.

        "How... Did they react?"

        "Got angry. I got a bit angry too. But I left, and here I am now. Ready to go! Just need some coffee and proper breakfast first."

        He sat down, placing Major down next to Paige's pokémon and waving to the skeptical waitress behind the counter.

        Paige just watched him for a moment, not sure of what to say. He was excited, full of energy. She realized that he had changed his life, his whole future, with just a few words this morning. Had they been deliberate and well thought out? Or just spur of the moment? She didn't know him well enough to take a qualified guess. Glancing down at Major, she could tell the little guy was certainly a bit confused and surprised, but not necessarily upset. Electrike growled slightly when the Poliwag approached his dish, but Trapinch seemed to shrug before he pushed his own dish over to the water pokémon, who gladly accepted the offering.

        "So where will you go?"

        "Oh, I don't know really. I suppose I need a map, don't I? Haha." He leaned over the table and caught her eyes with his own intense pools of brown. "Or a companion with a plan!"

        "Companion?" She felt confused, but felt some kind of alarm start to ring inside of her.

        "I'll go with you, of course!" he said, as if it had been obvious. "You're bound for the gym in Lavender, aren't you? I'll need to train a lot on Route 12 to have a chance to beat that of course, heh."

        She hadn't noticed herself leaning back from him until she almost tipped the chair over backwards now. "I don't have a travel partner," stumbled out of her.

        "So the spot is vacant then," Joshua said with a wink, clearly not having taken the hint yet.

        "Pokémon are the only partners I need," she said, no wink on her face or trace of a joke in her voice.

        His smile froze slightly and he straightened up, as it seemed to start to dawn on him what she was getting at.

        "You would rather travel alone? Through Kanto? Won't that get boring?"

        "Traveling isn't boring, nor is battling. And I have my pokémon," she said, not looking at him. This was slightly awkward, wasn't it? What if the thing that had spurred him to finally break routine and proclaim himself as a battler was the thought that he might be able to travel with her?

        After a few silent seconds, she dared to look back up at him, and her stomach sank when she could see her worries confirmed in his expression.

        "You're ditching me?"

        "I never said I wanted to travel with you! I haven't said anything."

        "Fine then. Major!" He got up, and his pokémon exchanged a nervous look with Trapinch before it scuttled off to Joshua's side. "We're leaving, then. I'm going to become a battler without help. Without a companion."

        Paige felt the world start to swirl around her. She hadn't asked for this, and wasn't sure how to react to her new acquaintance being upset like this. Not even a day ago, she had thought this could turn out to be an uncomplicated human with whom she could have an uncomplicated acquaintanceship. Friendship, even. But humans weren't uncomplicated.

        "Congratulations, Paige Perrary. You have gotten yourself a rival."

        She heard the little bell on the front door jingle as he left, but all she could look at was the lines in the wooden table in front of her.


        The voice came from the lady in the coffeeshop, who actually sounded a bit more concerned than skeptical.

        "No thanks," Paige managed to say. "I... I think I'll need some coffee today."

        Not two days into her journey, and she already had a rival. Joshua Stones, the battler.
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        Damien Lalune


        Level 20 ♂ (Jolly - Insomnia) // Shadow Sneak, Double Team, String Shot, Poison Sting, Constrict, Infestation

        Level 10 ♀ (Impish - Big Pecks) // Gust - Leer - Fury Attack - Pluck

        Damien swiftly made his way through Route 13 after the events that he dealt with, and passed through Rose Village with no real need to stop anywhere. Eventually, he met Route 12, a series of man-made bridges that led travelers between Rose Village and Lavender Town. It wasn’t long that Damien walked down the bridge before he felt something graze over his head, as something flew over him. “Woah, holy fu-” “Quaack, quack-quack-quack-quack!” Damien turned, and saw a gaggle of Ducklett hanging out on the posts that lined the bridge. There were three of them, squawking as they laughed.

        Damien felt a tinge of anger, and looked over to his Spinarak partner. “Ready for a battle, partner? You’ll team up with our new Vullaby friend.” Spinarak hopped immediately to his post, ready to fight. Unclipping a pokeball, Damien called out, “Vullaby, let’s go!” As she materialized from the light of the pokeball, she cawed at the trouble-making Ducklett. All three of which seemed ready for a tussle themselves. But before they all flew in, one of them slapped both of his fellow Ducklett. “Quack, quaaack!” He glared at both of them, and pointed to Damien’s Pokemon, then looked back at his buddies. He held up two “fingers” on each wing, showing that though they were pranksters, they weren’t cowards and needed to fight fair.
        The Ducklett on the left seemed to quack angrily, probably asking how to determine who goes to battle. Damien and Vullaby, however, looked on in confusion. This was… definitely a sight to see. Spinarak simply stared at the three blankly, just as it always does. Before long, the third one raised it’s wing, and suggested something to the other two Ducklett. First, a closed fist, then an open one, and by the third gesture… Damien tried to hold in a snicker. They were going to decide with rock, paper, scissors. The trainer stood idly by and watched the Ducklett figure out the debacle. Spinarak sat quietly while Vullaby tapped her toes impatiently, wings crossed and watching with a pout.

        One, two, three! The middle Ducklett and the Ducklett on the right both drew scissors after a third attempt, while the last held up paper. It gaped a mouth open, and squawked in misery. “You ready yet? I’m getting a little antsy here, like my Pokemon,” Damien scoffed as he tapped his foot as well. The Ducklett that had won jumped down to the opposite side of Spinarak and Vullaby. “Alright, Spinarak, Shadow Sneak! Vullaby, use Leer!” Vullaby’s amber eyes gleamed at the two Ducklett, making them shudder before Spinarak’s shadow struck one of them. It knocked the Ducklett back, forcing it into the air. The second one fired a Water Gun attack, making contact on Vullaby. “Vullll!” The Diapered Pokemon rolled back, and nearly fell of the edge, had Damien himself not dropped behind to catch her.

        “Hey Vullaby, you okay?” Damien looked down, and saw Vullaby’s in tears and a small smile. But, she immediately hopped out of his arms, and cawed louder than before. Getting back up on his feet, Damien shouted out, “All right! Now, use Gust, Vullaby! Spinarak, use Poison Sting!”

        Spinarak fired off a Poison Sting on the second Ducklett, and before they could retaliate, Vullaby whipped up a hearty Gust attack, knocking them against the posts on the bridge. The attacks had knocked them out, both cold. The last Ducklett gasped, and raved at how badly Desmond and his Pokemon beat down his buddies. It quacked and squawked at him for a one on one match.

        Vullaby cawed, and hopped in front of Spinarak, eager to battle the remaining Ducklett alone. "Hmmf...
        alright partner, come back. Let's let Vullaby have this one." Spinarak complied, and scuttled back to his trainer, crawling up to his shoulder to watch Vullaby battle.

        The sea waves rushed beneath the bridge, the wind blew calmly. Both Ducklett and Vullaby held eye contact. Suddenly, the Ducklett flapped it's wings and took to the air. Then, it fired a Water Gun attack.
        "Alright Vullaby, dodge it!" Vullaby, using the skull diaper, rolled from one side, then to the other to avoid the second Water Gun. Ducklett, out of anger, immediately swooped down towards Vullaby with open wings. "Vullaby, get ready for a Fury Attack!" Vullaby held her place, waiting for Ducklett to come in close. And as Ducklett tried to smack her with a Wing Attack, she hopped and grounded the Water Bird pokemon. It struggled and fought, but Vullaby mercilessly pecked and pounded on the Ducklett with no pause. She fought much harder than before.

        She hopped back, off of the Ducklett. However... the Ducklett wasn't able to immediately take flight again. It slowly got up, only for Damien to call out, "Now, let's finish this with a Gust attack!" Vullaby flapped her wings with all her might, and once again, blew Ducklett into his friends, knocking him out cold as well. "Vullaby, you did it!" Damien hopped for joy, and picked up his Diapered pokemon. She squawked for joy, and hugged back.

        After that, Damien allowed Vullaby to walk alongside him and Spinarak, as they continued down Route 12.

        1. Move to a new area. Route 13 -> Route 12
        2. Battle a wild Pokemon (+1 levels to each of your battling pokémon)

        Spinarak's level is too high! Spinarak did not level up.

        Vullaby's level went up by 2! Vullaby is now level 12!
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        Martin Lovett

        After catching Rufflet and nicknaming the hungry bird Mickey, Martin made his way to Rose Village quickly. It was a quaint little place and Martin felt very at peace there. After spending the night at Pokemon Center and healing his Pokemon he set out towards route 13. Making his way along the cliffs and its pathways, Martin had to battle through a couple of surprisingly aggressive wild Pokemon. What was their deal? After gaining his wits about him, Mickey and Jolou were able to defeat the Wingull and Poliwag.

        After finally making through the route 13, Martin could see the beautiful route 12 and its seaside setting. Figuring it was as good a spot as any for a rest, Martin and his partners set up camp for the night on top of the last cliff, overlooking the route. His last image was of the moon shining brightly as the waves crashed against the shore before nodding off for the night.

        #1 Battled a Wild Pokemon
        - +1 level to Rufflet and Bellsprout
        Bellsprout -> lvl 10
        Rufflet -> lvl 9

        #2 Moved to new area, Route 12
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          Sorley + Golett
          April 28 // New Places, New Faces

          “Leave no trace” is a popular motto amongst trainers, championed by rangers and other ecological scientists. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to discern what happened at this particular campsite.

          In addition to a trail of rice and a granola bar wrapper, clear evidence of a battle is scattered around the area. Two trainers faced each other, that much is certain- this was no scuffle involving wild Pokémon. Tracks in the grass easily betray a Golett, though it is only on close examination that its opponent can be confirmed as a Shroomish. The Golett appears to have stayed in essentially one place during this encounter, which may indicate a less experienced trainer. The ground where it stood is littered with tiny seeds- Leech Seed was a component in this battle. Some have been scooped up with a handful of mud, though the purpose of that maneuver is unclear. The Shroomish tracks come right up to the Golett footprints, but are overlapped on the right side of the prints by a distinct imprint of a Shroomish body. The Golett most likely punched it directly into the ground. There is also a ring of yellowish powder in about a two-foot radius, excepting the point of contact between the ground and the Shroomish as well as a distinct silhouette where Golett stood. The Stun Spores are also packed into the dirt at a point just in front of the Golett footprints- it looks as if the Golett fell to one knee as it was paralyzed.

          Though there is no further evidence of battle, leaving a public site in this condition is considered rather rude.


          Taking the ranger trails through the forest, about an hour’s walk drops Sorley, Golett, and Lexi smack dab in the middle of Route 14’s main road. The morning haze has burnt away quickly, and weather is far more pleasant here than Route 15, due to the hills blocking the ocean breezes.

          “Seriously dude, what were you even going to do if you hadn’t found me last night?”

          “Um… sleep on the ground?”

          “Without a sleeping bag? In that wind?” Sorley winces at Lexi’s chastising. “And what about when you woke up at four in the morning covered in a layer of dew, freezing out of your skin?”

          “Camping gear doesn’t really grow on trees,” they reply gloomily.

