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Old July 1st, 2017 (11:11 PM).
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    Elise Greene

    April 30th - Lavender Town

    After a good night's rest, Elise decided to leave Lavender Town behind. She was a little disappointed that she didn't get to stay and see it during the day, but her adventure required that she keep moving forward. Besides, it was too spooky for her during the night, and Ray didn't want to stay in one place for too long.

    So she set off down the road, Ray leading the way and Pearl tucked safely in her Pokeball. Tibby wanted to be out and see the sights, but insisted on being carried, which was fine by Elise. "You won't have anything to worry about, Tibby. Ray will protect us from anything that comes our way. He loves to fight!"

    Ray meowed proudly, striking a pose. Tibby frowned, snuggling up closer to Elise. Elise smiled softly, understanding how the little Cubone felt. "I don't get it either, but he's really good at it, and it makes him happy. You won't have to fight if you don't want to. I'd actually prefer it that way." Tibby hugged Elise while Ray just rolled his eyes, wondering if all girls were so hard to understand.

    The road soon became rocky, the path winding as small cliffs began to appear. The road cut directly through a mountain, and the slight incline made walking more tiring. Elise was starting to breathe a little heavier, even if Ray was enjoying the hike. "This seems like a good place to rest!" She pointed to a clearing up ahead. "I think Tibby's starting to get tired!" Elise felt a little lightheaded as she conferred with her friends.

    Ray looked at Tibby, quirking an eyebrow at Elise as if to say "She is not. You just don't want to admit that you're tired of walking." Tibby frowned and leaned against Elise's chest, her frown conveying "Mommy's tired, you meanie. We can rest for a bit if it helps." Ray shrugged, conceding the point and falling into step beside Elise. His shrug and subsequent tail flick seemed to say "Whatever. Maybe there'll be something cool waiting for us!"

    Elise hurried to the clearing, her head rush fading as she leaned against a large rock by the side of the road. She was getting really good at interpreting her Pokemon, even imagining voices for them, but these recent headaches were starting to concern her. She chalked it up to all the excitement of her adventure, all the new sights and sensations just overstimulating her.

    More annoyingly, there was a rock in her shoe. She set Tibby down to play with Ray while she dealt with it. She leaned back against the boulder as she took her shoe off, shaking the offending rock out. Slipping her foot back in, she kicked back against the boulder to secure the shoe, jumping in fright as she felt the entire rock shift. Ray and Tibby heard her yelp and turned to look at the rock as well.

    A portion of the rock slid up, revealing an eye almost as large as Elise. The boulder lifted into the air, still connected to the rocks beside it. As the rock turned, Elise realized it was a massive stone head, attached to a long, serpentine body made of stone. Elise had been leaning on a massive rock snake, and had just woken it from a nap by kicking it in the face.

    "Oh! I'm s-sorry, I didn't realize you were sleeping there! I thought you were just a bunch of rocks!" The Onix hissed at her, the sound like gravel sliding downhill. Elise normally found the sound of rocks soothing, but directed at her like that... "No, I meant, inanimate rocks! I didn't mean to wake you! I was just getting stupid rock out of my shoe!"

    The Onix pulled back its head in surprise, narrowing its eyes in annoyance. It apparently didn't like hearing Elise call a rock "stupid". It hissed again, and Elise slowly pulled out Tibby's Pokeball, returning the frightened Cubone to safety. Ray looked ready to fight the massive serpent, but Elise didn't like those odds. Onix looked like he didn't want to fight, either, but just wanted Elise gone so he could resume his nap.

    "I think we've rested enough for a bit. Let's go, Ray!" Elise grabbed the little lion and held him close, backing away from Onix as the snake kept glaring. It only stopped when Elise was back in the road, laying back down and closing its eyes. It blended in with the surrounding area remarkably well, but now that Elise knew it was there, she wondered how she could have missed it the first time. Ray squirmed in her grip, wanting down, but Elise merely adjusted her grip to make him more comfortable.

    "Oh my gosh... that thing was huge!" Elise whispered, her voice strained. "And did you see how fast it moved?!" Ray tilted his head to the side, meowing confidently. "Oh, hush." Elise set him down, but kept hurrying forward. "You could not have 'taken him'. He would've swallowed you up in one bite. CHOMP!" She grabbed Ray with both hands as she said "chomp", startling him and giving them both a laugh. Tibby came back out, nestling up to her favorite spot on Elise's chest now that the danger was over.

    Elise touched Pearl's Pokeball, grinning slightly. "You know, you miss out on all the excitement when you stay cooped up in your ball like this." She got the sudden feeling that Pearl was just fine with that, and couldn't help but smile.

    Before she knew it, Elise found herself at the entrance to Rock Tunnel. It looked fairly well lit inside, and Ray could create light, so she wasn't too concerned about going inside. "Come on, guys. Let's go see what other adventure we can find today!"

    Actions Taken:
    * Moved Location (Lavender Town -> Rock Tunnel)
    * Encountered wild Pokemon (Onix)
    * Ran away like a coward
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    Old July 2nd, 2017 (7:58 AM).
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    Rock Tunnel - certainly not the main tunnel, April 30

    It was pitch black dark in there. Paige kept Houndour and Electrike out of their pokéballs so that they could crackle up or blow out some light every once in a while. Of course, it was her own fault for having strayed off the beaten path. The main tunnel was just too lit up and every now and then, she met other trainers who wanted a battle. Not wanting to tire her pokémon out before she knew that the exit wasn't far off, Paige had opted to head into the side caverns instead.

    She wouldn't say that she was lost, but she also wasn't quite sure of where she was going, of course. Houndour seemed to start to grow increasingly annoyed with their current course, while Electrike seemed to grow even more eager to follow every word or command Paige gave. Their rivalry was apparent. Paige found it both endearing, and slightly worrisome. Of course she wanted her teammates to get along, after all.

    Soon, they came to a crossroads.

    "Hmm, right or left..." Paige mumbled.

    Electrike and Houndour both jumped at the opportunity to choose the way - and of course they both chose differently. Growling started up when they saw that the other picked the different route.

    "Okay, cut it out," Paige said and stepped in between them. "It's not a competition. You are teammates. Hmm. Oh, I know!"

    She let out her starter. Trapinch blinked silently at her as he materialized in between the dogs. Paige crouched to his level.

    "Trapinch, you're a ground type pokémon. Can you somehow sense what tunnel will lead us to the other side of the mountain?"

    The brown pokémon, only visible in the dim light thanks to Electrike's constantly crackling fur, seemed to think for a moment, before he started trodding away down the path Houndour had chosen. Smugly, Houndour blew out some embers that scattered along the wall to light up the path for them. Electrike's growling continued, but after Paige pet him on the head, he at least followed the troupe further in.

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    Old July 4th, 2017 (7:06 AM).
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    Damien VS Martin

    As they walked out of the cafe, Damien led Martin to the Pokemon Center. To the side, there was a battlefield. "I'm actually kind of excited. I haven't battled many trainers so far." Damien said as a grin grew on his face.

    "So, this will be a two on two match. Are you ready for this?" Damien turned to look Martin in the eye.

    Martin gulped but found his courage.

    "Yeah...uh...let's do this"

    Martin met Damien's gaze before making his way to his side of the field.

    "Alright Ali, I'm starting with you. Let's give it our best shot."

    Damien watched as Martin sent out his Crabrawler. He didn't know what type it was, but he could guess it was a strange Fighting-type Pokemon. "Spinarak, I choose you." Spinarak hopped off of Damien's head, onto the battlefield. Now, his focus was on his opponent.

    "I'll let you take the initial attack. Attack us with what you've got. Be ready, Spinarak." Spinarak nodded quietly. It's legs seemed to skitter in place, as if ready to battle.

    Martin was more than a little nervous as he stood there mulling his options. This was about to be his first ever trainer with Ali and that spinarak seemed incredibly strong for its small size. Wondering the hold up of his trainer, Ali turned around and clicked its claws at Martin. Hearing the clicks, Martin looked down and met his partner's eyes. Martin just nodded in understanding.

    "That Spinarak may be strong but so are we" Martin thought

    "Well Ali and I appreciate it. Use Rock Smash!"