          Silence reigns for a few moments. A Rufflet flaps away hurriedly as Sorley nearly steps on it.


          “It’s fine.”

          “I just get worried…”


          Before Lexi can say anything else, the underbrush in front of them explodes.

          “HOW DARE YOU?!” it screeches. Golett is unperturbed, but Sorley and Lexi jump out of their skin. “I can’t believe such rudeness! Such insolence!”

          As the bush continues its dramatic rant, waving its branches around menacingly, it becomes more apparent that it is not, in fact, some type of sentient plant. It is a human clad in an elaborate disguise- just taller than Lexi, and rather rotund.

          Lexi narrows her eyes. “What are you even yelling about?”

          “I can’t believe a ranger such as yourself would allow this to happen! That you would be the cause of such a travesty- inconceivable! How could you--”

          He is cut off by Lexi pulling him in by the collar. “What. The hell. Are you. Talking about?!”

          The man wilts for a second, but rallies quickly. “You two scared off the beautiful Rufflet I was watching! I’ll never get another chance to see one in person. I can’t believe such a terrible thing has happened to me-”

          Lexi pushes him away roughly and begins to walk away, Sorley and Golett at her heels. “That’s the worst reason to scream at strangers I’ve ever heard. Rufflet aren’t even rare here.”

          “Hey- you can’t just walk away after what you’ve done to me!”

          “Oh yes I can!”

          “No you can’t! I- I challenge you! Come back and battle me!”


          “Not you, the other kid!” Sorley turns. “Yeah, you! You scared away my lovely Rufflet, so you’re gonna pay!”

          Lexi sighs. “You don’t have to battle, Sorley.”

          “Yeah but…he yelled at you.”

          “It’s not a big deal. I can’t take him seriously after all that anyway.”

          “It could be good practise, too.”

          “He weirds me out though, dude. Who knows what he’ll want from you if you lose?”

          A flash of light brings a Litten to the man’s side. “Come on! My little girl will show you who’s in the right!”

          Lexi actually laughs. “Oh, damn. You know what, Sorley? Go for it. That Litten shouldn’t be a problem for Golett at all.”

          “Well… you heard her, Golett! Let’s go!”

          Litten growls as Golett approaches. Golett pauses briefly, then rushes forward to astonish her. She starts, but rallies with a scratch at Golett’s eyes that does… nothing. Golett slams a fist into Litten’s head; her eyes flash and a mouthful of flames latches onto Golett’s arm. It waves its arms around in a slight panic, looking to Sorley for help.

          “Beat out the flames!”

          Golett complies, beating its flaming arm- with Litten still attached- into the dirt. Litten finally releases the hold as she is smeared through the dirt, but takes the opportunity to lick Golett’s leg and darts away. Golett tries to pursue, but its leg is dead weight.

          “She’s paralyzed its leg,” A hint of worry tinges Lexi’s words.

          Sorley shrugs. “Golett doesn’t usually chase after anyone anyway. Mud Slap!”

          Golett scoops a handful of dirt from the road and heaves it at Litten, hitting it squarely in the forehead as it comes in for another attack. Litten is knocked off course and as she completely misses Golett, Golett swings a fist covered in ghostly aura to send Litten flying back to her trainer.

          “My baby girl!” The man scoops up his Litten, cradling her gently even as he yells at Sorley. “I’ll never forget this injustice! You’ll see me again- and I’ll get my revenge!”

          He backs away into the underbrush once more, leaving Sorley rather dumbfounded. Lexi tosses a few berries to Golett. “Eat those; one’s for your leg and the other’s for health. Just like when we battled earlier.”

          Golett nods and begins munching on the fruit. Sorley shakes themselves out of their stupor. “Is that… is that a common way to act? For trainers?”

          “Um. No. Not at all.”


          The push for renewable energy all across Kanto and need for a plant dedicated to more than just the monorail has led to the recent development of the new complex on Route 14. Springing up alongside it, first housing construction teams and now plant employees, is Rose Village. Lexi is one of the few to live in Rose who are not employed by the plant.

          “Farha’s an engineer at the plant- I met her when a bunch of rangers went to help with minimizing the environmental impact of all the machinery. It was really interesting, actually; I might try to be a real ecoscientist someday. Anyway, since I patrol routes thirteen through fifteen now, I figured I’d stay in Rose and Farha offered to split rent on her house with me.”

          “Am I gonna get to meet her?”

          “Yeah, of course! Actually-” Lexi checked the time. “Perfect timing; she’s nearly done! I told her I’d pick her up on my way back today.”

          The power plant complex is big. It takes nearly two hours for Lexi to lead Sorley and Golett to the northern gates. The guards chat a bit with Lexi as they head in; she comes often enough that they know her well. They pass a smaller building- Lexi says it’s the guards’ break house- and enter what looks like a large warehouse.

          It’s filled to burst. Machinery, parts, and assembly stations are haphazardly strewn across the ground floor wherever they can fit, human figures nimbly scuttling through the apparent mess. Sorley watches a few ascend to a catwalk that hugs the wall in a U-shape, where computers and other delicate equipment are arranged far more neatly. Lexi is unfazed by the sights and heads up to the catwalk as well. Sorley sees a tall woman at a standing desk about halfway down, alternating between furious typing and turning something under a microscope.

          “Farha dear, I’ve come to sweep you away!”

          The woman glances over and grins wearily. “Three minutes, my love.”

          Lexi leans on the railing to look down into the chaos of the main floor. Sorley joins her, curious.

          “Are you and Farha girlfriends?”

          “Oh! Nonono. We’re just. Affectionate.” Lexi sounds a little bit wistful, but Sorley doesn’t quite pick up on it and instead turns their attention to the floor.

          “What do they do here?” they ask, after a bit.

          “Huh? Oh. This is a repair shop, basically. Stuff that breaks comes in and the engineers figure out why it broke and how to fix it.”

          “Does Farha like it?”

          Lexi laughs. “God, no. She’s the most junior engineer here in age, but she just got her doctorate so she’s a shift leader too. The older guys don’t like an upstart so they make her do the night shift.”

          “It would be okay if it weren’t for that.” Farha joins them, shucking off her lab coat. “Working nights throws my entire body rhythm off. Don’t let anyone else know, though. I can’t be caught complaining.”

          “What were you working on?” Sorley asks, following Farha back downstairs and out of the building. She shoves the coat in a locker as they pass.

          “Some idiot didn’t position a belt properly when they replaced it and a whole bunch of crap got gummed up when it shredded. Had to write that report and recommendation for remedial training.”

          Lexi winces. “Again?”

          Farha mashes a button mounted on the exterior wall. “They give me the worst employees.” She contemplates something for a moment, then turns abruptly to Sorley. “Right. Knew I was forgetting something. Who are you?”

          “I’m Sorley! I just became a battler!”

          “Hm.” Farha looks them up and down critically. “Went with Professor Cypress, I see.”

          Sorley shrugs. “She’s nice! And I didn’t have to leave Fuschia to see her.”

          A shuttle bus rolls up in front of them. The group boards; Farha tells the driver they’re headed to Rose- specifically, Petal Plaza.

          “Farha doesn’t like Cypress,” Lexi stage whispers.

          “It’s not that I don’t like her. I just don’t think her ideas are very rooted in science.” Farha sniffed. “She thinks there’s some mystic power that can allow people and Pokémon to understand each other? That’s just a result of developing bonds over time. Nothing strange about it.”

          “She said some people can heal Pokémon and stuff.”

          “Affection and support giving their brains a dose of happy cocktail to make them feel better.”

          “Leave their bodies?”

          “Hallucinations, dreams, and vertigo.”

          Sorley can’t think of any more examples, so they stay quiet as Lexi chats with Farha for the duration of the ride. The bus comes to a halt outside a tidy gated community comprised of about ten small houses. Farha and Lexi live in a light blue cottage right next to the gates- they say the rent is far cheaper because of it. Lexi bustles about in the kitchen while Sorley and Farha sit awkwardly in the combined living-dining room.

          “So, uh. Why did you want to be a battler?”

          “Well… I didn’t?”

          “Oh. So why are you one?”

          “I kind of got kicked out of my orphanage.”

          “What did you do?”

          “Got too old.”


          Sorley tugs on their hair. Farha picks at the couch’s fraying upholstery.

          “Do you have any Pokémon?”

          “I don’t use Pokémon.”

          “Why not?”

          “They don’t like me.”

          “I’m sure there’s-”

          “No. The fact of the matter is that I am uncomfortable around them, which makes them skittish and unpredictable around me.”

          “Is Golett making you uncomfortable?”

          Farha gives the still golem a glance. “It’s fine.”

          They fall silent. Farha picks up the newspaper and hands Sorley the comics page. Sorley appreciates it. They suppose Farha is nice, even if she has strong opinions and is a little hard to talk to.

          They have lunch- curry is apparently the only thing Lexi knows how to cook- and Farha goes to bed immediately after. Sorley helps Lexi wash dishes, happy with more time to chat freely. She tries to make them take all kinds of food and equipment, but the only things Sorley accepts are a small tent and sleeping bag.

          “Are you sure? I have flashlights, lanterns, maps, canteens, water purifiers…”

          “It’s okay, it’s okay! I won’t be camping a whole lot; just between Pokémon Centers, really.”

          “Alright… but if you need anything at all, come by any time! We’re going to a conference in Pewter soon too; maybe we’ll be there at the same time. I’ll call you?”


          Lexi squeezes them tight. “Good luck out there!” She waves Sorley off as they leave with Golett in tow.

          April 28 Actions

          1. Battle Lexi // +2 levels to Golett // Golett lv16
          2. Move to Rt 14/13/Rose Village
          3. Battle Birdwatcher // +2 levels to Golett // Golett lv18 // Golett does not learn Iron Defense

          i want to believe
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            Sorley's Journey Journal Day 2!

            It was great to see Lexi! I haven’t seen her since she was training at the Safari Zone last year. I gotta remember to call her. She lives with a lady called Fayra Farra Farha in Rose in a house they rent from the power plant. Farha is okay. She doesn’t think Proffes Professor Cypress is a real scientist. But she doesn’t like Pokémon either so how would she know about aura stuff?

            I went a long ways today! I started on Route 15 and I got all the way up to Route 12. I’ve never walked that much ever. I’m not gonna do that again soon.

            And I did 3 battles today! That’s a lot! 1st was with Lexi and her Shroomish for practice. Lexi stopped us before Golett fainted. She coulda knocked it out easy. 2nd was this guy who was mad at me for scaring away a Rufflet? Golett beat his Litten. That’s my first win! But that guy was weird. The 3rd was with a fisherman. I saw him fishing and went to talk, and he gave me a pole and let me fish with him! What a nice guy. But I sat there for 20min and nothing happened and I was bored so I asked if I could battle. He had a Horsy Horsea and a Ducklett. Golet made the Horsea faint and did really good against the Ducklett but lost. That’s okay!

            The fisherman gave me a revive and some berries and told me where the best spot to camp was. Putting up the tent was kind of hard but Golett helped. And now I’m camping in my very own tent! I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow but I think Lavender Town is close. I can’t wait to get there and see another city!