    The little crab's claw glowed white as it charged the bug Pokemon.

    Damien saw the incoming attack. He could see it was definitely a fighter. Spinarak, however, may be strong, but fragile as well. "Spinarak, try to dodge it, and use Poison Sting!"

    Spinarak hopped backwards from the attack, but was still smacked and rolled to the side. Spinarak held itself up, and shot poisonous darts at the opponent.

    Martin's eyes widened as he watched Spinarak's attack bear down on Ali. If that poison connected with the softer parts of Crabrawler, poison would set in, most likely. Reacting the best he could, Martin shouted.

    "Get your claws up and protect yourself!"

    It would still cause some damage but at least Ali's hard shell around its claws would protect it from poisoning. Ali instinctively obeyed and raised its claws just before the purple darts met its target.

    "Counter back with Bubble!"

    Having withstood the attack, Ali lowered its claws quickly as a barrage, albeit slow, of bubbles streamed towards its opponent.

    "Spinarak, use Poison Sting again, and shoot down the Bubble attack!" Damien saw that Bubble was that strong of an attack, but he also didn't want to get in close. He realized the Crabrawler was more suited to close combat.

    Spinarak, once again, spewed a barrage of poisonous darts, aimed at both Ali and the Bubble attack.

    "Shield yourself again, then fire back a Leer!"

    Martin called out, almost instinctively. Maybe he was starting to get the hang of this battling stuff. Ali, raised its claws once again, minimizing the damage before glaring menacingly back at the small bug type. With its defense having been lowered, Martin yelled out a final attack. At least he hoped itd be final.

    "Now, use Earthquake!"

    On command, the crab Pokemon raised its claws before bringnig them down with such force, tremors could be heard under the ground. And then the ground began rumbling as the battle field shook and the ground cracked and gave way as rocks and other debris were thrown in all directions.

    Damien could only watch as Spinarak was heavily damaged by the quaking earth, the power of the Earthquake was too much after the Leer attack. Spinarak was overtaken. But... in the maelstrom of earth, rubble and dust, Spinarak began to glow a brilliant white.

    "W-What is this? Spinarak!" Damien's eyes widened, seeing Spinarak take new form. His legs had altered, now taking a slender, but sharpened look. Two of them moved to his cephalothorax, the horn on his head became bigger, and sharper, and his very size grew twice it's original size.

    As the Earthquake subsided, a worn and weakened Ariados appeared. It quietly scuttled to Damien, and looked up at him, before losing his balance. "Ariados... please, return." Damien, moved by this, held back his tears and returned his companion.

    "So, I see I wasn't entirely ready. Now, Vullaby, let's go." Damien threw out his second Pokeball, the Vullaby cawed at the Crabrawler defiantly, flapping her wings with pride.

    Martin stood quietly as a smile formed across his face. It was his first victory over a trainer, a strong one at that. Maybe his sister was right after all. Ali was clearly happy as well as it scuttled over, clicking its claws joyfully.

    "You did great. Time to give you a rest, you've earned it"

    Ali scuttled off the field and relaxed near Martin's foot. Meanwhile, Martin's next pokemon was just appearing in a flash of white.


    "Alright Mickey, your turn now. Give it your all!"

    Looking over towards his opponent, Martin realized he should explain his decision.

    "Hope this is okay. Ali is pretty tired and wouldn't be able to give much of a fight at this point. So i thought it'd be best to start fresh with two fully healthy Pokemon ready for battle!"

    "I'm perfectly fine with that. Now, Vullaby, use Leer." Vullaby not only used Leer, but glared at the Rufflet, filled with determination to beat the clumsy Flying-type.

    "Vull-Vulla!" She cawed, almost ready to "Snarl" at Rufflet."

    Mickey shuddered before the piercing look of the Vullaby. Even Martin was a bit nervous. That Vullaby was an intimidating little flying type.

    "Alright, Mickey shake it off and use Peck!"

    The Rufflet ruffled its feathers to regain its composure and dove in towards its opponent, its beak a glowing white.

    "Vullaby, retaliate with Fury Attack!" Vullaby dove towards Mickey, her beak glowing white as well. She began to lunge her head forward, just as Mickey did.