            April 28 Actions

            4. Move to Rt 12
            5. Learn about fishing! Obtain an Old Rod.
            6. Battle Fisherman // +2 levels to Golett // Golett lv20
            i want to believe
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            Route 12
            The journey through Route 12 was eventful enough to make Paige stop brooding over her recent unfortunate rivalry.

            During a light rainfall, she sought protection under the roof of a particularly cute looking shed on an isle connecting two big bridge roads. The inhabitant of the shed - which was actually a cottage where he lived - saw her and invited her in for a cup of tea and some dry space. Turned out he was a very enthusiastic "fishing master" who more or less forced Paige to eventually head out into the light rain with him again, some kind of old rod in her hands, because it was the absolute best fishing weather.

            The fisherman, having positioned them on some rocks by the water, rods out and ready to catch something, explained to her that you had to be very very patient because that was the only way to get a good catch. Half a minute later, Paige felt a tug on her line, and pulled up a gleaming Remoraid. Needless to say, the fisherman's jaw dropped. Paige, realizing that this was some good opportunity to be taken, sent out Electrike and managed to paralyze and weaken the Remoraid before it could jump back into the water. It resisted with a Bubble attack, that didn't do much, before Paige managed to throw a pokéball and capture it. Still a bit stunned, the fisherman told her to keep the rod as she was clearly a fishing master already.

            Stopping for a while when the local rain finally let up, Paige made sure to heal her fish up and learned that it was a female and actually quite nice and friendly, seemingly easily getting over having had to leave the sea behind. Paige wondered how some pokémon could be reluctant to accept a trainer capturing them, while others could so easily do it. Could it have something to do with... Aura? Remoraid maybe felt that Paige really wanted her to grow strong and be her friend. Or maybe she was just a little naive or stupid. Either way, Paige appreciated it! They spent a little time practicing Remoraid's abilities, learning what it could do and testing out its attacks. Electrike and Trapinch were unwilling to act as targets, so rocks would have to do. Paige was a little bit worried about Remoraid's inability to move around much on land - it could jump with a bit of an effort, but not outrun more more than a... well, Lileep maybe. They'd have to figure something out despite that.

            After the break, they continued along the bridges and ran into an elderly couple looking quite upset. Paige wasn't sure she wanted to get in their way, but Electrike, who was outside of his pokéball again, ran up to them way too happily. Not very characteristic of him... Perhaps he sensed their Aura too? Paige waved those speculations away as she braced herself for talking to older humans who might have all kinds of set ideas about how people should greet and treat them.

            They were actually quite nice. But a trainer had just beaten them quite harshly earlier. An unusually strong Poliwag, who had evolved near the end of the battle, as if just to beat them even harder. Paige felt herself go pale. She asked his name, and they didn't know it, but she felt pretty certain that they had met Joshua and Major. Sounded just like them. And Major had evolved at last... To think that all it took was for Joshua to get going and finally allowing himself to be a trainer. But to battle so harshly that he upset the elders... What was going through his mind? Had she really upset him that much, or was there more to it?

            Starting to feel a bit tired, Paige hoped that Lavender would be close soon. Just as she thought she spotted the Pokémon Tower on the horizon, she was challenged to battle herself. It was a young trainer, claiming to be a battler from Lavender Town. Paige doubted that she was a real battler, since she was so young, but that only upset the lass.

            The battle went between Trapinch and the girl's Vulpix, a pokémon Paige found very cute. It was also surprisingly strong for it's small shape, with very powerful fire attacks. Unfortunately, Trapinch wasn't much phased by the fire, and managed to drench the fox in sand and make it stuck in a fissure in the ground before he delivered a tackle that settled the game. The young girl was even more angry at that, and sent out a Ledian. Paige was impressed by the girl having an evolved pokémon, who managed to outmaneuver Trapinch completely and knock it out with strong punches. Instead, Paige sent out her new Remoraid, who seemed very happy to get to battle. However, it wasn't exactly fast on land. Ledian nearly laughed, as it prepared to punch it with even more ease than the bulky ground type earlier. But Paige had also studied Remoraid's moveset and tactics when she healed her up before. Making the fish steady up using Lock-on, just as Ledian started moving, Paige managed to make it use Water Gun just before the punch hit. The water splash came like a cannon ball and knocked Ledian off its course. Again and again, Remoraid had just enough time to get steady and use the Lock-on and Water gun combo before Ledian could get close enough to get a physical hit in. In the end, the battle was won when the fish switched to Psybeam.

            As the girl - still refusing to call herself anything but a real battler - paid the prize money, it dawned on Paige that this was the first trainer battle she had actually won. Yet she didn't feel as happy as she imagined that she would have. Strange.

            Maybe there was more to a battle than victory. Maybe who the opponent was, was important. And why you battled.

            Actions taken:
            #1 Learn to fish
            Obtained Old Rod!
            #2 Capture a pokémon
            Remoraid Lv 9, female
            #3 Battle wild pokémon
            Electrike -> Lv 10
            #4 Practice/train
            Remoraid -> Lv 10
            #5 Trainer battle
            Trapinch -> Lv 20
            Remoraid -> Lv 12
            SORRY for being slow with updates, i will get better. Life's been a bit blergh lately, but shall get better.
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              Elise Greene

              Route 14 stretched before Elise, but she didn't have time to stop and admire the view. (Not for very long, anyway.) She strode confidently down the path, Ray at her side and fire in her heart. She'd found that he preferred to be out of his Pokeball whenever possible, and she was content to let him walk free. Besides, she'd found out the hard way that wild Pokemon could pop out at any moment...

              "A new road, with new possibilities. Let's keep going, Ray!" She was still a little shaken by her close call with Hoppip, but having her Pokemon by her side (and embarrassment over the whole scenario) was a great motivator. She had barely taken her first steps onto Route 14 when something shuffled out of the nearby grass. "Ah! It's pink and fierce!"

              Ray jumped in to protect her, and unlike Hoppip, this Snubbull looked like it would actually put up a fight. "Quick, use Leer!" Ray started off with his trademark smirk, but Snubbull had some hypnotic powers of her own, countering with Scary Face. "Oh... this might be a tough one..."

              She muttered to herself under her breath, psyching herself up. "Remember, Elise: you're a trainer now. Your Pokemon depend on you for guidance. You can't afford to be distracted, even if those windmills are pretty cool. Keep focused, and always be ready to bat- ooh, flowers!"

              She hurried over to a small patch of sunflowers that swayed gently in the breeze. One particularly tall flower caught her attention, its petals defiantly close to the blades of a nearby windmill. "Look at that, Ray. That flower stands out above the rest, even though by doing so, it puts itself in danger. Remind you of anyone?" She smiled at Ray, who meowed proudly. He knew what she meant and had no regrets.

              Snubbull wagged her tail, a cute gesture designed to make Ray lower his guard. Knowing what it did only made Elise more annoyed that it worked. "Use Tackle! Don't let her get to you!" Ray leapt at Snubbull, knocking her to the ground. She reacted surprisingly quickly, Biting Ray as she scrambled to her feet. Elise winced at the sight. "Ooh! That looked painful! Get back, and blind her with Flash!"

              Ray hopped back a step, shining his tail light in Snubbull's face. She growled angrily at the light, Biting Ray again. Elise let out a nervous gasp as she saw Ray's aura darken to orange. "Again! Flash!" The star lit up again, the beam of light hitting Snubbull directly. She snapped at Ray again, but missed. "Once more for good measure!" Ray couldn't help but grin as he shone a spotlight in Snubbull's eyes, but Elise was still concerned. "Now Leer!" Snubbull charged forward to Tackle Ray, but he easily dodged as he Leered, provoking Snubbull and lowering her defense.

              Elise led Ray back to the path, both of them smiling now. Maybe she didn't need to be so worried after all. It was a nice day for a walk, and even if another Pokemon showed up, Ray would happily fight it. But a stray thought still bothered her...

              "It is a bit strange that we haven't been challenged by other Trainers yet, don't you think? I mean, my brother got into fights all the time back in Saffron. Do you think it's because we're out in the country now? I certainly didn't see many battles in Fuchsia, but then... I wasn't looking for them. And I guess we are taking the roads less traveled down, for that very reason... I don't know, I guess I'm just surprised that my plan is working so well. There are a lot more wild Pokemon out here, but no other Trainers yet." Ray purred, letting out a quiet meow that almost sounded like a laugh.

              "Yeah, waiting as long as I did probably did give the others a decent head start, I guess..." she chuckled. She stopped suddenly when she heard something moving in the grass up ahead, covering her mouth with her hands. "Oh no... did I jinx us? Have I tempted fate and stumbled across another trainer?" Her concern was short-lived, as a small, but fuzzy, bird hopped out of the grass. It was kind of cute, for a bird, but looked kind of angry.

              "Oh, good." Elise let out a relieved breath as she grabbed her Pokedex. "It's just a... Rufflet. Cat beats bird, any day of the week. Go get him, Ray!" Changing tactics, Ray started the fight with Tackle, wanting to get the first hit in early. Rufflet didn't appreciate that very much, Pecking at Ray's head. Elise winced in sympathy, but was actually a little excited. "Ow! Let's try your new move on him!"

              Elise spotted the reflective glint in Ray's eyes (a telltale sign of his hypnotic status moves), but instead of his cocky grin, he started pouting, his bottom lip quivering as he looked at Rufflet with huge, sad eyes. Rufflet fell for it, and subconsciously pulled his metaphorical punches, his next Peck not hurting quite as much. "Now use Tackle!" Ray's expression immediately changed back to his usual grin, and he bowled Rufflet over as he lunged. Enraged, Rufflet started smacking Ray with his wings as he hopped forward, trying to push Ray back. The Fury Attack wasn't very strong (especially after Baby-Doll Eyes), but he did manage to get three good hits in. Elise grew concerned, but looking at the two revealed to her that Rufflet was on his last legs, while Ray was merely winded.

              "It's over, Ray! Tackle!" Ray smacked Rufflet with his paw, knocking the little eagle over. Unwilling to fight anymore, Rufflet hopped back into the grass while Ray ran over to Elise for his post-battle Potion and belly rubs. Elise happily obliged, making a mental note to buy more Potions in Rose Town. "D'aww, who's a good little battler? You are, yes you are! And you didn't get hurt like last time! Momma's so proud of you!"

              "Use Tackle!" Snubbull and Ray both charged in, colliding with one another and bouncing off each other. Ray may have half blinded her and cut her defenses, but Snubbull still hit as hard as before. Ray was breathing heavily after that hit, while Snubbull was still ready to go, her aura still orange. "Ray, I don't think you can keep going!" Ray risked a look back at Elise, flashing her a grin. He was in a tight spot, but he was excited! He was having the time of his life, and didn't want to stop now. Elise bit her bottom lip nervously, her fear for Ray's safety warring with her desire for him to be happy. "Oh... fine! Tackle!" Ray meowed happily, turning back to the fight just in time to see Snubbull try to Bite him. Luckily, she missed, and Ray pounced on her and knocked her down before leaping to safety.

              Both Pokemon were tired, and the fight could end for either of them with this next attack. Ray was all in, and Elise squeaked out her order for another Tackle. He pounced, but Snubbull was faster, charging in...