    The two small birds collided as their attacks met. Unfortunately it seemed Mickey ended up on the losing side of that impact as it crashed to the ground. Martin looked to see if the Vullaby had at least taken damage but it didn't seem like it did as it stood there proudly.

    "Mickey, stay strong and use Wing Attack!"


    Back on its feet, the bird flew high into the air before circling back down towards its opponent, both wings now glowing white.

    "Vulla, Vulla-by!" She cawed at the incoming Rufflet. Damien hatched an idea, seeing Mickey descend. "Vullaby, use Gust, and knock Rufflet out of the air!"

    She opened her little wings wide, and began to flap them vigorously, whipping up a Gust attack, great gusts of wind flew towards the small flying type.

    "Dodge it Mickey!"

    The Rufflet wasn't fast enough as the air currents clipped the bird Pokemon's wings sending it into a tailspin towards the ground.

    "Come on Mickey, snap out of it!"

    It was no use though as it crashed to the ground. It groggily stumbled to its feet as it tried to shake off its dizziness.

    "Vullaby, attack, and finish this battle with another Fury Attack!" Vullaby began to run towards the shaken Rufflet, beak glowing white, and determination in her eyes.

    She jumped, about to land on top of the Rufflet.

    "Come on Mickey, dodge again!"

    The Rufflet managed to come to its senses but it was too little too late as the opponent's attack landed. After the dust from the attack cleared, it was evident Mickey was down for the count. Martin sighed mournfully.

    "Well, we tried our best and you battled well. Take a rest"

    Martin returned his defeated Pokemon to its ball and walked over to the other side of the field.

    "Nice battling out there. It was a lot of fun!"

    "Vullaby, nicely done. Take a rest, too. I'll treat you well later." Vullaby cawed happily after turning to her pokeball. A mischevious grin creeped across her beak before she vanished into her ball.

    "Yes, it was a good battle. My Spinarak even evolved from it."

    "Yeah that was pretty cool! I'm happy I got to witness it"

    Martin smiled and laughed as he thought how much he'd already grown since leaving home. He was scared to talk to anyone outside of his siter before leaving and now he was battling and chatting it up with a stranger.

    "Well thanks for the battle Damien, it was lot of fun and you helped me learn a lot. Maybe we'll see each other again out on the road."

    Martin turned around and began walking off before turning back slightly and giving Damien a wave goodbye.

    Damien returned the gesture, and walked towards the local Pokemon Center to heal Ariados and Vullaby.
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    Old July 11th, 2017 (1:06 PM).
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    Martin Lovett

    Journal Entry #1
    April 30th

    I just had my second ever battle yesterday. It was against another kid around my age. He was a little creepy/intimidating at first but he turned out to be pretty nice. Ali and Mickey battled really hard and I ended up going 1-1! I'm so proud of them and hope this is just the beginning of an amazing journey with my partners.

    After staying the night outside of town, I got up early and made my way into rock tunnel. Boy is it spooky in there. Thankfully, its been developed over the past few years and there is a nice well-lit path through the tunnel. Of course that didn't stop Mickey from flying off down another, un-lit path. Only Arceus knows what made him go down that way. With the help of Rucker, I finally found Mickey and some of its new "friends". It looked like it had rustled awake some Zubat from a nice sleep. Thankfully, Rucker and I got there in time. Teamed up with Mickey, the pair were able to take out the Zubat with relative ease and chase them back to wherever their nests were.

    Making it back to the path, I began feeling a bit tired so the crew and I decided to take a quick nap, slightly off path before clearing the tunnel. I can't wait to see what else the tunnel has to offer!