              ...and glaring at Ray with Scary Face. Ray collided with her, knocking her down and out. Snubbull tried to rise, but didn't have the strength. "You did it!" Elise shouted, scooping up Ray and hugging him close. "I was so worried, but you won!" Ray grinned like a fool, purring happily. Snubbull crawled away unnoticed, but Elise didn't care. She quickly administered a Potion, healing most of Ray's injuries. "I'm sorry I doubted you, Ray! You did great! That was actually kind of fun! Scary, but fun! Let's go!"

              Route 14 stretched before Elise, but she didn't have time to stop and admire the view. She strode confidently down the path, Ray at her side and fire in her heart.

              With another victory secured, Elise continued on her way to Rose Town. She considered giving Ray a chance to rest, but he was crackling with anticipation and looking forward to training some more. Seeing him so excited filled Elise with determination, and Pearl didn't want to come out yet anyway.

              Actions Taken:
              #1: Battle a Pokemon (Snubbull)
              Ray leveled up! (10+1=11)
              Ray learned Baby-Doll Eyes!

              #2: Battle a Pokemon (Rufflet)
              Ray leveled up! (11+1=12)
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              Lavender Town
              starting April 29 ic

              Lavender Town has always been seen as one of the most somber and sad places in Kanto - at least by the rest of the region's natives. The people living in the town themselves pride themselves on having built a thriving, caring community. Nobody in Lavender is left to their own accord if any help is
              needed. Much thanks to the church that was founded around a decade ago, in a chapel near the Pokémon Tower. Led by a Miss Kina Fuji, the daughter of the old well known "Mr Fuji", the church does anything it can to help abandoned or abused pokémon as well as any humans in need. Any assistance or donation or extra publicity for their cause is usually welcomed by the young woman and her partners.

              Commercially, the only real thing going on in Lavender is the immense tourism. Seen as one of the oldest and most well cared for pokémon graveyard places in the world, plenty of tourists come here all year around to experience the spooky feeling of walking around in the Tower, possibly with the eyes of the dead spirits upon them... The Tower has, however, since long closed down for new burials, as it was decided that it was too full and no old pokémon grave should be removed in favor for new ones.

              What to do here?

              - There are wild pokémon lurking in or around the Pokémon Tower! While you are not allowed to battle on the upper levels, the caretakers of the Tower realize how many trainers see this as a great opportunity to find ghost types, and allow it in certain halls on lower levels since the pokémon who feel inclined to meet humans have learned, and can go there on their own accord without "disturbing the resting spirits".

              - There is a pokémon center, a pokémart as well as countless tourist shops.

              Wild pokémon

              Ghastly Lv 11-12 // Hypnosis - Lick - Spite - Mean Look - Curse
              Misdreavus Lv 11-12 // Growl - Psywave - Spite - Astonish
              Shuppet Lv 11-12 // Knock-off - Screech - Night Shade - Spite
              Duskull Lv 11-12 // Leer - Night Shade - Astonish - Disable
              Rattata Lv 11-12 // Tackle - Tail Whip - Focus Energy - Quick Attack
              Houndour Lv 11-12 // Leer - Ember - Howl - Smog

              Special pokémon

              Available only after you go through all of April 29 ic without battling anybody!
              Cubone Lv 9-10 // Growl - Tail Whip - Bone Club - Headbutt
              Will evolve into either Kanto or Alolan forme, your wish.


              (Also, all levels have been updated in the OP now!)
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                Elise Greene

                Once more, Elise and Ray found themselves walking down the road. They had spent too much time exploring the area and visiting the power plant yesterday, but the management had been kind enough to let her stay in a bunkhouse overnight. She had a nagging feeling that she was falling behind on this whole "Pokemon trainer" business, but refused to let it bother her. She was enjoying herself (most of the time), and her Pokemon were having fun too. Elise suspected that Ray would be happy no matter what he was doing, and Pearl was content to stay in her ball and watch the journey from there.

                Elise had talked with her Pokemon about the whole Pokeball situation, and they had tried to explain it as best they could. From what she could tell, being inside the ball was like dreaming, but being perfectly aware of the dream and somewhat cognizant of your surroundings. Pearl found it peaceful, while Ray thought it was dreadfully boring. Elise suspected that Aura played a large part in the Pokemon's awareness.

                While musing over the subject, Elise found herself turning east onto Route 13. Ray meowed in excitement at the prospect, wondering what new Pokemon lived on this route. Elise checked her Pokegear for information, shaking her head and shrugging apologetically. "Sorry, Ray. Looks like it's more of the same on this route. Oh, but listen to this!" She started reading a bit of the information blurb.

                " 'Just north of the power plant, the coast curves to the east again and Route 13 is located. It is a well traveled, yet interestingly steep set of pathways along the cliffside - however nowadays there is also a wider road built for motor traffic. No adventurous traveling trainer chooses that road though!' A road without any trainers or Pokemon on it! We wouldn't have to fight anyone if we went that way!" She grinned happily at Ray, glad she didn't have to worry about battles for a bit.

                Ray gave her a flat look, lifting one eyebrow as if to say "Seriously?"

                "Oh, hush." Elise frowned, heading toward the wider road. "I help you fight all the time. You can help me relax for a change." Ray watched to see if she'd change her mind, but Elise refused to budge. Ray just shrugged his little cat shoulders and walked by her side, deciding that it would be fun even if he didn't get to fight.

                After walking along the side of the road for a bit, Elise decided to strike up a conversation. "You know Ray, according to my Pokedex, you should be able to generate some electricity soon. You already know Charge, which is supposed to increase the power of your electrical abilities. Of course, it also has the side effect of insulating you against energy attacks with a layer of..." Ray yawned loudly, cutting off Elise's monologue.

                "Right... sorry. Basically, I think you should practice charging electricity, so you can use it in a fight if you need to." Ray broke into a huge grin at the thought of learning a new technique. He started purring, making his fur stand on end as he drew in static electricity from the surrounding air. Yellow sparks danced along his body, and his tail star started to glow slightly. "Yes, just like that! Now try generating some electricity of your own."

                Ray meowed, not sure how to do that. The sparks in his fur faded, but his tail still glowed faintly. He started purring again, drawing in more charge. The electricity crackled along his body, and yellow motes of light started lifting off his body before fading away. He focused on the energy, absorbing it into himself. He didn't feel any different, though. Elise watched in fascination, deciding to stop walking so Ray could really focus. "You're doing good. You really know how to charge yourself up!"

                Ray meowed happily at the praise. He started purring again, drawing in more electricity. He didn't stop there, continuing to Charge until he felt like his body couldn't hold any more charge. Elise tilted her head, feeling a strange pressure in her forehead. She could see Ray's aura, glowing a healthy green, but could now sense something different. The Charge had raised his Special Defense, and she could somehow tell that he had powered up to his limit. Even if he used Charge again, his Special Defense wouldn't go any higher. She didn't know how she knew that.

                Ray stopped purring, absorbing all the electricity crackling through him. He felt an odd tingle in his tail, running all the way up his spine. He concentrated on that tingle, following it until he felt the source of it. He crouched low, shaking his hindquarters in anticipation, then pounced at a small rock. He turned and pounced again, leaping and twirling seemingly at random. Elise fought not to laugh, but it was really funny to watch. "Okay, maybe you've absorbed enough electricity for one day. I didn't realize it was like catnip..."

                Ray pounced, and electricity crackled across his forelegs. Not yellow lightning, like before, but blue. He hit the ground, sending the electricity out through his front paws. Elise and Ray both looked shocked surprised, then Ray grinned widely and inhaled in a happy little gasp. Elise picked him up and hugged him close, cheering his success. "Ray, you rock! Woohoo!" In her excitement, she didn't even notice all the static electricity Ray had gathered was making her hair stand up. And honestly, she wouldn't have cared if she did.

                Actions Taken:
                #1: Moved to a new location (Route 14 -> Route 13)

                #2: Trained a Pokemon by exercise, practicing skills, etc.
                Ray leveled up! (12+1=13)
                Ray learned Spark!
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                Martin Lovett

                Martin woke up the next morning ready to traverse the watery Route 12 and make his way into Lavender Town. He had read a lot about the town and and its rich history back when he was younger and ever since he had always wanted to visit and learn more. Though he wouldn't get to meet the famous Mr. Fuji, his daughter had taken up what her father started and kept the community going.

                After small breakfast, Martin and Ali entered Route 12 and made their way across the man-made bridges that connected the route. Martin marveled at the amazing pieces of construction these bridges were and how they had managed to last so long without a sign of wear and tear. Getting closer to the other side, Martin was almost feeling a little sad as it meant he'd be leaving behind an amazing structure. As Lavender town came into view, so did something else, or rather, someone else. In the distance was some man with what looked like tens of sticks. What were those?

                Getting closer, Martin realized they were fishing rods. It might be nice to get one, there are some cool water types I've heard. Stopping by the little stand, Martin learned he would get one of these Old Rods, so they were called, simply by listening the old man teach about the basics of fishing. There was no reason not to take the deal so Martin agreed to take the lesson.

                Sitting there in silence as the man taught, Martin was finding himself enjoying the lesson. That is until there was a very abrupt interruption. Out of nowhere a kid, about Martin's age with a buzz-cut and bright blue jacket, sped towards the pair, yelling something about that being his Old Rod. Once standing in front of the two, he babbled on about needing that Old Rod and how there was no way Martin was going to get it. Not really liking his attitude, Martin stood his ground and pointed out the 50 other Old Rods five feet away from them. This didn't seem to register with the kid, instead inciting him to challenge Martin to a battle.

                Taken aback, Martin wasn't really sure how to respond and stood there frozen in place. He hadn't been in an actual battle yet and had imagined his first time going a bit differently than this one. Before he had a chance to even think of a response though, the kid had sent out his a Pokemon. From his studies, Martin recognized them as Grimer and Sentret. Figuring he had no choice now, Martin sent out Jolou and Mickey and hoped for the best.

                As the kid sped off once again, this time with the Old Rod in hand, Martin tended to his Pokemon. It didn't go as poorly as he thought it would, with the two Pokemon getting in their shots. In the end though, that other trainer's experience ended up being the x-factor as Martin was incredibly unsure of what to do and command his Pokemon to do. Not one to be a gracious winner, the kid left a message with Martin before leaving,

                "Pshhh, you might be the worst trainer I've ever seen. My little sister can command her Pokemon better than you."

                Martin tried to be mad but he wasn't exactly wrong. Martin had no idea what he was doing. Receiving some help from the old man, his Pokemon recovered enough strength to not be in danger anymore and Martin received his own Old Rod and continued his walk into Lavender Town.

                As the sun began setting, Martin entered the Lavender Pokemon Center. Handing his injured Pokemon to Nurse Joy, he took a seat in the waiting room, taking a chance to relax for the first time since the morning. Taking a seat, he thought back to his earlier encounter. That had hit the one chord that made Martin doubt himself the most. He knew he wasn't good as a a trainer but he figured he was at least improving. After that battle though, he clearly wasn't.

                Figuring it would be better if he wasn't sitting cooped up in the Pokemon Center, Martin and Ali went for a walk around the town. Not 20 seconds after leaving though, more excitement entered Martin's life. As he turned the corner, what came barreling down on him but a Houndour! Instinctively, Martin tensed up and turned away from the hit, waiting for the attack that never came. Opening his slowly, he noticed the Houndour about fifteen away, struggling to its feet. At Martin's feet was Ali, its claw fading from a bright light back to its normal colors. Putting 2 and 2 together, he realized what happened, Ali had protected him!

                "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Rucker doesn't mean any harm!"

                A girl yelled from down the road, an Electabuzz beside. Was that who Martin thought she was? As the girl got closer, Martin saw his thoughts were correct.

                "Holy Arceus! Is that Marty!?!"

                Genevieve's eyes widened as she realized it was her little brother that her Houndour had almost barreled into.

                "How the heck are ya!? When did you get into town? How's the journey been? Catch any Pokemon?"

                This was more than Martin was expecting but he did have to agree with Genevieve's excitement. He had been missing his sister and was wondering if he was going to see her anytime soon.

                "Here, why don't we head back to the Center and I'll fill you in"

                With a smile, he lead the pair back and filled her in with everything he had experienced so far.

                "Wow! Two Pokemon already? Impressive! Sounds like that Bellsprout is real tough competitor. It'd be a good addition to any team that has serious aspirations for the league. Where is it and your Rufflet?"

                About to acknowledge their injuries, Nurse Joy walked over to Martin and handed him his Pokeballs.

                "Thank you Nurse"

                Looking back at his sister.

                "Right here actually, you wanna see them?"

                "Uhhhhh YEAH!!!!"

                "Okay, okay dont have a Miltank! Come on out Jolou and Mickey!"

                In a bright flash, the pair of Pokemon popped out.

                "Wow! Those two look great! You have done a great job raising them so far."


                "Yeah! Why do you doubt that? Because of what that jerk kid said?"

                Martin was silent.

                "Listen to me Martin, you have done an amazing job. Most people would never have even made it this far. You did. Even better, you have caught 3 Pokemon who are all looking healthy and have bright futures, especially that right hook of Ali"

                Martin smiled but remembered the recipient of that right hook

                "Hey sorry about that by the way. If I had known..."

                "Don't even think twice about it! Your Pokemon did the right thing protecting, even more impressively without receiving a command. That's a good Pokemon right there."

                Genevieve looked down at her Houndour and pet its head.

                "I love this thing but it can sometimes lose control and dash off. Wouldn't hurt a Ledyba unless provoked, but its a bit much too handle sometimes. You're lucky to have such disciplined Pokemon, who care about you."

                Martin looked at the Houndour as his sister spoke and met its eyes. Martin couldn't explain it but there seemed to be a hint of sadness, like it wasn't truly happy being with Genevieve.

                "Hey Gen, you're a pretty serious trainer right? Like you wanna challenge the League and stuff."

                "Yeah that's right. Why do you ask?"

                "Well, I can't explain it but I don't think that's what Rucker, here, wants. I think that's why he loses control. He just wants to have fun and live life."

                "Hmmm maybe you're right. Would explain a lot...what do you propose I do?"

                Thinking, Martin looked down at Jolou. Suddenly an idea popped into his head.

                "What if I trade you Jolou, here? You said it yourself, he's a competitor and would be a great addition. What do you think Jolou?"

                Martin didn't exactly want to trade Jolou, but he knew in the long run, this was the right thing to do for both Rucker and Jolou. Looking down, the Bellsprout looked to be pondering before giving Martin a nod.

                "See? Jolou is on-board. How bout you and Rucker?"

                Genevieve, shocked by the offer, was speechless for moment before looking down at Houndour and immediately looking back at Martin.

                "I think you're right. This is the best for both of them. Let's head over to the trade machine."

                Standing in front of the machine now, the Pokemon in the balls, Martin thought about his time with Jolou. The Bellsprout had, in a short time, grown a lot, thanks in large part to Martin. Maybe Genevieve was right. He was a good trainer. He had developed Jolou into a fine battler, according to Genevieve, who was one of the best trainers Martin knew.

                "You okay Marty?"

                Looking up and realizing how long he had been standing there, he put the ball in the machine. Enjoy your new home Jolou. You're gonna do great

                "Yeah I'm good. Let's do this."

                The machine whirred to life as it transferred the two Pokemon. In seconds a new Pokeball appeared on Martin's side.

                "Come on out Rucker and meet your new partners!"

                "You too Jolou!"

                In bright flashes the Pokemon appeared next to their new trainers and partner Pokemon. Rucker seemed to make quick friends with Mickey while Ali seemed to show its apologies for their earlier encounter. Meanwhile, Jolou, Genevieve and her Electabuzz got acquainted quickly. His former Bellsprout seemed to be acclimating quickly as well. Martin smiled.

                "Well I think it's time I head out. Gonna explore the the town a bit, there's said to be some cool ghost Pokemon here! Promise me next time we meet, we'll have a battle. I'd love to show you how Jolou is doing and see how well Rucker is doing."

                "Absolutely Gen, we'll definitely do that. Better bring your A-game though. It's not going to be easy"

                "I would hope not, wouldn't be much fun then! Alright, well I'm off. See ya Marty!"

                With a wave and a wink, Genevieve left the Pokemon Center and disappeared into the night in search of her next Pokemon. Martin meanwhile also decided to leave but not to find Pokemon but rather dinner. He was starving.


                And as far as he could tell, so were his Pokemon. With a laugh and a wave, Martin and his Pokemon headed further into town in search of delectable meals.

                1. Received Old Rod
                2. Battled Trainer
                - Bellsprout --> lvl 12
                - Rufflet --> lvl 11 Learned Wing Attack!
                3. Entered Lavender Town
                4. Traded Bellsprout for Houndour (Rucker) Timid Nature
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                  Elise Greene

                  As they continued their walk along the side of the road, Elise brushed her hair back into shape. "Note to self: don't hug an electrically charged animal after it gathers static electricity. I looked like an anime protagonist, ready to challenge people to card games, not Pokemon battles!" She grinned at the thought, while Ray just looked at her cluelessly. "Oh, I guess you don't know what anime is. Or card games, probably. Um... I'll explain later..."

                  The guidebook had been correct when it said that no trainers came down this road. After what felt like an hour of walking, she hadn't seen anyone wanting to battle, or anyone at all, for that matter. Not even any wild Pokemon had shown up. She almost started to regret her decision, but the cool breeze coming from the ocean, and the presence of her ever faithful Pokemon by her side were a comfort to her. She found the walk peaceful, if a bit monotonous. Lost in thought as she was, she almost didn't notice when the road turned again, and she found herself walking along the wooden bridges of Route 12.

                  Ray meowed at her, looking a little forlorn after so much walking. "Yeah, I agree. We could use a rest. Why don't we stop over there?" She pointed to a clearing in the trees, just off the bridges. Ray purred as Elise picked him up and carried him, laying him down on a rock that had been warmed by the Sun's rays. Elise sat next to him, taking a wrapped sandwich from her bag to share with her Pokemon. She called out Pearl as well, who curled up in her lap. The three enjoyed their lunch in companionable silence, taking a break from the journey to just enjoy their day.

                  The silence was broken by the sounds of footsteps on the wooden bridge. An old man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and an old vest came into view, carrying a cooler and an old bag. "Oh, what's this? A young Pokemon trainer?" Rather than turn down a pier toward the water, like she expected him to, the old Fisherman approached Elise.

                  Elise watched him nervously, not sure why he had noticed her. "Oh, I'm... I'm not really a trainer. I don't want to battle you or anything."

                  The Fisherman chuckled, stopping at the edge of the bridge. He set down his cooler, sitting atop it like a stool. "I won't fight you. I just don't see many others in my favorite fishing spot. If you don't mind me asking, what are you looking at?"

                  "Oh... I was looking at the sea. The breeze felt nice, and I liked looking at the waves..." She felt a little embarrassed to say so, as she'd just been staring out into space, lost in thought.

                  The Fisherman took a collapsible fishing rod out of his bag, putting it together with practiced motions. "Ah, yes... the sea is always good. There is nothing I can look at for very long, except the sea. The shine, the grace, the power hiding just under the surface. It's a beautiful thing, wouldn't you agree?" He cast his line into the water, offering a kind smile to Elise.

                  "Um, yeah... I guess. Really, I just think it's peaceful. I like the gentle motion of the ocean, the serenity of the waves, the cool wind that carries the unmistakable scent of the sea. It's... nice." Pearl was hiding behind Elise, while Ray went over to sniff at the man's bag.

                  The Fisherman had a good laugh at that. "Well said! To each their own, I suppose. As a fellow enthusiast of the water and all it represents, how would you like to learn how to fish? There's nothing more relaxing than that!"

                  Elise looked to her Pokemon for advice. Pearl shrugged, deeming the old man harmless. Ray nodded enthusiastically, eager to try something new. "Okay, I'll do it. I'm game." She pumped her fist in determination, deciding to humor her new friend.

                  "Great! I happen to carry an extra fishing rod with me for just such an occasion. Take a seat here!" He pulled an older, less fancy fishing rod from his bag and handed it to Elise. It took her a few tries to extend the rod and thread the line, but the Fisherman helped her figure it out. Despite him advising her to sit, she didn't have a seat with her, and found it less awkward to fish standing up.

                  She spent some time learning to properly cast the line, even letting Pearl train her psychic abilities by teaching her to cast as well. The Fisherman was greatly amused by this, offering help if Elise needed it, even though neither of them manger to catch any fish. "You take to this like a Psyduck takes to water! Keep it up, and you'll be as skilled as me one day!"

                  "Oh, thank you! But I should be going now. Maybe I'll see you again some time?" Elise collapsed her Old Rod and tucked it into her bag, returning Pearl to her Pokeball.

                  The Fisherman smiled, getting up and taking a pair if Soda cans from his cooler and offering one to Elise. "That would be nice. I live in Lavender, if you're ever up that way."

                  Elise accepted the Soda with a smile. "I'm actually going there now. I'll stick around town, maybe you can show me around later!"

                  "I look forward to it." The old man smiled, waving as Elise and Ray headed North once more.

                  "Well, that was an entertaining use of our time. People out here are so friendly! I kind of regret hiding from so many people I've seen on the road now." Ray meowed at her, grinning. "Okay, fine. All Of the people I've seen on the road. But in my defense, my brother had me thinking that I'd have to battle every person I met on my journey. Can you blame me for being cautious?"

                  Ray meowed, rolling his eyes. "Of course you can. You'd happily battle everyone we met, wouldn't you?" Ray meowed proudly, grinning like a fool. Unfortunately for him, they didn't encounter anyone else, and no wild Pokemon showed up on the bridge. Within the hour, they found themselves stepping off the bridges and back onto solid ground. Lavender Town lay dead ahead, Pokemon Tower rising ominously overhead.