    None - for now
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    Old July 15th, 2017 (4:21 PM).
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    Damien Lalune


    Ariados ♂ (Jolly - Insomnia) // Shadow Sneak, Double Team, String Shot, Poison Sting, Constrict, Infestation

    Vullaby ♀ (Impish - Big Pecks) // Gust - Leer - Fury Attack - Pluck

    It was after an hour after Damien battled Martin. Damien had taken his newly evolved Ariados and Vullaby to the Pokemon Center to heal, so that they’re prepared for the next route on their journey, as he sat out on a bench. That was, until a lone Shuppet made itself known to Damien. “SHU—PPET!”
    “… Huh?”
    Damien didn’t even so much as flinch. Looking to his left, he noticed a familiar face. A small smile grew, and he said, “Ohh, hello, little Shuppet. It’s been a long time.” Shuppet nodded eagerly, and circled around him. “Shup-Shuppet!” It danced around both Ariados, who remained still, and Vullaby, who tried to peck back at the eager Ghost-type. “Vulla-by!” She angrily cawed, already annoyed from it, she snapped at it. “Shuuuup-perererere!” It blew a raspberry with a long, pink tongue. Damien merely chuckled, and patted Shuppet’s head. “Still as much of a troublemaker as your friends, huh?” “Pe-pe-pe-pe!” Shuppet laughed with glee.

    “Hey there, sonny boy! You little miscreant!” Damien darted his eyes up, to see his grandfather. “Grandfather! Hello.” He got up, and gave him a big hug. “My word, it’s such a delight to see you, my boy. Your father would be here, but he’s taking care of the tower today with some proper cleaning. Your mother is at the daycare, of course.” Damien nodded, and asked, “Are you going to visit the tower?”
    His grandfather looked Damien in the eye. “Yes, I was going to check in on an old friend of mine, but… luckily, I got to see my grandson off with an interesting array of Pokemon.” He ruffled Damien’s hair, and chuckled heartily. Looking closely, he spoke out, “An Ariados… a Vullaby… and a Shuppet?” He eyeballed the Ghost-type that merely floated next to Damien’s side. “We always knew you loved the Ghost Pokemon of Lavender Town. Are you taking this one with you?”

    Damien chuckled nervously. “Well… this one just seemed to find me. He was one of the Pokemon to first help me… but I wouldn’t want to take him away from the tower.” His grandfather merely tsk, tsk, tsked at Damien. “My boy, these Pokemon don’t get a lot of excitement in Lavender Town. I’d bet they would all wanna come with you, if they could. But, everyone in this town knows you and that Shuppet were inseperable in your younger years. Why, the pranks you two pulled on me… they were kinda funny.”
    Both Damien and his grandfather laughed out loud, making some people look over in confusion.
    “Eheh… what I’m saying, Damien, is that you should take Shuppet with you. He’d be a very trusted ally. I can tell your Ariados and Vullaby are good to you as well, and any trainer worth their salt knows that a close kinship is truly priceless.”
    Damien took those words to heart, as he looked down at his current Party. Ariados met Damien’s gaze, and Vullaby cawed up at him. She flapped her feathers, and gave a wild crowing. Shuppet circled around Damien again, and nodded profusely.

    His grandfather nodded again, and asked of Damien, “Don’t you want to take Shuppet with you?” Damien couldn’t think twice about it anymore. He unclipped a spare Pokeball, and clicked it on. “Shuppet, I know we’ll make a good team.” With a nod and a happy, “Shuppet, Shup,” it happily allowed Damien to “catch” it, not making the least resistance. “Heh, nice catch. Good luck on your journey. May you find strength and wisdom within, my boy. I’ll give your regards to your parents. You’ve got a lot to do.” He winked, and walked off towards the tower.

    Damien looked down at the Pokeball, and smiled happily. “Return, Vullaby. Come, Ariados. We have a tunnel to trek.” Vullaby returned to her Pokeball, and the duo of Damien and Ariados made their way into Rock Tunnel.

    "... Huh?"


    "Shuppet, I JUST caught you! Get back here!"

    As Damien and Ariados entered the Rock Tunnel that was neatly and well routed, the mischevious Shuppet felt like playing. It popped out of it's Pokeball, and flew off to the nearest entry way to the darkness of the cave. "Ugh... here we go." Ariados followed after Shuppet, but Damien stopped him with a hand. "It's fine. Shuppet will let me find it. Eventually."

    An echoed chuckle came from the left. "This was a game we played when I was a kid... kinda like hide 'n seek." Damien treaded through the cave with great caution. Wild Pokemon were never friendly after wild noise, and Shuppet was possibly gonna cause a serious problem, if Damien couldn't catch him quick.