                  Actions Taken:
                  #3: Traveled to a new area (Route 13 -> Route 12)

                  #4: Took the time to learn how to fish.
                  Item get! (Old Rod)

                  #5: Trained a Pokemon by exercising, practicing skills, etc.
                  Pearl leveled up! (13+1=14)

                  #6: Traveled to a new area (Route 12 -> Lavender Town)
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                  Lavender Town
                  In the evening of April 28, Paige reached Lavender Town. By then, she was so tired from traveling all day from Rose Village, so she hardly even bothered to glance up at the magnificent Pokémon Tower before she made her way to the pokémon center and found a room for the night. Her pokémon had battled and enjoyed a good rest at her feet in the bed, too. Well, Electrike at least. Trapinch apparently preferred to curl up underneath the bed instead, and Remoraid - disgusted by the lack of water in the bed - begged to stay inside of her pokéball.

                  In the morning, it was another story. Breakfast was brief, because Paige wasn't tired and drained anymore and had realized that they were in Lavender Town, a very cool location with a tower where the graves of pokémon lay! Keeping her pokémon inside of their balls politely, she entered the site and perhaps weren't too polite with the transparency of her reason for visiting. She only had her mind set for the floor where the tower staff let people meet and capture pokémon.

                  There were a lot of boxes and old furniture piled up in the large halls, probably to let the pokémon have places to play and sleep, Paige guessed as she walked around in what felt like a labyrinth. There weren't any other humans here yet, it seemed. She checked the time on her pokédex: 07:12 AM. Oh, that was much earlier than she usually even woke up. Perhaps she had just been so sore last night that she fell asleep like a rock. If rocks even slept. Rock pokémon, maybe?

                  Something moved in the corner of her eye, but when she turned to look, everything was still. Paige wasn't easily scared. Anything moving in here was probably a wild pokémon, which only made her feel happy and excited.

                  Actions taken:
                  #1 New Area
                  Route 12 -> Lavender Town[/b]
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                    Sorley's Journey Journal Day 3!

                    It was thundering this morning and it woke me up really early. I put away the tent real quick and put a poncho on Golett and 1 on me and then it started POURING! And we had to walk a long time to get to Lavender Town. Lots of people were fishing, but Golett wouldn’t let me try it. It doesn’t like the rain at all. I don’t mind rain, but I like it better when I can play outside for a little bit and then go dry off. I couldn’t do that this morning. I had to walk for hours before I could dry off. At least the poncho helped. We got to the Pkmn Center and I took a nap. Walking in the rain made me so tired.

                    I had lunch at the Pkmn Center. It was stir fry. I don’t like all those vegetables but Miss Samira says my taste buds will change and I will like them someday so I have to keep trying them. I ate lots of rice. I don’t think Golett needs to eat. It tried my food though just to see. I couldn’t tell if it liked it but it didn’t ask for more. Maybe it doesn’t like vegetables either.

                    We went window shopping by the Pkmn Tower. There’s lots of stores but it’s all kind of expensive. But they were fun to look at! A Mistr Misdreev Misdreavus tried to steal my hat. I told him that stealing is very bad. I told him if he promised not to steal anymore he could have my hat. And he promised! Then he left.

                    Me and Golett went into the Pkmn Tower and it was very peaceful until something attacked us. It was very scary and we didn’t know it was. It was a bunch of Misdreavus and they were being very mean to us. But then the one with the hat came and protected us! I was so happy to see him again! But then more of them came back with some Gastly and they beat up Misdreavus. It was really scary and sad. I picked him up and Golett protected us so we could run back to the Pkmn Center. Misdreavus was really sad. I didn’t think he could go live in the Tower anymore so I asked if he wanted to come with us and he said yes! Now we have another friend to travel with! I asked if I could call him Missy for short and he said yes to that too.

                    Me and Golett showed Missy how we train and Missy showed us what he can do. Then I ate dinner. I don’t think Missy needs to eat either. Maybe it’s because he’s a ghost type? I’ll ask someone tomorrow. If there’s anybody who knows I bet they’re in this town.

                    Well, that’s what we did today! Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer so I’ll go outside more!

                    April 29 Actions

                    1. Move to Lavender
                    2. Catch Misdreavus
                    3. Battle wild Misdreavus (M +1)
                    4. Battle Gasly (M +1)
                    5. Train (M +1; G -> lv 21; G learns Stomping Tantrum!)
                    i want to believe
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                    Lavender Town
                    Suddenly, something leaped at her. She only managed to spin around in time to fall back on her back against a set of cardboard boxes, but not avoid the attack completely. Atop of her was what was unmistakably a Houndour, growling darkly. Paige wasn't easily intimidated, but even she had to feel slightly nervous, having sharp teeth and a mouth that could potentially breathe fire, so close to her own face.

                    "Please," she said, trying to sound calm. "I didn't mean to startle you. Do you want me to leave?"

                    Houndour growled and slowly stepped away from her, but it kept its eyes glaring at the girl through the dim light in the hall. She brushed some dust off her clothes and made sure nothing had fallen out of her bag, still trying to move slowly to not agitate the dog more than necessary.

                    "I can leave, if you really want to. But I was coming here to find strong wild pokémon to add to my battle team, I admit that."

                    The dog didn't look impressed. Behind it, Paige suddenly saw a Rattata peeking out from behind a broken armchair. It looked very innocent, even for being a small pokémon. Rattata usually looked dumb and mischievous, Paige had found in the past. This one... Did it have larger eyes than normal? Larger ears? There was just something about it.

                    "Is that your friend?" Paige asked the Houndour. It growled at her again, and the Rattata ran up to hide behind Houndour's legs, as if that was safer despite being closer to the human.

                    The dog stopped growling at that and shifted its attention to the little rat, who shivered at the moment. Something made a cardboard box behind them fall over, and new growling commenced, but this time not directed at Paige.

                    "Who's there?" she called out.

                    Floating up from behind the armchair were three large faces. Paige let her pokédex point towards them, and read them as Duskull, Shuppet and Gastly. The last one, she recognized from every scary movie ever. The former ones weren't quite as well known. Duskull looked downright deathly - even making the stout Paige shudder. But not as much as the Rattata. She understood, and felt admiration for the Houndour. It was trying to protect its tiny pal from the scary ghosts in the tower. Perhaps the two of them had found their way here to take shelter, but the ghosts hadn't been quite as welcoming as they'd hoped for.

                    "Don't worry," Paige told the dog as she straightened up and gave it a wink. "I'll give you a hand."

                    She sent out Electrike and Remoraid. The former merely blinked at the ghosts before he turned around to his trainer and begged for food. Typical. She tossed him a sweet Oran berry, which seemed to satisfy him for now. The Houndour seemed to huff at that. Maybe it was hungry as well?

                    The ghosts had been giggling and whispering among each other, and now Duskull and Shuppet both floated up higher in the air before they sent dark ominous rays of energy at Paige's pokémon. Remoraid, after making a panicky wobble on the floor, quickly countered the move with a Psybeam. Electrike fired off a Thunder Wave, and while it seemed to make the ghosts uncomfortable, it only dampened the Night Shade attacks slightly. The Psybeam also didn't seem quite strong enough, so both Remoraid and Electrike were hit by the creepy energy beams in the end.

                    "You alright?" Paige asked, darting forward to put a hand on each of her pokémon. They both reassured her that they wouldn't go down that easily, to which she was proud.

                    Meanwhile, Houndour and Rattata had been trying to sneak away. Unfortunately, Gastly noticed, and shot a really Mean Look in their direction. Houndour wasn't distracted, but the poor Rattata was locked down and too scared to move. Houndour put itself in front of it, protectively, instead of running away to save itself.

                    "At least Shuppet is paralyzed," Paige told her pokémon, and picked Remoraid up from the floor instinctively, as if to aim her shots manually. "Spray it with Water Gun!"

                    Remoraid obliged, with Paige assisting her aim. Still, it wasn't easy to hit the giggling Shuppet; mostly just the furniture and other junk laying around the hall got wet from the attempt. In the meantime, Duskull had faded into the shadows and now popped up right in front of Electrike in an Astonish move. Desperate, Electrike tried to tackle the opponent, only to run straight through it and hit the head on a pole behind it instead. All ghost pokémon were nearly crippled with laughter after that.

                    Paige tightened her grip on the Remoraid cannon and aimed in anger at Duskull. The next Water Gun hit it in the back, making it crash into the same pole, just above Electrike. The tiniest of giggles could be heard, and they all turned around to see that it came from Rattata!

                    The Gastly would have none of that, and started Hypnotizing the small rat. Paige had to keep firing at Shuppet to prevent it from coming too close, so she couldn't help them.

                    "Houndour! You've got to do something!" she called out. "Get Rattata away!"

                    The dog met her eyes for a brief moment, then it seemed to have mustered up enough courage. It leaped in front of its little friend and breathed out a purple cloud of gas, before it turned around to pick the rat up carefully in its mouth and scurry away. The purple cloud grew, and Paige felt uneasy seeing it approach. It could just be a smokescreen, but... What if it was a Smog attack? Those sure weren't healthy. She retreated the weakened Electrike to his pokéball and backed away with Remoraid in her arms. Shuppet and Duskull also seemed to retreat, not wanting to get too close to the awful Smog. But one ghost remained. Thrived, even.

                    Suddenly leaping out from the purple cloud was Gastly, and its Hypnosis this time was directed at Paige herself! It was a peculiar sensation. First dreadful, then increasingly relaxing. The gas creeping up around her didn't seem frightening anymore, just kind of fascinating. Slowly, she became less and less aware of that she was also holding something in her arms...

                    Splash! A weak Water Gun had been fired up straight at the trainer's face. Remoraid refused to be dropped and abandoned here. That woke Paige up, and she realized that Gastly was straight in front of her. Time to end this madness.

                    "Psybeam!" she called out, and Remoraid was happy to fire. The move hit Gastly between the eyes, completely baffling it and making it fade away into temporary unconsciousness. "Yes!" Paige called out in triumph. "That'll teach them."

                    She hugged Remoraid as thanks for the great battling, and returned her to the pokéball. The Smog was finally fading, too. But where had those other pokémon gone away to? Paige snooped around and noticed that more humans were starting to flood the halls now. The early morning pokémon might be retreating. But when she turned around a corner, almost ready to leave, she was suddenly face to face with the Houndour again.

                    "Hi! Did you come to thank me, huh?"

                    The dog scoffed. But it also didn't seem to want to budge. Spurred, on Paige took a chance. "Do you want to come with me? Become my pokémon? I'll make you strong through training and battling. And you'll get to see the world, get fed and all..."

                    Its expression in response was hard to read. Paige got the feeling that it actually did want to join her. But something was holding it back... Of course!

                    "You don't want to leave Rattata, do you?"

                    A squeak confirmed it, as the rat dashed forward from its new hiding place, nearly crashed into Houndours leg and proceeded to grasp it tightly with its tiny paws. It certainly didn't want its friend and protector to leave it.

                    "That's fine," Paige said with a smile and dared to reach out to pet Houndour on the head. It didn't pull back. "That's commendable of you. I hope the ghosts won't give you too much trouble in the future."

                    She turned to leave the Tower of Pokémon, but she wasn't all happy about it. She had been looking forward to the prospect of getting a Houndour on her team. An eventual Houndoom would be a powerful companion, a great battler for sure. But she really couldn't break that duo apart. Unless...

                    "Unless you want to bring Rattata along too, of course?" she stopped and asked over her shoulder.

                    A few seconds of nothing, then there were suddenly two pokémon by her side - one fiery and dark, and one tiny and nervous. She sat down and faced them both gingerly, presenting two empty pokéballs.

                    "I promise to care for you and protect you. If you promise to do the same for me!"

                    The pokémon looked at each other, and seemed to agree. Paige felt overjoyed as they both nudged one pokéball each and disappeared inside in flashes of red light. Two new friends on the same day. She was on her way to success! Or rather... Redemtion?

                    Actions taken:
                    # Remoraid did battle:
                    Gastly +1
                    Duskull +1
                    Shuppet +1
                    -> Lv 15, learned Aurora Beam!
                    Electrike did battle:
                    Duskull +1
                    Shuppet +1
                    -> Lv 12
                    Caught Houndour!
                    Lv 11, Female Gender, Bold Nature
                    Caught Rattata!
                    Lv 11, Male Gender, Lonely Nature

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                    Martin Lovett Vs. Damien Lalune Part 1

                    Damien continued his walked down Route 12, just about to enter Lavender Town. He remembered just how he felt when he first left Lavender Town, but with his father as he was escorted to the laboratory. Now, he was coming back with two Pokemon of his own.

                    His partner, Spinarak, just sat on his head and stared into... nothing in particular. His Vullaby, however, walked alongside him. It waddled on with a puffed out chest. She was being overly proud, having won two battles against a trio of Ducklett.

                    Damien merely chuckled, seeing his Vullaby's spirit raised. If only for the wrong reasons.

                    Meanwhile, Martin continued his mission of finding a place to eat. He hadn't eaten in hours and his stomach was sure to remind him every few seconds. By his side, Rucker and Ali kept up with their trainer, seemingly having their own little conversation Martin judged by Ali's claws clicking and Rucker's soft grunts. On his shoulder, Mickey was perched, helping Martin in their search. Martin had figured over the last couple of days that his little Rufflet had a large appetite and made sure everyone knew when he was hungry.


                    Martin covered his ears in shock

                    "Yes, yes! I know you're hungry, the whole town doesn't need to know though."

                    Just then, Martin caught a whiff of something. He didn't know what it was exactly, all he knew was that he wanted some. Mickey had the same thought it appeared as he flew off Martin's shoulder in search of the mystery scent.

                    "Hey! Mickey get back here!"

                    Martin began his pursuit of the hungry bird.

                    Strolling into Lavender Town, Damien took in all the familiar sights. Lavender Town... a true sight for Damien's sore eyes. Pokemon Tower, in particular. It always looked like home to him.

                    As Damien stopped and thought about his next action, Vullaby simply waddled on, catching a whiff of something delicious in the air.

                    "Pit-pat-pit-pat," could be heard from Vullaby's left. She continued to ignore everything around her.

                    Finally catching the sound, Damien perked his head and looked over to see a Rufflet running towards Vullaby. "Hey, Vullaby, lookout!"

                    "Mickey, SLOW DOWN!"

                    Martin was too late though as he could see the small bird's silhouette crashing into another small silhouette. Running up to the scene, Mickey and the other Pokemon both seemed a bit dazed from the crash but okay. Quickly he helped the pair up to their feet. Looking up, Martin saw what he presumed was the other Pokemon's trainer.

                    The Vullaby was dazed and dizzy, the impact of Mickey knocked her silly. Shaking it off, she looked at the Rufflet and glared hard, beginning to squawk angrily, without stop.

                    "I am so sorry! It was an accident, my Rufflet loses all sense of control when he catches a whiff of some good food."

                    Damien walked up, and saw the result of the incident. Vullaby had a bump on her head, and she was angry at the clumsy Rufflet. "Vullaby, you okay?" Vullaby spun around and tapped her foot, and held out her wings. "Heheheh, okay. I got something for you." He scooped her up, and pulled out a bit of Potion from a side pocket. After treating his upset Pokemon, he noticed the Rufflet's trainer.

                    Martin laughed nervously, picking up Mickey in his arms. He hoped the other guy wouldn't be too upset. It really was an accident though he didn't like the look that the other Pokemon was giving his Rufflet. Shaking it off, he looked at the Trainer. It was hard to see his features but he could make out a Spinarak that was giving Martin the major creeps with its stare.

                    "Hi there, is Martin and...umm...this is Mickey. You are?"

                    "Hey, it's okay. I'm Damien. My Vullaby, and my partner is Spinarak, here." The String Spit just eyed him silently. Vullaby huffed, and scoffed at the Rufflet.

                    "Nice to meet you Damien"

                    Martin nodded to the new person. His Pokemon may have seemed creepy and a bit angry but he seemed pretty alright.

                    "Are you from around here?"

                    "Yeah, I'm from Lavender Town." Damien answered back as Vullaby wriggled a bit in his arms, still angry with the Rufflet.

                    "Err, I think my Vullaby wants a battle. What do you say?"

                    Martin was surprised by the sudden challenge. It did explain the stink eye that Damien's Vullaby was giving Mickey though.

                    "Umm...I suppose we could have one. Any chance we can grab some dinner first. My Pokemon and I haven't eaten since breakfast and we're a bit low on energy"

                    Martin laughed sheepishly as his and Mickey's stomach took the cue and growled loudly.

                    "Sure, I'm about to head to the nearby cafe. I'll show you the way. Vullaby, return. I'll have you treated before we battle." Vullaby didn't respond, not breaking eye contact from Mickey as she was being returned to her Pokeball.

                    "She's really aggressive, and I recently caught her. Try not to mind it too much, eh?" He chuckled, and gestured Martin to follow him.

                    Martin felt much better once Vullaby went inside its ball. At least Damien seemed pretty nice, even offering to show them to the cafe that was housing the delicious smells.

                    "Sure, thanks!"

                    Martin returned Mickey and Rucker to their Pokeballs as Damien began walking and quickly joined him.

                    "So are you also a new trainer?"

                    Martin asked, trying to make some conversation while they walked.

                    Damien nodded. "Yeah, I'm new. Spinarak was the Pokemon I was given by the professor. I can see you came from the lab, too." The Spinarak did not move form it's spot. It seemed motionless as it sat on it's trainer's head.

                    Stepping up to the door of the cafe, they both entered, and took a seat at a booth.

                    Menus were already available at the table, and Damien picked his up. He looked through what was available.

                    Martin took a seat across from Damien, picking up a menu.

                    "Yeah, Ali here was the Pokemon given to me."

                    The little crab clicked its claws, looking up at the two trainers. Martin looked over the menu and found what he knew to be the delicious smell.

                    "That's... a Crabrawler? Never thought I'd see one so soon." Damien flipped through, but decided that he'd just eat something simple. A cheeseburger.

                    Spinarak shifted his eyes over to the Crabrawler. Sizing him up. Silently.

                    "How many Pokemon do you have? I just have Spinarak, and my Vullaby.

                    Martin ordered the soup of the day when the waitress came over.

                    Damien simply ordered a cheeseburger and fries.

                    "Yeah this is my main partner, a bit of a rascal but we're getting along."

                    Ali, clicked its claws together in agreement before staring back at the bug type on top of Damien.

                    As for my other Pokemon, I've got Mickey, the Rufflet you met and Rucker, a Houndour I traded my sister for right before I ran into you."

                    Just then, Damien and Martin's meals arrived at the table.

                    "Oh boy! It smells even better in person. Come on out Mickey and enjoy this!"

                    Mickey popped out of its Pokeball and propped itself on Martin's shoulder, taking a small spoonful of the soup from Martin.


                    Mickey ruffled its feathers in excitement.

                    "So what are you going on a journey for?"

                    Damien's eyes flitted to the side, not looking at anything in particular. He didn't really know what he was going on a journey for, except to be strong enough to protect Pokemon Tower.

                    "Well... I'm already bound to take over the protection and care for Pokemon Tower. My father, his father, and HIS father have looked over as Pokemon Tower's caretakers. And so, I will become strong enough to ensure the safety of my heritage."

                    Damien looked back, and began to chow down on the burger, his hunger overtaking him. Spinarak shot a string onto one of the fries, and swiftly nibbled on the french fry.

                    Martin continued his meal in silence, eating happily and hungrily with his two partners. Across the table, his new friend, or whatever Damien now was, seemed to be just as happy eating his food. Finally done with his soup, Martin wiped his mouth with a napkin before paying for his meal.

                    "Hey, thanks for showing me this place. Its really quite good. Right guys?"

                    He looked over to his Pokemon who both happily agreed.

                    "Well I suppose I should be on my way. Unless you still...uh...wanted to do that battle you spoke about?"

                    Martin didn't really want to battle, especially after such a delicious meal, but knew it was the polite thing to do. Not to mention it was the only way his Pokemon would grow and gain valuable experience.

                    Damien, finishing his burger, and eating half of the fries that were once presented to him earlier. Spinarak nibbled the last fry that was poking out between his mandibles.

                    "Yeah, it's nice. I'd come here with my family before I left. But anyway...."

                    He looked up at his Spinarak, who looked back down at him.

                    "We're ready for a battle. How about a two on two match?" He looked back at Martin, his eyes gleamed with competition.

                    Martin felt his heart sink a bit as Damien mentioned his desire to still do the battle. He looked away for a moment, making eye contact with his two Pokemon. He couldn't explain it but it was like he could hear little voices in his head telling him to go for it, as if his Pokemon were talking to him. That didn't make much sense, since Pokemon couldn't talk but he figured the voices were a sign all the same.

                    "Well we did agree to one so...yeah let's have a battle, there was a battlefield by the Pokemon Center, I saw. Let's head on over there, I suppose?"

                    Martin followed Damien out the door. Martin was only moments away from his second ever battle and he couldn't decipher exactly how he was feeling about it.

                    1. Nothing to report though we did have some delicious food
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                    Lavender Town, April 30

                    There wasn't a gym in Lavender Town. For some reason, Paige had believed there was, and was slightly disappointed. She figured they might as well be on their way then, since she had already explored the interesting parts of the Pokmon Tower and wasn't overly keen on listening to annoying humans crying over their fallen partners in the higher levels.

                    But first, nutrition! It was a lovely, sunny day, and Paige let her pokmon out from their pokballs to join her on a big green lawn on the outskirts of the town. They were an odd collection already, and she was proud of them. Houndour was still a bit overprotective of Rattata, who seemed a bit worried in general about trusting the others to come close. Trapinch was as friendly and aloof as ever. And hungry. After eating, he and Remoraid fell asleep leaning into each other in the grass. Electrike seemed really interested in Houndour and tried to get her attention whenever he could. Something she did all she could to avoid, of course. Paige was amused, and found herself hoping that Electrike and Rattata would at least become friends soon enough.