    Luckily, he's played this game a long time. He whispered out into the darkness, "Oh, Shuuupet... where are youuu?" It created an echo that hopefully wasn't too offensive.

    Ariados twitched his eyes, from left to right, trying to pinpoint where Shuppet had hidden. "Shuuuuppet... Shuppet...."

    "Ariados, do you see it?" Damien looked down, and met with Ariados' violet eyes. It nodded quietly. "Ariados, use Shadow Sneak."

    Ariados seemed to vanish into the darkness of the cave, just like Shuppet did. But before long, he could hear a yelp from Shuppet, and a clutching sound. Reappearing in front of Damien, Ariados held Shuppet in it's mandibles.

    "Excellent work, my friend. And you, Shu-"

    *Screech, Screech, SCREECH*

    Countless Zubat suddenly flew about, a gaggle of them began to attack Damien and his Pokemon. Shuppet flew up, and shot a Night Shade attack at the harrassing Zubat. "Come on, we need to get back to the route!"

    Ariados snatched Shuppet out of the air, with Shuppet protesting. The Zubat kept up the chase, until the cave got brighter and brighter.

    "Ugh... we lost them. Thank you, Ariados. Shuppet... return." Shuppet quietly returned to the Pokeball.

    This time, the duo of Damien and Ariados quietly and peacefully trekked Rock Tunnel.

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      Sorley + Golett + Misdreavus
      APR 30 // When The Lights Go Out

      “Remember when I wrote my journal yesterday?”

      Golett’s nod was only discernible due to the glow of its eyes dipping momentarily.

      “I wrote that I wanted to go outside more today. Do you think this counts as outside?”

      Golett shrugged, probably, and kept its eyes on the narrow path. Sorley’s flashlight wandered with their attention.

      “I think Zubat live in here? They’re really cute. Maybe we’ll see one!”

      Missy made a flat sound from behind them and Sorley pivoted to look him in the eyes. “What, you don’t like them? I won’t bring any with us, don’t worry, I just want to see their cute little faces! I’ve seen lots of videos with baby Zubat and--”

      Inevitably, they tripped. Crashed into Golett, skidded down the suddenly steep slope, shrieked as they dropped off a ledge- into something soft?

      “Well, we’re lucky, aren’t we!”

      Golett grumbled from a few feet away. Missy finally caught up to the pair, chattering anxiously.

      “We’re okay, we’re okay. Where are we? What are we in?” Sorley scrambled for their flashlight, miraculously still on, and cast its beam around the chamber. Huge stalactites hung from the ceiling, trying to meet their counterparts on the ground, and Sorley felt a shiver run through them as they noticed a stalagmite very near their landing place. The formations were beautiful, though, and sparkled as the light roamed across. The soft mound they had landed in sloped upward from the edge where they lay, forming a gradual cone. The light slipped up to the tip and past and illuminated the ceiling for a brief second before Missy knocked it out of Sorley’s hand.


      He chattered, low but fast, as Sorley once again retrieved the light. “What? What’s up there-- oooh. Uh. Oh boy. Okay. Everybody stay quiet. We gotta- go to the walls? And try to find another tunnel?”

      Golett led the way, plodding down the mound to find the cavern wall. Sorley slid after it, trying not to cover themselves in more guano than necessary. Dirt was one thing, but old, reeking waste was quite another. The light bobbed along the walls as Sorley scanned for an exit.

      “Oh! There’s one- do you see it? Up there? I think we could climb it.”

      It was surprisingly difficult to get everyone into a tunnel mere inches above Sorley’s head. The smooth, damp surfaces of the walls were hardly a help to those that needed to climb. Eventually, they figured that Golett could bash handholds into the rock- Missy darted around nervously at each loud noise, but the sleeping Zubat colony hardly stirred. Golett dragged itself into the tunnel and Sorley followed quickly. Once in, they pulled the flashlight back out of their backpack and made to continue on but paused. Missy whined insistently.

      “Just one look, okay, I have to see-”

      The flashlight blinked on- Missy yelled- the colony rustled- and they were running.
      i want to believe
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