                    Rattata wasn't a strong pokmon, she pondered. She had set out on this journey to find the strongest, toughest pokmon she could for her team. Trapinch, Electrike and Houndour sure fit the bill, and Remoraid's cannon powers packed a punch. But a small rat? Well, she really didn't have the heart to split them up. And perhaps she could actually teach Rattata to fight and toughen up? Size wasn't everything...
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                    Rock Tunnel

                    North of Lavender, reaching west towards Cerulean City, the Rock Tunnel is originally a naturally formed underground tunnel. In the past, the road through the mountain wasn't properly developed, and travelers had to rely on lanterns or pokmon who knew Flash or another move to lighten up the cave for them. In 2021, however, a proper and straight enough route has been hammered out through the mountain, a tunnel basically, which is lit up all the way through. Wild pokmon avoid this path though, so many trainers tend to stray away to find adventures and additions to their teams, and maybe even dropped items lying around... Be careful not to get lost!

                    What to do here?

                    - Get lost! Literally. It's more fun that way. Nah, you're welcome to stay on the lit up path if your character prefers that, of course. But get lost together, maybe?

                    - Capture wild pokmon! Only if you stray from the main tunnel, will you find them.

                    - Encounter pokmon thieves who try to steal your strongest pokmon by fighting dirty? If you encounter them, it's likely to be further into the caves - only daring trainers with strong pokmon head in that far, and these thieves are looking to snatch strong 'mons...

                    - JP! Or interact directly in the thread. Actions have consequences. If somebody accidentally clogs the tunnel, the next person can't get through without doing something about it. Oops.

                    - Hopefully it won't take you more than a day to get through the tunnel, but remember that for each ic day, you are allowed to either:
                    --- Teach a pokmon a new move (this can be TMs if you have one, or Tutor moves if there are tutors available)
                    --- Evolve a pokmon
                    --- or Capture a new pokmon

                    Choose carefully between expanding your team and raising the ones you have! Keep track of what date you are on in your post, please.

                    - Remember to call professor Cypress if your pokmon express any behavior that you suspect is due to Aura or that wouldn't be considered normal!

                    Wild pokmon

                    Zubat // Supersonic - Astonish - Bite - Wing Attack
                    Geodude // Tackle - Rollout - Magnitude - Rock Throw
                    Machop // Low Kick - Karate Chop - Focus Energy - Seismic Toss
                    Onix // Tackle - Bind - Rock Throw - Stealth Rock
                    Dratini // Thunder Wave - Wrap - Twister - Slam
                    Roggenrola // Sand attack - Rock Blast - Headbutt - Iron Defense

                    Special pokmon

                    Only possible to encounter if you are together with another player when it happens!
                    Kangaskhan // Comet Punch - Rage - Dizzy Punch - Bite


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                      Elise Greene

                      Lavender Town was everything that Elise could have hoped for: peaceful, quiet, and charmingly rustic. She'd checked into the Pokemon Center as soon as she'd arrived, making sure her team was in good shape after their day-long hike. She herself was feeling a little tired, and she was certain that tomorrow, her legs would hate her. But that was a problem she'd deal with tomorrow. For now, she wanted to go see the town, even though it was getting dark. She decided to let Ray rest in his Pokeball, instead letting Pearl out for a while. The little Psychic kitten had no intention of walking, but Elise was perfectly fine with carrying her in her arms.

                      "Ooh, maybe we should be careful, Pearl." She teased, trying to sound spooky. "This town is famous for its ghosts. We wouldn't want to run into one of them out in the dark, would we? Ooh!" She giggled at her joke, but glanced around to make sure no one had heard her. Walking through the literal and metaphorical shadow of Pokemon Tower suddenly made her a little self-conscious, and she hoped her joke wasn't in bad taste.

                      In all honesty, she wasn't sure what she would do this late. She was mildly surprised by how many shops and stalls were still open, and there were still a lot of people around. She decided to avoid the Tower itself, as she found the prospect of a mass grace, sacred or not, a bit intimidating. Besides, it would be full of Ghost Pokemon, and the thought of fighting one was too spooky for her. Instead, she visited some of the stands, looking at merchandise and buying Pearl an ice cream sandwich shaped like a ghost. It was all good fun, and she was getting ready to go back to the Pokemon Center, when she felt drawn to a large building near the Tower. It was a large church, silent and only faintly lit, in sharp contrast to the festive tourist attractions behind her.

                      Despite also being a tourist attraction, the church was quiet and nearly empty. Elise found it soothing, taking a moment to admire the stained glass windows. She heard quiet footsteps approaching and looked around, not seeing anyone until she looked down. A little Cubone had walked up to her, staring at the floor as it offered her a flower. The stem was bent and the flower about to fall off, but the Cubone seemed so shy and nervous, Elise felt reminded of how she had been when she was younger. "Oh, why thank you! Flowers are my favorite!" She accepted the gift with a smile, which made Cubone apparently blush and scuff at the floor with a foot. Elise couldn't help but smile, crouching down and offering the shy Pokemon an orange-flavored candy. "That was very kind of you. Would the sweetie like a sweetie?"

                      Cubone accepted the candy, then turned and ran away. Elise giggled, finding the whole scenario adorable. She heard another laugh right behind her, and froze. If this was an anime, Elise suspected her eyes would have gone white and her face blue with shock. She slowly rose, turning to face the source of the laugh as she forced a nervous smile onto her face. She found herself facing a woman, perhaps only a few years older than her, who offered her a warm smile. Elise got the impression that this woman smiled a lot, it looked so natural on her. "Oh, um... hello..." was all Elise could muster.

                      The woman nodded, bowing her head in formal greeting. "Hello indeed, and welcome to our church. I hope we've made a good impression on you. My name is Kina." She looked young, but her voice had a smooth, motherly quality to it that belied age and experience. Something about her was reassuring, though, and Elise felt less nervous around her.

                      "Hello, Kina. I'm Elise, and this is Pearl." Pearl meowed softly, snuggling closer to Elise's chest. "If, um, if you don't mind me asking... why were you laughing?"

                      Kina looked over Elise's shoulder, drawing attention to Cubone, who was peering out from behind a chair. "That little Cubone has been here for months, and she's never approached anyone before now. The poor dear is so timid, I was concerned she'd never open up." Her smile faded, and she sounded sad. "We found her a few months back, hurting after a battle with a Trainer. Since then she's refused any contact with humans, except for me." Kina smiled again, the quiet joy in her voice making Elise blush. "And now, you! I think maybe she sees something of herself in you."

                      Elise nervously scuffed the floor with her foot, avoiding Kina's gaze. "Well, um... honestly, I'm kind of afraid of battles too..." Elise glanced back at Cubone, then back at Kina. Kina looked calm, but a particular sparkle in her eyes showed she was containing an amused grin. Elise frowned slightly, forcing herself to not be embarrassed. "But I'm working my way through it. I love Pokemon, and I'm going to conquer my fears! Even if I really don't want to..." She trailed off at the end, not wanting to make a scene.

                      Kina smiled and nodded, again sounding authoritative and motherly. "Then perhaps there's a reason you're here tonight. You have much in common with Cubone, and I think she senses that in you. But you're working to overcome what holds you back, which I think she also senses. Maybe she approached you tonight because she wants your help. She wants you to be her Trainer. Her protector, her mentor, her friend." Kina gently turned Elise around, and Cubone stood at her feet, looking up at her for the first time. Elise felt something, like a pressure behind her eyes, looking at Cubone. The timid Pokemon's expression was easy to read, as though she were a book. You're like me, but bigger. Stronger. Like Mommy.

                      "Do you want to come with me? Would you like that?" Cubone nodded shyly, gripping her bone club with both hands. Elise pulled out a Pokeball, offering it to Cubone. "If you want to, just hit the button, and you'll have your own little safe haven. It's like a secret base, just for you!" Cubone happily tapped the button, the ball clicking shut without even one shake. Elise immediately called her back out, picking her up in a hug. Pearl clambered up to Elise's shoulder to avoid getting squished. "Welcome to the team, little one. You need a name. You look like a Tiffany to me, but how about we shorten that. Can I call you Tibby?"

                      Tibby nodded, happy with her new name. Kina stepped away, giving the new friends some space, but happy the little Cubone had found a kindred spirit.

                      Actions Taken:
                      - Explored Lavender Town
                      - Caught Cubone (Timid nature)
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                      Rock Tunnel entrance, April 30

                      Deciding that there was not much of a point in lingering in the quiet town, Paige considered moving on. Hopefully Houndour and Rattata would feel alright with leaving their hometown. Keeping them out of their pokballs as they walked north, they at least seemed happy enough. Houndour was a bit paranoid, constantly looking to the right and left and having her ears dart around in all directions to make sure that nobody snuck up on them.
                      Rattata was timid in the beginning, but after a while seemed to enjoy being able to walk freely in the great outdoors without worries of being bullied or assaulted. Paige was once again infinitely charmed by the little creature.

                      The area north became very rocky and full of cliffs very soon. It was a good thing Paige stocked up on potions before they left, because at one point,
                      Rattata fell and bruised itself from being too curious on the cliffs, and at another point, they encountered a hiker who begged the pink haired girl for a quick battle.

                      "I traverse Rock Tunnel every month, so I know it well... But it gets boring! Now I'm soon in Lavender, where I can heal my pokmon up. So please do me the favor of battling me, to chase my boredom away?" the bulky man asked with a hearty smile.

                      "I guess we'll simply rest and heal up for a bit if you get hurt," Paige told her pokmon, and Houndour's nodding indicated that she agreed.

                      The hiker laughed and sent out a Geodude, who looked very grumpy. Paige didn't judge it though - that was probably just its natural facial expression.
                      In any case, a rock type wasn't great to take on with a fire pokmon, so she apologized to Houndour for keeping her out of it for now, and instead sent out Trapinch. The ground pokmon yawned hugely. Paige had noticed that he required a lot of sleep compared to her other pokmon. He had also been even more quiet lately... She hoped that he was alright. At least he didn't seem sick - he sure ate enough still. Maybe a battle could cheer him up a bit though.

                      The Geodude's battling style consisted of throwing rocks and hitting the ground hard with its fists to create Magnitute waves that Paige, Houndour and Rattata had to run away from. Trapinch didn't seem much fazed though; he created a Sand Tomb that trapped Geodude, before he Bulldozed over the rock 'mon and finished it off with a determined Bite.

                      The hiker seemed disappointed. "That was over way too quickly to be fun," he commented as he retreated his fainted pokmon. "Maybe I picked a fight with a too good trainer!"

                      "I do aim for efficiency rather than to show off," Paige shrugged.

                      "You would make a terrible contestant, haha! But indeed an effective battler."


                      "Yes. You know? The people who don't want to get their hands or pokmon dirty, and focus on having them make beautiful and well timed moves rather than hitting hard."

                      "Oh..." Paige said, realizing what he meant now. Her mother had actually had a small career in that as a teenager, before she became a fashion designer. "Yeah. I don't think that's for me."

                      The hiker thanked her for the battle still, and continued on towards Lavender, while Paige made sure Trapinch was alright. He was merely bruised,
                      and a potion fixed him up easily. He didn't seem keen on walking around, so she brought him back inside his pokball and called Houndour and Rattata back to her side as they went on. Within minutes, they found themselves standing in front of the shadowy gate to Rock Tunnel.

                      (OOC: why yes i'm subtly foreshadowing Trapinch' evolution c: )
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